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Found 56 results

  1. Hello everyone on this discussion page and everyone in roxio, I have a serious issue and I need a Guru to help me out (or anyone on that matter) A group and I are creating a film on Xbox Live, and we use a Roxio Game Capture Card to record it with. Since our laptop had gone into repair, it came out with a bigger issue than we thought. Apparently, there were so many viruses in the computer that it actually crashed the hard drive, meaning everything had to be wiped; and in the process, removing the Roxio Game Capture software. We have spent about a week looking for the installation disk, but we have had no luck. So I am asking Roxio if they could help me in any way possible to get the software back. Please? Also, just a few notices 1) We have no support code 2) The disk is lost 3) We would be happy if Roxio or a Guru can contact us on here and send us a link to a software download. We will do anything they ask (I.e. Send a pic of the product etc.) Thank you and I hope to hear from you ASAP as filming starts this week Thanks
  2. Alenori

    Red " No Singal " Issues ( Xbox Hdmi )

    I looked around on here on have found nothing so far, I looking into going into the services area, and fixing the roxio media thing, can't fully remember the name. That did not work either. I attached an RGC log as well. I have tried 1. Uninstalling, re-installing. 2. repairing. 3. removing device software/drivers, and then re-installing. Still did not work. Help would be appreciated. RGC_Log_9212013_0.txt
  3. AlexLeightrot

    Non Slim?

    I honestly looked everywhere to find out if it's possible to use the Game Capture HD Pro on a NON Slim Xbox360. would it still work if I just hooked it up and then used an HDMI from the GameCap to the TV? Do I need some kind of adapter for GRB/RCA to HDMI? If anyone has these answers, or has done it and It works. Please send me an E-mail at XXXXX Thanks! Edit: removed email address
  4. Hi all Ive setup the gamecap with my xbox360 and my win8 laptop. All installs fine and ive set all cables up correctly and settings as per tutorials. It passes through the picture fine to the tv yet the preview on the laptop is slightly fuzzy (almost a bit pixelated) Are there any other settings I should look for or Is there any issues with win8 and the software. I tried the update but that didnt seem to work. is there a link for the latest software for win8? any pointers welcome Craig
  5. Butch Camel

    Capture Length Question

    I was wondering if I were to record a full game (the one I want to record is Bioshock Infinite) and I dont want to stop and start the recording again, should I record it fully or would that be a bad Idea? Would there be holes in the clip, like random black screen? It would be great if anyone could answer this
  6. I was just wandering if we will be able to record our gameplay on PS4 and or on XBO(xbox one)? THX
  7. Shiny Tomato

    How To Download?

    Hey Guys, I just bought my Roxio game capture hd pro today and my computer doesn't have a disc tray, so I went on this website to try to use the serial number to download, but how do you download it?
  8. I know that you can set time limits to the capturing but after the time set ends it doesn't make anymore videos, is there a way to do this without having to get up and hit capture again so it will record, hit the limit, stop, then start again? Is that possible?
  9. Ok well when i launch the softwearit works for about 1 min then a small bluescreen pops up and says that they shut down windows and for me to check for a BIOS update and i did then there were no updates avalible. then it just restarts . i have a 4gb ram and still crashes
  10. I have the original xbox 360 (white) and I got my new roxio capture hd pro for christmas, I have everything plugged in correctly, I have checked many times. I am using the HDMI inputs and outputs and when I do this I get no signal on the software and it doesn't even recognize anything is plugged in ( Not even on device manager ), and also when I go to the xbox 360 nothing shows up on my TV. I spent alot of money on this and would be very greatful to anyone who could help.
  11. Hi all, first time post here. So I've been using Roxio for a few months now and it works great except that when I connect it my image becomes dark and washed out. I'm using a Win7 computer with Roxio GameCap HD. My Xbox is connected via component... here's where it might get a bit jumbled so I'll try and explain it as best I can. My tv is mounted to my wall and is an LG 3dtv that is extremely flat and therefore very difficult to be changing the cables every time I use it.. Now I solved my problem by buying an extra component cable which I'd need anyway. I also bought a coupler, both for component and rca. To give you an idea, this is the kind of thing I'm talking about. I have my cables that are going into my TV act as my Roxio output. (They're male-to-male cables) When I have my Xbox connected via my couplers, my display is find and sounds fine. When I connect to Roxio, the colors become washed out and desaturated. There's also a slight static sound, very low though. To illustrate further, this is my setup Roxio: Xbox wires>coupler>component input to tv. With it, it's the same except I remve the coupler and add Roxio in between. Any idea on how I can fix the colors? That's my main issue. Also,the colors issue is also recorded in Roxio so I know it's not my cables.
  12. theadjectivenoun@gmail.com

    Hardware Doesn't Get Signal From Xbox To Pc

    I just installed the game capture pro on my laptop and PC. It crashed both of them did a system restore on both now six days later I cannot get a signal to record or live cast. Anybody have any suggestions. I hate spending $100+ dollars on a product I cannot use.
  13. Hey guys, I just recently bought my Roxio Game Capture Standard Edition, and my friend and I were planning to use it for videos on our YouTube channel. So the other day we set it up and decided to run a test capture. We started up Black Ops 2, and started the capture, and it went for about 3:00 of in-game play against bots and whatnot. Then we went to the preview and wanted to see how the quality was. The NORMALLY deep voices of a 20-year old man saying "Enemy UAV Inbound" and stuff sounded like a 8-year old child who hadn't hit puberty yet. Actually, it sounded more sped up than altered, so like 2x or something, but the video playback was going second by second like normal time would. Also, we noticed that whenever he would shoot, no sound would come out until 5 seconds later or before, I'm not too sure because there was a lot of guns shooting. Bottom line, it was off by a lot. Does anyone know how to fix these problems??
  14. I'm going to buy the normal capture card, and 20 inch HD monitor, and a gateway computer. If I have my xbox hooked up to my monitor, and not my TV, will I still be able to record it? Thanks in advance.
  15. I plugged up the HDMI's and hooked up the usb, and I'm getting a green static on the right. What do I Do?
  16. I am planning on buying the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, but one feature I need is for the capture card to record voice in my Xbox Live party chat/game chat. I'm not sure if the HD Pro does this, and if it does its not very clear in the product page. Thanks
  17. That guy with a HD PVR

    Can't Record?

