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Found 286 results

  1. Officialcodnerd

    Help Wirecast Streaming

    I bought wirecast to stream because it is light weight. When I choose roxio as the source all I get is a black box no video?? Can someone please help me I have been searching google for days...
  2. UpcastOcelot

    "select Video Device Failed" Help

    So, I just got a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro today. (Because Roxio Game Capture Standard doesn't work for windows 8.) So I insall it and I open the the Capture software. Then it pops up saying "Select Video Device Failed".
  3. Sitop Apen

    No Display During Capture

    I'm not sure if this will work, but it's worth a shot. I have purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, and I have a problem with it. None of the games that I am playing recently are showing up on the display. All that is there is a gray screen that is a little bit lighter than the black outline (see picture). I have tried uninstalling the program, reinstalling it, repairing it, and deleting the update, not to mention switching around the HDMI cords just for the fun of it. This didn't seem like to big a problem except now every time that I try to upload a video there is a green line stretching across the bottom of the video. Any ideas on how to fix it besides what I already did?
  4. I got the Roxio Game Capture less than a year ago, when I was using a windows xp laptop. It worked fine for a crappy computer. I recently got a Windows 8 Laptop and I Threw out the old one. I then installed the software from the disk, but now when I plug in the roxio into the usb for my laptop and open the software to capture gameplay... It says "Select Video Device Failed". Help!
  5. YoutubesPackMan

    Help With My Roxio Gamecap

    Quite some ago (just into the New Year) I purchased a Roxio game capturer/recorder from a local electronics store. When I got home (being very excited) I immediately unboxed it, then being the stupid person I am, threw all the packaging away. We quite quickly moved house and the game capture was packed away. We are now settled and my PC is set up - but Im now told the packaging apparently displayed a "key code" which I have since learnt it required to install the Roxio game capture program on to my computer. I have approached the above mentioned store who have advised me to ask a online forum for any help. I have no proof of purchase as I bought with cash and I am unable to find the receipt since my move. Any advise on other programs that the Roxio GameCapture will run off, or how to find out the "key code" to install the program to my computer would me hugely appreciated. Thank You.
  6. Solo364

    Can Someone Help?

    Whenever I record video using Roxio and play it on my computer, it is ALWAYS in fast forward. I can't fix that. Is there something I need to do to fix this, or do I need a new program? Someone please answer this because I don't want to have to buy a new Roxio/other device to fix this.
  7. I have old VHS movies that I want to be able to play on our TV/DVD. I rendered the digital media into the movie format and then try to create DVDs as recommended. When the disk is at 97% complete, it just stops working, no error messages. I have been reading the blogs, but have not come across how to repair this issue. I have another software simply called "Roxio" that is several years old. Would that interfere with this new version? Would appreciate any help you can give; am software challenged.
  8. I know that you can set time limits to the capturing but after the time set ends it doesn't make anymore videos, is there a way to do this without having to get up and hit capture again so it will record, hit the limit, stop, then start again? Is that possible?
  9. Hello, everyone! So, I just got my Hardware and software and started setting it up. I have downloaded thee software and I turned my 'Xbox 360 Elite Slim' on and then couldn't see the display on the TV, then I opened the software thinking you could only see it if the software was active - but, I saw the display of my Xbox Homepage on the preview but not on the TV any suggestions? Do I need a new HDMI cable?
  10. blakehenson

    Purple/black Preview Screen

    So for the first day that I had my Roxio GameCapture HD Pro, it was working perfectly. It worked all through the night until about 11 pm pst. I went to bed that night and got up in the morning, looking forward to another great day. Everything was working perfectly, then when I went to run the Capture part of the Roxio software, everything was working besides the preview screen. The signal is good, all of the settings are correct, the only problem is that when I capture the gameplay, all of the audio is there, the video and preview screen are black though. The game is working correctly on the TV, it's just the capture card isn't working properly. Help please!
  11. Dr. Cowzzy

    I Cant Record :/

    Hi, so i got my game cap a while ago and My HDMI cables have just arrived. As I was putting them in (I have a Game cap HD pro btw) i couldn't record. I decided to take them out to record normally and it says I have no signal P.S as I have been typing this I am no longer able to open it. I went to take a screenshot so I loaded it up, hit capture and nothing has happened.
  12. mehmehmeh

