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Found 286 results

  1. QuantumTyme

    Blue Preview Screen While Using Component

    So on my Roxio Game cap HD Pro screen to capture as component, the preview is blue. I can hear game sound but can't see the game. Any help?
  2. Got a roxio game capture hd but when i click on capture in the software half the screen goes black and it starts flashing
  3. Whenever I try to upload a video (the video consists of multiple trimmed clips) using the editing software that came with the roxio game capture hd, the first segment or the first part that has been trimmed will show on the youtube video and then the rest is a white screen. Can anyone help me fix this? Edit: now it's not even letting me upload the clip to youtube...
  4. To: Any Mod/Guru that can help. Hello, I purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro this past December. and I recently got a new computer, but I cannot find the CD to install the software on it. I have the serial number and the actual capture card but that is all I still have. Is there a way to get a download of the software using the serial number? Any response would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
  5. Pownabix

    Capture Software Displays No Preview

    So I ran into a problem with the capture software that crashed on me so I had to force quit using ctrl alt delete and ending the task. I then re-open the software and the preview screen is blank and has a red tinge to it (picture below) I then checked all settings and it's set to record 720p and the xbox output is also set at 720p anyone resolve this? I can still record fine and take screenshots etc and audio is still heard, it's just the preview screen can't be seen. Specs: OS Windows 8 64 bit 8 GB RAM i5 dual core 2.7GHZ Nvidia GT 660
  6. right i have it all set up right and it looks ok . but i want it too look a lot better than ok . i have it set to output 720p to my stream thats the highest i can i believe (ps3) i also have quality turned all the way up . now my internet is 50 download and 17 upload i have bitrate set too 2250 but i am thinking that can be a lot more ? ? and will produce much better quality ? ? lastly it does look a little dark so i have found the settings for brghtness - saturation and so on , can anyone reccomend the best settings for me . currently streaming black ops 2 thanks dan
  7. ShinigamiAros

    Twitch/justin.tv Confusion

    hey, I can run my setup fairly well, I think. But the only problem is that I cannot seem to connect to Twitch.tv.... It only lets me stream to Justin.tv. and I cannot set my catagory on Justin.tv to gaming as it will not let me. WHAT DO?
  8. My roxio says it has no source, signal or preview. i have set it up twice, changed stuff and it is still not working. Can someone please help me!!!!!
  9. So I have just updated my Roxio Game capture 1 to service pack 1 and find it that the sound during and after recording is very quite. I have gone through the sound options and Roxio is on the highest setting, but is still very quite. Any suggestions would be grateful!
  10. DomCobb1

    Good Specs For 1080P Capture?

    I'm in the market for a new desktop. My old laptop simply isn't cutting it. However, I really do want to consider Roxio in my selection, so could anyone suggest any specs or even computers that would record in flawless 1080P? Thanks for the help.
  11. DomCobb1

    Best Capture Settings?

    Hey guys, so I recently got my Game Cap HD Pro, and it's amazing! The quality is superb and the videowave is a decent editor since I don't have any other one. However, the color is a bit off, and its a bit too bright. I don't know the best brightness, contrast, etc. settings. Can someone help me? Any and all help is appreciated. On a bit of a side note, it records 59fps. I thought it maxed out at 29.97?
  12. Ok, so I have two computers; the one I am currently using to capture using the Roxio, and another one, which has a better Processor and more RAM. Because of this, I think I would like to install the Roxio onto the better computer. However, I need to update it to Windows 7, because my OS isn't accepted for some reason. How can I obtain another code for when I make the jump from computer to computer?
  13. Frizgig

