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Found 43 results

  1. Here is what I am looking for, I got the capture card for my son. We tried it out and everything seems to work as needed but he noticed a bit of a lag when capturing. We were advised that he needs to have the capture running on a pc monitor and play as normal on his tv. Any ideas on how this can be done? I was thinking HDMI splitter, but to me it would seem that this would still display the same image on both screens. I need capture software (video) or whatever you call it running on the PC monitor, and the TV displaying as if the capture was not even running, so it appears as normal game play. I hope this all makes sense, I am trying to wrap my head around it all as I do not play games or do capture. Thanks for all the help in advance.
  2. Sorry, I had to re-post this as I accidentaly clicked 'problem solved' when I posted it before. I've just bought a 'Roxio Game Capture HD Pro' to capture footage from my Wii U. The Wii U uses HDMI cables or the old Wii's AV cables and is NOT HDCP protected. I have seen videos on YouTube of people who are capturing from the Wii U using this device. They plug one end of the Wii U's HDMI cable into the output slot of the Wii U and the other end into the input slot of the game capture device. Another HDMI cable is used to go from the output of the capture device to the TV. Also, the capture device has a USB cord going from the output of the device to the PC. SO, I have downloaded the software that came with the device and launched it in capture mode, plugged in all of the cords I mentioned above, the capture device lit up meaning that it was being powered and the software refreshed itself or loaded a bit to show that it had detected the device, I turned on my TV, switched to the HDMI input mode, turned on my Wii U, AND....nothing. There was nothing displayed in the capture software and nothing displayed on the TV. It also said: "No Signal" in the software like it did before I turned the Wii U on. As I said before, I know this device works with Wii U, as I've seen YouTube videos of people who have done it. I did exactly what they did and it didn't work. I followed the same instructions as what it is said to do to capture from an Xbox 360, as it works the same way, still didn't work. As I mentioned, the Wii U isn't HDCP protected. I know it's not a problem with the software, because the Wii U isn't showing up on my TV either. I know that both of my HDMI cables are working as when I try plugging each one from the Wii U to the TV normally without the capture device, it works perfectly. So the only thing I can think of is that the 'Roxio Game capture HD Pro' that I've got is broken, but I don't know for sure. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  3. elliotnugvf

    Signal Protected On Xbox 360?

    So i bought my hd pro and set it up and it worked perfectly fine for about 2 hours, then the visual input went and i only got sound, so i restarted everything and i got the signal protected message, with no input at all to the tv, and some fuzzy lines on the preview screen. I have tried changing lots of settings and reinstalling etc. i also tested it on different computers. There seems to be no fix for signal protected on an xbox???? I am starting to think that my hardware is broken... Any help will be greatly appreciated as i am thinking of getting a refund after a week or 2 of trying to fix the problem.
  4. HiberNater

    Tv Display Problems

    The game capture device works great doing everything i expected it to, except for one thing. It severely diminishes the quality of the game play on my actual television, not the recording. All the recordings i've done so far look and sound great, but my television display has become filled with lines of static running across my television. Now it's not so bad that i can't use it, but i think my gameplay would improve if i could see my television clearly while i'm recording. Advise/help??
  5. Neonkitsune

    Use An Older Tv With Roxio Hd Pro?

    This is probably a stupid question, but I wanted to be sure of this before I decided which Roxio to get. I have an older TV (One from the early 90's) and I want to get the Roxio HD PRO. I know I can't hook an HDMI cable to this TV, but I can use component cables. I was wondering if, because I'm using a different connection, I could still get a decent quality recording (Higher than 480p, preferrably 720p), or if I should save my money and get the standard Roxio Game Capture.
  6. Hi everyone, So i got a Roxio Game Capture 1 yesterday and ive just set it up today, i followed all the tutorials to set it up... All the leads are in the right places, the software is installed and up to date, I run the program.. it loads up fine... i just pressed the edit button to start with.... that came up on the computer fine, so i exit out of that and press CAPTURE! Now it begins to load.... it starts to open all the interface then my computer screen goes black saying "NO VIDEO SIGNAL" - I restart the computer its fine.... i try again "CAPTURE" no video signal..... If anyone can help me with this issue i would really appreciate it ALSO i have my Xbox AND my PC running through my TV, i'm not sure if that makes a difference or not.... I've tried switching resolutions on my Xbox and PC.... nothing helped, ive watched countless youtube videos on how to set it up..... nothing helped (Yes its on 1080i and about the capture settings, i cant get onto the capture page to change them as it blacks out...) If anyone out there can help me please
  7. I have a problem with my Game Capture HD PR and xbox 360 using HDMI cable connections. All connected are double checked and as per setup requirements. I have check all cable connections and they are all working I can see it on the feed on my PC but I only get two lines appearing on the left hand side of a black TV screen - so there is something getting through but nout the picture. I have tried using componant cables to connects from the Roxio to the TV, but I do not get a signal - justr a black screen on TV. I did discover if I tried to record / connect or unconnect cable I would sometimes get the xbox image flickering on the TV screen for a moment. When it is it is set up for my PS3 it works fine. Any suggestions.......
  8. Ok so i just got the standard Roxio Game Capture and i did everything it said to do with installation but i am getting a green no signal when i am trying to capture. I can hear the audio but i cannot see anything. Please Help i fix the green tv problem but not the no signal problemo
  9. Hello, I'm having trouble with my roxio game capture on my tv. My tv don't have a component video out,he has wel 2 hdmi and 1 scart. Please help me. Greetings, HolyShotPS3
  10. I am just starting my YouTube channel, and my intentions are to make gaming videos. I have just hooked up my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro to my Sony Model KP-46WT510, and the settings are supposed to be at 1080i, which they are. The issue is that the TV screen is blank, and the only thing on it is in the top left corner it says, "Video 7." What the heck is wrong?
  11. TJ Warby

