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Found 79 results

  1. Whenever I tried to use my Roxio, it would just say no signal, even though I triple-checked how everything was setup. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software on my computer. Then when I started up, I actually had a signal, but the program stopped responding instantly. This happened several times. I finally turned my Xbox off and tried again. It didn't crash, but it said No Signal, which makes sense because the Xbox was off. But when I turn the Xbox back on, the Roxio still says no signal. I literally changed nothing about my setup, everything is the same as when I had a signal, but I can't get a signal anymore. Help?
  2. AvroBlackLight

    No Signal

    Yesterday device work perfectly, but today Roxio game capture HD Pro software says no signal. But it has connection to my tv through roxio. Hdmi light is on and other light work correctly. I try reinstall the program but it not work. There is a picture I can see device in device manager correctly
  3. Two4Flinchin'

    Having A Few Problems With My Cap Card

    I've had my Roxio capture card for a few months now, and for a first few weeks, it worked great. I recorded videos and edited them into masterpieces using the device software. Somewhere in the mix though, it seems something went wrong. I ran into a problem where on the start menu of the card (Where you can choose to 'Capture' or 'Edit and Share'), I couldn't do anything. Clicking 'Capture' would yield no result at all. 'Edit and Share' would launch, but immediately stop responding. After a repair (Using the steps I've read Jim_Hardin post many time), I was able to get past this issue. Now, 'Capture' will launch, but there is a buffet of problems. Upon launching, it will typically display 'No Signal' in red. Every option box is blacked out. If I click 'Options' or anything from the tool bar, it stops responding. I can adjust the quality bar, however. When it is moved at all, the status will change to 'Ready'. If the setting is set down all the way, a clear picture appears, but anything higher than that results in a blank screen with only noise. Clicking 'Start Capture' when the clear picture up causes the program to stop responding again. I have since tried repairing it again (Turned off Anti-Virus and Firewall, so I doubt that is the problem on my end).. but I can't seem to work my way around it. Any help on this would be appreciated The information/specs for my equipment are: Xbox 360 -> Hdmi -> Roxio -> Hdmi -> TV (Also USB from Roxio to PC) I run dual HDMI cables. I replaced both when the problem occured, checked the plug-ins, and all that, so, that should eliminate problems with the cords. Pc specs: Windows 7 64-bit 8.00 GB RAM 3.30 GHz processor Processor: 7.2 Memory (RAM): 7.5 Graphics: 7.6 Gaming Graphics: 7.6 Hard drive: 5.9 I certainly hope you gurus can help me fix this problem, I can't wait to get back to recording videos Edit: I may need to be walked through some specific details/processes/fixes. I'm not as technologically 'able' as some
  4. please help me! I have tried everything, from making sure it's all setup, ( it is ) too going into Display settings on my xbox 360 and making it 1080i ! Me and my friend Hunter have made a YouTube Channel ( KnightsOfWarden ) want want too make Minecraft XB0X 360 EDITION videos, BUT WE CAN'T !
  5. SJS_illini

    Red "no Signal" Error

    The error I'm getting is a red "No Signal" from the Roxio Gamecap HD Pro capture device to the PC, resulting in not being able to record or stream. I've been able to use the device to stream on Twitch a couple times last week, Tuesday March 12 and Thursday March 14, using both a Wii U on HDMI connection and a PS3 on Component connection. Yesterday (Saturday March 16), the red No Signal error would not go away. I ran the Uninstall/Re-install, I ran Repair, I checked to make sure I wasn't missing an update (I'm not), I reset all my connections, unplugged all the cables and re-plugged in all the cables, checked each of my laptop's three USB ports, and nothing has restored it to its working condition from Thursday March 14. Currently, if I go into the software, the device is selectable, but every other option is greyed out - the source, all other options, and quite obviously, the "Live Stream" and "Record" buttons. Currently, my setup is as follows: I run component source cables from the PS3 as well as HDMI cables from the Wii U and the XBox 360 to the Device (obviously, the Wii U and 360 aren't plugged in at the same time). I run component cables as well as an HDMI cable from the Device to the TV. I would say it's a problem with the device or the USB cable itself, but while I get no resulting signal to the PC, the image and sound continue through the device to the TV, so I get normal transmission there - and as the USB cable also supplies the power to the device, the device is still powered and connects and still is shown as the source device. I'm just not actually able to ​use​ the device to stream or record. On the earlier days, I was able to use the HDMI and Component connections. I'd appreciate any assistance you folks can offer me; after having the device work a couple times, I was really amped to start a couple playthrough projects and yesterday was a real disappointment.
  6. I'm trying to set up my xbox with the game capture HD on a new computer but I can't get a signal when I plug the roxio in. My current set up is a computer monitor with HDMI input as a display. When I just have the HDMI cable plugged into the 360, it works, so I know that's fine. The computer monitor is not plugged into the computer or anything like that. However, when I plug the 360 into the Roxio and the Roxio into the computer monitor, I don't get a signal. I've tried both with the USB cable plugged in and unplugged from the computer. I know the Roxio worked on my previous set up - a basic laptop and a flat screen TV. I recorded some footage on it but I wanted to hook it up to a more powerful computer with more hard drive space so I could experiment with live streaming and so forth.
  7. alavello87

