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Found 84 results

  1. ServusBellator

    Can I Record My Xbox 360 On My Imac?

    I am a fairly new person when it comes to software concerning PC's and Mac's. My question is this; Am I able to record my xbox360 through the use of the roxio game capture hd pro onto my iMac to then post to youtube? The iMac has OSX 7 and is up to date on everything. I am not looking to record the screen of the Mac itself, but rather I want to know if I can use the iMac to record my xbox360 using the Roxio HD Pro.
  2. TheInvisiblePotato

    Xbox One - No Signal But Shows On Tv

    I got the xbox one hdmi into a HDMI splitter which goes into a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, then another HDMI into my tv. I use the HDMI splitter because without it, it doesn't show up on my TV. Well, I go try recording some Call of Duty, but in the program, it says "No Signal" but it's red, and it just shows a black screen. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Quickshot0001

    Cropping In Roxio Hd Pro?

    Hi I am planning on recording a splitscreen game with my friend to upload on my upcoming youtube channel. I have not yet purchased the Roxio hd pro,but it looks like a nice game recorder for a beginner like me. For it to be convenient for those who chose to watch it, I was wondering is it possible for me to cut my video. When I mean cut it, I mean only recording my prospective cutting out the other screen so it would look as if I was playing Single player. If this is possible, can my friend also record their screen no matter if it's bottom/top or left/right? If this is not possible, what device can or program because I would be glad to use it. Btw here's an example of what I want: The 1st is regular and the 2nd is what I want( I want it less ugly looking and more Youtube acceptable than the screenshot shown) Note: This screenshot is a random ugly screenshot I found
  4. RedXGaming

    No Audio While Playing Games On The Tv

    so i have my hdmi setup with the roxio and now when i play the games on the tv there is no sound at all when i turn it up to about 30 or 40 or more! Which is strange when i had my av cables it had big volume on 3 ! Is There a way to fix this? The audio worked last week but now it like completely doesnt have it!
  5. RedXGaming

    Video Laggy In Roxio Vawe!

    Plz help me why is it that any xbox video i record i watch it on windows media player it plays with no lag or anything but when i go and try to render it in roxio wave editor or sony vegas it is super laggy and the video just turns to some laggy weird gameplay!plz helpp i tried a lot of stufff but it just doesnt work!!!!!!!
  6. Hi , Live stream not working. Channel bar is empty non selected. i read this forums but i can't. Look at picture pls. Patch 1.3 Download deploy and setup " you have already " i tired install and uninstall . Operation system : Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit. JAva , Windows , Nvidia , Explorer all are updated.
  7. First, I want to say that I love the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. It is a magnificent device and while there could be a few tweaks done to the card, it's definitely a recommendation. Speaking of those tweaks, I want to know when, or if, there will ever be a firmware update for the card. I'm aware that a while back, there was an update for the software, which was heavily requested. I'm assuming you might want a good reason for this, so I'll try my best to list those possible reasons. - Enhance Wii U HDMI encoding while recording. As I've checked in several topics, people with a Wii U will have some form of difficulty with their Wii U's, ranging from desync to laggy previewing. - Enable the ability to pass through HDMI to TV without the need of the USB plugged in the computer. Again, this idea is inspired by different topics, but it seems kinda weird have 1080P ability to record when you want to play any games through HDMI normally when the pass through needs the card to be plugged in the computer via USB. - Seperate audio in PC recording. When I tried recording Sonic 4 Episode II via PC and commentary, the audio of the game's footage didn't go through once I played back the footage. - Enhance video pass through, especially with Component. The encoding of the capture card is already great, but when I record and edit the footage via VideoWave for a presentation, even without compressing the video, it appears a bit blocky. This update does involve the software, but this one I can wait for. This update is to have the option to stop video preview. People want to use that extra CPU for recording and it can help. As you've noticed, I didn't ask for updates to copy the Elgato Game Capture HD's features, like Live Commentary. That's because I don't want the GC HD Pro to become a complete copycat and I don't mind editing the commentary to sync with the gameplay. It gives me a reason to use VideoWave or, if necessary, CyberLink PowerDirector 12, which is used for some effects that the VideoWave doesn't have. Speaking of VideoWave, the ONLY update I could ask for is better snapping to objects for audio inputs, like commentary. This is also another reason why I use PowerDirector 12. Well, that's all I have to say. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  8. Hello. I noticed in a few videos of mine that the audio was a little low. The audio levels for the recordings were super low in comparison to what I was actually hearing when playing the game. When I go to adjust the volume slider on the recording screen, I noticed that it automatically goes back down to the default level, because I check it a few seconds after. Here's a screenshot: http://gyazo.com/d26ebc39a88a29bd417f16151a590234 The volume level in the picture is the default level that it automatically goes down (or up) to after I adjust it. Is there a fix for this, or am I going to have to rely on remembering to adjust the sound in editing?
  9. I'm getting a new computer next week and on the one I'm using now I have Roxio Game Capture HD PRO installed on it. I want to know can I install my Roxio Game Capture HD PRO on my new computer even though it will be on my old computer.... Please Help
  10. UghRochester

