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Found 140 results

  1. I'm glad to be here because Roxio/Corel doesn't seem very helpful. I've created a project in fcpx consisting of 13 clips (intro, 11 songs, credits). I've sent it to compressor then brought it into toast ll with the blu ray plug in. I've done this a few different ways (tried whole project with chapter markers and tried individual clips with titles) following a lot of people's suggestions and tutorial instruction but I cannot hear the audio in toast playback to help me place chapter markers and the chapter markers/titles I thought I could import are not correctly placed. (The audio is fine on the blu ray disc I made.) Can anyone give me a workflow for this? My media out of compressor is h.264 and ac3. I can produce a great blu ray right out of fcpx but I want a better menu. I thought I could get there with toast. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm not sure where this thread belongs but here will do for now. I have captured footage using my HD pro and it plays fine in VLC and windows media player as well as roxio's supplied media player, so the capture itself isn't the problem! I can use the provided software to edit the footage perfectly but the software is; slow and overly complicated and i would prefer to use premiere pro. When I go to edit my footage in CS6 Premiere Pro the audio gradually becomes more and more out of sync the longer the video goes for. For example at 1 minute the audio is synced perfectly however as the video plays through by the 30 minute mark it is out of sync by 2 seconds and by the end of the video its about 2.5 seconds out. There is NO finite point where the audio and video loose sync. Does any one have a fix for this? On a side note, I have research the problem and some have said it could be because of the videos bitrates'.
  3. When using the Roxio Edit Audio Tags. It will not fix than more that 2 at a time. On the list of songs. It will say no match after 2 songs. But then if you go back and redo it. It will find them just fine. I have tried it with only 3 and it still errors out after 2.
  4. darthken

    Multiple Audio Track Authoring

    In terms of Blu-Ray or DVD authoring, will Roxio ever support the use of multiple audio tracks for a movie? (For example, having an English and Spanish audio track that the viewer can choose.)
  5. So in november i bought a Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro and was very excited to get started with gameplay so i connected my Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro to my computer and then i go to the software and The Status says ready so i wait for the preview screen and nothing i hear my xbox 360 but no preview screen so i go try and call them to figure out i have to pay for it so me refusing to pay a company that charges people for costoumer service i scour the internet for info but nothing so i accept roxio screwed me and move on now i firgure out i can make a thread on their site so i am asking you guy's what do i do i tried everything from setting the video format to reinstalling the sfotware i am out of options can someone please help me out.
  6. Sallery175

    Audio Problems

    Hello! I am new to using my Roxio Game Capture and I was setting everything up to go live on twitch. When i went live the volume on it was way too loud and became distorted. I downloaded the updates and turned it down from my mixer, broadcaster software and my volume mixer. Any help?
  7. Hey all, I am trying to make a simple Audio DVD. I put in all of my audio, and I used a custom setting to max out the bit rate. I have tried both using and not using the dynamic range compression. But no matter what I do the Audio stream ends up with a buzzing noise that accompanies the Audio (it's spoken word audio). My copies are fine, I have tried different audio's to see if that would change things, but nothing. Help me please, I would really appreciate any help on this. Thanks, John
  8. well heres the rigged up way to get your audio to play while using the roxio hd pro live stream feature. as we all know you cant hear anything after clicking livestream. well this method fixes all that. and it very cheap to do. $3-4 max. follow the steps i did in the video and you will be fine. Please click the like button as it will help my channel grow and encourage me to make better fix videos for you all.
  9. Ok, so basically all you need is the video I recorded and see what's wrong and what I need to fix.. Thanks that's the link to the video. So if you guys have any tips or solutions to the high pitched voice and static and cutting in and out and lag it'd be much appreciated
  10. I know there is a separate pc capture card from Roxio but I have the Roxio HD Pro as I mainly use for Xbox capture. I did however start to try capturing PC gameplay on my laptop. The capture is fine however I cannot hear the real time audio myself. I have my laptop hdmi into roxio then roxio connected to PC via usb cable. I tried using the audio out phono's to headphones but stil not gameplay sound whilst I play, but it does capture it on the recording. Can anyone advise if it is possible to keep my perfect recording setup but also allow me to hear the audio as I play.
  11. I need help today, let me explain real quick. I have a competition to go to next week, we're leaving early Sunday morning. Tomorrow is the final day I can actually really work on this music for the competition. No, I haven't procrastinated, as I have the editing completely done in Roxio Videowave. Thing is, I'm now trying to export the video (that contains the music) so that I can use next week. I have cut and edited the music (2 songs to be exact) with some fade-ins and fade-outs. Video exporting works fine and everything, but what the issue is, is that everytime I export it, no matter what I do, it messes up the audio. For some reason it will not retain the fade ins and fade outs so it ends up randomly sounding like a drop in volume and then jumps right back up. Listening to the original file, it sounds perfectly fine. I've tried exporting it in different formats, normalizing the audio, not normalizing the audio, creating my own custom format, etc, but they all end up the same way. Someone please help me figure out how to export the video without losing the fade-ins and fade-outs so it sounds good. If I can't get this to work, then I will be forced to drop out of the competition and this a national competition that I participate in every year. Thank you in advance for your help!
  12. Lord_Earn

