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Found 140 results

  1. I'm using the gamecap pro with my PS4, you can turn HDPC off on the PS4 so you can record with HDMI I have got the input as a HDMI and the output as a HDMI, I record my voice on my laptop as I record the gameplay What I want to do is have HDMI input and have the video output through the HDMI but the audio output through the audio output component, so I can use a headset Any advice??? Thanks
  2. WillD

    Live Screen Capture Audio

    When I do a Live Screen Capture the resulting movie is wonderful, but the audio is very muffled and hard to hear. I presume that is because I have the Microphone input box checked, and the audio is being recorded through my display microphone which is not placed near my speakers. What is the best way to get good audio when using live screen capture? Is there a way to route the audio directly to Toast without having to go through the microphone which picks up external noise? My real goal is to capture a flash web video composed of F4F fragments. The Toast Capture Web Video capability doesn't appear to recognize this format (system requirements show only FLV and F4V). As I stated above, the Live Screen Capture video turned out just fine, but I can't find a way to grab audio without going from speaker to microphone which adds noise. The Toast 11 utility Spin Doctor had a way to capture audio from a currently running application, but if a similar capability exists in Live Screen Capture, I can't find it.
  3. Hi I'm using NT 2 on a new Dell inspiron with Windows 8 64bit 12gig ram. When I'm editing video and choose ADD AUDIO - to music, the BROWSE drop-down menu drops for 1 sec and springs back up, disallowing me to select audio file. I've shut down restarted several times and still same issue. I tried MY MEDIA, but it can't find the particular mp3 i want in my directory. Please advise.
  4. Hi all Roxio community. I just create this account, to share, how i fix the glitchy video and audio (this works for me). I use a laptop, with an QUAD CORE AMD A10 4600m Processor, this processor has integrated graphics (512MB) with 8gb ram Well let´s get started. 1.- In your desktop, right click, and select "Screen resolution" 2.-click on "make text and other items larger or smaller." 3.- choose this option "Smaller - 100% (default) (In my case, i use laptop, and i use an external monitor, i select the larger option, long ago, then i realized that this option consume more graphics requeriment, so i select the smaller option, and BOOOM!!, when i start to record 0% GLITCHY AUDIO AND VIDEO) Now let´s go to the AMD CATALYST CONTROL CENTER 1.- right click in your desktop and select "AMD CATALYST CONTROL CENTER" 2.-GO TO GAMING OPTION 3.-3D APPLICATION SETTINGS 4.- PUT ALL LIKE THE PICTURE 5.- GO AND TEST IT That´s what i did, please comment if this settings works, See you (Sorry for my bad english, im from Mexico )
  5. HispanicNach0s

    Can't Extract Audio

    So I know how to extract audio from a video using Roxio Videowave, and have done it before in the past. But now every time I try to do it, it won't let me save the file. The save button isn't highlighted, and nothing happens when I click it. Any suggestions?
  6. guinea9111

    How Do I Record My Own Voice?

    Hi there everyone, I was having an issue where I could not record my voice while recording. I just don't know how too. Could someone tell me how?
  7. I just captured the VHS video for an 80's rock concert, and I'd like to create a menu of songs, and add breaks in the video to choose the exact song that you would like to view, but i don't see how you can insert markers into a video, and how to make a menu that corresponds to those breaks. Can someone please explain to me how to do this? Thanks?
  8. marinesoldier

    I Have Video But No Audio With Game Cap Hd Pro.

    I have been using the roxio fine for a really long time but all the sudden it will not pick up the audio of what I am trying to record. Help please.
  9. Winters.Mr

    Please Help! No Gameplay Audio!

    Hi there, after alot of trubles back and fourth i've finaly got a working roxio gamecapure HD pro. however there is just one problem. i record some footage (i record pc footage. no console.), and when i watch the footage later there is no gameplay sound. it records video but not audio. why? and can someone help me, please. i got my roxio gamecapture HD pro for christmas, but that one didn't work. so now i've finaly got a new one but it dosen't record Audio. so please help. if it matters here's my systems specs. (its a laptop) windows 8.1 64-bit geforce gtx 770m intel core i7-4700mq processor 8gb RAM HDD: 750 GB 7200RPM please excuse my english. i am a Norwegian so my english isnt actualy flawless to say the least. but please help! Please help me, anyone who can help as soon as possible, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  10. Big-Jim1

    Toast 11.2 Audio Preview Bug

    I have just upgraded to Mavericks 10.9.1 and installed the Toast 11.2 (3175) update. When I use the media browser I've noticed that when you preview audio files they will not play. In Toast 11.1 you got a ql manager window pop up and the audio played. In Toast 11.2 a small window pops up but it is blank and no audio plays. I have noticed that video files play okay. I have included a screenshot of what happens. I have tested 11.2 on a clean install of Mavericks 10.9.1 and Mountain Lion 10.8.5 and the same thing happened. I was just wondering if anyone else was having the same problem. I still have the 11.1 (1067) update on my computer. I was wondering if I installed this would it downgrade 11.2 to 11.1 okay or would it lead to problems. I also have the 11.1 application on another computer. If I moved the 11.2 one on Mavericks to trash and installed that would that work better. Many thanks for your help.
  11. theRamsayGamerHD_(YT)

