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Found 6 results

  1. I am using Roxio BackOnTrack Version 13.5. When I attempt to restore to a different location, I select "Browse", and the only choice I am given is "Desktop", I cannot access any other locations?
  2. Hi Hope I am in the right place. Had to guess. In 2004 I backed up all of my photos onto DVD using a Roxio product that I no longer have. The DVD.s contain Roxio Retrieve Version This was done on Windows XP SP3 (or 2). I hecently changed to Windows 7 and lost all of my photos in the process. These 2 DVD discs do contain all of the files. As far as I can tell there is no deterioratiion as they were well stored. The prblem is that Roxio split a lot of the pictures between the two discs so I cannot just copy the files. When I try to restore with this Roxio it loads and then tells me it is restoring 8000 files but always stops "Roxio retrieve has stopped working" about halfway through disc one. It is at a different number each time. I suspect that the problem has to do woth running in Win7 but the Win 7 troubleshooter has ' it asys" created a Win XP enviornment for it to run in and the same problem happens. 1-Is there a way to restore with some kind of update? 2-Failing that is there a way to recombine the thousands of photos in sixteen foldere that have been slpit? Can anyone help please? Back in '04 we never thought that the software wouldnt work when it came time to restore or that the rntire systen would be gone leaving no trace for upgrades. Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm having a problem with the Video Copy & Convert application of Roxio Creator NXT on my 10" netbook. I'm using Windows Home Premium 64-Bit. The problem is with the window, which opens in fully expanded format, but this is larger than the area of my screen, and I can't see the lower portion of the window. The Restore button is greyed-out, so I can't resize it this way. It won't let me drag the whole window upwards (it just jumps back down again), and as I can't see the bottom of the window, I can't grab the lower edge and resize it that way. As part of the window is outside the viewing area, I can't see or use the Go, Custom, or Clear List buttons. This isn't a problem on my desktop computer, as I can see the whole window- although the restore button is still greyed-out, even though I don't need it... Is there some way of enabling the restore button, or reaching the bottom edge, or even dragging the whole window upwards a few cm? Thanks (hopefully) for your help...
  4. In summer 2006 I burned 12 disks using Spanning through [i'm pretty sure] Toast 8 - I wanted to restore them and work with them now, so got out the disks - the Restore icon was crossed out, apparently because on my intel Mac it needed Rosetta to run. I installed SnowLeopard on a partition, downloaded Rosetta and tried again. This time RoxioRestore did work but it said it couldn't restore the spanned images = that I needed to have Toast - I was able to click and drag the images over to a drive folder but on importing them to Aperture, almost 430 iimages were 'unsupported image format' or corrupted. I have done all the steps to fix the issue in Aperture but I'm convinced the issue is the lack of proper restoring using Toast/Roxio Restore. Any suggestions regarding what can be done? I have been talking to someone in customer support and he sugg. I start a thread here in case someone here might have an answer. I have now imported the images into two separate and different Aperture Libraries and done all the other tech stuff [i'm running 10.7.5 on my MacPro] - still have the 430 or so defective images.
  5. I'm not sure where this question should go - if someone would point me to the correct location, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a bunch of video files that were backed up in 2004, apparently using a Roxio program. Unfortunately, since that was 9 years ago, I have no idea which Roxio it was as we have had many versions over the years. They are contained on 2 CDs and there is a split file - so when I insert the disc into the computer, the message comes up that I must use Roxio Retrieve to copy the files to my computer or they will be unusable. Roxio Retrieve is included on the discso it runs and it it copies 67 of 212 files to my computer, but when it gets to the 67th, it gives me an error: "A hardware I/O error was reported while accessing an unnamed file." Occassionally, it will tell me the name of the file, so I have tried to use Retrieve without selecting that particular file, but then the next file gives the same error. I haven't gone further than excluding the 2 files, so I guess I will try that. These are videos of one of my sons when he was a toddler, so I would really, really like to get them restored. Can any one tell me where this should go, so that I can see if someone can help me? Thanks so much.
  6. Hi, I purchased Roxio Creator in 2011 and made a back up dvd. I then dropped my laptop and the hard drive was toast, had to be replaced. So now I am trying to use the back up dvd I made but it doesn't do anything. I am also trying to reinstall Roxio Creator from my account but as it's been over 30 days it won't let me re-install (I was hoping by reinstalling I could get it to read and transfer the files off that back up dvd). Any tips or suggestions? And what is the point of the back up dvd if I can't use it when I need it! Thanks!