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Found 33 results

  1. Taurenonasnowboard

    Audio Looping

    I'm recording on my PC, and all is going well, UNTIL I look at the recording. The moment ANY audio comes up, it loops to almost no end, with each loop getting quieter and quieter. I have no Idea what I'm doing wrong. In case the problem is the setup, here it is. I'm using one laptop, with the HDMI coming from that into the input port, as well as the USB connected to the same laptop.
  2. I just received my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro in the mail and I cannot record. It says in red "Signal Protected". When I am in options the drop down menu for profile is grayed out as well as the capture button. Can anyone help? Then when I play around with settings and unplugging stuff it changes to signal: "No signal" in green. "No signal" in red. And sometimes "ready" in green but only for about 2 seconds, then it goes back to "Signal Protected"
  3. zako240

    Roxio Hd Pro- Many Problems

    So I got my roxio gamecap hd pro a couple of days ago and haven't had a chance till today and at one point i could get it to work for like half a minute then my computer like freaks out and will just restart or go to the blue screen then restart. I also had it work but in the roxio program al it showed was like the multi-color thing that i only remember from tv. Now I can't get a picture even and i can't even try to change the input. At this point I would want to get my money back but i want it to work so badly. By the way I have tried reinstalling the roxio program and stuff from other topics but nothing is working.
  4. So this thing has been working great but I've tried rendering this video 6 times already and each time they have no game sound. The game I was recording was Dead Space 3 in 1080i video is 39 minutes long. Anyways the only audio I hear after I Render it is my commentary and absolutely no Game sound from dead space. I cant figure it out can someone give me an easy solution.
  5. Z_rexdude

    No Signal Anymore

    Hi, I recently got Roxio game capture and I tried it yesterday and it worked fine. At first there was no signal but when I changed the TV settings to NTC_M it worked and I was able to capture game footage. However, today I have gone to capture some more footage as another tester but there is no signal whatsoever no matter what TV setting I put it to. The audio is not coming out as good either. I have searched all over the internet and cannot find an answer. Can anyone help me as I really want to start using this software. Thank you in advance for any advice given!
  6. Hello my name is Austin and I just bought you Roxio game capture HD PRO and when I go to download the software it says that I don't meet the requirements, I have vista and it is listed in the list of requirements so what is wrong. Please help
  7. Good day, Having bought my son a Roxio game capture (standard model not HD),r we are stumped with a rendering problem. We have created videos (from Xbox) using different file formats and at different settings. When he tries uploading he gets the message "cannot render video into new file modify your project and try again". I have searched for this warning and have only found it once and there was no reply to the question. I was able to upload a test video by using YouTube's uploading feature. I don't know what else to modify or do to try and get the Roxio software to work. We are using it as it came in the box. I am frustrated that the product has this flaw but am eager to learn how to correct it. Can anyone provide some direction to solve the rendering problem? Both of us have minimal computer knowledge. Thanks.
  8. I keep going to my roxio and this pops up and I am just lost and I have no idea what I am doing, please help! I dont want this to be a waste of money!