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Found 54 results

  1. Using Toast 10 for 2 years w/o problems and then it crashed updated too Toast 11, this version crashed at startup. Send email to support departement but no answer, anybody a tip or having same problem?
  2. The Old Sarge

    Re Update 11.2 From 11.1

    WTF: Download yields 11.1 and their website yields 11.1: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/software_updatesv11.html but if you go to the Roxio Toast support page it says version 11.2 at: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/version_history11.html it talks about version 11.2.
  3. a.stalsberg

    Problem With Bluray From Toast 10...

    So... I am trying to burn a single TV show onto a BluRay disc. The encoding is in h.264, as I get the infamous error if I try with Apple ProRes encoding (error: -18771). I did however get Toast to encode when I exported again in h.264. So, now I've got it finished, and was going to play the disc. First player: - Video: Is lagging at intervals of every 1-2 seconds. Almost as if the player has problems keeping up with the bitrate. - Audio: Completely fine... Second player: - Video: Completely fine... - Audio is out of synch and wont start until it's about 2 min into the video. I have burned and tested in different bitrates. from 10 Mbit to 20 Mbit. I have tested everything from .mov to .mp4. I have tested different codecs (most of wich I have no way of remembering all. I have tested 1080p25 and 1080i50, even down to 720p25. And it just will not synch. And I have found no faults with the original source file at all... As far as I can find, there is alot of errors with the BluRay and HDTV plugin to Toast (and it even seems to have a long history), so I am wondering, should we look for another software solution than Roxio Toast where I work? Any relevant feedback is appreciated.
  4. civex

    Bias Is Messing Up Audacity

    I have SoundSoap 2, which came with Toast Titanium 11 Pro. SoundSoap uses BIAS authorization Manager. BIAS is now defunct. http://www.bias-inc.com When I try to start Audacity 2.0.4, a free Mac sound editor, BIAS thinks I need a license and starts popping up windows demanding that I either enter my registration number or buy a license. Eventually after I click cancel on the several windows, Audacity starts, but the menus are greyed out. How do I get BIAS to stop recognizing Audacity? OS X 10.7.5; Audacity 2.0.4; SoundSoap 2.
  5. In summer 2006 I burned 12 disks using Spanning through [i'm pretty sure] Toast 8 - I wanted to restore them and work with them now, so got out the disks - the Restore icon was crossed out, apparently because on my intel Mac it needed Rosetta to run. I installed SnowLeopard on a partition, downloaded Rosetta and tried again. This time RoxioRestore did work but it said it couldn't restore the spanned images = that I needed to have Toast - I was able to click and drag the images over to a drive folder but on importing them to Aperture, almost 430 iimages were 'unsupported image format' or corrupted. I have done all the steps to fix the issue in Aperture but I'm convinced the issue is the lack of proper restoring using Toast/Roxio Restore. Any suggestions regarding what can be done? I have been talking to someone in customer support and he sugg. I start a thread here in case someone here might have an answer. I have now imported the images into two separate and different Aperture Libraries and done all the other tech stuff [i'm running 10.7.5 on my MacPro] - still have the 430 or so defective images.
  6. WG_Grace

    Video_Ts Conversion - Poor Quality

    Hi I've got some home videos recorded from my Sony Handycam that I wanted to convert from the Video_TS folder so that I can edit the videos in iMovie or any other editing software. I've tried using Toast and Handbrake etc but I'm not getting the same quality as the original source. The videos are of sporting action with a ball moving at high speeds, which plays fine with the original Video_TS files but when I convert it doesn't result in the same smooth movement of the ball as it did in the original and is a little bit patchy. The conversion is decent but not quite good enough. Would appreciate any help with the issue and is there any way I can convert those videos for editing with perfect quality? Thanks
  7. Why is it that the most current updater file is NEVER available for direct download from the "Software Updates" page? It just makes no sense to be chronically behind the curve with regard to updater files. I know that we can update from within the app, but, sometimes, that's just not practical.
  8. If Corel do care about Mac Users why no new version of Toast The Flagship for Mac Users after two years , only hope Corel do care about Mac and show-it soon.
  9. Ron Herrmann

    Latest Toast Updater File Availability

    Can anyone explain why Roxio doesn’t post the latest version of the Toast updater on the “Software Updates” page? The version that’s listed for download is always the previous updater. Seems to me that it would be prudent to either list the latest, or just list all of them (with version numbers).
  10. iPagel

