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Found 35 results

  1. BlueKnightYT

    Ps4 Recording Issue?

    Hello. With the new update on the PS4 allowing users to record using their capture devices, I jumped straight into it. But I have ran in a reoccurring issue where in the beginning of the video, it glitches out and doesn't show anything. It is just black (Here is an example: starting at 1:05). I went into the roxio editing software (which crashes a lot) and edited it in there and it is gone, but I really don't enjoy using that editing software. Is there a way around this or do I have to deal with it? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hello guys. When I was recording some gameplay with my friend for a YouTube series, my Roxio recorded about 16 minutes then just stopped. When I looked at my P.C. screen it said it was still capturing, but the final video only came out at 16 minutes. I've only been having this problem since I started using the actual Roxio software to record instead of a third party program. Any help/advice would be awesome! Thanks.
  3. UghRochester

    How To Bypass Hdcp For Ps3 And Ps4

    I'm not sure whether you guys know this already or not, but there's a cheap way to bypass HDCP on PS3 and PS4. Please don't insult me for being late on this. I used this HDMI splitter for both PS3 and PS4. You'll need an extra HDMI cable, but the setup is simple. PS3/PS4 > HDMI Splitter > Roxio > PC. The nice thing about this is you can take a little stress off the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro by outputting to the TV from the HDMI Splitter. This isn't needed for Xbox 360, you'll still need to set that up normally. Here is a video example of it being used. I was able to broadcast this to Ustream with the help of XSplit. Since it was XSplit, the quality was downdegraded, but still looks great. This was me playing Battlefield 4 on PS4
  4. Hello, I was wondering if I could buy a hdmi to component video cable and use it to record ps4/xbox one gameplay with the roxio? Thanks in advance, Dan
  5. transfo

    How To: Capture Ps4 & Xbox One

    DISCLAIMER: DO NOT USE THIS METHOD FOR RECORDING MOVIES. INFRINGEMENT IS A VERY SERIOUS CRIME AND IS PUNISHABLE BY FINES AND JAIL TIME. Hello all, Those of you who've picked up a PS4/XBOX ONE might've been dissapointed when you found out you can't capture them. (Note:I only have a PS4, but this should work on Xbone as well) 1. Have a desktop screen recording software. (DXTory, Fraps, Bandicam, etc.) 2. Connect your console, you should see the preview in the Roxio application. 3. Record this preview (you should probably go fullscreen, however you'll need a good computer for this) And there you have it! Now, this probably won't work on the average computer well, the video will be laggy thanks to Roxio's ABSOLUTELY amazing and reliable, highly-optimized software, coupled with an average computer. For now, I use the built in recording for the PS4, but the patch that allows Devs to change HDCP is coming soon -transfo47
  6. lioblade

    Signal Protected

    I've set up my Roxio to record some PlayStation 4 gameplay, everything is set up correctly. However where it says 'status' is reads 'signal protected' and the capture button is grayed out so i can't record. What does this mean, and how do i get around this problem?
  7. UghRochester

    Ps4 Hdcp Will Go Away In The Future)

    Source I've seen people post Xbox One and PS4 problems about their signal was block. This means they both have HDCP, which I'm surprised Xbox One does due to Xbox 360 doesn't. However, back in September, Shuhei Yoshida tweeted out about HDCP going away in the future for the PS4, but not at launch. With two PDM (Playstation Dynamic Menu- for those who don't know PS4's new UI titled) updates already with your PS4, it still has HDCP. When will it be turned off to let people capture with their device? That is unknown, but it will happen according to Yoshida's tweet. If you truly want to capture with your game capturing device, you can do the famous HDMI to DVI to HDMI converter to bypass the signal. Fair warning, some products can't bypass it that way either. You may have to search for something that does. No word from Microsoft about HDCP being disabled. -UghRochester
  8. DivineKryptonite

    My Ps4 Results Hdcp

    Alright so as we all know the Ps4 and everything sony has HDCP on it which should be going away very soon! My question is does anyone know when? I hooked up my HDMI Setup and this is what the recorder says back to me. My Recorder : http://gyazo.com/1add220dee01b690013a0651fc59c9ab On the HD Recorder it lights up on HDMI (I'm using 2 HDMI Cables) Just posting my results and a Questions
  9. Hi guys, Not sure if this has been asked, if it has I'm sorry and please provide me to the link for the answer. If not, will the Roxio Game Capture HD work on the PS4, considering that the PS4 has a HDMI in and out connection now and no longer components? Thanks
  10. I was just wandering if we will be able to record our gameplay on PS4 and or on XBO(xbox one)? THX