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Found 140 results

  1. anigmha

    Can't Capture Audio Of Pc.

    I am able to capture the video of my PC and playback just fine, however there is no audio. If you need additional info to help me diagnose this problem, please let me know.
  2. GamrEnchantment

    In-Game Chat Audio For Xbox 360

    I know in the FAQ it states that the Game Cap HD PRO doesn't record in-game chat audio. However, is there anyway to capture the Xbox 360 in-game chat audio and add it to the video during editing?
  3. Enfinity

    No Video Or Audio

    Hello, I just installed the vhs2dvd3. I am getting an error until the splash screen comes up. When i try to record, the record button is not highlighted and I get the error with vcgproxyfilemanagervhs. this is also displayed; R6025 pure virtual function call ........i do see the devices(drivers) in my control panel and in working order. I am running windows 7, 4gb ram amd athlon II x4 630 processor 2.80ghz w/ version 301B37A VH3 ..can someone help me? I am also getting an error when I try to open the audio editor.
  4. backpages

    Files Names Using Custom Hybrid & Audio

    I use Toast to burn audio discs with a custom hybrid section. The audio portion plays fine on any system and the Mac portion of the hybrid mounts on Mac systems, the ISO on PC systems. First I burn the audio onto a blank disc, using the "Write Session" setting. To create the custom hybrid section I use Data > Custom Hybrid and create a disc image with a Mac and and an ISO portion. Once the audio is finished I add the custom hybrid section (as an image file) using the "Write Disc" setting. Here's my problem. If I simply burn the custom hybrid image file to a blank CD (without the audio portion) the full names of the files are retained on the PC version (I use the "Joliet (MS-DOS + Windows)" setting in the ISO 9660 section. Everything is fine, I end up with a disc that contains a Mac portion and a PC portion and works perfectly in both systems, showing the full names. However, if I add this custom hybrid portion (as an image file) to an open ended audio CD then the names on the PC version are shortened and capitalized. Does anyone know why this is happening and if there is any way around it. I'm using the exact same image file. When burned alone it's fine, when added to an audio disc, the names are changed. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I just upgrade Toast to 11.1 on two computers, a brand new iMac and a MacBook Pro that is about a year old. Both are using 10.8.1 (Mountain Lion). I had the same problem installing the program as others have related (no way to finish the installation). I was able to overcome that by trashing preferences. Now, when I try to burn an audio CD the program crashes, every single time, on both computers. As soon as I hit the "Burn" button, it crashes. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. Hi - please excuse any break in protocol, I've not used this forum before. I'm trying to do some cutaway sequences - which I understand can be tricky in Roxio. The problem I'm having is when I edit the video clip I want to use, then extract the audio and then re-add that audio as a separate clip (on the SFX or music channel) it doesn't keep the edit, it's back to the original audio of the clip. This means I can't just lay that audio under the main bit of footage, cut away to some other video footage while continuing the audio track and then cut back to the original with the audio still in sync. Hope I've explained that clearly enough!
  7. JohnnyBravo

    Problem With Audio On Burned Dvds

    Hi all I relative newbie with Toast 11 The problem I have is that when I burn AVI files onto DVD, I don't get any audio at all on the finished disc. I have burned m4v files without a problem.
  8. First at Record Devices the "Listen to device" is enabled for Roxio GameCap. However the can't hear the audio or is at bad quality of distortion. When I start Roxio Game Capture WHEN I click on opition. The Audio is fixed is fully normal at that moment each time I do that . (Mind that of course I hear double audio. Since I got Roxio GameCap at "Sound > Recording > Listen to device enabled". After I close Roxio Game Capture Software. My audio is not double and only hear one sound. So no problem so far. The moment I start Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder it gets back being very bad quality. There is not much of "audio settings" for that program. Add note I can't run Roxio Game Capture Software at same time with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder since it can only work with 1 program at the time. so I can't use Roxio Game Capture Software option that and can't fix the audio. I want to use Adobe one for livestreaming but only problem I have is with audio. My question is what's excautly causing it to be so much in bad quality in first place? Other minor things. - Disabled anti-virus uninstalled and installed it along with SP1 done that - Skype is installed? heard was problem but can't see what settings i need to disable since can't remove it from the list.
  9. Katie Barkley

    Audio Out Of Sync - Need Help!

