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  1. Hi! I'm new to TOAST 11 so please forgive me if this has been covered before (I did quite a number of searches on the forum and didn't find an answer to the following...) I'm in the process of creating my first menu, and have found that there seems to be a maximum of 26 characters (SORRY! counted 23 before, but its 26) for each title in the menu set? Is this right? I have also tried to spread out the text over the 3 text boxes inside the EDIT function for each title, but ONLY the first box of text appears on the menu when the DVD is compiled. Also tried using splash menu where there is ample room for text to go beyond this 26 char limit, but it is limited to 26 characters? Am I doing something wrong? or is this the limit for title text, and why then are there 3 boxes available if only 1 is shown? Thanks in advance! Knight.
  2. OK...... problem solved. It was the LPCM audio that was upsetting everything. I demuxed the VOB streams using DVD Decrypter and first saved audio as LPCM and then did it again after selecting the "save LPCM as WAV" option under the stream processing submenu. I got my 3 streams...... .M2V video file .PCM audio file .WAV audio file First, I remuxed the .M2V and the .PCM using tsmuxer and output a .m2ts file Secondly, I remuxed the .M2V and the .WAV file and output a second .m2ts file I fed each in turn into TOAST and output a BD image to the HDD using the NEVER re-encode settings and PCM audio selected *** side question.....if I select NEVER re-encode, is this for BOTH audio and video? or just video?? I have a feeling it might be both?? ** The resulting output was: the first stream once again FAILED - skipping in all the same spots as i expected the second stream WORKED!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!! This has added a lot more work to the project, but at least I know that it is a problem with TOAST and LPCM audio. When using .WAV uncompressed instead, it works just fine. Now ROXIO, any chance of a bug fix??? ;P I'm happy to provide the offending PCM audio track if anyone wants to try a fix.... Now, does anyone know of a nice, easy to use batch VOB demux tool that allows remuxed file output in VOB and M2TS file format? Thanks again for the suggestions tsantee. CHEERS!!! Knight.
  3. Yes....I tried the timecode fix, but it also didn't help. I have narrowed it down to the LPCM audio though....maybe..... I used MPEG streamclip to convert the VOB into mp4 with AAC audio........and the output from TOASt is glitch free! It worked.... BUT I dont want to convert the video, and really want to keep the LPCM audio. Is this a codec issue maybe? (not too familiar with apple and codecs - I know windows is a PITA when it comes to codecs) does Toast have an issue with LPCM/PCM in general? I might try to convert the audio only to FLAC or something else, but what would you recommend to try to keep the audio lossless and also compatible with TOAST? CHEERS! Knight.
  4. Thanks for the reply tsantee.... My thinking was along those lines also, but I was having trouble finding a program that would strip the VOB of all but the elementary streams I want. Thankyou so much for referring me to MPEG streamclip - it is a fantastic little application. Well, I ran the .vob (they are seperate .vob files and not part of a VIDEO_TS folder) through MPEG Streamclip and it spat out a nice shiny WORKING MPEG 2 clip minus the .vob nasties without re-encoding......exactly what I was after. Unfortunately though, TOAST still produces the same result......with a/v skipping in exactly the same spots as before. I have tried output as SD DVD and output as HD DVD and BluRay.....same result. I thought it may be a problem with the LPCM audio source, so I also tried converting the audio to Dolby Digital with TOAST, but again, I get the same a/v skipping in the same spots. I have checked the video / audio of the clip from within TOAST as well, and it plays perfectly fine BEFORE conversion to DVD/BluRay I'm open to other suggestions.......and finding the situation extremely frustrating, but also enjoying the challenge..... CHEERS! Knight
  5. Hi! I am currently using a mates MAC computer to play with Toast 11 to try and make a Blu-Ray disc with a heap of SD quality DVD .VOB files. I have worked out how to do exactly what I need to do, and can create a menu free image that burns onto BD-R and plays in a BluRay player, but the problem is that the resulting disc (and image) has random a/v skips....(effect is like a quick jump in time of both audio and video without pixelation). At first I thought it might be the BD media I was using, but I checked the HDD image file I saved first, and it also was jumping. I am using short NTSC 29.97 format clips with LPCM audio track....yet to check PAL 25.00 to see if result is the same (NOTE - It isn't a similar effect to a video frame-rate conversion stutter.....it is a real JUMP of a second maybe) The source VOB files are 100% smooth video and audio, and I am NOT re-encoding (using custom option and have selected to never re-encode) and quite frankly don't want to re-encode either. I absolutely love the program and the fact that it is sooooo easy to use, but cant get the clips to play smooth on the resulting encode. I have tried to create the disc and image from scratch several times, and it always does the a/v skip at the same point. Anyone else having this problem? or got any suggestions? P.S. TOAST doesn't report any errors when the image is being generated. CHEERS!! Knight.