    Toast Pro 11, Blu-Ray Rw, Imac

    I have an iMac, Blu-Ray RW from ASUS, and down loaded the new version of Toast Pro. Has anybody and any success in running this combination? I am at the point of returning Blu-Ray player and the Toast Software. There seems no hope.
  11. Hi I have a problem with a whole batch of old archived CD's showing as blank in Mountain Lion They were originally burned with toast 4.1 hfs/Joliet builder (apple_hfs:3...) I have come to the conclusion that they were burned using a legacy method, what im not 100% sure but it has something to do with session burning. In disk utitlity the CD shows as having the first hidden partition called session and then the main mountable session called untitled CD. Untitled CD shows that it is using the full capacity but there are not images showing. I can not mount or force mount the session partition which also says it is using the full capacity of the CD. Interestingly when i put the CD into Snow Leopard it works fine. I have tested this on about 15 different machines some Windows and the disks always show fine on windows and anything under 10.8 its just 10.8 that has the issue? Even more interestingly on the same machine where i have dual boot 10.6.8 and 10.8.3 it works on the same hardware on 10.6.8 but not on 10.8.3? so this suggests it has something todo with software encoding and reading, and something that apple has stopped supporting? SOLUTION / WORKAROUND i found a bit of complicated work around to get it to mount the session on the 10.8 machines and it works but its not ideal + there must be others out there who are suffering with the same issue. 1. in terminal: mkdir /Volumes/tempCD 2. identify the identity of the hidden session partition: diskutil list 3. force mount the hidden partition called session using the correct partition identifier from previous step which in my case was "disk1s1": sudo /System/Library/Filesystems/cd9660.fs/Contents/Resources/cd9660.util -M disk1s1 /Volumes/tempCD 4. magically this mounts a new CD called "tempCD" and i can see all my files. So this must have somethign to do with 10.8 dropping iso9660 or joliet computability? but the tools are still there to use if you know how. 5. you will need to unmount the "tempCD" using terminal, you can not just eject or drag to bin it will not work: sudo /System/Library/Filesystems/cd9660.fs/Contents/Resources/cd9660.util -u disk1s1 /Volumes/tempCD Note in future you do not need to repeat step one as you already have created the dir name "tempCD" so just skip this step. The identifier disk1s1 may vary depending on how many internal disks you have or weather you have usb sticks plugged in or not. Any thoughts on a easier solution form ROXIO would be greatly appreciated. I have tried copying the disk in toast 11 and converting to DMG but tit still shows as blank unless i force mount it with "cd9660.util"
  12. Hi, I just received 4 DVDs from our wedding photographer for our photos. It came with a "Roxio Restore" software in it. I believe these are backups created with Toast (I followed the link provided in the restore software, but it does not specify which version of Toast was used). When I run the Roxio Restore it keeps asking me to insert disc #1 even though that's the disc in the drive. I noticed when Roxio Restore asks for the disc by name, it has "/" in it (e.g. "Disc 5/20/12#1") while the real disc name seems to have underscore (Disc 5_20_12#1). Could this be the issue? Is there any way to restore these discs? I know I can copy the individual files manually, but some photos are split into multiple discs, so that would be the last option. I use Windows 7 x64, and I tried two different DVD drives. Thank you in advance. Deniz
  13. Hi, I've looked through the forum and I cannot seem to find this problem. This error is not a DVD disc problem as I have made a disc image a few times with exactly the same problem. I have quite a large video file, just under 2 hours and then 2 smaller video files. I've been through all the files and there are no problems with them before entering Toast. Due to the size / length of the videos Toast has to compress them a little bit to fit them onto a single layer DVD. The quality is fine, but every time that the video fades to black or fades from black etc, it freezes for a split second before continuing. Why is this, and how can I fix this? Has anyone else come across this problem? Many thanks in advance to anyone that replies. Phil
  14. Stokes

    Blu-Ray "unstable Connection" Error

    Hey everyone, I'm on an iMac (Lion 10.6.8), running Toast 11 Titanium, and trying to burn a Blu-Ray DVD. I've installed the plug-in needed. However, the project will go through encoding and multi-plexing, and then give me "Error 4: Unstable Connection" once it starts the "writing" portion. I'm using an external drive from MCE Technologies to do this (It's an LG Venus DS5). I've called their customer service and was told that they have never experience this particular issue with the drive. They suggest a software issue. The computer DOES recognize the drive, so I know that that isn't the issue. It connects via USB 2.0 So far, I have tried burning to both Memorex BD-R Blu-ray discs and Verbatim BD-R Blu-ray discs but have had no luck. I don't want to waste anymore discs, so will have to go and get a rewritable for future tests. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, thoughts, or experience with these issues? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Stokes
  15. I am confused about what I should have received with my purchase of the Easy VHS to DVD for Mac. Does anyone have information to clarify any of the following issues? What I received in the package does appear to match what is described in the reviews or on the ROXIO web page. I received: 1 capture device 1 adapter for Video/Audio connections 1 USB Extension Cable 1 CD with only two items: the Roxio Video Capture.app and its Documentation. The web page states that Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac Contents: Installation CD, including Easy VHS to DVD Capture software Roxio® Toast® 9 Basic disc burning software [*]Roxio Video Capture USB hardware USB extension cable Video Inputs: Composite video (RCA) and S-Video (mini-DIN) Audio Inputs: Stereo audio (RCA) First, should Toast Basic have been included? The package does NOT list Toast Basic as part of the contents. But the ROXIO web page does, as noted above. Second, the version of the Roxio Video Capture app I received is v2.0.1, dated 04 Oct 2012. The "single" screen of this app looks nothing like the "multiple" screen shots advertised on the ROXIO web page for this product. The reviews appear to only discuss versions such as v1.0.3 for the Mac. In addition, the ROXIO web page only provides an update to v1.0.5 for download. If v2.0.1 is the current version, why isn't there an update to v2.0.1? Third, the documentation included appears to match the app's single screen for the video capture. But then the documentation describes using a "Preview" and "Trim" function, plus a "Save and Send" function. None of these functions are available on any buttons or menus within the Roxio Video Capture.app (v2.0.1) as far as I can find. I am expecting a replacement package from Amazon.com because of these issues. But if the replacement is the same as the first package, how do I purchase the correct package? Or is there a better choice? One alternative is to purchase Toast 11 Titanium or Pro. But it is not clear to me if these packages contain the Capture Device and cables. Thanks Frank
  16. gburghes

