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Found 10 results

  1. mactucson

    Scrolling Message Is A Bit Annoying

    is there any way to turn of the scroll that says, this may take a long time make sure your mac does not go to sleep when you are burning a DVD or CD? This just starts to get annoying and i am there watching this process.
  2. Flo Lloyd


    One of my shows will only burn the audio, no video. I burned another without any problem! What's the difference? I even tried ot export but it only exported the audio. Any suggestions?
  3. MaryEllen Nealis

    Error Code 32030 Unstable Connection

    I have a LaCie DVD Burner and updated to Toast Titanium now I can not burn a DVD with out getting a error Code. I have tried using 2 to different burns and different types of cords. Does an one know what the problem could be and how to fix it. I need to burn DVDs. MaryEllen
  4. JDMusic

    Roxio Creater De10.1

    I have Roxio Creater DE 10.1 and have been using it for quite awhile. Recently I have not been able to burn CD's or DVD's correctly. I am working with Windows Vista and went to my control panel, chose system and maintenance, device manager and clicked the hardware tab. I then selected device manager and expanded DVD/CD-ROM Drives. A message came up saying that my program was installed properly. I have had this same issue with my Windows Media Player, with the same results. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to correct it? Thanks!
  5. I cannot burn a DVD from MyDVD in Roxio Creator NXT Pro. When I go to the Burn screen and insert a blank DVD, it says the "Drive is empty". I also cannot copy a data dvd in Copy Disc. When I put in a dvd to copy, it says "Reading disc, please wait..." and that message does not disappear until I click on the green arrow button and then it changes to "Please insert a disc". I can burn a DVD using other software like Win Movie Maker. I have screen shots in a Word doc that I can send if you need them. PC=HP H8-1360T, Win7 - 64 bit -Version 6.1-Build 7601 Service Pack 1, 8 GB memory DVD=HP CDDVDW SH-216BB SCSI Cdrom Device NXT Pro Version;, Build 140B36A, R04, 701B17A, R04 MyDVD Version Build 140B36A
  6. MichaelRY

    Can't Burn A Dvd

    Just recently I have started to get the "failed to start the image writing operation. Error while burning image 8004003 error". It goes through the process of encoding the video and then I get this error and have to start over. I get the same error every time. I am using Verbatim DVD-R. What do I do to fix this?
  7. Misc.

    Burning Imovie Projects To Dvd

    I am a new iMac user, as well as user of Titanium 11. I have burned 4 iMovie projects to DVD. It's easy, quick! However, in all four cases, The DVD plays on my older Sony Blue-Ray player, but not on my newer Panasonic Blue Ray. I am creating either 1080P or 720p files, as I want these DVDs to play in a variety of players. I have tested my DVDs with friends' players and they work. It's just this one Panasonic Player that won't recognize the DVD. Is it, perhaps, looking for a menu thumbnail? If so, how do I create one? My DVDs are set up to auto play, as I couldn't figure out how to create a thumbnail "start" icon . 2nd issue: Why is the burning default PAL and not NTSC? Can I set it to default to NTSC (American Standard). This is a minor issue, but irritating to have to ask it NOT to convert to PAL each time I burn a project. Any help is appreciated. I'm not technical, but very application oriented.
  8. Mike Lafferty

    Interface Error 32030

    I'm burning a DVD and when it gets to writing the lead in I get an interface error 32030 with the connection is not stable. The next message is that the disk failed to be written. Yesterday I was able to burn the same movie, but today it is in error. Is it the Apple USB SuperDrive i just purchased? I'm using OS X 10.8.3
  9. bdavids4

    Roxio Photoshow

    Has anyone else had problems burning dvd using Photoshow premium 6?
  10. MercJ

    Burning A Standard Dvd

    Ok, so i'm sure there is already a topic on this question but I could not find one. I just bought Toast titanium roxio 11 thing. Anyways, my question is, when I'm burning a dvd. 1) I have a file that is 1.8 Gb, when i drag it onto toast it says it takes up around 3.68gb of the DVD. Why is that? Secondly, I downloaded handbrake because the files were incompatible, and now when i Burn the DVD it take FOREVER to encode. Is there anyone who can give me just the run down on how to burn a simple standard dvd using these two programs? D: