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Found 56 results

  1. Hi need help just received my roxio this morning excited i setup straight im setup right for xbox with hdmi's but i cant seem to get it to work i have hdmi running from xbox to roxio then hdmi from roxio to tv all good i try capture n i just get blue screen with the signal jumping between signal protected and no signal ive looked at videos for solution and they have setting that i don't videos are old so i just think its all automatic now but then i messed with the display settings on xbox and i got a black screen with the signal saying its ok and then i could change my profile in settings to 480p or 720 but still didn't get a picture frustrated i then tried it on my ps3 threw component from ps3 to roxio then hdmi to my tv and i had a pic in my preview window on pc but when i went to hdmi channel i had sound with a black screen settings were on 720 i think its just the settings but i cant work it out. ANY help would be much appreciated thank you in advance.
  2. i plugged in my hd pro via hdmi from xbox and to the tv. everything plays fine and captures fine, but theres no sound to my tv or to the captured game. i can hear everything through my turtle beach headset, but nothing comes out of the tv. any ideas?
  3. Brazenhead89

    Setup Help - Using One Screen

    Hi, I'm new to all this. There's a chance I'm making a schoolboy technical error. I use the same TV for both my PC and my Xbox, as it has both VGA and HDMI inputs. I simply change inputs via my TV remote depending on which of the two I want on screen. Simple. However, I think this may have something to do with my problem. I'm connecting my Xbox 360 to the HD PRO, and sending the output - naturally - to my television via HDMI as well. The PC is currently connected to my TV via typical VGA. I thought that this would only be a minor niggle and that I could simply hit 'record' from the HD PRO software, tune my TV into the HDMI, and play my game on-screen whilst the software ran in the background, off-screen. Apparently not; I am having a WEALTH of problems. First of all, the software is picking up absolutely no connections from my Xbox at all, I simply receive a 'No Signal' error from the capture screen. Connecting the Xbox directly to the TV, changing my settings to any of the compatible video formats, and then reconnecting my setup like before doesn't seem to make a blind bit of difference. Switching my TV between HDMI and PC inputs doesn't hep the issue either - if anything my television seems to spazz out, flickering manically and generally having a rough time of it all. I've tried reinstalling both the software and drivers, different HDMI ports, even swapping my two HDMI cables around, all to no avail. I can only presume that having both the HD PRO software and the Xbox console both being viewed on the same device is causing conflict. Will I need seperate screens for both my PC and Xbox? It's not a deal-breaker if I do, but it certainly is a bummer. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  4. Doughboy

    Xbox To Roxio Lag

    Ok, So when I want to record, I start up my xbox and my roxio capture card software. When I do something on my xbox it has about a 3 second lag to record it on my roxio hd gamecap device. I have made sure that all my settings are correct on the roxio/xbox and have brand new HDMI cables, so its not the cables. My computer specs Manufacturer- Dell Model- m5010 Rating- 4.5 windows experience index Processor- AMD Phenom (Roman numeral 2) n850 Triple core processor 2.20 GHz Ram- 4 GB 3.75 usable OS- 64-bit
  5. I got my Roxio game capture a few days a go, I never hooked it up because I knew I needed regular HDMI cords instead of the one I had. So I opened it up and hooked it up and everything, but it wouldn't install because I needed the Software disc. I never got one with my order :/ Is there anything I could do about it?
  6. Hello, I just buy the Game Capture and I live in Spain, I have a XBOX360 purchased in America and my TV is from Spain, does not have RGB connectors, Spain televisions do not have RGB connectors, we RCA in Spain, my TV is this image http://images03.olx.es/ui/11/38/46/1306228069_206893246_1-Fotos-de--TV-LED-Blusens-22.jpg I connect everything, but I can not connect RGB cables, that can not be. I did what I put into this video The console looks perfect, but it looks very bad when in the PC, the image is distorted and black and white. TV Standard What I have to put to live in Spain and have an American console? sorry for my bad English, I'm learning