    Add A Live Commentary To The Capture Window Soon

    have an Update and install a Live Commentary Button , because thats what EVERYONE wants , if not done soon people will move on to a different Capture Card
  12. TheGeekyBanana

    Audio Capture Help

    Hi, Fairly new to game capturing but is there a way for me to capture my voice along with anyone i maybe playing with on my xbox 360 (in a party)? My current setup involves me using Audacity along with my webcam mic to pick up my audio and using the Roxio to pick up any party chat as I have the output for that set to speakers & headset on the preferences menu tab on the xbox itself. This seem fine but the webcam microphone is picking up the audio from the tv that the game is playing on so when it comes to editing the footage along with adding in the audacity file with my voice , im getting like a double audio for the party chat. is there a simpler way to record gameplay along with my voice and my friends without the need of using other software and mic.
  13. Hello, I was trying something using toast 10.0 on an old PowerPC. I dropped an audio cd in the audio cd section in Toast and it started extracting files immediately, which is I'm sure the normal behavior, but I was used to Toast 7 way of dealing with audio CDs, which is quite different. Anyways, my computer is a bit messy; i don't have loads of RAM either, and my system partition doesn't have that much available space. So, the extracted files just took.. like a third of that available space. Now I wanted to get rid of that pointless wasted data, so I looked in the "Roxio Converted Items" folder... but there is nothing there. So I checked the preferences and clicked on the "delete converted items" little button, and nothing happened. I figured that if I'd quit the app itself, it would empty its cache, but that didn't do anything either. Rebooting doesn't seem to do anything either. So, yeah, my question is quite basic: where is that temporary data supposed to be located? (visible or not... just want to know where...) Thanks a lot.
  14. Kaynite

    When Hooked Up To Pc, No Audio?

    Lately i've received a Blue Yeti USB microphone. The problem that i am having is that when i have the microphone plugged into my PC, no game audio is captured whatsoever. I am only playing Minecraft, Starbound, etc. and i can record my voice audio perfectly, but no game audio. Thanks if you can help
  15. Hi there I have used Roxio 2012 to create a DVD for DVD PAL Playback. I selected the option DVD in the movie creator, and then inserted various movie files into my project, with menus. (files inserted are mpeg2 format which have been captured from VHS) Once the movie project is burned to DVD-R disk, the movie plays back on one of my DVD players/tv's with sound and all is in order, however if I try to play the disk on my 3 other dvd players / tv's, there is sound for the "menu", but my movie files have no sound at all? What could be the reason for this? The dvd player where the sound does play, is connected directly to an old television set, whereas the DVD player where there is no sound is connected to a newer lcd television, which plays its sound through a hi-fi.. could this somehow affect sound playback? Any advise would be greatly appreciated, Thank you kindly Mel
  16. I have downloaded the old version of Easy VHS to DVD on a Windows 7 64-bit OS. Everything seems to be working except that I have never been able to get it to have any sound. I have used both the S video cord and the standard A/V cords. My recording device is set to the USB as default. The volume is turned on in Windows Mixer. Nothing seems to be muted. I can hear static.In device manager both of the usb indicators are there. I open the program, click "capture video", connect my camcorder to the usb, set it to "roxio video capture usb", set the input to s-video or composite [i've tried both], and push play on the camcorder. I can see the video play but there is no sound. There is no sound on playback either. Thank you for any help or suggestions you can give me.
  17. Okay so it seems no mater what editing system I use if it be videowave, AVS, Windows Movie Maker,Adobie or any other kind I have use I get the same problem. The problem is after recording my game and voice using a different program known as Audacity I go into editing and everything seems okay until I'm done putting my commentary in and editing the sounds and the after rendering in the video I would upload it to YouTube and then I notice the at certain point in the video ( mostly at the end of the video ) theirs this audio delay. Like lets say I'm in a cutscenes and I have subtitles on well the characters speaking will be talking but their dialog will happen like a couple seconds late. Now after looking for was to fix this problem I've discovered that it usually happen after a loading screen and like the noise that's happening in the game will be on a non stop repeat in the loading screen and stop after it's done loading and the the audio lag kicks in. So I feel like I tried every thing please help me! P.S I do use the roxio game capture HD pro to capture and audacity to record my voice while i play/record my gameplay.
  18. So, I received my gamecapture a few months ago for my birthday and, upon 6 months of looking at the forums for a solution, my gamecapture will not record my voice. it records the voice of other people just fine, but not mine. is there anything I can do to fix this problem?
  19. I have recorded/captured video while playing my xbox 360. It will capture the voice of who I am talking to thru chat, but not my own voice. I have tried several things thru my settings on Xbox and none of them have worked. The capture card has the option to change the mic settings on live streaming but not capturing video. Whether I am recording or live streaming, it does not have my voice on the audio. I have owned this capture card for two days now and it has been nothing but a hassle. The box and advertisement said "Easy to install instructions" and "video tutorials", but these nor the "help" section has assisted me in solving this problem! This should not be a problem for something that is supposed to be "user friendly". Please help so I can enjoy/use the product properly!Oh and I have the Roxio HD Pro for consoles. This is at the top of my screen so I know I am in the right forum "Roxio Game Capture for consoles".
  20. GamingWithBrent

    Audio Delay With Videowave, Help!

