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Found 84 results

  1. Blainathar

    Cannot Change To Avi?

    Hi guys, thanks for viewing. My problem is that the settings to change to AVI, and M2TS. It only has one choice, M2TS. Thanks guys
  2. DanC95

    Setup Help/advice?

    Hi there, I'd just like to ask for a bit of help here since I've been trying for weeks now to get my setup to work with the Roxio HD Pro, but with mixed results (which is very confusing... and frustrating). So before I start, here are some of my computer specs: Windows Vista Home Premium Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 Processor, 2.0GHz, 2MB Cache. 2GB Ram 1535 MB NVIDIA Geforce 9300M GS Windows Experience Index: 3.7 So I finally got the roxio, installed the software, plugged the usb in and connected my cables. The setup is as follows: Xbox360 Slim (250GB) -> Component/AV Cable -> Roxio -> Component cable -> TV With the roxio unplugged, my TV displays games perfectly fine in 1080p. However when I load up the software for the roxio, the preview screen flickers blue, the "Signal" part shows "No Signal" then switches to "Ready" and then back again frequently. Despite the cables plugged into the roxio being Component, and the Component LED being lit up on the actual Roxio, the software on my laptop says HDMI and refuses to change. If I move the Capture quality slide bar, it will flicker from HDMI to Component, and will then usually crash. Despite this, it HAS WORKED ON SOME OCCASIONS. In some cases the software has loaded perfectly fine, with the signal on "ready" and the preview showing exactly what is on my TV. I have managed to record several gameplays this way. But it still persists in being inconsistent. So I read a few similar cases on these very forums, and decided to repair my software after uninstalling the roxio driver. I followed this exact process: Switch off firewall -> Plug in the roxio device -> Uninstall the roxio driver (in device manager) -> Remove the roxio device -> insert the installation disk -> Check for updates -> Repair the software. This did not work and led me to completely uninstalling and reinstalling the software. I still get the same results. So from this information is there anything that anybody can spot to see where I'm going wrong, and what I can do to get the roxio working? As far as I am aware, my computer specs are adequate for the Roxio HD Pro, despite being on the lower end of the spectrum. Also the HDMI port on my xbox is broken due to a faulty HDMI cable in the past, hence why I am using the Component cables. So HDMI is out of the question here. The second component cable is new, the Component/AV connecting the Xbox to the Roxio is not. However the Component/AV Cable has worked perfectly on the 3 consoles I have tested it on. Any ideas? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks! P.S. Would it be possible to use this setup; Xbox 360 -> Component/AV cable -> Roxio -> HDMI cable -> TV ???? Just a thought.
  3. ZombeeWarfare

    Can My Computer Run The Hd Pro?

    Roxio's specs: -Microsoft Windows® 8, 7, or Vista. SP2, XP (SP3 for 32 bit & SP2 for 64 bit), Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon x2 64 2.0 GHz, 2GB RAM -DirectX® 9.0c compatible graphics card or higher, sound card -Windows Media Player 11 or higher -Internet explorer 7 or 8 My specs: -Processor: Intel® Pentium® CPU B590 @ 2.10GHz -Installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB (3.85 GB usable) -Graphics card: Intel® HD Graphics Family (DAC type: internal with a 32-bit 60Hz Generic PnP Monitor -Sound card: Realtek High Definition Audio (not sure) -DirectX: v11 -Windows Media Player 12 -Internet Explorer 10 (I'm not sure if this will work with Roxio as they only say IE7 or IE8)
  4. I recently bought a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and during the setup i find numerous problems trying to set it up correctly, first of which is i had no audio playing through the TV and the capture software and the video on the capture software with all distorted and jumpy, so i changed a few settings and found that when i turned Display Discovery off the audio came through both the TV and capture software but all i see in the preview screen is just all black and all i can hear is just audio but i noticed that when i changed the screen resolution to 480p the audio and video was displaying on both devices but the quality is very poor, i also tried different HDMI ports and this makes no difference, i feel like i've hit a brick wall and can't do anything about it so if anybody can help that would be great, please and thank you.
  5. Hey Guys, Well I've been wondering around the internet for around 2 days now and I haven't found a solution, I don't know why my Roxio Preview screen is doing this and I haven't seen nobody else's doing it from YouTube... Could anybody help me out?
  6. Sitop Apen

