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Found 70 results

  1. I thought I fixed it the first time but I pulled the "solved" button a little too soon. Anyway, I'm running into the same problem again, every time I go to re-install the drivers, the video driver fails, and the audio driver installs no problem. Again, I'm using a AMD based Windows 7 64-bit build. This is the issue I'm still running into. ​
  2. Hi, I need to transfer my installation to a new PC. I have uninstalled it on the old PC and tried to install it on the new one, but the CD key I have registered with it does not work. (I have lost the CD sleeve and am using the code recovered from my support account). It does not install and says I have the wrong code. What are my options?
  3. Just this afternoon, my Roxio HD PRO arrived in the mail. I immediately sat down at my computer, plugged everything in, and started the installation process on my PC... and then it said it was interrupted. It is currently 10 o'clock PM and I have been sat down at my computer for HOURS just trying to get a hold of costumer service, looking up on forums, watching youtube videos, anything to help me fix this issue. So, my question is, is there a proper fix to this problem, or am I just wasting my time trying? The slightest bit of help appreciated
  4. Can I install Roxio Creator 10 on my Windows 8.1 computer? I have the disk and registration numbers, but the computer doesn't have a disk drive.
  5. CHIKENnoodlePOOP

    Roxio Gamecap Hd Hardware Issues

    Hello, This isnt my first time having issues with my Roxio Game Capture HD but the last time which was the first time, my problem was that the capture device would show up on my computer as transcoder and after reinstallation of software and system restores i had no luck. Only the Main purple light would come on and thats it no input or anything including the fact of the capture software showing no signal in green. But anyways tech support contacted me and they sent me a replacement which is my current one and i had to send the old one back. This new one has been working beautifully from step one but my computer's hard drive failed, so i got a 1tb Hard drive off of Newegg and i reloaded the OS already but i'm now getting to the part where i'm reinstalling all of my old programs again. But this time with current Roxio that ive had, is now doing the same thing where it shows TRANSCODER and has the same behavior with not turning on or working as like the old Roxio I had to turn back in. Since i went to this forum before in the first incident, and i have researched all over the web on the roxio forums i know that some people would reply to tell me how to properly install, Uninstall and Reinstall the software and trust me all the proper strategies have been done the first time and i have performed system restores up to 5 days ago. So with all do respect please do not reply to tell me how to properly install it and the keys steps on not to plug it in before installing. I do however appreciate ALL the HELP that i can get i just want to make this quite brief and not go in circles since i know from previous support. I'd like to also know weather if there is a recent fix to this problem because i'd rather try other steps to fix this before having to go through the trouble in buying a new roxio. I do believe however that this roxio is still in warranty. I want to lastly point out that this roxio has been running hot recently and i have placed it in a proper cooling area where its not sitting next to any thing that runs hot and has been sitting on my desk in the open, i much ignored this as thinking the thermal temp it was putting out was normal. Please help and thanks for taking your time out of your day in reading this as it helps me succeed in my Youtube Gaming Dream, If anybody has any questions PLEASE feel free to ask whatever.
  6. So i recently bought a laptop but noticed that it did not have a cd drive. I have my cd and code for the installation but i want to know if there is any way to download the software without it. It's been really bothering me and i want to get back into recording gameplay for my youtube channel.
  7. A month ago a purchaised a roxio game capture hd pro. However when it came in the mail the installation disk was not there. I have the capture devise and the serial number. I just need to know if I can get a disk sent to me in the mail or I can download it from somewhere on the roxio website that I have yet to find.
  8. I bought Roxio Creator in 2009 and loved it, but now, have a new computer w/Windows 8_OS. I'd like to install my Creator 2009 onto this computer and upgrade to the 2014 version. Is it possible to install and update, with my current system, or do I need to purchase and install a new Roxio Creator 2014? THANK YOU!
  9. Hi, my emc10 often misbehaves, and in the past I have merely uninstalled completely (using revo-uninstaller) and re-installed successfully. However, this time I can't install all modules because emc10 thinks they are still there. I know this because after uninstallation, if I try a custom install and tell it to not install certain modules it says there are already installed. There are no Roxio or Sonic programs listed anywhere on my PC after uninstall. Is there any way I can make emc10 install everything regardless of what it thinks is still there, or carry out a repair? (I have upgraded to NXT on another PCr (Win7), but I prefer emc10 for some operations. Also my PC is an old XP and will soon be replaced by a new Win8 PCr, but I don't think emc10 will work on Win8. I am trying to keep emc10 going as long as I can on my XP. I'm also going to try emc10 on Win7).
  10. Hi folks I just got my son a Roxio Capture Pro HD for Christmas - still trying to get it to work…. I installed as one normally would - without searching the web for arcane witchcraft methodology for installing a consumer vid cap program. ;-) I'm video editor by trade, so I guess I should know better. It actually worked - kinda. We got past the registration screen and got the program to open and I could see the interface, but couldn't use any of the controls. So I started reading here. Jim Hardin's uninstall with Revo/re-install routine is very thorough and much appreciated. I went thru step by step, including letting it download updates. Re-booted, clicked the icon and…. we're now stuck at the Registration screen. Click Next and it sits there spinning. It's pretty much locked up there. I left it for about 20 minutes (roughly three weeks for an impatient 12 year old) and nothing. I used Task Manager to shut it down, tried again, same thing. Rebooted. Tried again, still stuck on Registration. I had already registered the first time the program installed, not sure if that would make difference - even though we don;t even get into the Registration entry screen. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks Barry
  11. I don't have a disc to install the software onto my computer? I don't know what to do? Help?
  12. I had to reload my computer now every time I try to load Roxio creator 2011 I get the error: This operating system does not meet minimum requirements for Roxio Creator 2011 Then it stops the install. I am running Windows 7 32bit. I had it on this computer before the reload.
  13. GLK

