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    Missing Photos From Exported Production

    Thanks for the response. I am using Creator NXT Pro which apparently has stopped wanting to export to YouTube so I was in Video Wave and did Output - Export As - and then chose to Export as Windows Media Video 9, 1920 x 1080 VBR since I was keeping it on an external hard drive. I had actually double clicked on each photo already (although didn't make any changes) and hit "OK" which I thought would rectify the issue. That didn't work on all of the pictures. Each time i save the file it is usually the same pictures that get knocked out (the video files I attached come through fine though), but on some attempts different photos get lost.
  2. I am having issues where some photos are stripped from the exported file and only a black screen appears. All photo files have been saved in the same location and are also saved in the same folder as the original Creator file. Any thoughts?
  3. Dan Stevenson

    Creating Dvds From Creator Nxt

    sknis - I found how to switch to the 16 x 9. I assume this means I need to redo the entire project now as you can't switch that AFTER you have already started, correct? And if I switch to that and still try to create a "normal" DVD (i.e. not AVCHD since that will most likely not work on any DVD players) and select "Best Fit" do you think that will clear up a lot of the blurry text issues? Or will that always persist unless I chose AVCHD and then only be able to use a Blu Ray player? Thanks again for everyone's input.
  4. Dan Stevenson

    Creating Dvds From Creator Nxt

    Sorry for confusing your true help for sarcasm (although I did appreciate it as sarcsam). Looking at the screen shots (albeit terribly chopped up) can anyone tell if my issue could be fixed by the solutions offered above?
  5. Dan Stevenson

    Creating Dvds From Creator Nxt

    Thanks cdanteek (even with the sarcasm ) Here is the screen shot from the DVD that I created which shows the text and picture quality is way worse than what is shown on YouTube let alone in the original Edited production. Book2.pdf
  6. Dan Stevenson

    Creating Dvds From Creator Nxt

    OK. I will give that a try tonight. I have a PDF showing the worse text and video shots, but now I feel like an idiot because I can't figure out how to upload an attachment (I swear I'm not usually this helpless with computers). I click "My Media", but nothing has been uploaded and for the life of me I can't find the link to access My Media Library in order to upload the file
  7. Dan Stevenson

    Creating Dvds From Creator Nxt

    Thanks again. The program is on my computer at home so I am not sure what I have selected when I open Video Wave. However, here is a link for one of the videos I have made that show the video which is pretty crisp. The Font & Size vary, but the majority in my current video are all 22 size and vary between Broadway and Elephant and a Disney-style font. I will also do a screen shot of the same opening frame of the DVD that I burned so you can see the "blurriness" that I am describing. That will be up shortly.
  8. Dan Stevenson

    Creating Dvds From Creator Nxt

    Thanks all! I was doing the standard DVD and realize now that the capacity is only 4.7G as well. The concert movie I made is over an hour and when I select the AVCHD the capacity may also be too large for the higher capaciry DVDs. I will work on cutting it down, but if I select AVCHD will people be able to watch the movie on standard DVD players or does it only work on blu ray (that seems to be what the description is telling me)? And I understand some degredation/loss of crispness when "pushing" the file out to the standard DVD format, but even the lettering on the text looks horrible compared to when I publish parts of the movie to YouTube. Is that all wrapped up in the same issue or something else?
  9. I have created several videos in Creator NXT Pro. These videos are created from files taken on a HD video camera (Sony brand) and appear fine in the Advanced Editor program for Creator Pro. I add text which also looks good in the Editor. However, when I transfer these over to the create DVD portion of Creator all of the video as well as the text becoming blurry and lose the crispness that they have in the Editor portion of the program. What can be done to maintain the video and text quality when I bring the production over to creating a DVD? Thanks, Dan
  10. Dan Stevenson

    New Menu Options

    Myguggi - I like the sarcasm Apparently the download I ran from the site didn't come through correct since I only have 5 options. Brendon - thanks for the response. As I said above the download was a bad one (not sure if Vista is to blame). Should I re-download the program or do you think Tech Support is a better way to go?
  11. Dan Stevenson

    New Menu Options

    I recently jumped from DVD Creator 6 to Creator 2012 Pro. I was expecting a big change in the options available for items like opening menus, but found not only are they the same from 6, but there are a few less. Is there a way to download additional menus?