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  1. pomaus

    How To Burn Iphoto Slideshow To Dvd

    I use iPhoto '11. My solution to the compressed .m4v file format is 1. Custom Export: a. Save As: file-name.MOV. b. Export: Movie to QuickTime Movie. c. Options… (brings up Movie Settings). i. Video. 1. Settings: a. Compression Type: H.264. b. Frame Rate: 25 (Camera TV Output = PAL). c. Key Frames: Every 25 frames. d. Frame Reordering: Checked. e. Quality: High. f. Encoding: Best quality (Multi-pass). g. Data Rate: Automatic. 2. Size: a. Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 HD. b. Uncheck other boxes. ii. Sound. Settings: 1. Compressor: None (Uncompressed). 2. Rate: 44.1 kHz. 3. Size: 16 bit. 4. Use: Stereo. iii. Prepare for Internet Streaming: Unchecked. d. Save. NTSC might need different Frame Rate & Key Frames. Can't help with the burning as I use Toast 10 but I get at least 50 mins of HD on a DVD+R DL disc and use a different method to the one described.
  2. pomaus

    What Does Frame Reordering Do?

    Sorry. Just noticed I've selected the wrong forum. I thought I was using the Toast component of my notes and just realised it was iPhoto.
  3. pomaus

    What Does Frame Reordering Do?

    I've just burned HD video & photos to a DVD+R DL disc and some parts were duplicated. I don't burn BD using the plug-in very often, but this is the first time it's happened. I'm wondering if unchecking Frame Reordering caused this to happen. Can't find what it does anywhere. Any idea?
  4. As there appears to be more people downloading, you may want to view my other post: This Is For Those Who Downloaded My Create Hd Dvd.doc And Need To Convert 4:3 To 16:9 It means what it says. If you have this problem, search for it using its title.
  5. pomaus

    Toast 10 Blu Ray Plugin Re-Download?

    Sorry Jason, I was waiting for an email response from tsantee and when I saw the response to you original question (I was looking for something else) I found your email in my Junk box! With tsantee's assurance "I wouldn't worry about copyright because it requires a license code to install." I will try to attach it here. It's worked as it's less than 30Mb, which I didn't know. Toast 10 Titanium HD-BD Plug-in Installer.app.zip
  6. pomaus

    Toast 10 Blu Ray Plugin Re-Download?

    Jason & tsantee I have a copy of this. tsantee, you've helped a lot in the past regarding HD photos & videos. What's the best way for me to send you a copy (1.3 m on disc)? I know you already had a copy but I don't want to post it here as it might infringe on copywrite if someone who hasn't bought it gets it for free. You have emailed me in the past and I've responded, but I don't remember how to do it. Please do so again. That way I can send it only to you as an attachment. I'd rather you handle this as I rarely access this forum. I look forward to your reply.
  7. I've just found a solution to the problem I've been having with editing-out (cropping) parts of a video. In it's native form, Toast's Convert Edit produces frames that are too long to edit. Sometimes I had to set the Start indicator to a few frames prior to what was indicated in order for the video & sound to appear, and then unwanted video appeared. Solution. Convert the video to .dv first, and then use the Convert Edit facility. This time around, you can edit to a single video frame, but, without audio.
  8. pomaus