    I have been using Toast 10 for awhile to convert Video_TS files into DV files so that I can use them in iMovie. But now I'm having problems. After I convert to the DV file, the audio is out of sync with the video. Audio is fine before I convert - there is nothing wrong with the DVD. I even checked the DV converted file in quicktime (before I put it into iMovie) and it is out of sync - making me think the problem is with Toast. Has anyone had this problem?? And does anyone know what is wrong?? Or how to fix it?? Please help!!!
  10. Hi, got to say not the most user friendly software out there but that said heres what i have done and what i am trying to do, i have captured my footage then using an external program (AVS Audio Editor) i have recorded the audio commentary while watching the game footage back. Yes, i spent days trying to get everything to gel together but with no joy. So just when i think i have a working work around bam roxio to the rescue... or not! anyway after importing my audio onto a music track inevitably there is a lack of sync with some video sounds repeating up to 5 seconds later through my bluetooth headset which i am commentating with, I have found to points that once lined up will bring everything together, but i have tried a variety of ideas from grabbing and sliding to pressing various key combinaions, but i cannot move either the audio or video one way or the other, im getting about ready to throw the damned thing, can anyone help, PLEASE!!!!
  11. I have this video in which I was making a collaborations of various moments of people getting hit in a game, quick flashing in between hits sometimes rapidly to the beat of The Blue Danube. When in the Videoware editing page, everything runs fine and stays on time, but when I convert the video (I have tried WMV and Divx), the spot with the Danube is suddenly off, and the music skips about failing to keep to the beat of the hits. The rest of the video including music inserted at a further part work fine and are all on time, just the one spot, and only when it is exported. If anyone knows how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Murphyrose

    Evening Audio Tracks

    I have a Roxio Video production with a video track and an audio track with serveral segments in it. How do I even out the voice tone and quality in the WHOLE audio track while in videowave, or how do I export the whole audio track out of videowave into sound editor to flatten?
  13. Hi everybody, I am (still) using MyDVD 10 with satisfaction, even if certainly not so often for videos (I mainly make "diashows" of my photos). I have a very simple question: when I create a "Cinemagic" movie, the original sound track of the involved videos, with voices and all, seems lost forever... and it is substituted with the audio background that I chose. But maybe I do not know how to turn it on. What I would like, is to be able to mix a musical background, with an appropriate volume, with the original audio track. Is that possible? Best regars & thanks in advance Claudio
  14. I've tried all different formats, and the audio and video speed up and slow down at different parts of the recordings. Here is a small example on the Xbox 360 dashboard in WMV, about half way through the audio speeds up. This is bugging me like crazy, and I hope I can get it fixed. Specs: AMD A6-3400M APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.40GHz 4Gig RAM 64 bit Windows 7. RATING Processor - 6.5 Memory (RAM) - 5.9 Graphics - 5.3 Gaming Graphics - 6.1 Primary Hard Disk - 5.9
  15. I am running Roxio Creator Starter 2012 on a relatively new Dell PC, under Windows 7 64-bit. I am having a few difficulties copying an Audio CD: 1) When I first insert the Audio CD and launch Roxio Creator Starter 2012, the program first shows a screen where I can drag the audio tracks to rip them. I would rather the program begin on Creator's "Home" page, or show all the various actions available for an Audio CD, rather than assuming I want to rip tracks. Is there any way I can prevent Creator from guessing that I want to rip tracks? 2) Is there a command line parameter for launching Roxio Creator Starter 2012, that would initiate an audio CD copy process? If not, is there another way to initiate an audio CD copying process, e.g. perhaps a right-click context menu option somewhere within Creator or in Windows Explorer? Thanks very much, - Michael