    No Display During Capture

    I'm not sure if this will work, but it's worth a shot. I have purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, and I have a problem with it. None of the games that I am playing recently are showing up on the display. All that is there is a gray screen that is a little bit lighter than the black outline (see picture). I have tried uninstalling the program, reinstalling it, repairing it, and deleting the update, not to mention switching around the HDMI cords just for the fun of it. This didn't seem like to big a problem except now every time that I try to upload a video there is a green line stretching across the bottom of the video. Any ideas on how to fix it besides what I already did?
  7. Ok so I know that the non HD version of this product has an option to have a mic or something whereas this one does not,(where the mic tab used to be there is now a hotkeys tab) I have two questions concerning this. 1. Can I use the HD PRO version of this product and record using the non HD PRO software? And 2. Can someone tell me how to record my voice WHILE playing the game? I don't mean recording voice after the fact because that's not what I'm looking for and that's all I've seen people suggest. I want to use my external mic and record my voice while playing whatever game i am currecntly recording. If i cannot can you recommend any other software that will allow me to use the Roxio game cap HD PRO to capture the gameplay as well as my voice?
  8. Me and my friend want to do a dual commontary over Xbox live. What's the easiest way to do that?
  9. Hi, I recently bought my Roxio Game Capture HD pro, it was delivered to me around Nov 2012. I used it on and off since then, but since yesterday Jan 18th. It has stopped working completely. My usb cable is plugged into my laptop providing the Roxio Game Capture HD pro power the -> lights up which is why I know it is getting power. The led lights indicating hdmi or YPbPr do not light up. I had the Roxio Game Capture HD pro installed on my laptop and whenever I used it would plug it into any usb port. All of a sudden after a reboot of the laptop its not working, I uninstalled the program, reinstalled it, repaired it but still i get No input and No signal. The Roxio Game Capture HD pro is NOT showing up in my device manager like I have seen in a few posts around here. I figured something was wrong with my laptop and it was not recognizing it so I connected it to my desktop (which did not have the device installed before) I installed the software, did the restart, plugged in the device. The ( -->) lights up but the other led indicating input do not light up. So it is not working on my second computer either. Hoping someone can help me out here or show me how to get a possible replacement as it seems that my Roxio Game Capture HD pro has become defective (not working on 2 computers) Also I did the upgrade for the software.
  10. owlfreelancer

    Why Cant I Record In 720 Or 1080P

    When i go into the capturing portion of the roxio game capture hd pro i always get a warning saying "480p is not supported". On top of that, when i go into options in the capturing portion of the game capture hd pro, and try to change the quality, it only displays the quality 480i. How do i increase the video to 720 or 1080p with this problem?
  11. DarrenM

    Please Help!

    I have just bought the roxio game capture hd pro and every time I just want to play my Xbox without capturing/livestreaming I have to turn on my laptop to get my screen on my tv to show and if I don't turn in my laptop it just says hdmi not connected, how to I fix this if possible
  12. H2O crazykilla

    Quick Question

    I recently bought a Roxio Game Capture HD pro and on my xbox i use 1360x768 resolution. Cannot i not use this resolution? I thought it would be fine because its between 1080p and 720p but whenever i connect the roxio to the xbox,tv, and PC it only shows a small portion of my screen on the tv. I tried using 720p and it was fine. but playing Battlefield 3 on 720p on my xbox looks like absolute crap. And my tv isn't 1080p.... Thanks for anyones help if they could help me out! Thanks!~
  13. Hello, iv'e recently got my cables working properly for my roxio game capture hd pro, and the program couldn't find it, so i uninstalled the program and deleted the program files from the programs files(x86) folder and tryed to re-install it but when i tryed to, i kept getting, the options repair or remove, when it isn't even on the sytem anymore, please help?
  14. XxDROSxX

    Help! Respond With Any Ideas!

    I have a problem, a big problem. My Roxio works but the program you use on your computer also workes but when the option to choose 'Capture' or 'Edit And Share' comes up and if I wanna choose 'capture' and I click it, the loading logo comes up but after about 0.5 - 1 second it goes away. When I spam the button ( got mad at it ) the message " Only one instance of MediaCapture or Plug & Burn may be run at the same time. " I've tryed going on different users but i never had run the program on the different users. PLEASE RESPOND..... D: p.s sorry for all the writeing but it was hard to explain. Here are some pictures :L
  15. MattJ155

    Buying Cables Separately?

