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Found 287 results

  1. cobama1989

    Help! Hd Issues, Black Screen W/audio Only

    Hello world, I have been going mad trying to figure out an issue with Toast11. Please help me, I am desperate to get this issue resolved and continue working on my editing projects... I am working with FCP 7 and export my files as current setting or Apple Pro Res(HQ) exports. When I use toast's standard video settings the DVD's are JUST FINE. However when I burn for HD, despite so many different efforts, the visual is always a black screen with audio playing. What could this possibly be?? One observation is working with converted AVCHD to pro res was never a problem burning HD. However since changing to multiple cameras or codes = AVCHD + 5D or 5D + 7D this HD problem described above began... THANKS TO ANYONE WHO HAS ANY TIPS!!! All of these tips, from a similar post did not get me anywhere... You should be able to mount the burned Blu-ray disc by putting in the Lite-on drive while having Toast open. Give that a try. If the disc gets mounted okay you can use the Roxio Video Player that is available via the Toast Extras menu to play what's on the disc. If so, does it show the video. Older MacBooks don't have the graphics power to play HD video but I'm presuming your MacBook is a recent vintage. You also can do some testing using a short video without burning it to disc. Put one of your videos in the Toast Video window like you did before and get everything ready as if you are going to burn a disc. However, instead of clicking the burn button choose Save as Disc Image from the Toast File menu. Toast will create a .toast file on the hard drive. When that is done, go to the Copy window and select Image File as the format. Now select the saved .toast file. Toast will mount it. You should then be able to use the Roxio Video Player to access the video on the mounted disc image. See if that plays. Also, don't quit Toast yet. You can go to the Roxio Converted Items folder in the Documents folder to see what kind of files Toast encoded. You should see both a video file and an ac-3 audio file. That tells you Toast is doing what it is supposed to do. Presuming you do this test with a video shorter than about 20 minutes (you could do it with a 1-minute HD video if you like) you can now burn the .toast file to a regular DVD-R and see if that plays okay on your Blu-ray player. With the .toast file selected in the Copy window click the burn button and insert a regular DVD. Blu-ray video discs do not have to be burned to Blu-ray media. The reason to use Blu-ray media is because it has much more space for more or longer videos. Your Blu-ray player shouldn't care one way or the other. If you can see the video on the Mac but still not when using your Blu-ray player, I suggest clicking the Customize button in the Toast Video window. Click the Encoding tab in the window that appears and then click the Custom button. Click on the button next to Video format and change it from MPEG 2 to MPEG-4 AVC. Close the window and do a new test. It may be that your Blu-ray player will play the video when encoded in that format instead.
  2. I have put every cable in order but when I put the PS3 cables correctly (the red one, the yellow one, and the white one) I can only see the screen in white and black and it happens as well in the computer Please help
  3. ImMattsbro

    Dvi-D To Hdmi Would It Work?

    Ok hello I have a question about my setup i use a roxio game capture hd pro with my ps3 (using component cables) and i perfer to play on my led moniter as it uses less electricity as a tv and there is lower response time but it doesnt have hdmi anyway of cause i cant use a adapter like this http://www.ebay.com....V-/181010959825 because it has hdcp block on it so i was wondering if this would work http://www.ebay.com/...D-/360831891360 im not really sure about any of this as i just got it 2 weeks ago if you dont understand ill try to explain it in more detail later on. if not do you guys think a female component to vga converter would work like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Connect-Component-Notebook-VGA-PC-to-TV-RCA-Video-AV-Audio-Adapter-4-DELL-LI-/170927275239?pt=AU_Components&hash=item27cc0f3ce7&_uhb=1 Edit: I have attached a photo of my ports on my moniter and the moniter itself
  4. Hi, Im having trouble setting up my Roxio HD Pro. I have a PS3 and a LG HD LED TV 24" and I have component cables and 2 hdmi cords. I followed all of the videos on YouTube and they didnt seem to work I either got a no signal or black or blue screen. I have my roxio plugged into my computer and I have the component cables in the input slots of the Roxio. I then have a HDMI cord in the output slot on the back of the roxio and it is plugged into my tv. My tv is on the HDMI channel. when I put everything in and switch to the component settings on the ps3 it will say connecting but then it says no signal. when i look at my roxio, it keeps switching from HDMI to component on my roxio but not the software. I have the software open and i have the source on Roxio HD Pro and the input to Component. I dont know why but when i do what they say to do in the videos, my screen blue then turns black then its blue in the middle and black everywheree else. Please Help. My software is fine im sure and my roxio is in my device manager, please help.
  5. rorenzgeraldi

    Can Someone Help Me?