    How To Bypass Hdcp For Ps3 And Ps4

    I'm not sure whether you guys know this already or not, but there's a cheap way to bypass HDCP on PS3 and PS4. Please don't insult me for being late on this. I used this HDMI splitter for both PS3 and PS4. You'll need an extra HDMI cable, but the setup is simple. PS3/PS4 > HDMI Splitter > Roxio > PC. The nice thing about this is you can take a little stress off the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro by outputting to the TV from the HDMI Splitter. This isn't needed for Xbox 360, you'll still need to set that up normally. Here is a video example of it being used. I was able to broadcast this to Ustream with the help of XSplit. Since it was XSplit, the quality was downdegraded, but still looks great. This was me playing Battlefield 4 on PS4
  11. I have been having a lot of problems recently with my roxio/ software (Anytime I clicked in the capture menu it would stop working) So I uninstalled it, I tried re installing it to find out I lost the sleeve with the code. What do I do?
  12. I have been trying for the last 4 hours to install RGC HD Pro and i keep getting the same error, i have tried many solutions and none of them have worked. Please help i have attached the log files. LogFile 14-01-24 21-16.zip
  13. Alex_DuDeZz

    Green No Signal Help!

    Hello! I recently purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD and i put the hdmi cables correctly and it says in green letters "No Signal" My Computer : Intel ® Core™ i5 33337U CPU @ 1.80 GHz 1.80 GHz installed memory : 8.00 GB /7.88 GB usuable
  14. Swifty6696

    Very Confusing Problem

    I have just received my new roxio game capture hd pro today and i have performed a clean setup of the software and everything else and here is my problem. i open up the launch pad with the 2 options of Capture and the other of Edit and Share. The edit and share works perfectly fine but when i click on the blue button to open up the game capture software there is a brief moment of where it tries to open up the software and then it just stops working and promts me to close down the program. i am very confused to why it is doing this. i have got the previous roxio game capture device and that one works fine. i can capture and edit everything. i am going to put in my pc specs below just encase there is a problem there. - 6GB RAM - DirectX - 11 Intel I5 Processor - Windows 8.1 64-bit - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti i am also going to attach an image so that you can see that the editing software works and in front of that is the game capture software which states it is not working. i would be very grateful if someone can help me to fix this because if i cannot fix this it is nearly £90 pound wasted and i really want to use this device.
  15. UghRochester

    Ps4 Hdcp Will Go Away In The Future)

    Source I've seen people post Xbox One and PS4 problems about their signal was block. This means they both have HDCP, which I'm surprised Xbox One does due to Xbox 360 doesn't. However, back in September, Shuhei Yoshida tweeted out about HDCP going away in the future for the PS4, but not at launch. With two PDM (Playstation Dynamic Menu- for those who don't know PS4's new UI titled) updates already with your PS4, it still has HDCP. When will it be turned off to let people capture with their device? That is unknown, but it will happen according to Yoshida's tweet. If you truly want to capture with your game capturing device, you can do the famous HDMI to DVI to HDMI converter to bypass the signal. Fair warning, some products can't bypass it that way either. You may have to search for something that does. No word from Microsoft about HDCP being disabled. -UghRochester
  16. Okay so it seems no mater what editing system I use if it be videowave, AVS, Windows Movie Maker,Adobie or any other kind I have use I get the same problem. The problem is after recording my game and voice using a different program known as Audacity I go into editing and everything seems okay until I'm done putting my commentary in and editing the sounds and the after rendering in the video I would upload it to YouTube and then I notice the at certain point in the video ( mostly at the end of the video ) theirs this audio delay. Like lets say I'm in a cutscenes and I have subtitles on well the characters speaking will be talking but their dialog will happen like a couple seconds late. Now after looking for was to fix this problem I've discovered that it usually happen after a loading screen and like the noise that's happening in the game will be on a non stop repeat in the loading screen and stop after it's done loading and the the audio lag kicks in. So I feel like I tried every thing please help me! P.S I do use the roxio game capture HD pro to capture and audacity to record my voice while i play/record my gameplay.
  17. Mark Hyder

    Hi I Am New

    I am new and need some help with my roxio game capture hd pro. I tried to get help on line, But look I have to pay to get help from corel. My free warranty help is ending in 5 days. I do not understand you do not get 12 months warranty when I only got the item on the 29 Nov.
  18. HZ GameZone

    Signal Protected For Cod: Ghosts Xbone?

