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Found 286 results

  1. i was just attempting to upload a dmsm onto youtube and it stopped me because it said it was unsupported. how can i convert this file type?
  2. Boredom

    No Game Audio

    So, I have my Roxio Game Capture Device finally, and I ran into some problems while using it. It started with not being able to have an audio at all. I got my mic to pick up. (I use TurtleBeach XL1) My own voice is coming through just fine, but I am not picking up any game audio or voices of other players. This is really killing my recordings for YouTube. PLease help me!
  3. DoubleEyepatch

    Capture Crashes On Start Up

    Well the title says it all to be honest, every time I click capture to start capturing footage I'm greeted with 'Roxio Media capture has stopped working' before it closes down, I've tried re-installing the software and running as admin and I'm just completely unsure as to what the problem is. I was using it fine for a while then I stopped using it for a bit and now this has happened, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong thread.
  4. Hello everyone, I recently got the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO. Now, I've installed the roxio software, setup all the cables for the Capture device and now when I go to start capturing, the status says "Capture Device Removed". What does this mean? The cables work and on the TV screen the XBOX 360 works fine. So why does it not work for the software? The help videos don't actually show the installation so I don't know if I did anything wrong there.
  5. CHIKENnoodlePOOP

    Roxio Gamecap Hd Hardware Issues

    Hello, This isnt my first time having issues with my Roxio Game Capture HD but the last time which was the first time, my problem was that the capture device would show up on my computer as transcoder and after reinstallation of software and system restores i had no luck. Only the Main purple light would come on and thats it no input or anything including the fact of the capture software showing no signal in green. But anyways tech support contacted me and they sent me a replacement which is my current one and i had to send the old one back. This new one has been working beautifully from step one but my computer's hard drive failed, so i got a 1tb Hard drive off of Newegg and i reloaded the OS already but i'm now getting to the part where i'm reinstalling all of my old programs again. But this time with current Roxio that ive had, is now doing the same thing where it shows TRANSCODER and has the same behavior with not turning on or working as like the old Roxio I had to turn back in. Since i went to this forum before in the first incident, and i have researched all over the web on the roxio forums i know that some people would reply to tell me how to properly install, Uninstall and Reinstall the software and trust me all the proper strategies have been done the first time and i have performed system restores up to 5 days ago. So with all do respect please do not reply to tell me how to properly install it and the keys steps on not to plug it in before installing. I do however appreciate ALL the HELP that i can get i just want to make this quite brief and not go in circles since i know from previous support. I'd like to also know weather if there is a recent fix to this problem because i'd rather try other steps to fix this before having to go through the trouble in buying a new roxio. I do believe however that this roxio is still in warranty. I want to lastly point out that this roxio has been running hot recently and i have placed it in a proper cooling area where its not sitting next to any thing that runs hot and has been sitting on my desk in the open, i much ignored this as thinking the thermal temp it was putting out was normal. Please help and thanks for taking your time out of your day in reading this as it helps me succeed in my Youtube Gaming Dream, If anybody has any questions PLEASE feel free to ask whatever.
  6. I just got my Roxio Capture HD Pro and im running into an issue recording my gameplay. I have my 360 hooked up to my RCC and when i go into the software to start recording, it doesnt even have the capture card in the options for source. I also cant acces the options menu or use the software at that point except exit. Any suggestions to fix this problem?
  7. Hey, So I play ps3 and I've had my roxio game capture hd pro and been using hdmi as an output and component as an input but on a tv but lately I decided to buy a Asus VN247HP which is 23" and I was wondering can I still use hdmi as an output if I plug hdmi directly into the monitor from my roxio game capture hd pro? Please reply asap as I wanna get a monitor this weekend at a computer market
  8. HispanicNach0s

    Can't Extract Audio

    So I know how to extract audio from a video using Roxio Videowave, and have done it before in the past. But now every time I try to do it, it won't let me save the file. The save button isn't highlighted, and nothing happens when I click it. Any suggestions?
  9. Why is it that when I burn straight to a disk via Roxio I can store one hour of video (4.7GB) but when I want to capture segments of a whole VHS tape straight to the computer about 5 minutes worth of video is close to 1GB? The format it saves to on my PC is AVI Even when I tried to compress the videos on my computer, it would not compress? I am asking this because the media on the majority of my VHS tapes are spaced out i,e. a lot of different clips on the VHS and so every time I click 'Capture now' it just freezes(after two or three attempts of clicking 'capture now'. Sometimes the option to 'capture now' isn't even available to click on(option is there but is in grey). thanks In advance, Ramesh
  10. So i recently bought a laptop but noticed that it did not have a cd drive. I have my cd and code for the installation but i want to know if there is any way to download the software without it. It's been really bothering me and i want to get back into recording gameplay for my youtube channel.
  11. RedXGaming

    Video Laggy In Roxio Vawe!