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro from a seller on Ebay, and I have noticed that it hasn't come with all the cables that are required to set it up. Where can I buy these separately? Thanks.
  16. OK well ive made a video, but every time i log into YouTube too upload it doesn't upload and in the process of downloading after it says on YouTube, like video not formatted or something like that. also when ever i upload from the wave editor thing, "share button" that's blue,i log in and then leave the room and come back and it says its all done, then i go on YouTube too see it, its not bloody there!!!!!! what the heck i mean come on. so any one know how i would go about PROPERLY uploading a video too you tube and if not then i guess im just gonna have too sell the piece crap! my computer stats is , intel i5 2.7 ghz turbo boost 2nd gen. with 8 gb ram. 2 gb nividia graphics with a 750 gb hd. and all together a 25 in full hd hp monitor. full on rigged too hell computer, and razor setup of keyboard etc. then my xbox is all modded, slim, green led, extra fans, and a download/copy playing dvd drive , 320 gb hdd. i don't get it!!! PLZZZZZ HELLLPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!
  17. RedDeaDGr

    Problem With Hd Pro Software Plz Help

    hello sexy readers! i have a big big problem with the game capture hd pro software. I have to say this device is THE BEAST -BUT- when i click start capture my computer is freezing. i have 3GB ram and my graphic Card is ^#!& please help me, is any other software to record my gameplay ??? PLZZZ HELLPPPPP
  18. Sorry, I had to re-post this as I accidentaly clicked 'problem solved' when I posted it before. I've just bought a 'Roxio Game Capture HD Pro' to capture footage from my Wii U. The Wii U uses HDMI cables or the old Wii's AV cables and is NOT HDCP protected. I have seen videos on YouTube of people who are capturing from the Wii U using this device. They plug one end of the Wii U's HDMI cable into the output slot of the Wii U and the other end into the input slot of the game capture device. Another HDMI cable is used to go from the output of the capture device to the TV. Also, the capture device has a USB cord going from the output of the device to the PC. SO, I have downloaded the software that came with the device and launched it in capture mode, plugged in all of the cords I mentioned above, the capture device lit up meaning that it was being powered and the software refreshed itself or loaded a bit to show that it had detected the device, I turned on my TV, switched to the HDMI input mode, turned on my Wii U, AND....nothing. There was nothing displayed in the capture software and nothing displayed on the TV. It also said: "No Signal" in the software like it did before I turned the Wii U on. As I said before, I know this device works with Wii U, as I've seen YouTube videos of people who have done it. I did exactly what they did and it didn't work. I followed the same instructions as what it is said to do to capture from an Xbox 360, as it works the same way, still didn't work. As I mentioned, the Wii U isn't HDCP protected. I know it's not a problem with the software, because the Wii U isn't showing up on my TV either. I know that both of my HDMI cables are working as when I try plugging each one from the Wii U to the TV normally without the capture device, it works perfectly. So the only thing I can think of is that the 'Roxio Game capture HD Pro' that I've got is broken, but I don't know for sure. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  19. Hello. I've had my roxio game capture HD pro for a few months and only occured slight problems. I've been using the device on the same computer, same tv, and same everything for the past month, and it's been working. However I encountered a problem. A couple days ago I went along my same business but when Ion the xbox turned plugged in Roxio's USB, the capture device lit up, but there was no input.... I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software, and reparing, but to no avail. The USB also didn't appear in the device manager. Any help would be GREAT. Thanks, Apache
  20. Peritoe

    I Need Capturing Help!

    I am having some issues. My audio goes straight to my computer and comes out its speakers, I need it to go through the TV. Same with the video, straight to the computer and it has a delay on it so I can't play it from there. Any help?
  21. I cannot find a good quality to record, every time i arrange the quality there is always lag. Can someone please help me.
  22. malcolm freeman

    Roxio Records For A Couple Of Seconds

    I have a roxio game capture HD pro to use for my pc and for the first couple of day it worked great but then all of a sudden it stops working properly it would work when i didnt start up a game but once i did the program would stop working or it would be really laggy and on top of that it would only record 3 minutes of a 15min video. Please help!
  23. Hi everyone, I got my roxio gamecap hd pro last friday, and once i plug it in to my tv, the output to my computer is clear and normal, but my tv screen has got a major green tinge. any suggestions on how to fix this would be much appreciated thanks, Josh
  24. raje

    Can Only Upload In 480P

    I Can only upload in 480p.Its recorded in 1080i. I use HDMI, i also use the ROXIO GAME CAPTURE HD PRO, I use the Xbox 360 Slim, I Also use separate tv to play(tv1), then go to other tv to record(tv2), the components that go from the xbox to the tv1 are still plugged in when recording with tv2.
  25. I am just starting my YouTube channel, and my intentions are to make gaming videos. I have just hooked up my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro to my Sony Model KP-46WT510, and the settings are supposed to be at 1080i, which they are. The issue is that the TV screen is blank, and the only thing on it is in the top left corner it says, "Video 7." What the heck is wrong?