    Audio Isn't Very Loud

    Hello guys, I started a livestream yesterday and i have a problem with the audio. A friend of my had listend to it and he had to put his audio to the max. Is there any way of setting the audio louder. or is it possible to have the audio seperate of the video and through a third-party programm to set the audio louder.
  13. pd7nil

    High Pitched Voice Recording

    Hi there, first recording and when played back the audio (only the mic input voice) is high pitched. Running a macbook air 2011 (4GB ram) 4000 graphics card. Graphics recorded very well, no lag, audio crystal clear. But on playback it has speeded up the voice. Any ideas where i can fix this, seem to be running latest version of software..
  14. Hi, When I go to right click on my video on the timeline nothing happens. I need the menu to export the audio but no menu appears, any suggestions. I have already ran the repair.
  15. Heey. I bougt the Roxio game capture card HD pro yesterday. I really love it, but i have one small question. I had recorded a Half an hour video that i want to split to two video's of 15 minutes. When i have done that, the audio of the game gets a delay of 3 á 4 seconds. Is there any way of fixing this? and if its is necesary, here are the specs of my laptop that i am using at the moment Intel® Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz 4 GB RAM 4.7 on the windows index
  16. I am putting together a vacation video using my camera photo's and video. I have added background music to the entire clip. HOW, can I turn the volume down on my background music during my vacation video's that have my narration of the event. In other words, I have narrated a video that is included within the entire vacation video. The background music I added is wonderful, but I want to turn the volume of that music down while my vacation video is running so I can hear the narration. Is this possible with Creator Pro 2011 - and if not, is that feature available in any of the other newer versions? NXT or 2012 ? Kristen
  17. I own a new Roxio Game Capture Card. I want to record gameplay, obviously, but while I record gameplay. I want to show my face, at this point, my biggest problem, is when I record my face, and overlay that onto the gameplay, the video wont sync with the gameplay. The beginning of the video will be sync'd but by about 10 minutes, it had a 3-6 second delay, even though the front of the video is sync'd. I can't find anything on the internet to help this problem. So any reply is a good reply. I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 Version 6.1 (Build 7601: Service pack 1). At this point i use a Sony Handycm DCR-SX63 to record my face/voice. So really, what do i need to do/what can i get, or what can i do differently. I'm really stuck right now, and I could really use an answer ASAP. So thanks in advance for you advice.
  18. So i'm trying to record my xbox 360 gameplay but it will not pick up sound.
  19. Hi all, first time post here. So I've been using Roxio for a few months now and it works great except that when I connect it my image becomes dark and washed out. I'm using a Win7 computer with Roxio GameCap HD. My Xbox is connected via component... here's where it might get a bit jumbled so I'll try and explain it as best I can. My tv is mounted to my wall and is an LG 3dtv that is extremely flat and therefore very difficult to be changing the cables every time I use it.. Now I solved my problem by buying an extra component cable which I'd need anyway. I also bought a coupler, both for component and rca. To give you an idea, this is the kind of thing I'm talking about. I have my cables that are going into my TV act as my Roxio output. (They're male-to-male cables) When I have my Xbox connected via my couplers, my display is find and sounds fine. When I connect to Roxio, the colors become washed out and desaturated. There's also a slight static sound, very low though. To illustrate further, this is my setup Roxio: Xbox wires>coupler>component input to tv. With it, it's the same except I remve the coupler and add Roxio in between. Any idea on how I can fix the colors? That's my main issue. Also,the colors issue is also recorded in Roxio so I know it's not my cables.
  20. gingerninger1066