    I'm trying to record some CoD: Ghosts gameplay for my Youtube channel but the Capture screen reads signal protected. I tried disconnecting the Roxio, restarting my computer, and reattaching the Roxio, but its reading the same thing. I am recording on the Xbox One/ Is this an issue with anyone else. I didn't have a problem with it last week when I was recording. Should I try reinstalling the game capture software?
  19. Anthon

    Roxio Game Capture Problem

    After constantly restarting the PC in pursuit of the software, it turns out my capture card is the one feeling under the weather. When I plug it into the PC with USB, the Component signal is on. The problem is that there's nothing plugged into the HD Pro and the signal still comes on every time I plug it in. Also, the software was working after so many restarts and then when I plug the HD Pro in, the "Media Import" software crashes after loading. Any and all help will be appreciated.
  20. ThePyroManiac93

    Help...video Quality Is Terrible...

    I recorded a gameplay using the roxio hd pro, and on the preview screen its always laggy and there are screen tears and coloured lines running through the video. when i go to edit it, it lags and glitches a lot, i thought it was just the laptop running slow, so i uploaded it to youtube anyway...the quality is 360p...yet i want it in hd and cant get it any higher that 480p which looks terrible, the glitches look terrible and i dont know how to fix it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb_NGqq5df0 Take a look at the video and if you guys can help me, id really appreciate that, its hard enough starting a gaming channel as it is...i could really do without the terrible quality Thanks.
  21. I'm experiencing some problems. A few months ago I posted some video's to test my video quality of my Roxio game Capture HD Pro to make it work in 1080i. It worked and I was excited to post allot more video's on Youtube. Then I put the capture card away since I didn't have time for it. Then today I reopened it because I wanted to make sure if I still remember how it works and everything. I captured in 1080i on 15000 Kbps. When I was done editing it I exported it in a wma file. When I logged into my youtube account and pressed upload the video couldn't be uploaded because it failed to process due to the fact the video wasn't in the right format. It was in Dmsm which the default file. I don't know why it didn't work I tried many things to make it work. The settings were exactly the same I had from a few months ago when it uploaded onto youtube with no problem. I tried to change the settings and the format I was exporting it. I tried different browsers like internet explorer, chrome, firefox, to see if it would work on them and I also tried uploading the video's to different accounts. Then I uninstalled and installed my Roxio game capture card hd pro program again and it STILL DIDN'T WORK!!!!. I give up if this is the type of problems i'm having after spending 120 dollars on this thing then it is a complete waste of money and I want my money back. Please help.
  22. ThatOneGuyWithThatOneThing

    Ps2 - Dark Image

    Ok so when I have a 'Roxio Game capture HD pro' and I have some Playstation component cables. http://goo.gl/JeibS7 - the cables I use My PS3 setup is as follows: Playstation 3 --> Component cables (input) --> Roxio --> HDMI (output) --> HDMI switch box (output) --> Monitor/TV My PS2 setup is: Playstation 2 --> Component cables (input) --> Roxio --> Component cables (output) --> TV With the PS2 setup the image comes out very dark (image attached). I have also attempted to output in HDMI which does not output a dark image but a box appears in the middle of the screen (also attached as an image). If I connect the PS2 directly to the TV through component it works with full colour, and I can also output my PS3 through component (through the Roxio device) and have no problems it is only when I attempt to output the PS2 does it go dark. Notes: In the Roxio software the PS2 image comes out in full colour. I have also tried it without the switch box but i get the same result (box appears). I have also tried to try HDMI --> TV, but i get a purple image. I have also tried to fix the image using my TVs setting but I can't fix it.
  23. whenever i try to put the roxio game capture hd pro into fullscreen mode, it just jams, then i have to exit it all and restart my computer! help!!
  24. Chris Ellis

    Says Capturing, But Doesn't

    I just bought it, and it seemed to work fine right out of the box. Then all of a sudden it failed to capture 50 minutes of gameplay footage even though it said "Capturing". So I tried it again. What I got was a 2 second long video while the software insisted it was still capturing even though the elapsed time was not changing and no hard drive space was being used.. Repairing the software just made it worse. Now it won't recognize the component cables, and shuts down completely if I attempt to adjust any settings.
  25. AsianAndo


    Will this computer work with the Roxio Game Capture HDPRO? Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium (6.0, Build 2002) Processor: Intel® Core 2 DUO CPU E4500 @ 2.2GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.2Ghz Memory: 3060MB RAM DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Graphics Card: Intel® G33/G31 Express Chipset Family Manufacturer: Intel Corporation Approx. Total Memory: 286MB Chip Type: Intel® GMA 3100 Monitor: Dell E207WFP