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Found 93 results

  1. Scott Bulmer

    Burned Dvd Unwanted Repeating Upon Ending

    Greetings, Using Toast Titanium 11.1 with OSX 10.8.2, I have successfully created a DVD with a menu and automatic chapters. The disc plays correctly at the start, however upon ending the file immediately starts again at the beginning. A related issue occurs at the actual ending of the movie file, the movie stops several frames short of the exact ending so that the viewer does not get the true ending of the movie, then the repeat issue occurs. 'Play all items continuously' was checked. When that filter is unchecked, the menu gets placed at the end of the movie after creation. Auto-play disc is unchecked however in the second scenario the movie will immediately start when the disc is inserted in the player. Nothing is making sense, any help would be greatly appreciated. As usual, this is on a deadline of today. Thanks, Scott
  2. Andre_R

    Dvd Reading Problem

    I have 4 mov files that I burned on a DVD. Once burn, the DVD starts the DVD reader (on my Mac) but the screen stays black. I have a Mac Pro with 10.7.5. When I put the DVD on a PC and tell it to open in Windows Media Player, it opens, but the main menu in not working. When I click on one of the 4 titles, it just alternate between full screen and the menu view. I have access to the files in the right column and they play when I click on them. In the menu in the right column, the DVD is named unknown DVD. I have Toast 11.1 Thanks for your help.
  3. Dear Support, we have the problem that we cannot use a custom background for the DVD Menu. Actually Toast 11 lets me choose an image, but it displays it as a white background on the DVD Menu before/after burning the DVD. Attached you can find 2 images. BG Sven
  4. I have Creator Starter that came preinsatlled on my Dell XPS, i7, Nvidia GeForce GT 540M, Win7 64bit. It looks like all the free features work, except when I click on "Create DVD", the icon spins, the screen flases, but nothing else happes. No error message, nothing. I have checked for updates, says it is upto date, build 102b57a, dl0. I have disabled AVG as well. Any thoughts? Thanks in advace.
  5. iVision Creations

    Dvd Menu Not Showing, Instead A Basic One!

    Hi, Ive just bought Toast 11 along with a samsung blu ray player. I use a Macbook pro. I burnt a dvd and customised the menu by selecting the 'splash' theme and then chose a custom image background. I first made a DVD version to show my client. The background on the menu was fine. All good. Now that they want a Blu ray copy I used the same settings and chose the same background as above DVD. When I play the DVD using iDeer or the others it comes up with the attached menu. No custom images and not even the default 'splash' theme. Anyone can help? Thanks,
  6. Michael Bos

    Jagged Lines In Dvds.

    Toast 11 DVD results in vertical blocky/jagged lines, whereas iDVD burnt DVDs, no jagged lines. Both using the same .mov file. Blu-Ray disk burnt from the same file using Toast 11 is fine. What do I need to do to eliminate jagged vertical lines in DVDs burnt using Toast 11?
  7. SierraEcho

    Dvd Plug-In For Photostory 3

    Hey all, I'm curious about the Roxio plugin for Photo Story 3. I'm currently trying to burn 12 copies of a story, I've set the system to burn 12 copies, but each time I complete a disc and enter a blank, it goes through the converting files process. Obviously, this is taking a lot of time. I would like to know if this is an issue with my install, or if it's just the way the software works. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find an answer. It seems like it would keep the converted files in memory when multiple copies were required... Any help or advice would be appreciated in getting this to move a little faster... Sorry if this is the wrong forum, couldn't find one for Photo Story in particular.
  8. I have a problem with my Roxio Easy CD and DVD creation software. It says my drives are disabled (whhich they aren't) and I can't burn anything until the problem is resolved. Here is my system info: Windows 7: Home Premium I also have a Samsung Portable CD/DVD drive. I do not know what other info you need. Everything regarding to my problem on the Roxio site here I have tried and nothing works to resolve my problem. Please help me. Thanks.
  9. JohnnyBravo