    No Signal

    I have a Roxio HD pro it worked fine for 3months, now when i turn on my tv, xbox, and the roxio the tv says no signal. i tried everything to figure out why there is no signal. i replaced the hdmi cables. i even setup with the av cables without the hdmi and it worked fine with them. i also uninstalled the roxio program and re-installed it, and still nothing!!! :angry2: :angry2: :angry2: sometimes when i plug it in the tv will say "mode not supported". not sure what else to do. the warranty just ran out and i cannot return it anymore, its past the 30days. please help!
  8. Hello, I got my Game Capture a week ago and I haven't been able to use it due to issues I can't find an answer to. First off when i turn on my Xbox 360 my tv just says no video signal and the rest of the screen stays black. Then suddenly very rarely a very fuzzy and broken up image will appear of my Xbox dashboard then it disappears just as fast as it appeared. Also, on my PC when I go to capture it says No Signal in green for the status. And in the box where you're supposed to see your xbox footage it just shows a weird fuzzy black screen. I've been troubleshooting for days now and I still can't find an answer. I've set everything up correctly. Please help
  9. For some reason it keeps giving me usb device not recognized i tried uninstalling and updating and i looked at other similar posts but i still can't figure it out so if anyone could help i would appreciate it thanks.
  10. Hi my name is Marco i'm a client from Italia. My English is not strong but I can make myself understood. I can not understand though why Roxio game capture hd pro does not work (place a picture of what comes out) It makes me very angry because I have followed the various discussions in the forums, and still nothing happens. Can you give me an explanation?
  11. Whenever I try to hook the Roxio up to my xbox 360 slim the only thing I see on both the TV and my laptop is a black screen with a thick blue line running down it. If I move the roxio over to my old 360 elite it works flawlessly. I'm guessing it is some sort of settings on the slim but I have no idea what. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. My son just bought this card for a little over $100 and it appears low quality and troublesome. If anyone can provide any advice, we sure would appreciate it. Here's what we did. He watched the connection tutorial, loaded the software (firewall and anti-virus off) and connected the device in-line between his Xbox and LED TV using HDMI cables, then came to me for help. When I arrived, the software initially looked OK as I ran it. I clicked on CAPTURE to move from the initial splash screen to the capture screen, and noticed that on the next screen SOURCE and INPUT populated OK, but settings didn't, and the SETTINGS button to the right of the SETTINGS field was grayed out. We clicked in the menu bar above TOOLS/OPTIONS and the software crashes every time, twice ending in a blue screen. As I looked at the software, I noticed that there was also red text stating "NO SIGNAL". I initially looked on-line and was able to determine that he had the latest software and no additional patches were available. I tried to reload the software - no change. I even tried to REPAIR the software (anti-virus and firewall off) - no change. I had him disconnect the USB from a powered hub and had him connect directly to the PC - no change. We adjusted the resolution on the xbox console down from 1080i to 720 as was recommended with the PS2 instructions just hoping but no difference. We discovered that if we adjust the QUALITY slider on the software to the absolute bare minimum and it initially appeared to be functional, but crashed immediately when we clicked START CAPTURE. He's running a well patched MS Win7 (32b) PC with an AMD Athlon 62 X2 5600+ 2.9Ghz with 2MB Ram and a fairly modern video card.
  13. I've been streaming with no problems the past couple of weeks using my PS2, Xbox 360, and Wii (well, with relatively FEW problems since I started using xsplit). Last night I tried for the first time to hook up my GC HD Pro to my PS3 and quickly became frustrated. I didn't realize it was going to be such a hassle until I couldn't even get a picture on my TV. Up until this time, I had been using HDMI for the PS3. After I hooked up the offiicial Sony component cables and changed the display settings I was able to get the picture on my TV. BUT I was still getting no signal from the PS3 in the Roxio Capture program on my laptop. I spent hours messing with it and looking at tutorials on youtube and on these message boards with no success but I got a few ideas but it was like midnight by then. Then I tried something new this morning. I went into the display settings on my PS3, unchecked the 1080p output and checked 1080i instead and the PS3 signal appeared in the Roxio program. Looks like problem is solved. So even though my TV can handle all the outputs of 480, 720, and 1080, Roxio can't decipher 1080p, only i. Hopefully, if you are getting a no signal redline like me, my experience might help you. Good luck.
  14. My roxio capture hd was working fine. I edited some of my cpatured film and everything. All of a sudden now I get the no signal. I never changed any of the wire set up because it was working fine. I tried uninstalling it but it still doesnt work. When I plug the usb plug into my laptop the game capture lights up but I still have the no signal. Im using it on a ps3 with the component. But it was working fine and now it just doesnt work anymore. Pretty frustrated a $150 item has this many problems. And judging from all the searches i have been doing that this is such a common issue.
  15. Trippytrip

