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  1. Hi - I have 2:30 (2' 30") project with five video clips. Each video clip is :30 (30") long and each clip is a video of a person talking on camera. I have fonted each of the five people's names on a text layer. I have positioned each person's fonted name along the timeline in agreement with their appearance time on camera. Additionally, I've created a fancy overlay for the background of each person's fonted name. So - I have three layers - the video, the text and the overlay. I now have a change in my project and I now have to add a sixth person. What's more, I MUST place this person second in the sequence of interviewees. When I insert this additional :30 video clip, the overlay layer and the text layers do not shift their elements to the right in the timeline like the video layer does. As a result, the text of the names of the interviewees lock their position in the project timeline and are now mismatched relative to their originally-associated video clips, which have now been shifted to the right by :30. Hence, the fonted names no longer match the people on the video. One solution is to manually move each element to the right by :30. Question 1. Is there a way to save edit time by simultaneously highlighting several elements along the timeline at once (text, overlays, etc) so that a drag or cut-paste action will apply to the several highlighted elements in the same action? Question 2. Is there a way to pin multiple elements on the text, overlay or music layers to elements on the video layer such that movement and rearrangement of a video clip will carry its associated elements with it? I am aware that a workaround is to finish the project to its own video and then open THAT video as a new project, split the clip and make the insertion, but I hope that this functionality exists in the 'build' stage of a video project rather than the 'repair' stage. Thank you very much for your help, Matt
  2. Hi - I have a finished 5-minute video that I would like to split into three chapters. I want to create a DVD with a menu that has the option to play the DVD straight through or to allow the viewer to skip to the next chapter at any time. I have looked, but I just can't find any instruction how to do this. I believe my question is obvious, but I just can't find the answer. I suspect that I may have to split my finished 5-minute finished video into three separate finished videos (I can do this) and then build a DVD comprised of my the chapters / video files. If true, is there a way to prevent VW12 from applying a volume fade at the front and back of my splits? Thank you very much in advance for your help. Matt
  3. Hi - I invite your recommendations and comments before buying a laptop to run Video Wave from Creator 2012 to edit 10-minute projects of reasonable complexity. VW will be the only heavy program I will ever really run at any one time on the computer - perhaps Open Office or GIMP simultaneously on occasion, but I can easily live without these programs open. I am choosing between: a Hewlett-Packard G72-B66US with Intel® Core™ i3-370M / 4GB DDR3 RAM / 500GB 5,400RPM Hard Drive for about $400 and a Lenovo G570 with Intel® Core i5-2430M / 4GB DDR3-1333 RAM / 500GB 5,400RPM Hard Drive for about $500 Both are dual-core processors, but I am not certain if the i5 will give me any advantage for the extra $100. Does the i5 hyperthread where the i3 does not? Should I look for a quad-core i5? Should I go to 8GB RAM immediately? Thank you for your guidance and summary explanations. Matt
  4. Matt W

    Video Wave Clogs My Hard Drive

    Yes - Creator 2012 did in fact fully load onto my computer. I'm not winging anything. I did see your earlier note about W7 Starter - thank you for the advance guidance. I think I am coming to understand that I've been misled in my purchase and use of this product in the context of my application. CCleaner did in fact free up almost 10 GB of storage, but the core issues and questions still exist. I'm also not hearing any support to the idea of VW clogging my hard drive. I agree - it never did make sense that undo instructions and previews were saved in an accumulating fashion. My next steps will be to either replace the computer or borrow one for this project. Are you able to recommend a brand and model number of laptop in the range of $300 that will meet my needs? Identifying the people who advised me will bring no value to this conversation. With gratitude for your help in this forum, I now have come to learn that the merit of their advice is below what I needed. Thank you equally for your interest in helping. Matt
  5. Matt W