    Cd Installation Issue

    Hello, Im stuck and would appreciate any suggestions, I have the VHS-DVD easy CD for Vista and installed on my PC, but the icon on the desktop says there is an error, (not defined what) and closes down. I have uninstalled twice now and even installed from the hard drive. No luck... I dont know what else to try????
  14. super1angelito

    Broken Installation Disc

    Hey guys, so a while back, I broke my laptop, which was with what I transposed my videos to. Now I have a new desktop, but I need to download the programming for the capture card, but it got scratched up. Any help on how I can download the program again or even get a new disc?
  15. Hi there, I'm having a bit of issues, and I really need some help. I've been having some issues with my Gamecap HD pro, and I've been looking everywhere to try and fix it. So far I've attempted to repair the installation, look online for other solutions, even trying to change my computers perfrmance options... But eventually, I decided I should try completely uninstalling the software from my laptop, and reinstalling it. I can't reinstall it, howerver, because I've misplaced my CD code. So I have a few questions: First, if I find my old CD code, can I reuse it to complete the installation? And if not, is it possible to get a new code based on the circumstances? (I've read the post regarding CD keys already, I just wanted to check.) I'm hoping that I can get this wrapped up quickly, so I can get back to recording soon.
  16. Hi guys,, Pretty new to forums, so excuse me if wrong placement, Anyways, I had my Roxio up and running for about 2 months , perfectly fine. My bro uninstalled my Roxio program (HD Pro) and then after that, the CD wont work in my PC now. Like, Im testing as we speak if my PC runs other discs, but it all of a suddenly stopped working. It shows that something is in my PC, but my CD isnt working on it. So, Ive tried working on it for about 2 weeks straight, and I've made the du,best decision ever. . I decided to format the CD. The answers I want is can i buy another CD itself withouth having to pay for another gameCAp (still have my serial code) and What was the initial Problem. ALso, I deleted my CD drivers and re installed so IDT thats the problem, but as i said, testing them now. Here's my test gameplay link so you can see it was working (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoQeJ-VA-Fo). I know some of my specs I think so I can write those out: Sorry for extra info, Dxdiag text. Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.130318-1533) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: Dell Inc. System Model: Studio One 1909 BIOS: Default System BIOS Processor: Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.7GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Available OS Memory: 3840MB RAM Page File: 1985MB used, 5690MB available DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Graphics Card : Nvidia GE Force 9400 Also, I have screenshots of other necesssary things if need be.
  17. At the end of my installation of my roxio game cap hd pro it sais that the installation was interupted and that my computer is not modified.PLEASE help:) My pc info is here DxDiag.Roxio.txt
  18. My computer got hardrive error and everything is gone. I used to have the ISO file copied onto my drive but that was gone too. I only have a picture of my CD, cause I went back to China from Canada in June, and CD is left in Canada. I downloaded the 1.25 GB version of Roxio Game Capture software, but apparently it's not for pro(or any other reasons), that my Serial Number simply doesn't work(mine start with KL-). So can anyone just send the ISO to me? Or a link please? Then I will make it available all time with my BOX/DROPBOX cloud online. I thought I can get it from Roxio, but apparently that against Roxio's policy: no digital in Stone age. Thanks.
  19. So, that's happening. After having issues with Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, I uninstalled it, and tried to reinstall it and this is what it results in. I'm on Windows 8 Pro. I've attached my log file ZIP archive. Also attached the image above just in case it doesn't show up. I'll provide anymore info needed. Please and thank you! LogFile 13-04-20 05-44.zip