    Right now I am using HDMI, I have everything setup correctly, but yet my roxio capture software says no signal in red, this happened after I repaired because of an earlier editing lag I had. I can see my xbox on my TV fine though....
  18. *UPDATE* can any questions you have please be directed to my YouTube account (where the video is) please as i have my email set up to it and i can get very quick replies back.. i do not regularly check this forums post. Apologies to Bossmanbank21 for not stating this earlier. Hey guys, like many people who are on this forum or just people who use the roxio to put out youtube videos the issue of how to record live commentaries has always been a big one but through various videos and web surfing i have found a way to do this. it is all explained in the video which i have linked down below, i have tested this method myself on any gameplays and i am currently deciding which one to upload to my linked youtube channel to show as proof that this method does work... more information will be in the video description and in the video itself.. if you do have any questions or queries please can you post them on to the youtube video as i have the account linked to my phone and it will be much easier for me to answer them.. i hope this method works for you watch the video for the full explanation. Happy recording Heres my twitter: @GnG_Productions [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHpna4SexZ0[/media]
  19. I'm trying to set up my xbox with the game capture HD on a new computer but I can't get a signal when I plug the roxio in. My current set up is a computer monitor with HDMI input as a display. When I just have the HDMI cable plugged into the 360, it works, so I know that's fine. The computer monitor is not plugged into the computer or anything like that. However, when I plug the 360 into the Roxio and the Roxio into the computer monitor, I don't get a signal. I've tried both with the USB cable plugged in and unplugged from the computer. I know the Roxio worked on my previous set up - a basic laptop and a flat screen TV. I recorded some footage on it but I wanted to hook it up to a more powerful computer with more hard drive space so I could experiment with live streaming and so forth.
  20. My Roxio does something weird when i record (also while non-recording) I've used the set-up as i did a few months ago but back then it wasn't that bad yet. I hooked up everything right. Also my computer screen (wich is: Samsung Syncmaster 24") keeps toggling between "Digital" and "Analog" and after a while "Check cables" Back then what happend (14-9-2012): What happens now (03-03-2013): Set-up: Xbox > Component > Roxio Xbox > Audio > Roxio Roxio > USB > Computer Roxio Audio output > 2x tulp to 3.5mm jack > pc subwoofer speaker set Roxio > Component > Component-to-hdmi Component-to-hdmi > hdmi-to-dvi > Computer monitor Video i've used: Has this happend to anyone before? and does anyone know how to fix this?
  21. elliotnugvf

    Signal Protected On Xbox 360?

    So i bought my hd pro and set it up and it worked perfectly fine for about 2 hours, then the visual input went and i only got sound, so i restarted everything and i got the signal protected message, with no input at all to the tv, and some fuzzy lines on the preview screen. I have tried changing lots of settings and reinstalling etc. i also tested it on different computers. There seems to be no fix for signal protected on an xbox???? I am starting to think that my hardware is broken... Any help will be greatly appreciated as i am thinking of getting a refund after a week or 2 of trying to fix the problem.
  22. SwizzBeats412


    Hello everyone, So this is what happened: I had a laptop that worked perfectly with my roxio, than my screen broke and I got a new laptop. Now, I can't even use my roxio because I lost the code. Any help?
  23. TJ Warby

    No Tv Signal

    Hi, I'm having issues with my Roxio HD Pro, I am getting a perfect signal on my Roxio on the capture programme but nothing is coming up on the TV I am using HDMI leads and I only have 1 HDMI port on my TV, I have my input from the xbox to the Roxio and the output from the roxio to the TV but nothing... The wires are fine and I can play the xbox without the Roxio being there.. Help!!
  24. I keep going to my roxio and this pops up and I am just lost and I have no idea what I am doing, please help! I dont want this to be a waste of money!
  25. BeaSTWiTHiN

    How Can I Manage My Xbox Parties Volume?

    Now, there is no need to crucify me off the bat here, I already know how to record my own voice in videos and can hear my party as well. I am quite proficient with editing software and understand the value of a slate to do a "marker" when needed. NOW, what I need help with is say when I play Halo 4 with my friends, their voices seem very quiet and the game audio is drowning them out. I know Xbox has an option in preferences to change it up, but I feel like it has little to no effect on what I'm doing. Though I do believe I am doing something wrong because many people have there audio perfect. Is there perhaps two different channels? Such as Party chat on one and game audio on the other so I can manage both and turn one down accordingly? Because right now if I turn up chat the volume in the "capture" window it just raises everything up not just game volume. My set up is: Turtle Beach X11 with the Green "headphone" line-in going to the TV with the Red and White inputs that come with it. The Pink "Microphone" jack goes into my Laptop so I can record audio with my own programs. The Roxio HD Pro goes into my laptop as well. In summary: How can I turn up my Xbox party chat and turn down my game volume so there is a happy equilibrium. Cheers.