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Found 286 results

  1. So Iv'e been having trouble recently getting anything to show up, on my screen. It's just colors, can someone explain what each color means? and wondering if it's the USB?help me?i have a mac by the way
  2. I'm using Roxio for the first time in a while because I was without a computer. Right now I'm trying it again for the editing software but I'm having a lot of issues. My desktop doesn't have a disc drive, so I can't do it the old fashion way. I remember a similar issue in the past where I downloaded it on one computer, then moved the files over with a flash drive, but that does nothing. I see everything I know I need, but clicking the launchpad does nothing. Not even a split second of a window loading, just nothing. Can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or if I'm forgetting some specific step? Or if possible, how I could download the software without the disc? I tried running everything while the capture card was plugged in, but nothing changed.
  3. Okay so basically just got my Roxio super excited I set everything up and went to capture then to stream. And something popped up like a message saying that Roxio program has seemed to stop working or whatever and it tells me to close program. It keeps doing this every time I press stream and login to my twitch... Please someone help thank you!
  4. So when i plug my roxio hd capture card into my xbox 360 it displayed on the tv and recorded fine, when i hook it up to my xbox one everything work, but the display on the tv shrinks, instead of taking up the whole tv screen,it shrinks to just 1080(i think 1080x1080 intstead of 1920x1080) so the width of the display is cut dramatically and displays black borders on the left and right sides , but appears fine on computer, on the roxio software's screen. Any help?
  5. I have recently bought a new pc after a move my old one blue screened and I cant find my cd my software is registered just no cd or code please help me
  6. I have a product key registered on this site, but i lost my cd and i cant download the service pack 2.0, when i go to downloading it, it says the wizard was interrupted. PLEASE HELP (
  7. So let me tell you the hardware and setup I am using when trying to use my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, and then I will explain my problem: Hardware: -playstation 4 -Roxio Game Capture HD Pro -Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software - Dell P2213 Professional 22'' LED-Backlit LCD Monitor, Black Link: https://www.amazon.com/Dell-P2213-Professional-LED-Backlit-Monitor/dp/B008RIH5NW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485661907&sr=8-1&keywords=dell+monitor+p2213 -2 HDMI cords Setup: -1 hdmi cord connects to the ps4 and goes into the input hdmi slot on the roxio game capture hd pro device. -The 2nd hdmi cord goes into the output hdmi slot on the roxio game capture hd pro device and goes into my hdmi monitor. -The USB cord connects to my pc from the roxio game capture hd pro device. will i need a HDMI splitter Black Screen When Trying To Use Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro With My xbox one
  8. I use Windows 10, Program is Roxio Hd Pro, This problem accorded a week ago I did research but ended up here. No settings changed at all it just randomly had the colorful rectangles it seems like It happened to no one else because there weren't any youtube videos, or people in the forum having this problem. When I record I can still here the volume form the xbox just can't see the gameplay Email is: ajoniipalmer12@gmail.com. In the preview screen i need help. It looks like this....
  9. Tempzmodz

    My Roxio Hd Pro Keeps Disconnecting

  10. FrankieBabe

    The Helping Hands

    I visit this site reasonably often and search for a solution to my problem(s). When I can't find a solution I submit a post asking for assistance. What puzzles, and aggravates, me is the lack of appreciation shown by a heck of a lot of people seeking assistance – and when given, don’t bother to write a note of thanks for the suggestions made - helpful or otherwise. Just thought I would get that of my chest.
  11. I'm trying to get the Roxio set up with some of my older consoles and it's just not working. I found most of the help guides focused on the newer consoles, which is great, but I want to be able to record from all my systems with this device. The current focus is on my Sega Dreamcast. The system works fine and I get visual and audio on the television, through the Roxio. My PC picks up the audio from the console, but not the visuals, appearing as a simple blue screen. It's hooked up via component cables. I've tried multiple different laptops and software and nothing works. Does the Roxio even work with older consoles? I've found very little information to support that it does or does not. If that's the case then I'll just return the device and get a refund, no harm done. But if it will work, I'd appreciate any help you can offer me.
  12. So, my Roxio won't let me sign into my YouTube channel so I'm not able to upload any of my videos to my channel, well at least not the easy way. It says I have the wrong username or/and password, but I know 100% for certain that I have the correct ones (both) I know other people have had this problem in the past, but I have yet to find or see any solution to this issue, other than deleting your YouTube account/channel and for me that is obviously NOT an option. Can someone please help on this matter please, I'm tired of having to burn the video for several hours just to start uploading it via YouTube's own page. It would be much simpler to just upload directly from Roxio that was in the description of the product when I bought it, but as it is now it is a faulty system.
  13. SDHD

    Help Needed?

