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  1. Tyomni

    Re-Encoding Problem?

    Damit! Who is using 9gb ram with dual core? What a strange configuration...
  2. Tyomni

    Ati Radeon X1600 And Toast Titanium 11.0.6

    Why can't You use more than 3gb? I have similar macbook (radeon x1900) with 4gb, and by the way it works perfect with toast.
  3. Tyomni

    Fatal Bug In 11.0.5

    http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/81161-toast-11-is-not-usable/page__gopid__408373#entry408373 Have answered You , take a look.
  4. Tyomni

    Toast 11 Is Not Usable

    http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/72211-stuck-at-99/page__st__100__gopid__408372#entry408372 Looks like guys have lot of claims to it, I haven't checked.
  5. Tyomni

    Stuck At 99%

    11.0.1 and 11.0.4 worked for me perfect, but 11.0.6 seems to have the same probs.
  6. Tyomni

    Converting/importing 3D Movies

    Sorry but there nmay be cases when writing 3d to dvd's may be legall. Fx. when You write down homemade 3ds(yes-yes that is possible), so can we continue discussing without fear?
  7. Tyomni

    Vhs To Dvd

    But that is general forum not a thread.
  8. Tyomni

    Can I Run Roxio Game Capture?

    But You can run virtual machine and configure it as it was core 2 duo if You need much, but I wouldn't suggest You doing that.
  9. Tyomni


    As I see in Your signature You have 2 pcs and both are windows 7 means You have direct X11, but You said You have earlier than dx9, how is that possible? Or I have missed something?
  10. Tyomni

    Mouse Cursor Issues

    Never had this problem, but this trick with mouse cursor is cool, will keep it in mind, thanks.
  11. Tyomni

    Does This Software Have A Self Destruct Mechanism?

    Cool idea, never thought about it, but it would be a really new type of software- Self destructing, saboteuring...
  12. Tyomni

    Error While Creating Hd Dvd Using Bd Plugin.

    Does this error occurs with one image or with all images when burning?
  13. Tyomni

    Cineplayer 3D Does Not Work

    "I am not trying to play the movie on a TV, just with the laptop screen"- And what does that means? Maybe You mean play on laptop but using the TV instead of it's monitor ?
  14. Tyomni

    Delete Photos

    But as I can see, this isn't inactive thread, although revleroy have posted once and a long time ago...
  15. Tyomni

    Download Speed From Roxio

    Would never think that romania and korea may have fastest net in the world. I am really confused.