    Multiple Mts Files To One Larger File

    I had a similar problem but with a different file format to yours and after many computer hours found the following fix: First convert all files to DV format (all files will have .dv suffix) using Toast. This can be done all in one go (all file retain their original name). Then, I do the following (Note: this is a direct copy of my Word doco I use so I can remember how to do it the next time): 1. iMovie > File > Import > Movies: NOTE. This step is NOT required if only have one file. It is required for multiple files to stop a playback pause between files and allow fast-rewind across files (not possible using just Toast). a. Select all files as a group. b. Add to existing Event: New Event/Create new Event: ****. c. Optimize video: Full – Original Size. d. Copy Files. 2. Ensure ‘Drag to adjust number of frames per thumbnail displayed’ slider is set to All. 3. Select the whole file by pressing Option before clicking on the one frame. Drag file to the lower part of the Project window (automatically puts into the next position). Repeat for all files. 4. Check for correct order. Note: Files may not have been imported in the correct order. 5. Select All within Project. 6. Share > Export using Quick Time: a. Save As: ****.DV. b. Export: Movie to DV Stream. c. Options: i. DV Format: DV. ii. Video Format: PAL. iii. Scan Mode: Interlaced. iv. Aspect Ratio: 16:9. v. Preserve aspect ratio using: (unchecked). vi. Audio Format: 1. Locked (unchecked). 2. Rate: 48.000 kHz. d. Use: Most Recent Settings. 7. After export (single .DV file), press reverse Delete to delete Project items. 8. To delete New Item clips: a. Quit iMovie. b. Finder > Movies > iMovie Events and delete New Event folder. Note: this fixed my problem, you may need to change settings. Also consider your conversion settings. The single file is then burned to DVD (SD/HD) via Toast without pauses and the ability to fast forward/reverse. Hope this helps.
  9. I've been on another holiday and whilst creating a high def DVD of it, I've found a better way of converting standard def 4:3 photos and videos, to high def 16:9. If you are doing this, my attached 'new' doco of the same name may help. Create HD DVD.doc
  10. I'm trying to convert some DVDs into iPod Touch format. After I've done a few of them, I have a problem in that Toast does not respond (spinning coloured wheel). Then, after trying a few things, it works for another one and then it stops again for the next one. I was able to convert two VIDEO_TS Folders at one go, once. Tried selecting VIDEO burning, and other ones, and then it worked, once. My last selection fails every time with Toast not responding. Force Quit and everything I've done before, doesn't work. Even tried copying the VIDEO_TS folder to the hard drive. No good. I've tried: restarting; shut down for twenty seconds; re-installing Toast 10; deleting the files I had trouble with CD Spin Doctor and then re-installing Toast 10 (a complete re-install as far as I can see). Still doesn't work. It's as if there is a file limit/file in place that need to be resolved/deleted (the problem I had with Spin Doctor was resolved by deleting certain files before trying again). I would appreciate any suggestions.
  11. pomaus

    Adjust Left & Right Audio Channel In Cd Spin Doctor

    Jvora, I hope you still look-out for answers to your problem. I've converted many, many LPs and cassettes to digital. The question is, did you record correctly? I've found that many songs are unbalanced, especially the old one's (60s & 70s) with left, or right, being loudest. Simplest solution is if you enjoyed the tune as a cassette, don't bother because it will sound the same in digital format.
  12. pomaus

    Toast 10 - Cd Spin Doctor - Audio Capture

    Thanks Tsantee. I do have v 6.1.2, I looked at the About version, not the file version. I agree, once installed it should never have to be done again. However, I think the problem is that a file(s) is being updated on the fly and it gets to a point where it all locks-up. My testing suggests not more than about 4 times. Unfortunately, trashing cdspindoctor.plist didn't work. However, you did point me to where these other files are. I already had a view that there were other files in play besides the application, but I didn't know where to look for them. The main reason was because deleting the application and re-installing it didn't always work. One problem I've found with Mac (compared to Microsoft) is that there is no Uninstall to remove all files associated with the application. You wouldn't believe how much time I've spent on this, but, at long last, I've found a solution. Do a complete delete of all elements (not all may be present) and do a complete re-install as if it was for the first time. It may seem a little extreme but without knowing exactly which file(s) cause this, I'm not going to spend any more hours on it. 1. Delete all reference to CDSDD, CD Spin Doctor, Roxio and Toast from the following directories within User/Library/: Preferences (this has a number of items, for example CDSDD.plist & com.roxio.******) Application Support Crash Reporter Services 2. Delete System/Library/Extensions/CDSDAudioCaptureSupport.kext. 3. Delete Applications/Toast 10 Titanium. 4. Restart computer. 5. Empty Trash to ensure nothing is available. 6. Install Toast and enter it to complete the installation. Need to enter the CD KEY #. 7. Restart computer (if don’t do this, will get an error message next step). 8. Enter CD Spin Doctor (will take some time before coming up). May bring up the Install CD Spin Doctor Audio Capture Support process. Use Start Auto Music Capture (NOT, Start A New Recording, Input Device = CDSD System Audio Capture).
  13. pomaus