    No Signal To My Tv

    I recently got the Roxio Game Capture HD pro, and I was very excited to get started. I watched the tutorials of many Youtube users as well as the Roxio channel itself, but I'm still having issues. Long story short, when I go to record, I can see the preview in the computer software, but I'm not getting anything on my tv screen. Occasionally the "No Input" (Picture 5 through imgur link below) goes away for a few seconds, but it always comes back. That tells me that its trying to work, but something is stopping it. By the way, I'm using an Xbox 360 with HDMI cables. I've read through the forum and saw people with similar issues resolved by switching HDMI inputs, but I only have one on my TV. Any help would be appreciated. I've included a gallery of pictures for anyone who'd like to help : http://imgur.com/a/gsjsl#0 I also have this: My original post was yesterday, but I woke this morning to find it was gone. If I did something wrong, please let me know before of deleting my post.
  16. Hack N' Slash Jaxon

    Roxio Hd Pro Is Not Working With Multiple Problems!

    Alright, I need some help... I have encountered some problems with my Roxio, I have been reading up on the other posts and I have found NO SOULUTION ! I am at a young age (14) but am going through some basic CTE training so whatever you could help me with would be great. First problem: - I must be plugging in the cables wrong or something. My Roxio is not send video from my xbox to my computer (That may not be the right words for it) It leaves me dumfounded. I am using two HDMI cables that I use on a ragular basic for two xboxs (one downstair, One upstairs so I know they work fine) and it seems as if something is just not connecting inside my device second Problem: - I seem to be gettin a "DEVICE NOT FOUND" error on my software. I installed it before I plugged in my device (Reading the instructions like a good boy) I have tried some of the solutions for this error on some of the other threads and they have not yet prevailed. Third Problem: - You can probebly see that I may be a angery because of all those problems but on top of that there is another. I seem to have no signal on My device, When I plug it in It first gives me the problem above, but if I toy with it the message goes away and I get a "NO SIGNAL" reply next to the HDMI "Thing" (I cant recall the name at the moment). Please any suggestions help. P.S. How do I take a screen shot so I can send Picture ove the forums?
  17. Jscope1214

    Video On Tv, But No Signal

    I had my roxio hd pro working for a week or so. i unplugged the wires and pluged them back in, and now it says no signal. I have everything in the same places but its not working, any ideas?
  18. OK so I plugged everything in and everything is plugged in right. So I will screencap what it does on the software! Please Help! Just please! Its apears on device manager also. Here look what it does. :
  19. First I want to thank the digital gurus for thier time in the trenches with a relativley new device. As frustrating as this can be I'm making a post to feed the "obvious factor" that something is wrong with the RGC HD Pro. I too have followed the installation guide, had the software install successfully, connected to a usb 2 and had my laptop fail to recognize it. Having tried about 12 different variations of repairing, uninstalling, driver updates and reinstalling and following all the posts in this topic I am exhausted. The neccesary system info follows, device manager list with expanded sound, video and game controller list. Note* other devices not present. Respectfully, Eric OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name JACOB-PC System Manufacturer Dell Inc. System Model Dell System XPS L502X System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel® Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz, 2201 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A07, 10/20/2011 Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB Name NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M Driver Version
  20. TJ Warby

    No Tv Signal

    Hi, I'm having issues with my Roxio HD Pro, I am getting a perfect signal on my Roxio on the capture programme but nothing is coming up on the TV I am using HDMI leads and I only have 1 HDMI port on my TV, I have my input from the xbox to the Roxio and the output from the roxio to the TV but nothing... The wires are fine and I can play the xbox without the Roxio being there.. Help!!
  21. LightUpBurst

    Roxio No Signal

    i'm having trouble with the roxio capture card. it use to work fine,but then i tried capturing my gameplay one day and it says i have no signal. I have everything hooked up right, trust me. I even unplugged every cable and tried it again, but it still says i have no signal! Is my capture card broken for good ?
  22. Mattsutton99

    No Signal On Xbox 360

    hi, my capture software is working fine, but when i plug in the roxio it says no signal! can anyone help?? my xbox is set to 1080i already my cables are on hdtv, my xbox component cables are in the out section, my drivers say they are working fine!, i dont know what to do!
  23. flamesuponme

    No Signal On Tv But On Laptop

    I just got my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Yesterday and was trying to install it. I read the manuals and watched the Youtube videos to see how to set it up. I connected everything together but there is a problem. The video and audio is showing up on my laptop in 1080 but there is no output on my Roxio (TV displays "No Signal"). I tried using HDMI and Component for the output and also the input. Right now my, the Xbox and Roxio are connected via HDMI. The light on my Roxio is on HDMI and i checked the settings in the software. Is my Roxio broken? My TV is a VIZIO 32” Class LCD TV Model: E321VL And Laptop is Dell Inspiron N411Z With i5 2.5GHz CPU, 8 GB Ram, 64 Bit operating system.
  24. Joe Stephens

    No Signal

    When trying to capture video, status says no signal and cannot click on capture.
  25. Need help my screen keeps on showing me this and iv removed it and added it so many times but keeps on showing the same thing and I have tried everything someone help me please !!!!!