    No Audio

    Here is my problem i have configured every thing correctly i used the ps3 guide in the printed manual and now i cannot record audio, video works fine, if i plug it straight into my tv it works normally (i have also noticed that i should have a device called Line in my recording devices menu even when i view disabled and unplugged devices).
  21. When I capture a gameplay i find that the audio will speed up and slow down throughout the capture and when I try to sync both my audio, which I capture separately, and my also separately captured webcam matching the audio is impossible. Is this a common issue that I can get fixed? What should I do? Thanks!!!
  22. aarondjones

    Wii U - Capture Issues

    Hey everyone I just bought the HD Pro, I'm using it to capture Wii U footage. I have got it working, and the footage in 1080 and great quaity. However, there is no audio whatsoever, which is rather disappointing. I have a HD cable running from the Wii U going into the device, with a USB cable going from device to laptop. I have tried some other combinations such as using a second HDMI cable running from TV into device, but still no sound. Any ideas as to why this issue is occuring? On a seperate note, I used the previous Roxio game cap on my laptop, but this new one seems to crash it often... is this a common thing? Cheers for any help
  23. I am thinking about buying the new Roxio Creator NXT, but I have some questions first (if someone can help me please). (1) I have a very old version of Easy CD Creator; I have a new computer and it is time for new software. Does NXT have option to create audio and/or data cd's similar to the Classic Creator option? In other words, if I have 10 audio cd's, can I add several songs from each cd and then arrange them in the order that I want? After they are in the order I want, I can burn a cd with all of those songs. They usually have about 2 seconds of space between each song. Also, the similar thing with data files if I want to archive them to a cd. (2) Can I add the song titles to each track and name the cd before I burn it? Will these titles appear on my car radio display and other computers (similar to cd's I buy at the store)? (3) If yes for #2, could you please briefly explain how what I will need to do to accomplish this? I couldn't find a detailed user manual online. Thanks for your help and time.
  24. Sjdibse

    Audio Shifts

    I've got a little problem saving a video. It sounds fine as I'm editing, but when I try to save it into an MP4 the audio in the music line in the internal tacks shifts forward anywhere from a moment forward to several seconds late. When I try to save the file I save "Same as Original" and I've tried NTSC and PAL set to both and NTSC.
  25. Kittie Rat

    No Gameplay Audio

    Good afternoon, I have recently bought my Roxio HD Pro, for the main purpose of livestreaming. The other day when I was testing it out on Twitch TV, it was working absolutely fine. I tried again today, but I don't have any gameplay audio this time. And that also includes when I capture some gameplay too. I'm wondering if it had anything to so with the update I did on the Astros Mixamp 2013, as I hadn't had that plugged into my PC before. I have set everything up as it says on the instructions and like I said, it was working perfectly the other day. Thank you muchly Kittie Rat http://www.twitter.com/halo_kittie http://www.ratsclan.com