    Toast 10 - Cd Spin Doctor - Audio Capture

    MAC OS X 10.6.8. Toast 10.0.9. CD Spin Doctor 6 (that's all it says). Is it possible to get 6.1.2 separately? I'm referring to online audio capture accessed via either Start Auto Music Capture or Start a New Recording and selecting Input Device = CDSD Audio Recording (3rd selection, I'm not sure of the exact name). I've found that if Start auto music capture isn't highlighted, the 3rd selection is not there. When I do get it installed (not very often), I start the recording before starting online play. When I get the waveform, Save As doesn't work. I have to highlight it all to create a single track and Save Active Tracks. After this, select New Recording and 3rd selection disappears or it just aborts. Sometimes it appears to start recording, then I get a red can't record error message! I've tried many different ways to get it back but I've yet to find how to do it consistently. My 2 complete restores (5 hours) from time machine (1x toast 10.0.8 & 1x10.0.9) had both methods of selection missing as soon as I entered CD Spin Doctor; even after Install Audio Capture Support! One thing I've noticed, when I delete Toast and Empty Trash, CDSDD & some other elements of Package Contents can't be deleted as they're in use! I have to Restart and Empty Trash again to get rid of them. I don't know why. Start a New Recording, Input Device, both Built-in Microphone and Input appear at all times. I've even tried plugging a lead from the MAC audio output to the input socket, but the recording echos. This also happens if I record using an old Microsoft XP computer.
  14. Suddenly CD Spin Doctor audio capture doesn't work. I've read a number of postings about this and when I apply them, no permanent solution. To cut a long story short. I've spent many hours on this to find out why my bought product doesn't work. Even restores to a previous full operating system version using Time machine (Twice), including one that was almost 1 year old, no f'in good. I've deleted the current version and restored using Roxio's original upgrade. No f'in good. Lots and lots of various attempts. No f'in good. Occasionally, i can get it to work once. Then, no f'in good. Two things: 1. Any idea of how to fix this? 2. Why would anybody buy any Roxio product considering their lack of support and total disregard for their customers? Any suggestions would be welcome.
  15. First of all, I want to thank tsantee for all your help with understanding the 98 file DVD limit, discussions and how to search for information in this forum. The hours I’ve spent on this must be equivalent to many 24 hour days, so I hope this will help another person who wishes to burn lots of videos and photos as high def (HD) video on a standard def (SD) DVD. Problem. To get 403 mostly HD (1920x1080) 16:9 video & photo and some 4x3 SD video & photo (MP4 & JPG) holiday snaps onto a standard DVD using Toast’s HD/Blu-ray plug-in in their correct order and aspect ratio. Creating a SD video takes about 10 mins of my time using iPhoto11 and iDVD06. But why have a HD camera if you watch it in SD? This is just a summary. Detailed steps of what I did are contained with the attached Word doco. It is a little complicated, but it worked for what I wanted. No transitions. No extra music. Just the videos and photos. 98 file limit. Separate 4:3 from 16:9 and split into video & photo. Convert photo to slideshow (video) using the original file-name. I used iMovie06 which produced a 4:3 transition-free (.MOV) slideshow. iPhoto11 automatically added a 2 sec transition. iMovie11 is more complicated. Also, my 1080x1920 (vertical 1920x1080 pics) had their tops cut-off with iMovie11. Convert these converted photos and the 4:3 video to 16:9 using Toast’s Convert Video Files (Quality: 720p). They will appear as 4:3 within a 16:9 shell and have a black line on each side. Imported ALL 403 files into iPhoto (Sort = filename which preserved the required order and Classic = no transition). Exported as a single 1920x1080 16:9 slideshow using Custom settings. My 4GB of files took approx 16 hours to convert. 18771 error. I’ve had the run-around with Roxio with a problem with CD Spin Doctor, 16:9 aspect error and the 18771 error. Imagine my NO surprise 18771 has been going on for over a year. Basically, Roxio doesn’t give a ^#!& about Apple MAC user service. I was previously told they concentrate more on Microsoft products - which is why my old Creator 06 (Microsoft) works so much better than CD Spin Doctor (Apple). However, I can confirm that mikehooley’s fix actually works, even on my 6GB converted file (I tested using higher Average & Maximum bit rates until I found 12.5 worked). Used DVD Dl disc and let it run over-night. Over 24 hours of computer processing later, I now have a high definition DVD of my Holidays with the clarity the HD pics deserve. Create HD DVD.doc