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Found 141 results

  1. Kittie Rat

    No Gameplay Audio

    Good afternoon, I have recently bought my Roxio HD Pro, for the main purpose of livestreaming. The other day when I was testing it out on Twitch TV, it was working absolutely fine. I tried again today, but I don't have any gameplay audio this time. And that also includes when I capture some gameplay too. I'm wondering if it had anything to so with the update I did on the Astros Mixamp 2013, as I hadn't had that plugged into my PC before. I have set everything up as it says on the instructions and like I said, it was working perfectly the other day. Thank you muchly Kittie Rat http://www.twitter.com/halo_kittie http://www.ratsclan.com
  2. Wayne_mc

    No Sound Using Acer Monitor

    going from HDMI to Roxio to Monitor i get a great picture cant fault that but their isnt any audio at all however i noticed something i have not seen on my xbox before this: under current settings it says 1920 x 1080 widescreen DVI+A now im uncertain what to do normally it says HDMI under widescreen and the only way upto now ive been able to get audio is by turning display discovery off but then it completely tears the image so only half shows and it boots it down to 480p is their anyway to get audio working and keep it at 1080p
  3. I use an integra stereo connected to my television and several speakers. If I plug the audio cables from the game capture into the tv will i still draw/record the audio, or should I plug the audio cables from the came capture into the stereo system?
  4. Hello, i just recently bought a roxio game capture card for xbox 360, I've got all the cables and plugge them in the right spots. Now that i've done that i have changed the resolution to 1080i i think its called, and on my computer i can hear the sounds but the screen is all black? Please help me asap!!
  5. I just installed Easy CD and DVD Burning 10.3.104, and un-installed the previous version from 2 or 3 years ago. In creating an audio cd, I'm trying to edit a song in the trim/fade option of the quick sound editor. I don't seem to be able to remove a piece from the middle of the song. I know the previous version allowed me to do this. I don't think they'd remove this option, so does anyone know how to do this?
  6. When I attempt to edit .mts files in videowave I am getting no audio. I play the videos in Windows media player and they work fine. Is there something I'm not doing or seeing? Thanks for any help
  7. MacXGaming

    Ps3 Audio !@#% Up

    Hello Roxio I have a Roxio Capture HD Pro to record my PS3, but the green "cable" in my component cable !@#% my sounds up. What can i do?
  8. Greenglass

    Videowave - No Audio

    I have used Creator 2009 successfully for a long time. When I bought a new computer with Windows 7, it didn't function, so I bought Creator NXT PRO. When I add an .mpg video file in Videowave there is no audio, even though it plays perfectly well with audio in Windows Media Player. I have even tried .mpg video files that I have previously made in to DVDs successfully with Creator 2009 - but still no audio. Can anybody suggest why this might be happening and how I can resolve this issue?
  9. So this thing has been working great but I've tried rendering this video 6 times already and each time they have no game sound. The game I was recording was Dead Space 3 in 1080i video is 39 minutes long. Anyways the only audio I hear after I Render it is my commentary and absolutely no Game sound from dead space. I cant figure it out can someone give me an easy solution.
  10. Hi, I am using Roxio 2011 and its been working great for a long time... recently I have stated to use the Copy & Convert function and I am having a problem with the Options | Audio & Subtitle |Subtitle feature. I am unable to turn it off! The "None" selection does not hold. When I press "Ok" it will default back to "English Bigger..." This happens to 80% 0f the movies I am trying to convert How can I turn subtitles set to NONE or OFF... Using Roxio 2011 Copy & Convert feature Convert to Zune - From (original) Audio_TS/Video_TS folder/file format to MPEG4 I have tried selecting ALL files to only the Movie_1 file and nothing seems to make any difference to solve this issue. Anyone got any suggestions how I can resolve this issue? Thanks in advance Phill
  11. when using Creator.... i was able to upload an MKV file and convert to ISO. however Audio will not burn... so when playing back i get a perfect Menu, Perfect Video quality... but i can't hear anything.... need help...
  12. Using W7 Pro, all updated etc.. When first installed, connected stero input to mic, from audio out from stereo (all checked OK, used on another computer) auto level went to minimum but no recording. after several tries one channel stopped working, then the second. Result; auto level sets to maximum but still no input. Should I; 1. re-install, 2. try repair in windows control 3. dump and try another program? All I want to do is copy a stack of LPs to CDs Thanks David M
  13. Occasionally there are drop-outs of the audio for a fraction of a second. When it occurs, it appears repeatable, and it is also present in the exported movie/slideshow. It is almost as if the audio file is corrupt, however it plays fine in other tools. I have tried encoding the audio with different bit rates, including VBR and the problem remains. When I edit the audio in the Videowave audio editor, the audio plays correctly. This is a roadblock to finishing a slideshow for a memorial service. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hello need some help with the Audio i am not receiving from my tv, and the ringing noise i am getting from my laptop in the preview of the capture and the recording when i am done, the only place i get good audio form are my tritons that are hooked up! someone please help me, thanks!
  15. SuicideTherapy

    Cant Seem To Find Audio Tab.