    Error Code -36 & -19

    Hello, First time posting. Here's the issue. We had some people film a live event the other week. They filmed on a RED camera and I'm going to edit the footage up into a short award acceptance. They've given me the files on 3 discs. When I put the disc in my computer (Mac running Mountain Lion, 10.8.2) Roxio Toast opens up a window. The window tells me the disc is spanned and I need to extract the data. Fine. When I run the extraction and try to have the files land in an external had drive I get one of the following errors. Error -36 or Error -19 Once these errors show up it aborts the file extraction completely. I have no idea what these mean or how to fix them so I can actually edit the footage. Any help is much appreciated -G
  17. Hi Roxio Community, Have a problem with Toast 11. Trying to burn a Disc Image created in Adobe Encore. When I drag in the .iso file from Finder it loads up as expected but when I go into the settings it shows that the quality is only Very Good and not Identical as it shows when I copy direct from a DVD directly as opposed to an iso file? The compression is showing as 'Low' and the quality is less than 100% match to the original. Why is this? I have already encoded it Toast please don't try and re-encode it! In seriousness, is it something that will be a problem? Should I just burn it from Disk Utility? Really appreciate any help or advice. Best wishes, Alex
  18. just installed snow leopard 10.6.8 onto my imac. and would like the update for Toast 8. Need 8.0.3 Can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  19. edited: just installed snow leopard 10.6.8 onto my imac. and would like the update for Toast 8. Need 8.0.3 Can't find it anywhere.Can anyone help? Thanks!
  20. roxiodog

    Toast 11 Won't Install

    I purchased Toast Titanium 11- ESD a few days ago and it won't install on my iMac OS 10.7.2 (error message is attached) There is an OS update available 10.7.5 for my machine which I haven't yet installed - is this causing the issue? Regards Dan Steele
  21. Howdy, I've just purchased my first blu-ray drive from OWC and purchased the fabulous Toast 11 with the blu-ray plug-in. I noticed that the maximum bit-rate option for authoring blu-ray discs is 26mbps: http://i.imgur.com/TmX4M.png However, I notice that commercial movies typically play at a max of around 32mbps as I've seen with The Avengers and Prometheus. Is there a way to go beyond 26mbps or another piece of software that'll do that? thanks.
  22. Hi all, when I convert videos i send them to my vimeo account. I have a new vimeo account how do I switch from one account to the other??
  23. I have recently changed to recording in Eye TV using mpeg-4 best or custom settings instead of mpeg-2. When trying subsequently to create a disc image in Toast as soon as I hit "edit" to set 'text' 'chapter' etc Toast hangs and has to be force quit. I have updated to the latest Toast 11.1, re-indexed the Eye TV files, tried cutting a small bit off the start of the Eye TV file, removed plist etc and it still continues. Mpeg-2, .avi etc all seem to still be OK but mpeg-4 Eye TV no way! The strange thing is I think it did work once when I first used mpeg-4 but subsequently it continuously fails. I can't see what updates could have affected it - it is less than a week ago and I don't recall a Mac update (on MacBook Pro 10.6.8). No Eye TV updates, I have been playing around with Handbrake including a new version but .......? Any help appreciated!
  24. I have now tried installing and reinstalling Toast Tit. 11.1 several times since upgrading to Lion and upgrading from TT 11.04. Every time I hit the "Burn" button, the app crashes and restarts and the cycle begins again - and again - and again. Only reversion back to 11.04 allows me to burn discs (no matter what type) in TT. I use Toast a great deal for burning music for my radio program - and while previous versions have not been entirely friendly to all aspects of Mac, this is impossible. I have seen posts elsewhere that mention this crashing business in Lion. What is up and why haven't complaint spawned investigations and repair? MacPowerBook 2010 / OSX 10.7.5 / 8GB RAM / 350GB HD Thanks. AD
  25. jimccjr

    Toast Downsizing Video And Resolution

    I have an MPEG-2 file that is 5.21 GB and looks great when played on my Mac with VLC. When I try to burn it to a dual-layer disc, Toast downsizes the file to 2.64 GB and the resolution is no longer as crisp or sharp. Any idea why this is happening or suggestions? Thanks! Input file 44:15 Video: MPEG-2, 1920 x 1080, 29.97 fps Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1, 48000 Hz Output file Video: MPEG-2, 4.0 Mbps (8.0 Mbps max) Audio: Dolby Digital 192 kbps