    well ive been using this to record fine gameplay with for like the past 3 weeks but sinve about last week whenver i tried to record the preview would be all grey patched and glitchy.I dont knw if its my laptop and im a complete scrub with techincal terms but ive put my computer on max perofmance but it might just be my cpu.However i dont know how as ive been recording fine for a while... laptop specs: acer aspire e5 511-c6j9 intel celeron processor n2830 up to 2.41 GHz 4 GB DDR3 L Memeory any help would be appreciated i was thinking of maybe an external cpu/gfx card? any suggestions will be appreciated but my max budget is really like £65-sorry
  14. I lost my roxio game cap software cd but I still have my product key! Is it possible to download the software! HELP!
  15. So i have the latest version of Roxio HD Pro software and when i connect it to my Xbox one it works and then I put the Roxio software on my second monitor it still works but wont record so then I put it on my first monitor and it will record but then i can't see the software. I have 2 monitors in extended display on my pc.
  16. ​I just got my Roxio hd game capture pro today I try to install the disk and I get this error Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Wizard Was Interrupted I don't know what is going on or how I can fix this.?
  17. Poisonbreath

    Xbox One Not Working Well With Roxio Hd Pro

    Okay so I'm having a hard time with my roxio hd pro and my xbox. My problem is that I have the video coming into the roxio and im able to record the game play but i have no audio and there is no out put to the tv at all. htmi to tv works fine but it is when i add the roxio to the mix everthing goes haywire. The cables are new as well as the roxio and i have no idea what the problem is here and would love some help and feed back! Thanks
  18. For some reason, the video I have recorded will not let me preview it in the Roxio Software. But I am able to preview it in Windows Media Player. Here are some screenshots of the video in the software: The reason as to why I need help with this is because when I try to convert the video to .mp4 format using Videowave. It won't let me import the video into Videowave. Therefore I am stuck with the .m2ts file, and without an .mp4 version of the video I can't edit the video using Sony Vegas. I hope you can help me as soon as possible.
  19. plaindriver

    Doesn't Play

    After burning a disk and trying to play it.....video doesn't go past the initial intro screen. Help
  20. ChristheCat17

    Recording On Pc

    Hello, I need help. So, I just got my dual monitors today and I'm so excited to start capturing. But I don't know what to do. I have one monitor connected to my GPU with and HDMI cable and the other monitor connected to the GPU with a VGA cable and DVI cable adapter connected to the GPU. I have no Idea what to do now. Do I plug it into my motherboard? I have an ASUS with DVI,VGA,Cables,andHDMI ports and an HP with VGA and DVI. My questions are: How do I record? How do I set it up? Specs in attached files. DxDiag.txt
  21. Minermanthetwo

    Xbox Audio Cuts Out At Random Times

    Hey Roxio Community, For the past week now my audio from my Xbox 360 has cut out around the 1-15 minute mark. I can still hear the audio on my TV (hence why I cant tell if the audio from the recording is stopped.) I have tried recording in both 720P and 1080I, they both have the same problem. I Am Capturing with the Roxio HD Pro and HDMI Cables (I have tried over 5 HDMI cables, its not the problem) Computer Specs I have a Windows 7 with a i5 2.27GHz Processor. My Graphics Card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470. I am not sure what other specs you will need. If you need something else please comment. An Example In My Video At exactly 2:50 the audio/music cuts out and all you can hear is my voice. https://youtu.be/59oJspaCxa0?t=2m41s Any help on how to fix this would be amazing!
  22. I had Creator 10 Suite and could burn 25 minute video of simple vacations photo (still shots) with music. It would take an hour to build, but worked. Just upgraded PC to i7 intel chip, 2 terrabyte harddrive, 12GB RAM. Fast. Now upgraded to NXT Pro 3. Trying build a 15 minute video of just photos (test out new computer and XNT Pro 3). It takes 12 minuts to save (approx 200 still shot photos right now). I can't get it to build. And when just playing the storyline its really really slow. Does play realtime, but freezes for 9-12 seconds on each photo. Machine is brand new. Nothing installed except Windows 8 OS and Roxio. QUESTION: What is maximum number of photos should I except with this configutation? Is there a preferred photo resolution/size (most of my photos are 3.4mb, some smaller from iPhone)? JPEG the ideal format? Is there anythine else I can check to speed this up. As it stands, I can't build a simple video of still shots (i.e., no video). Also, set up as 16*9, no other changes, all default configuration. If this can't be resolved, can you recomend another software solution?
  23. I Lost My Cd And I Have My Product Code, I Need The Software
  24. ItsKhanny

    How To Record In Other Formats Than .m2Ts

    I got the roxio game cap pro and I had a problem. When I had the standard one, It saved in a vidoe format I know, but now the pro version stays at .m2ts. Is there a way to change the format to .mp4 or .avi. the .m2ts takes a long time to import it to my editing software. please help.
  25. Soooo... I Dont have a cd or dvd drive and I need to download the product to use my roxio. I have the cd with me and even the "IMPORTATN - serial number" (key) with me soo I dont know what to do. Can someone help.