    I bought a roxio game capture hd pro on the 20th of december 2013, they told me that my order will come at 14th of january 2014, well its been over 2 weeks my order didn't came. (today is 16th of january). I tried tracking my order in USPS.com, but the order wasn't found. I tried to search roxio phone number for Indonesia, but i couldn't find it. Please help me!!
  6. Im having troubles

    Only 440?

    I try to capture gameplay from my xbox 360, and I made sure the setting to capture was set to 1080i but why I hit start capture it captures in 440 and posts to youtube in 440. BTW ITS NOT MY COMPUTER SPECS BECAUSE MY COMPUTER IS BRAND SPANKING NEW AND HAS GODLY SPECS.
  7. Ok so a long time ago i got the roxio game capture card HD as a present. Now when i got it It either it didn't come with a download cd or i just threw it away by accident being dumb (probably that last one). So i was never able to really use it, and I just kind of let it sit there and forgot about it because i'm lazy. now i really want to use it, so i'm trying to figure out what to do. Do i have to buy a CD or can i download it somewhere on this site? I just want to know how or where to install it.

    Purple Screen Help

    Hello, I have a Roxio GameCap HD Pro that I got for Christmas. I understand that many people were having a problem using the software on Windows 8 but so far to my knowledge I under stand that the Windows 8 problems were fixed and I was using the product with great results and no problems at first. I am using an Xbox 360, I am setup using HDMI cables, and I have a Gateway Laptop running Windows 8. This is not the problem since it was working with this setup. My problem is a blank, purple preview window using the recording software. Like I said above the software was working and has now stopped. I can record videos still but I have no preview so I don't know if everything is the way I want it or if I need to adjust anything like the quality or the brightness. I still hear game sound coming from the software just no video preview. When this problem first occurred I noticed that my input changed from HDMI to component and when I set it back to HDMI it was working until I pressed Start Capture. After that it kept happening so I changed the input from HDMI to component and back to HDMI and that worked for a little while but now that doesn't even work. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software but that did nothing. Does anyone have a solution? If anyone needs any other information that I did not already provide please say so and I will fill you in on the missing details.
  9. Well, when I record I end up having 2 screens, a full one then some of some of the top is at the bottom. All the cables are plugged in correctly, I use a component cable to plug in from my xbox into a hd tv. it only happens in 480p. When i tried it in 1080i the screens were all over the place and it was just f*cked up. I dont know what is wrong, I think i may have the wrong cable, I don't have the one where you switch to hd tv or standard. If you need picture evidence then I can take one. Please reply because I just want to record and have fun! thanks, OliverToon
  10. I've been recording with Roxio Game Capture for two months and uploading on YouTube. Some people have asked for videos in either 720p or 1080p. So I looked up how to record in that and apparently by using DIVX I can accomplish this. However when I go to settings I can only choose from WMV, AVI and MP4. So can someone tell me how to get DIVX as an option. Is it something to do with my computer or TV. I appreciate any help, thanks!
  11. Chidgeey

    Purple/blank Screen

    I recently bought a new laptop and now when i try to record with my game capture HD, my preview screen is a blank purple screen. It still manages to record but I just cant see what im recording at the time. My laptop runs windows 8 and has high enough specs with a intel i5 processor, 6gb RAM and 1Tb hard drive. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or is having the same problem?
  12. I can only capture gameplay within M2TS, and i really prefer editing with Sony Vegas Pro and it doesnt allow M2TS files :/ Been getting really annoyed that i cant switch it, but maybe theres a way and you know how. - Huge thanks in advance
  13. I've been trying to understand the language of the roxio and why it will not work for me. I have the Setup properly and my computer is more than enough to use the Software, but for some odd reason the software that comes with the roxio is uncooperative. As soon as I start up the RGC program I get greeted with "Select Device Fail." or something like that and then it goes to "No Signal." My Roxio is clearly plugged in and is glowing bright. My Computer Recognizes it as well in device manager, but why wont it work. There's no sound indicating I'm on the right path, there's no video input of any sort, I cant even use the options tab because the program will crash and when none of this is a problem, more problems arise. My Roxio will no show the enable feature of the "Start Capture" and "Live Stream." I had such high hopes for this device, but it is rapidly turning into regret, seeing as the setup is not so simple as many said it was. I'm getting ready to send the device back, nearly had for less than a day and I saddens me to know the device I paid for, isn't doing what I paid for it to do. I'm asking for help because somewhere inside there is a techie that wants to see this device work at its best. Please help and list all Information you wish for me to give, I am at your mercy, begging. RGC_Log_12252013_0.txt
  14. switch2knife

    Need Help

    So I just got the Roxio HD pro about 3 days ago. I setup everything properly, with the ps3. Now the problem is that there is a green " no signal " sign. Also the drop box for the source is not showing up. Its just a black box. Please someone reply
  15. I do not have the ability to capture but i can edit with videowave. i have used the software before for my youtube channel,but it suddenly crashed. PLEASE HELP!
  16. Master BFE

    In Need Of Guru Help Please!