    Plz help me why is it that any xbox video i record i watch it on windows media player it plays with no lag or anything but when i go and try to render it in roxio wave editor or sony vegas it is super laggy and the video just turns to some laggy weird gameplay!plz helpp i tried a lot of stufff but it just doesnt work!!!!!!!
  12. CaponeOfWV

    Some Overlay Help?

    Hello I'm editing some gameplay videos and have run into a bit of a problem: There's some nudity. Now YouTube would of course flip out on me and have strikes against me going against ToS. So I've been trying to have motion to the overlay I'm using in certain path, and not some of the default motions they have for overlays (Scroll, slide in, etc). I was hoping without much need for outside editing software if there is a way to make an overlay follow a certain path in a video to act as a censor of sorts. If I do need some outside software intervention, then any ideas of free to cheap programs that could accomplish this? ~Sincerely, CaponeOfWV
  13. ok so i got a new computer it was supposed to be windows 7, but its not its XP and i installed everything from the software, but after that it said corrupted file, i then downloaded repair license 2011 and its fixed it but now everytime it starts up the tutorial vids wont load up and when i start to record theres no image of what i am recording just sound PLEASE HELP ME! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmxvaxFRmfY&feature=youtu.be THERE YOU GO GO WATCH IT!
  14. juangustasonic

    Help, My Video Problem

    Help I have a problem with the recording of the game capture roxio (the normal one) First I am going to tell you the settings that I use and then the problem (Just in case I have the settings wrong). Origing :Roxio GAMECAP capture Options... Source:480P/560P/720P/1080I TvSource:Pal720P/1080I Aspect16:4 Tv source out conected (NOT marked) Configuration:MP4 Ajust Lenght(NOT marked) Entrance: 480P/560P/720P/1080I Status: Ready. SO thats all the configuration I use. Now Its records ok i guess and when i stop recording and I enter videowave and put the video so I can edit it the video goes like x4 times more fast and the audio goes x2 times fast and i dont know how to change that I would be very gratefull that u can solve me this problem as fast as you can and i hope I translated this text as well as posible to English because Im spanish
  15. TheRhysWyrill

    Any Help Would Be Appreciated.

    Okay, so I've had the Roxio Gamecap HD Pro for a little over a year now, i would say it's worked perfectly for that duration but that would be a lie, I've looked all over for a solution to my problem but no matter how hard i look i just can't find anything to help, basically my problem is that i record using the Roxio (For my gameplay) and use Audacity (For commentary). I start my commentary audio as soon as i see the button turn red (So usually about 1 second difference between the 2) although when i end the video & commentary audio, the video is somehow longer (Varying from 20 seconds to 2/3 minutes depending on how long I've recorded for) but what i don't understand is that i record & end them only seconds within each other. When recording, both seem to work fine & i know my computer is capable of handling this software, i just have no idea what it could be, I've tried literally everything with next to no success, if anyone can help then it would greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  16. Winters.Mr

    Please Help! No Gameplay Audio!

    Hi there, after alot of trubles back and fourth i've finaly got a working roxio gamecapure HD pro. however there is just one problem. i record some footage (i record pc footage. no console.), and when i watch the footage later there is no gameplay sound. it records video but not audio. why? and can someone help me, please. i got my roxio gamecapture HD pro for christmas, but that one didn't work. so now i've finaly got a new one but it dosen't record Audio. so please help. if it matters here's my systems specs. (its a laptop) windows 8.1 64-bit geforce gtx 770m intel core i7-4700mq processor 8gb RAM HDD: 750 GB 7200RPM please excuse my english. i am a Norwegian so my english isnt actualy flawless to say the least. but please help! Please help me, anyone who can help as soon as possible, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  17. I recently purchased the roxio HD capture card to be used on VGA Monitor. My setup consists of my 22" Samsung 5ms LED monitor (http://www.ebay.com/itm/For-Xbox-360-HD-VGA-AV-Cable-RCA-To-3-5MM-Adapter-/380717317249?pt=US_Video_Game_Cables_Adapters&hash=item58a4853c81). There is only a VGA input on the back of the monitor. I then have a 1x2 VGA splitter coming out the monitor. On one end of the splitter, i have my xbox 360 HD VGA AV Cable + RCA to 3.5MM adapter and on the other end I have a VGA cord running to my VGA to HDMI splitter. (http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-VGA-RCA-Audio-to-HDMI-Video-Converter-Adapter-Splitter-Box-for-PC-Laptop-/271325118091?pt=US_Video_Cables_Adapters&hash=item3f2c3cbe8b) I then have an HDMI cord running from the VGA to HDMI splitter to the input on my Roxio HD. I also have an HDMI running from the output of the Roxio to my PC. I understand this is a crazy setup but I think it should work. My issue is that whenever I record, i get blurry quality as well as horizontal lines across the screen. Also, the position of the screen is off a bit. I've tried numerous solutions but can't seem to find any that work. Any help would be appreciated. PC specs: first gen i7 quadcore, ATI Radeon 5600 series (i think) I've also tried running a VGA to HDMI cord from one end of my VGA splitter to the Roxio but it was giving me no signal. I've uninstalled the roxio software completely using the Revo unistaller and then reinstalled but still had the same issue. I tried to upload a video but for some reason "I'm not permitted"
  18. Im trying to upload straight to youtube but it always says my information is incorrect but it is. My Youtube username is PJ DUNN could that be the reason since theres a space? I tried my alternative name PJxDUNN but it doesnt work...help?
  19. hey everyone. i have recently purchased the roxio game capture. i have set it up how it is meant to be set up. i think the device works itself as my PlayStation is connected to my TV through the roxio game capture and that works fine. what doesn't work is that when i plug the roxio game capture into my laptop, it says 'usb device not recognized'. i have installed the roxio game capture form the cd it came with but my laptop doesnt recognize it. help please.
  20. Well, my setup is that a YbPbR coming from my playstation, going into the roxio, and a HDMI from the roxio to my TV. Whenever this is set up my tv goes non widescreen but the capture window stays widescreen so I can see more on the preview/capture window than I can on my TV.
  21. I'm just starting and am very concerned that it appears that Roxio no longer supports this product with updates. Should I continue with this product or stop and buy something newer? Lost. Any advice appreciated.
  22. TripleC2854