    No Tv Signal

    Hi, I'm having issues with my Roxio HD Pro, I am getting a perfect signal on my Roxio on the capture programme but nothing is coming up on the TV I am using HDMI leads and I only have 1 HDMI port on my TV, I have my input from the xbox to the Roxio and the output from the roxio to the TV but nothing... The wires are fine and I can play the xbox without the Roxio being there.. Help!!
  12. ThatOneGuyWithThatOneThing

    Picture Trouble...

    So I got a Roxio game capture HD pro for Christmas and ever since i tried setting it up i have been having problems... First: I am trying to record my PS2/PS3 i have tried and both have the same problem. the problem being that when i use: component -> device -> component -> TV the image on my TV come out very dark making it almost impossible to see what i'm doing when i play games but when i use: Component -> device -> HDMI -> TV the colouring is wrong. however in both cases on PC in the preview box it is completely normal. Second: I record a few levels of 'Crash bandicoot' from my ps2 and the video appears to shake and flicker(i dont know if this is because its an old game) but it only shakes when crash moves or there's an object that moves in the screen (it does not shake in the game only the video). Third: In the software when i go to the options the only resolution i can get is 576i, this is for my PS2 and PS3. i bought a set of speedlink component cables off of 'Play.com' to try to get a better quality video however i do not know how well this will work. Additional information: I am using an LG TV which is 720p I am using windows 8 on my PC the component cables i am using are: http://www.play.com/Games/PlayStation3/4-/3326138/557968176/Sony-PS3-Component-AV-Cable/ListingDetails.html if video/photos are needed i can provide. as a last thought if there is no way to fix any of these (which is very, very, very unlikely) is it possible to get a refund? Any help will be appreciated thanks in advance.
  13. I speak Spanish, sorry if I'm using a translator is not understandable, I buy a Roxio Game Capture is working well, but not seen on TV, you only see a black screen that says invalid format, this only happens when I have the option HDTV the xbox, when I choose the TV in xbox, if I can see on TV, but not the PC. I've seen tutorials on how to install and connect the components but not served me, idk if my tv is the problem this is LG. It will be a compatibility issue? Roxio in PC
  14. flamesuponme

    No Signal On Tv But On Laptop

    I just got my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Yesterday and was trying to install it. I read the manuals and watched the Youtube videos to see how to set it up. I connected everything together but there is a problem. The video and audio is showing up on my laptop in 1080 but there is no output on my Roxio (TV displays "No Signal"). I tried using HDMI and Component for the output and also the input. Right now my, the Xbox and Roxio are connected via HDMI. The light on my Roxio is on HDMI and i checked the settings in the software. Is my Roxio broken? My TV is a VIZIO 32” Class LCD TV Model: E321VL And Laptop is Dell Inspiron N411Z With i5 2.5GHz CPU, 8 GB Ram, 64 Bit operating system.
  15. American Smurf

    Not Showing Up On Tv

    Hi so i bought a roxio game capture hd pro and the quality is great. The problem is while i have the hdmi input in the roxio, when i try to plug the hdmi out into the computer monitor it says no source. They work fine on their own but not together. Anyone know how to fix this?
  16. This is going to hard to explain but i'm going to try anyway. I am having an issue with the roxio where it randomly causes my tv picture to blackout and then re-appear. I was at first able to live with this as it doesn't affect my recording at all, but recently its been blacking out much more constantly (around every 1-5 seconds) and stays blacked out for around 5-10 seconds which is really annoying as i literally don't have any idea whats happening in my game. If i had epilepsy i would be dead. The below file shows whats happening. Roxio Error.wmv
  17. JohnnyJoMP

    Convert Mov To Itunes Video Format

    Just starting out with Toast 11 Platinum. I converted some Utube music videos to mov format, but the file sizes are so huge (2gb+ each)that I want to convert them to smaller files to put on my iphone. When I converted them to iPhone format, iTunes put them in as TV shows rather than movies. Copying the files to the movies folder has not helped. Going back and re-capturing the videos from utube is a possibility if it will result in better quality. How can I get itunes to recognize them as music (preferred) or as movies (2nd choice) instead of TV shows? Thanks in advance for any help. JoHN~
  18. hello every one i need some help i have a SD TV and i use a ps3 to record so i use the yellow white and red cables. that wont work with the roxio i know there was a way with the X-box 360 to recored but my other cables dont have the yellow one in it like the X-box does i was wondering if i could get universal cables and use the same method people use on the X-box with the ps3 any help would be greatful! have a nice day. btw these are the cables i would buy http://www.walmart.c...7-Tips/20970610