    Questions About Capturing Video

    Hello, I was looking at purchasing the Roxio Game Capture HD device recently and I was wondering if I could get some assistance. I have already checked my computers specs and I am positive that it can run all of the software included in the purchase. However, I couldn't help but notice that in the "Requirements" section for the Game Capture device, it clearly states that an internet connection is required. My internet is terrible and I'm not seeing why one would need the internet connection, because the plugs and recording software seem like they don't need an internet connection. I suppose that I am confused. Is the connection simply for online gaming, or is it for the Live Streaming feature? Or, is it perhaps what I fear most, and that it is needed or the recorder will not work? Basically, I need to know if I could use this product without the internet, because I don't play online and I don't care to stream video in a live feed anyway. Feedback is desperately needed. Thank you for your time.
  13. Hi, when i plug my roxio to my pc get the no sygnal message, like this , but i can see the preview in my tv, i cant even change the input to component, any help, thank you.
  14. Why is my Roxio not letting me change my Audio Input Device I have it all plugged in correctly but it still wont let me change it I have ran it as admin and still wont let me change it! Any help would be nice thanks
  15. I bought the Roxio Game Capture and when I went to install the software, the disc wouldn't install the software. It would load up, ask me if I wanted to check for an update, and no-matter what I select, (yes or no) it will close. No error message, no "The program has stopped responding", nothing. Just randomly close. I think it may be my computer, because when I tried it on my brothers computer, the install worked fine, but we have the same specs, so I don't see why mine isn't working. Specs of my computer: OS: Windows 7 (32 bit) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.10 GHz GPU: Intel GMA 965 BIOS: Ver 1.0 Ram: 3 GB'S of ram (but .03 GB's are unusable) Direct X: 11 Please help me. PS: I have my CD and CD code.
  16. So i'm trying to record my xbox 360 gameplay but it will not pick up sound.
  17. Ok well when i launch the softwearit works for about 1 min then a small bluescreen pops up and says that they shut down windows and for me to check for a BIOS update and i did then there were no updates avalible. then it just restarts . i have a 4gb ram and still crashes
  18. Abigail

    Lag Between Tv And Computer

    I really need help... You see, the game/program itself doesn't lag, but there's a significant lag between the footage on my TV to the footage on my computer. And I REALLY need this fixed... Also, if you can tell me a way to help me record my voice over the footage without the timing being off, that would be great...
  19. Tyler-FarSuperiorV3

    Roxio Gamecapture Hd Pro Screen Flickering

    Let me lay this out first. I have a good computer. Processor: i3-2130 CPU at 3.40GHz Intel Graphics This all started yesterday. I had to reset my computer, and when I went back to recording, it was flashing/flickering. It is unwatchable for YouTube, and I need it fixed so I can make videos. I've seen videos on how to fix this, but they aren't intel graphics. Please help!
  20. I've been having this Roxio for a while and I've never gotten it to actually work. Everything is fine, I have all the accessories it needs but it still doesn't work. The GameCap is "unspecified" as you can see in the picture. I've installed, uninstalled and re-installed the hardware and software many times but it just hasn't worked. Each time I've installed the Software (DVD) then the Hardware (Roxio GameCapture) as the instructions tell you to do but it just still never worked. When I open the program the error "No Signal" pops up and I'm thinking the Roxio might not have a signal because I need to update it. To Update I need a password. Btw, I'm using the Non-HD method but like I said I have all the accessories and I've watched Vaughn Whiskey's tutorial videos many times. Please Help.
  21. neto333

    Weird Behavior And No Signal

    Hi, when i plug my roxio hd i cant see anything, theres no preview or anything, just says no signal in color "red", but the weird part of this, is how i make it works, the only way to make my roxio work is plugin in my other computer, a windows 7 and then try again in my windows 8, this happens too with my firends windows 8 pc, i need to first connect my roxio in a windows 7 and then connect in a windows 8
  22. When I capture a gameplay i find that the audio will speed up and slow down throughout the capture and when I try to sync both my audio, which I capture separately, and my also separately captured webcam matching the audio is impossible. Is this a common issue that I can get fixed? What should I do? Thanks!!!
  23. Hi guys, I've been scrolling forever to find a fix to help me but i can't find any (i might missed it) but i've had the capture card for a year now. maybe lesser . but i didn't have any problems until i had to stop rec for a couple of months. now i'm back but when i capture the videos, it is as tho it is cut at the bottom and top part of the video . it looks fine during the recording screen but after i playback the video. it had the cut. please help thanks in advance HERE ARE MY LAPTOP SPECS: Processor : Intel® Core i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50 HGz Installed memory (RAM) : 8.00 GB System Type: 64-bit Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 Thanks in advance There's a picture attached btw
  24. QuantumTyme

    Blue Preview Screen While Using Component

    So on my Roxio Game cap HD Pro screen to capture as component, the preview is blue. I can hear game sound but can't see the game. Any help?