    My Videowave Lags A Lot.

    Hi When I go to edit my videos it lags when it plays the video so I find it really hard to edit the video when it won't even play because its lagging to bad. Any suggestions on how to Reduce the Lag?
  23. HI I just installed a new hard drive to a better laptop that would support my game capture device. I uninstalled it from my old computer hoping that would allow to install on my newer one I was wrong it say product key is invalid. is there a way can do it??? thanks
  24. cobama1989

    Help! Hd Issues, Black Screen W/audio Only

    Hello world, I have been going mad trying to figure out an issue with Toast11. Please help me, I am desperate to get this issue resolved and continue working on my editing projects... I am working with FCP 7 and export my files as current setting or Apple Pro Res(HQ) exports. When I use toast's standard video settings the DVD's are JUST FINE. However when I burn for HD, despite so many different efforts, the visual is always a black screen with audio playing. What could this possibly be?? One observation is working with converted AVCHD to pro res was never a problem burning HD. However since changing to multiple cameras or codes = AVCHD + 5D or 5D + 7D this HD problem described above began... THANKS TO ANYONE WHO HAS ANY TIPS!!! All of these tips, from a similar post did not get me anywhere... You should be able to mount the burned Blu-ray disc by putting in the Lite-on drive while having Toast open. Give that a try. If the disc gets mounted okay you can use the Roxio Video Player that is available via the Toast Extras menu to play what's on the disc. If so, does it show the video. Older MacBooks don't have the graphics power to play HD video but I'm presuming your MacBook is a recent vintage. You also can do some testing using a short video without burning it to disc. Put one of your videos in the Toast Video window like you did before and get everything ready as if you are going to burn a disc. However, instead of clicking the burn button choose Save as Disc Image from the Toast File menu. Toast will create a .toast file on the hard drive. When that is done, go to the Copy window and select Image File as the format. Now select the saved .toast file. Toast will mount it. You should then be able to use the Roxio Video Player to access the video on the mounted disc image. See if that plays. Also, don't quit Toast yet. You can go to the Roxio Converted Items folder in the Documents folder to see what kind of files Toast encoded. You should see both a video file and an ac-3 audio file. That tells you Toast is doing what it is supposed to do. Presuming you do this test with a video shorter than about 20 minutes (you could do it with a 1-minute HD video if you like) you can now burn the .toast file to a regular DVD-R and see if that plays okay on your Blu-ray player. With the .toast file selected in the Copy window click the burn button and insert a regular DVD. Blu-ray video discs do not have to be burned to Blu-ray media. The reason to use Blu-ray media is because it has much more space for more or longer videos. Your Blu-ray player shouldn't care one way or the other. If you can see the video on the Mac but still not when using your Blu-ray player, I suggest clicking the Customize button in the Toast Video window. Click the Encoding tab in the window that appears and then click the Custom button. Click on the button next to Video format and change it from MPEG 2 to MPEG-4 AVC. Close the window and do a new test. It may be that your Blu-ray player will play the video when encoded in that format instead.
  25. I have put every cable in order but when I put the PS3 cables correctly (the red one, the yellow one, and the white one) I can only see the screen in white and black and it happens as well in the computer Please help