    I've had the product for about 5 months now, and i hadn't used it in a while. I went to use it again but now everytime i click on "capture" it shows both the loading box and the windwow icon for the capture pad for a split second and then they both go away and nothing happens. also when i click on videowave, once it gets into it, the computer says it stops responding and closes it. I have no idea how to fix this problem and am in need of help soon please. i would reinstall it but my disc along with the serial key are not where i thought i put them when i originally got it. Please help!
  17. Okay so it seems no mater what editing system I use if it be videowave, AVS, Windows Movie Maker,Adobie or any other kind I have use I get the same problem. The problem is after recording my game and voice using a different program known as Audacity I go into editing and everything seems okay until I'm done putting my commentary in and editing the sounds and the after rendering in the video I would upload it to YouTube and then I notice the at certain point in the video ( mostly at the end of the video ) theirs this audio delay. Like lets say I'm in a cutscenes and I have subtitles on well the characters speaking will be talking but their dialog will happen like a couple seconds late. Now after looking for was to fix this problem I've discovered that it usually happen after a loading screen and like the noise that's happening in the game will be on a non stop repeat in the loading screen and stop after it's done loading and the the audio lag kicks in. So I feel like I tried every thing please help me! P.S I do use the roxio game capture HD pro to capture and audacity to record my voice while i play/record my gameplay.
  18. So when i edit videos and videos only the video and audio becomes very very choppy and will lad a lot. This hasn't happened to me before, only after the newest update. And when i tried to dock my media selector it said that the resolution was to high so I changed it to 1200x768 ( the minimum is 1200x700) and the audio stopped lagging but the video didn't. And when i export it's not laggy and when i recorded it it wasn't lagging. Help?
  19. hello my name is ken or kenneth and i lent my game capture out to a friend and he stupidly misplaced the disk, i want to start commentating and now i cannot, is there any possible i can back it up and reinstal (i got a new tower and havent got it installed)
  20. My t.v is on HDMI2 because that is how I plugged the roxio in. Some times my T.V will say no signal although my xbox is on and my computer is on.The Roxio recording software also says no signal. Please help. It happens everyday.

    No Options Menu And No Settings

    how do i get back my options menu and my settings so i can record again
  22. My Roxio game capture card stops randomly. It's hard to describe what I mean. I will start to record a game play, when it's done I will review it to see if I messed up or something, but it will only show like 11 seconds of a 10 minute video. Also it would be in the middle of the video not the start or end. This is my second issues with the Roxio and I'm planning on a refund if this takes to long to fix.
  23. Estee

    Video Lag Help!

    I recorded a video using my canon eos rebel t3i camera and I filmed in RAW mode, I put it on my computer and then tried using my Roxio Video Lab HD, when i selected the file that i wanted to edit, it chose just fine and it came up looking normal, then when i clicked the play button it was skipping and the audio was faster and the video was skipping. How do I fix this Problem??? PLEASE HELP!!!
  24. GeraldTheMoose

    Help With Roxio Hd

    Hello, I bought My Roxio a while ago and was wondering if their is a link to download it online because I cannot find my disk and I have to redownload it because I had to reset my computer. anyone there that can point me in the right direction?
  25. Hello everyone on this discussion page and everyone in roxio, I have a serious issue and I need a Guru to help me out (or anyone on that matter) A group and I are creating a film on Xbox Live, and we use a Roxio Game Capture Card to record it with. Since our laptop had gone into repair, it came out with a bigger issue than we thought. Apparently, there were so many viruses in the computer that it actually crashed the hard drive, meaning everything had to be wiped; and in the process, removing the Roxio Game Capture software. We have spent about a week looking for the installation disk, but we have had no luck. So I am asking Roxio if they could help me in any way possible to get the software back. Please? Also, just a few notices 1) We have no support code 2) The disk is lost 3) We would be happy if Roxio or a Guru can contact us on here and send us a link to a software download. We will do anything they ask (I.e. Send a pic of the product etc.) Thank you and I hope to hear from you ASAP as filming starts this week Thanks