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Found 40 results

  1. I am putting together a vacation video using my camera photo's and video. I have added background music to the entire clip. HOW, can I turn the volume down on my background music during my vacation video's that have my narration of the event. In other words, I have narrated a video that is included within the entire vacation video. The background music I added is wonderful, but I want to turn the volume of that music down while my vacation video is running so I can hear the narration. Is this possible with Creator Pro 2011 - and if not, is that feature available in any of the other newer versions? NXT or 2012 ? Kristen
  2. I have a problem where the roxio doesnt pick up game sound. Did i connect it wrong or something like that? Can anyone help? Pics show how its setup Hopefully you can help
  3. So i'm trying to record my xbox 360 gameplay but it will not pick up sound.
  4. So I have just updated my Roxio Game capture 1 to service pack 1 and find it that the sound during and after recording is very quite. I have gone through the sound options and Roxio is on the highest setting, but is still very quite. Any suggestions would be grateful!
  5. larry b

    No Audio Photoshow

    I have lost music on all my photoshows, Two days ago I could hear it, but now nobody can hear my songs on the site.
  6. I've edited about 4 or 5 videos and I've always noticed that one or a few of my trimmed clips, the audio will be WAY off. So I just got Sony Vegas Pro 11 and I wanted to go on the Videowave editing software to just trim my clip that I wanted and export it as an MP4 in 720p. Well I tried exporting a few times and the audio would be off. The audio wasn't even close to what I had in my 7 second clip. What's wrong with it? Why is the audio so off? I'll take about a 10 minute clip and trim it in Videowave then it'll get the sound from about 5-10 seconds before the trimmed clip that's not even in my trimmed clip. My computer specs: Intel Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz 8 GB RAM Intel HD Graphics (Basic) 32 bit Windows 7 Ultimate
  7. Wayne_mc

    No Sound Using Acer Monitor

    going from HDMI to Roxio to Monitor i get a great picture cant fault that but their isnt any audio at all however i noticed something i have not seen on my xbox before this: under current settings it says 1920 x 1080 widescreen DVI+A now im uncertain what to do normally it says HDMI under widescreen and the only way upto now ive been able to get audio is by turning display discovery off but then it completely tears the image so only half shows and it boots it down to 480p is their anyway to get audio working and keep it at 1080p
  8. i've been trying to record for a while now and while the picture is perfect the sound has moments of being fine and then being completely distorted starting with the back ground music and eventually warping the dialogue making is sound like its being streached out completely ruining my recordings. I've downloaded the patch, uninstalled and reinstalled, disabled my virus protection and done it with the usb cable plugged in. Is there any advice or should I invest in a different game capture product. I would upload a video to show but the max is 5mb
  9. Godzilla___

    Can't Find Hd Pro In Sound Panel

    SO as you can see below I do not have the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro as a valid recording sound device. What's up with that? all then tutorials I have seen for getting sound to work on XSplit etc. tell me to select the gamecap as a valid sound source BUT IT ISN'T ONE!!!!!!
  10. Hello, i am here because i was hoping i could get some help with my roxio game capture pro. it seems that it wont capture sound at all. please if you could help with this reply to this or contact me at njschultz11@yahoo.com or through skype: justusschultz anyways thanks to anyone who can help.
  11. After installing Roxio game capture software (SEVERAL TIMES), I do not see the Roxio line in recordign device usder recording devices. I can capture video but no audio. Has anyone else been able to resolve this issue?
  12. iPanguru

    Strange Interference Sound

    Hey guys, So after having my roxio hd pro for a little over a week, I still get a wierd "interference" sound when I'm recording. I think it might be my computer, because I also get alot of static in my mic when recording audio for the gameplay (after I recorded the gameplay not during). So when I add my audio, i have to use audacity to edit my voice to remove static and mute my gameplay to ensure no annyoing sounds. A video a can show you guys where this is really annoying is to big to attach but heres the link of it on my channel. http://bit.ly/W2yGNY Any feedback on this is helpful. I already plan on getting a new computer for school so if this is my problem I'll just fix it in time. But if not I need ways to correct this. Also. On a side note. Is there going to be a software update, or anything relative so we can capture game chat, record with the device during games? If not, I don't want to spend anymore money on a different game capture, since Roxio seems to work fine except for these MINOR, flaws. But they still proceed to be a nuesaince. -Jake
  13. I'm trying to use Video Wave to create a "movie." When I play my mpeg on my computer the sound and video work fine. When I import the video into video wave there is no sound. I've had so many problems since I've upgraded my computer to Windows 8 and bought this new NXT Roxio software. I liked the old Creator software that I had with Windows 7. Does anyone know how to get sound? I will tell you that when I import multiple video segments to Video Wave that sometimes only the first video clip wont have sound but the other clips do and sometimes none of them have sound. Thanks
  14. Hello, I'm french so sorry for my english ^^' I've a big problem with my roxio game capture. I d'ont have sound with the video but I've connected everything! I don't know what I can do... When I start the software I've the video but not the sound. And when I go to "tools" and "audio input", I've nothing... Please Help me! Thanks a lot! Kevs,
  15. Hi can anyone help with this? i can play files off the camera in windows media player and quicktime player, but as soon as i import the video into creator 2009 ultimate, the sound goes missing? whats happening? they are .mov files, h.264, 720p, 29fps. Its really annoying, so if anyone can help, please do so ! I only bought this camera really for doing videos as it accepts an external mic. At the moment though Im using the onboard mic.