  20. I recently bought a Roxio Game Capture device and at first I had no problems, I set it up fine, and bought a component cable. Everything was (and is) set up perfectly and no wires are loose. My problem is when I put the Roxio CD that came with the GameCap into my laptop, nothing reads. Basically, when I open 'My Computer' where it should say the disc it says 'DVD RW Drive (D:.)'. I click on this and it says 'Please insert a disc' and my drive clicks open. I have checked and the disc isn't scratched, and other discs such as games and music work just fine. If I could gather some help from this it would be great, as I don't want to waste even more money on a technician that I may not need. Thanks.
  21. Alrighty, I'll just start from the begining. I first hook everything up, which was basically taking all the cords from the older non HD capture card and plugging them into the new HD one, plug in my HDMI cords, from ps3 to card, and another HDMI cord from the card to my TV. Install the software on my laptop and plug it in and never seen any error reports or anything. Now my ps3 and x-box are set up correctly, as I was using the non-HD capture card with no problems ( I just never really used it cause I like my HD) I boot up the program and right away I see in red text 'Signal Protection' and looking through the help text I've found nothing on it. I also noticed that the video had 3 second lag to it. It showed up fine on my TV. So I did the sudgested steps of turning off any anti-virus software and run the repair through the cd. I also checked and the software is version 1.1. Now when I opened the program, I get no signal. It still works through the TV, just my laptop sees nothing. Image below is what I currently get. I would be very thankful if I could get help on fixing this, cause for $120 it better work. Thanks! ~Aythadis Youtube Account
  22. Travisty359

    Installation Interrupted

    I've been trying to set up this software for six hours, to no avail. Have a picture of what it's doing right before crash. I also have all three logs but I don't know which one you need.. Thanks in advance, I really want this to work. All ready tried putting files into a folder and running setup from there. LogFile 13-03-23 19-28.zip
  23. I purchased Creator NXT in October 2012. I used it for a couple of months when my computer died. I have new PC and tried to install the software but it quits with no errors or other messages after clicking INSTALL (after accepting Product Key and location). I was able to find out that it happens becasue Roxio doesn't allow second installation and software was registered on the old PC. I tried calling support but there is no support. I am always redirected to the website which tells me to pay $19 for new Service Code. There is no way I will pay for ability to install the software on my new computer. I need sobemebody to ublock the license for new installation or I will fight to get my money back. I am sick and tired of explaining the problem to customer support in India which either hangs up in the middle of conversation or are telling me flat out that they will not help me. Just for the referrence, I have Win7 Home Premium 64-bit and full admin rights.
  24. I have been trying to install the Roxio software onto my new PC, but my the computer won't read the disc. I don't even think it spins the disc either. I have tried other discs and they work perfectly fine. I had the software installed on my old laptop and used the disc to uninstall it from my old laptop. Someone please help me.
  25. I tried to install NXT Pro on my new Samsung tablet/Windows 8 Pro, several times using different methods (turn of start up programs, safe booting, turn off anti virus, download new DirectX, etc.). None of it worked and I kept on getting "set up interrupted" message. Because I tried several times, I have not been shut out of installation because my key does not get accepted as "It has been used too many times." I seem to have hit a block. Can somebody with the same problem let me know how to overcome this? I tried to attach the log file but it was deemed to be "too big", so I am out of luck again!