    Video Wave Clogs My Hard Drive

    Thank you both. I'm re-saving the same filename often - not creating a new presentation name with my frequent saves. I'll run CCleaner as you suggested - thank you. The description that undo steps, preview artifacts and other things are saved in an accumulating fashion was described by a media professional that knows other software, but not VW. It was an educated speculation. The computer is an Asus netbook. I understood going into this that while the minimum system requirements would be met and that the program would operate slowly, I still had the promise that my described result was obtainable for the small project I was working on. I have the option of loading the software and elements onto a desktop and starting from scratch. I would imagine that if I also transferred the project file and the elements - while keeping the same path structures - I would be able to pick up where I left off? The project is small and I can easily start from scratch rather quickly. However ... despite everything, there is still a 1:1 correlation between the use of this program and the exponential consumption of my hard drive. Is there anything about VW's operation that consumes storage in the manner I'm describing? If so, how can I solve the issue and clear the 75% of my hard drive that this program (seems to) have consumed in two days? Thank you again very much for your help. Matt
  6. Matt W

    Video Wave Clogs My Hard Drive

    Thank you - but ... A global search of my hard drive of all folders named 'temp' returns 18 folders totaling 8 GB - accounting for nowhere near the amount of space that has been rapidly filled since running VW. I have been told that every preview and every edit writes a file - that accumulates ... somewhere. Where else can I look for whatever VW is accumulating? Or is it something else? Thank you again for your help. Matt
  7. Hi - I'm using Video Wave from Creator 2012 to edit a 5-minute mp4 video on my laptop (Intel Atom CPU N270, 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM XP SP2). The video has many transitions, text, secondary audio layers and other elements. In the course of previewing my edits many times and working on the project over two days, my computer has grown progressively slower. Previews have grown to be a disaster. It was perfectly fine at the start of the project. I then received a Windows 'You're running out of disc space' error - which of course was impossible, because two days prior, my 144 GB hard drive was 75% free. Sure enough - it's now full - 1.4 GB free. Clearing my proxy gained me nothing. I am doing nothing else with the computer or any other software that could cause such exponential consumption of my hard drive. My computer has no viruses, malware or other problems that could possibly contribute to this. Why is this problem occurring and what can I do to solve it? Thank you very much in advance for your help. Matt
  8. Hi, I have imported video (with stereo audio) of my client (speaking at a podium, over a banquet hall house PA) system into Edit Video Enhanced with the following channels: Left: Camera / ambient mic Right: Speech giver's wireless lavalier / lapel mic At times, I might wish to mix in the camera mic (audience applause, questions or other ambient sound), but mostly I wish to isolate the left channel with its clean audio of my client's speech. When I reveal the audio track, I only see a mix of both left and right. Is there a way to manage my audio tracks in true stereo fashion? Mostly, I want to isolate the right channel input but deliver it to both channels in my final production's audio mix-down. Right now, my work-around is to export the audio to a different handler where I create a completely new audio mix-down which I then add back into my production as a music track while muting my video's native audio track. Thank you in advance for your help. Matt
  9. Sknis - I imported the video from a DVD layoff from my contractor's camcorder. The camcorder acquired in 16:9, the source was then digitized and then laid off to DVD. I don't know what the camcorder or processing software was. That same DVD plays on a 16:9 TV perfectly. However, when I import the video, it comes in as a 16:9 area with the 16:9 source image compressed into a 4:3 area that lives in the middle of the 16:9 production canvas. Further, this DVD is in fact a playable DVD and not a data file burned to DVD media. Jim - You used red arrows in your supporting image. All information in my case agrees with yours - source 4:3, production 16:9. I am in fact able to use the Fill Frame / Crop option, however, this 'zoom' effect creates undesirable results - since part of my speaker's presentation requires viewing of the lower portion of the frame (which is cropped when this option is selected). I continue to look for a way to import the video in its true aspect ratio, but am not finding a solution. Thank you both for any further help you may offer. Matt
  10. I am using Roxio Creator 2012 - Build 135B90A. From that suite, I am using Edit Video Advanced. I am in fact selecting 16:9 before I start my project - and before I import my video. Yet, I still get the squeezing and curtains as seen in the attached jpg. Thank you for any suggestions.
  11. I am importing 16:9 video from a DVD. When I view / edit the video, it lives in a 16:9 window but is squeezed to 4:3 with curtains added on both sides. Using the Aspect Ratio Handling option crops the image - which is not acceptable for my project. How can I import my 16:9 video and preserve this feature? Thank you in advance for your help.