    Problem With Audio On Burned Dvds

    Hi all I relative newbie with Toast 11 The problem I have is that when I burn AVI files onto DVD, I don't get any audio at all on the finished disc. I have burned m4v files without a problem.
  10. I am having difficulty creating new productions from a DVD that has raw footage of a concert performance. I cannot seem to find the file(s) or DVD tracks anywhere except for one track I was somehow able to load into VideoWave by accident. DVD is being played in Dell laptop with RC 2012 software. Thank you!
  11. Hi all, I'm new to Mac and after some research and a few recommendations, I've opted for Toast Titanium 11 to burn my DVDs. My first "toast" resulted in a very low quality DVD although the original files (AVI) were of very good quality. At first, when dragging and dropping the AVI files onto Toast, I got the message that the Xvid codec was missing. Someone recommended that I download Perian to extend the codecs of QuickTime. After installing Perian, Toast did finally recognize the AVI files. However, the result was disappointing. The quality of the video on my final DVD is jittery and of low quality. What am I doing wrong? Or is it the encoding process that is the culprit? Do I need to change some specific settings in Toast so as to get a better quality DVD? Thanks for your help.
  12. cottay

    Burning Dvd Without The Date

    Hi all, The topic title says it all. I want to burn a dvd with the option of leaving the time and duration on it or not. Thanks in advance.
  13. Roixio 2012..trying to burn DVD after burn pictures do not show only sound. Any answers? Thanks, Joe jbro777@comcast.net
  14. I'm trying to get this done in Toast 11 Pro : I have a GPS-navigation system in my car, that works on CDroms. But since it's a DVD-drive that the navigation-CDroms have to go in, I thought I might be able to burn a DVDrom with 7 separate partitions each containing the contents of one navigation-CDrom (so I don't have to switch CDroms whenever I go on an international trip). How can I do this in Toast 11 ? I have not found a way to make the partitions from within Toast 11, so I've used Disk Utility to make an image-file that has the 7 partitions on it. But when I try to burn that image to a DVDrom, it doesn't burn them as separate partitions that will show up as multiple CDroms in the Finder. Both image-burning and disk-copy don't seem to work for this... Anyone any suggestions ? Thanks !
  15. sringsmuth

    Question About Burning A Widescreen Dvd

    I've got some widescreen Quicktime movies I'm trying to burn as standard video DVD discs, but no matter how I have my Toast settings configured they don't burn properly. The Quicktime movies are 629*274, but when Toast burns them the resulting DVDs are encoded at 352*480. They look awful, too. Am I overlooking something? How do I get Toast to simply burn a widescreen DVD? Thank you!
  16. I was working on a project on my sony vegas editing program and I imported the files from a DVD I borrowed from a friend into the program. The files played successfully. I wanted to keep the files into my PC and return the DVD back so that I won't have the disc running every time on my computer. I have Win 7 by the way if that ever matters. After doing that, I then tried dragging those same .VOB files into my program to continue editing. But instead, I get a message saying: The File is an Unsupported format. What I did was that I dragged out three VOB files from the DVD into my PC and then tried to play one of the files from there to see what else happens. I then get a message saying: Cannot play this media file. The File is either corrupt or the application does not support the format you are trying to play. I don't know why I was able to play the files when I had the DVD running on my PC and why I can't without it. Was I suppose to also drag the IFO and BUP files into my computer as well, which came with the VOB files? Would have that helped or something? I really need help here and I am getting stressed out from everything I've tried! I do not want to ask for the DVD back because that's just too much work! Also, here are some links to pictures I took for a better demonstration to this problem: http://server.myspac...error proof.jpg http://server.myspac...ror message.png Thanks!
  17. Hey gang, I'm trying to build a DVD movie that also has a data folder. Basically what I want is a DVD that will play normally in a DVD player but if you put the disk in the computer there will be a folder with extra content like video or picture files. Any help with specific steps would be much appreciated. I used to be able to do this in older versions but can't figure out how to do it in Creator 2011 Pro. Thanks
  18. Bill G.

    Dvd Playback

    I imported a video from my camcorder and tried to burn it to a DVD using Mydvd. After the program burns it to the disc, the computer or two different dvd players I have tried will not open it, it only says windows cannot access the specifice file, path, etc. The programs says it burned it successfully, but the only thing on the disc is the intro from my dvd. I have done this successfully several times in the past but now it won't work. Any suggestions?