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Found 42 results

  1. Hi there, We've been burning a bunch of Blu-Rays lately, from a TS file created from a 720x960 59.94 progressive quicktime. They burn great and we never have any issues. Recently we had our show unconverted to 1920x1080 29.97 interlaced, and we're now compressing the same way and outputting a TS file that is now at 1920x1080 29.97 interlaced settings. Whenever we set Toast to burn, it begins multiplexing but then stops without warning. The yellow progress bar disappears and we go straight back to the Toast window, without any kind of an error message. I can hit "Burn" again and it goes back to multiplexing, and the cycle continues.The Blu-Ray that we try and burn remains completely blank. I am certain that we've been able to burn Blu-Rays from a 1080i TS file before, this problem seems new. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks! -Erin
  2. ebyron

    Flac 24

    i have some flac 24 bit files i want to burn regular cd's of them can toast 11 do this? how? thanks eliot
  3. lennyn

    Roxio Creator Nxt2

    I just purchased the Roxio NXT2 program. I was told by the salesman that it would comparable and would have all the features of Roxio 6 Platinum. which by the way was the best audio editing and burning system ever mad. it was simple and worked great. also the photo suite worked great. windows 7 would not work and I had to upgrade to NXT2. But guess what? it is the worst many problems and difficult to operate . sending it back and getting a refund. I really wish they would make a Roxio 6 Platinum that would work o windows 7.
  4. Hi Everyone, I hope that perhaps a person will see this today, I know it's a long shot with it being Christmas Eve and all. Anyway, I have recorded several home movies that were originally done on a HI 8 camera. They are on the computer hardrive and most are 7-8 GB and 2 hours long. When trying to export them to DVD I am having a problem. The software tells me that I have to split across multiple DVD's - too bad there isn't a feature to do more than 2 DVD's but that's another topic. Anyway, I create the split point and start the project - 1st disc burns fine but when i get the message to load the 2nd disc, I put in the 2nd disc and the software doesn't pick up and continue. So the 2nd disc never starts burning. I saw a person mention in another thread to uncheck the box that says "auto fit" but it won't run at all without that box checked. I have already gone into my control panel on my computer and set all my "auto play" settings to do nothing when loading a new DVD into the drive. Before doing this, I noticed that I was getting the "what do you want windows to do.." type message when I put in the 2nd DVD and I thought this was messing up the process. I'm trying to make copies of these DVD's to give to mom - they are of her mother who has passed away. Also, another question - isn't there a way to change quality from "best" to another setting? I can't find that option. The quality isn't that great anyway, but just curious.
  5. I have several DVDs with movies of my family that I want to archive on Blu-Ray discs. Should I make multiple image files and then burn them to a Blu-Ray disc? I want to avoid wasting space on the BD discs. Or is there an easier way in Creator? I haven't used Creator 2011 for a while but haven't found a way to do this and didn't see this topic in the forums. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi there I have used Roxio 2012 to create a DVD for DVD PAL Playback. I selected the option DVD in the movie creator, and then inserted various movie files into my project, with menus. (files inserted are mpeg2 format which have been captured from VHS) Once the movie project is burned to DVD-R disk, the movie plays back on one of my DVD players/tv's with sound and all is in order, however if I try to play the disk on my 3 other dvd players / tv's, there is sound for the "menu", but my movie files have no sound at all? What could be the reason for this? The dvd player where the sound does play, is connected directly to an old television set, whereas the DVD player where there is no sound is connected to a newer lcd television, which plays its sound through a hi-fi.. could this somehow affect sound playback? Any advise would be greatly appreciated, Thank you kindly Mel
  7. Hey guys, I am returning to Roxio for my job, which is video editing. I burn a lot of DVDs every day but it doesn't seem to let me burn more than one disc at a time. Is there another upgrade or this software or is there just something I am not seeing in the latest version Roxio Easy DVD & CD Burner? Thanks, Josh
  8. Roxio Creator NXT will not burn tivo programs to disc. I have tried two different external DVD drives. Same result each time. Everything seems to be going perfectly, and then it stops at 8%. The program just freezes. Anyone encounter this?
  9. when using Creator.... i was able to upload an MKV file and convert to ISO. however Audio will not burn... so when playing back i get a perfect Menu, Perfect Video quality... but i can't hear anything.... need help...
  10. I was able to burn my HD-DVD but I can't figure out how to view the final video. I only see two folders on the disc: 1) BHDV and 2) Certificate. Nothing within the folder seems to play the DVD. Is there some final formatting I need to do on the disc?? Please help!
  11. I've just upgraded to Toast 11 specifically so that I can burn to multiple recorders simultaneously. I have an internal DVD burner and an external BR recorder. When I select "Destination/Select multiple reorders" at the bottom of the Toast interface, nothing happens. I expect a window to appear which allows me to specify which recorders to use and how many copies to burn in each. What's going on? Am I missing something or is Toast missing something? Thanks, C
  12. I purchased Toast 11 Titanium thinking it would be a great program. I'm trying to burn to a 50gb dual layer bluray and I'm receiving an error telling me that I can not burn more than 98 files to the disc. What gives? I have close to 500 separate video files from my vacation and i bought blank 50gb dual layer discs thinking this would work. 98 files barely makes a dent in the disc. I am NOT using 5 discs for this. What's the point if there is a limit to how many files can be burned? Can somebody please help? Did I really just buy a program that will be useless to me? PS I'm using a Macbook Pro with OS X 10.8.2 2.8ghz Intel Core i7 with 8gb of RAM if that matters. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks in advance.
  13. Video Copy & Convert would cause my computer to restart. I went to Programs and Features and did a repair on Creator Suite 10. It will not cause restart now but it will not burn!! Copy & Covert looks normal and says writing to disk but the DVD is blank???!! I am using DVD+RW disks. Any ideas? TNX
  14. Since installing VHS to DVD 3 on my laptop I have been experiencing frequent crashes during recording vhs tapes and during burning dvds. I have 4 GB of RAM and plenty of space available on my hard drive (almost 50%) and am frequently eliminating unwanted videos. Would appreciate any suggestions. JR
  15. darryl305

    Crash Once I Try To Burn?

    OK, so i open ROxio, i add my media, etc. im all set to burn, but EVERYTIME i do this, roxio crashes. I USED to burn, with NO problems. Here is the error message log: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: VideoWave9.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 44e1098c Fault Module Name: OLEAUT32.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.17676 Fault Module Timestamp: 4e58702a Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0001e10a OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: c315 Additional Information 2: c315765239256a9020a50486a990e138 Additional Information 3: 2af5 Additional Information 4: 2af570f71de80a9ac79ca8e52037c968 If anyone can help me, please??
  16. Roixio 2012..trying to burn DVD after burn pictures do not show only sound. Any answers? Thanks, Joe jbro777@comcast.net
  17. I'm trying to get this done in Toast 11 Pro : I have a GPS-navigation system in my car, that works on CDroms. But since it's a DVD-drive that the navigation-CDroms have to go in, I thought I might be able to burn a DVDrom with 7 separate partitions each containing the contents of one navigation-CDrom (so I don't have to switch CDroms whenever I go on an international trip). How can I do this in Toast 11 ? I have not found a way to make the partitions from within Toast 11, so I've used Disk Utility to make an image-file that has the 7 partitions on it. But when I try to burn that image to a DVDrom, it doesn't burn them as separate partitions that will show up as multiple CDroms in the Finder. Both image-burning and disk-copy don't seem to work for this... Anyone any suggestions ? Thanks !