    Hello, I have been experiencing issues with my game recording software lately. The quality of the videos are fantastic, and the audio is great, although the audio is ten seconds behind. So I've looked up the problem and no one seems to have the same problem. Also I do gameplay and in the beginning it's seems fine and then everything goes bad, like in the beginning is fine and then let's say I'm play call of duty or something like that and I shoot my gun and the animation will be shown but the sound of the gun comes a couple seconds later. I really car about the quality of my videos I provide to my viewers and would really love some help, Thank You.
  21. Arcadian Forest

    Audio Difficulties

    Alright so i've kind of managed to get the device to record in my own roundabout way but when i go to windows media player to view my recorded gameplay, the audio will fast-forward quickly then slow down and return to normal in about 10 seconds. I'm not sure whats causing it and any feedback would be appreciated.
  22. No audio received by Roxio. Tried two different VCRs. Video is fine. Using the Yellow/White/Red cables. Checked connections. Cables work fine on other equipment. Tried both "Composite" and "S-Video" for input source. Any suggestions? thx
  23. Gamer34792609

    Lagging In Game

    Greetings all: A few months ago, I bought myself a Roxio HD Pro Capture Card-it costs me quite a chunk of change. However, it does come with a nice editing program and is fairly easy to setup and use. No complaints there. I hooked it up to my PS3 and discovered that I get an "Blocked Signal" when I launch the capture application. "Hmm"-I thought. After some research I discovered that Sony has done this, due to copyright issues and that you need AV component cables and can't record directly through an HDMI. Fair enough, I can deal with that. I haven't yet gotten the cables I need to record the ps3-all in due time; I am a patient person. This however, seems stupid to me and sony's copyright issue, kind of defeats the purpose of having a game capture device. But anyway, the issue I have encountered over and over again has to do with audio and video lagging, I DO have the correct cables for my psp; which I have hooked up and tested and the animation and sound is delayed-I know this is a common problem; I have tried the suggested fixes on youtube and I am still encountering the same problem. There is a time delay that effects the game and the recording. Even when the capture button is not pressed: there is a delay between the sound and video from the console to the pc Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to correct this issue? As I have said: the youtube solutions do not work for me. and the profile for my psp is 480i. I actually like having the psp game on the big screen, as it doesn't hurt my neck; but the lagging makes it irritating. I have even looked at a few FAQ's and it says that the time delay is normal for the device-that doesn't seem right. My initial PC setup was a custom built xp machine with a 2.4ghz processor, GeForce graphics card ATI/Intel Chipset and some other stuff I can't remember, but it was low end. Luckily, shortly after I got the capture card: my motherboard went belly up. So, now I'm running windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit AMD 3.6 gig processor DDR3 RAM a new powerful video card: the guts got an overhaul and I now have 11 usb ports as opposed to the 8 I had before. My fans and all that were also cleaned right out What is causing this common lag problem?
  24. I'm glad to be here because Roxio/Corel doesn't seem very helpful. I've created a project in fcpx consisting of 13 clips (intro, 11 songs, credits). I've sent it to compressor then brought it into toast ll with the blu ray plug in. I've done this a few different ways (tried whole project with chapter markers and tried individual clips with titles) following a lot of people's suggestions and tutorial instruction but I cannot hear the audio in toast playback to help me place chapter markers and the chapter markers/titles I thought I could import are not correctly placed. (The audio is fine on the blu ray disc I made.) Can anyone give me a workflow for this? My media out of compressor is h.264 and ac3. I can produce a great blu ray right out of fcpx but I want a better menu. I thought I could get there with toast. Thanks in advance.
  25. I'm not sure where this thread belongs but here will do for now. I have captured footage using my HD pro and it plays fine in VLC and windows media player as well as roxio's supplied media player, so the capture itself isn't the problem! I can use the provided software to edit the footage perfectly but the software is; slow and overly complicated and i would prefer to use premiere pro. When I go to edit my footage in CS6 Premiere Pro the audio gradually becomes more and more out of sync the longer the video goes for. For example at 1 minute the audio is synced perfectly however as the video plays through by the 30 minute mark it is out of sync by 2 seconds and by the end of the video its about 2.5 seconds out. There is NO finite point where the audio and video loose sync. Does any one have a fix for this? On a side note, I have research the problem and some have said it could be because of the videos bitrates'.