    Weird Thing Is Happening,help

    So, a week ago I could record just fine, highest quality. Then i found two HDMI cords and tried it with that, one of them did not work so I switched back to component, ever since this weird thing is happening. I have tried Re-installing the software. I have Xbox 360. My computer: AMD Athlon ll X2 260 Processor 3.20 Ghz 8.00 GB AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ah1yD6ISJw
  14. Hey Roxio Community, I just recently bought the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and I bought some cables to go with it. I bought Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cables and double sided Component HD AV cables for the output to my tv. My problem is that my Xbox 360 HD AV cables output to my hdmi cable and not to my HD av cables. Does anyone know how I could fix this, or pull out the red, blue, or green cable and it will send the signal to the component. But I really need help guys, Thanks!
  15. adzig8

    Hdmi Not Working Please Help

    My girlfriend ordered the Roxio Game Capture PRO HD device as a gift for me this holiday season. I was able to use it successfully to capture my XBOX 360 device, however now I'm attempting to use it with my PC video card. I have this video card here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130651 It has a mini-HDMI output, so I purchased a Mini-HDMI -> Regular HDMI cable. I've already confirmed that I have a working video signal by using the cable I purchased and plugging it directly into my monitor. The signal is received no problem. So, I used the cable I purchased and plugged it into the Roxio Game Capture Pro device Mini HDMI -> Regular HDMI Cable goes into my Roxio Game Capture Pro Video HDMI Input Used a regular HDMI cable from the Roxio GCP HDMI Output and plugged the other end into my monitor Plugged the Roxio GCP device into my PC via USB When I start up the program and select Input HDMI, I am getting Status: No Signal This makes no sense to me as I clearly have a working signal coming from my video card when I plug it normally into my monitor. What is the problem here? Did I get a faulty device? I've attached my DXDiag for analysis of my PC specs. DxDiag.txt
  16. i have had the game capture pro hd for about 4 months now but im still having upload troubles with facebook and youtube does anyone have any solutions.
  17. LoveShaSha

    Help With Roxio Pc

    Hey! I need help. I have the USB/power cord in my computer. I have my HDMI going from the Roxio to the computer. I have a "Ready, green" status. When I click on "start capture" it starts but it only records my desktop not the game with no sound. What am I is missing? What should I do different? How do I get the sound? Help me please!
  18. Hey I bought my Roxio Game Capture over a year ago and I am looking to sell it on eBay. The problem is I don't have my CD, and I don't know how I could give the next person my activation code without releasing information about my Roxio account which has some details on it. Any suggestions?
  19. I have a Roxio Game Capture (not HD version) and I had to wipe my computer but forgot to backup the roxio software and now its gone and I dont have the installation CD so I was wondring if there was any way of re-downloading the software? Any help will be great
  20. hi all, I was just wondering if it's possible to use the x12s without buying any adapters. next month I plan to buy the Game Capture HD pro along with the x12s and want to be able to use them at the same without having to use my computer mic. like I know how to record other people's voice, but i want to be able to record my voice, when I'm talking with them. I also won't spend more then $30 on any adapter, well in total as i do have a bunch of wires. also sorry if it's the wrong section. not a big post person. thanks.
  21. WebbiestImp327

    Problem With Capture Card

    Hey I need someone's help. Just yesterday I was able to hook up my HD Pro Capture Card and now it won't recognize the usb. So Windows says Doesn't recognize the Transcoder. I found a few topics on this and none of the advice I've seen works. I've even gone to the extent of going back to a restore point where the capture card worked fine. And yet it still does not work. So what do I do? I've re-installed and uninstalled muiltple times and repaired it and yet it still can't recognize it. Can anyone help me?
  22. Need Help Please 67

    No Tv Pic

    hello i use xbox using hdmi cables the vid shows up on the computer but not the tv the tv is set up on hdmi input i connected everything as instructed the drop down box is hdmi but the screen is still black help
  23. I have bought a new laptop but have my roxio software on my old laptop. Am i able to tranfer the product key over to the new laptop? or how does it work?
  24. i have the roxio regular and it says i have a limit of 4 hours left.every time i make a video that time goes down.im not sure how i fix that.what if i get to that 4 hour limit.do i need to buy another roxio like is the life of my roxio over? please help me...