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    Roxio 2012 Not Responding

    Could my anti virus program prevent roxio creator from reinstalling correctly?
  2. CindyP

    Roxio 2012 Not Responding

    Sorry, did not realize. still need help with issue.
  3. I have used roxio 2012 on my toshiba windows 7 laptop for a good two years without problems. I recently decided to try to convert the old cassette type tapes to CD. When I hooked my cassette player to my laptop I had a dump crash and now Roxio will not work, only message I get is one stating Roxio has stopped responding. I even uninstalled and reinstalled and still will not work. Can anyone tell me how I can fix this. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling three times now with no positive results.
  4. How do I increase the brightness in just part of my video using creator 2012?
  5. CindyP

    Button Issue

    I have been using Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for well over a year with no problems, but lately I am inserting multiple video clips & want to understand what exactly buttons are & how to use them. When putting my DVD into my DVD player, I have noticed that none of the videos will highlight & it is hard to tell which video I am selecting. How do I highlight or make it easy to tell which video is being selected?