    So I recently got the Gamecap Pro HD I installed it I what the Roxio video saida nd the paper that came with it, blah, blah, blah, so after im trying to find the Audio tab in options and it seems It's not there. Also there is no Line Gamecap in my recording devices, it would be nice for people to try and help me solve both of these problems and not just get one fixed, Thanks.
  16. Roscoe Del Fava

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro No Audio

    Hi there I'm having a problem with my roxio game capture HD pro. Whenever I try to record any gameplay from my xbox 360, there is never any audio coming from my TV or in the recorded video, I've tried other HDMI cables but the problem remains. If I connect the xbox to the TV without the roxio HD pro via HDMI the audio is fine. It records perfectly, there just isn't any sound to go with it. I currently have the game capture pro connected to my PC, but I tried connecting it to a laptop, with the game capture pro recording software installed and up to date, but I still got the no audio issue. Also when I connect my xbox directly to my TV, the display settings on the xbox show that my TV screen resolution is at 1080p, widescreen, HDMI. Yet when I'm connected through the roxio HD Pro it changes to 1920x1080, widescreen, DVI. Could this change be what's causing the loss of audio? Any and all help would be appreciated thanks
  17. Taurenonasnowboard

    Audio Looping

    I'm recording on my PC, and all is going well, UNTIL I look at the recording. The moment ANY audio comes up, it loops to almost no end, with each loop getting quieter and quieter. I have no Idea what I'm doing wrong. In case the problem is the setup, here it is. I'm using one laptop, with the HDMI coming from that into the input port, as well as the USB connected to the same laptop.
  18. pokeypummel17

    No Audio On Tv Or Capture?

    After installing the software I am getting no audio on either the TV or the capture software. I am hooked up via HDMI and I am getting video perfectly fine it's just that there is no audio. I read somewhere that in device manager there's supposed to be 2 different Roxio drivers under "Sound, video and game controllers" but I only have one. Help?
  19. Hi, I was wondering how you save a narration file as an audio file, after narrating it, into a folder in your libraries (or whatever you please). Since I am using Turtle Beach X12's (PC and Xbox) the narration file sounds better than the Windows Sound Recorder by a bit so I would like to record with that. I have done it before but can't remember how, or it's my imagination and i haven't. I remember adding it in as a Sound Effect Audio (or whatever it's called). Anyways the main point is that I would like to know how to save/export it into my libraries. If that is not at all possible then I would really like to know your best Audio recording software that is free and for Windows 7. I do not have much money at the moment so that's why I would like it free. I have heard of one called Audacity and heard it was pretty good. Is that true?
  20. ukajman

    Roxio Hd Pro Audio Problem? Help?

    I just got my Roxio HD Pro for christmas, replacing my old Roxio Game Capture. I love it so far, the quality is way better than the SD Roxio. However, My old one also had audio problems at first, being was too loud when capturing, but was later fixed. Now, the new Roxio has a really weird high pitched buzzing sound that wont go away. Sounds like boiling water in a kettle. Listen for yourself here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTEWQOzCxzY As you can here, it has a really weird buzzing sound that sounds like it has rotary. It wont go away. I know its not my roxio, because even when i unplug the audio from the Game Capture HD itself, the program still makes the sound. As if the Media Import is the one adding the buzzing sound to the audio. I have no idea how to fix this, will someone please help? Thank you all so much!
  21. Hey Everyone, First off i'm using the Roxio HD Pro connected with HDMI cords, with a blue snowball microphone for voice overs. The problem that i am having is that in stream my voice over isn't syncing with when i say it in response to the video and audio... what's weird is that i am just now having this problem because for about 3 and a half weeks this thing has worked fine and the my mic had been in sync with the capture and stream, but now there is a delay between i say something and when it was said on stream... i didn't mess with any of the settings and now it randomly changed on me... sometimes its in sync, but if i have to restart the stream it won't be in sync. does anyone know how to fix this or can help me with the settings... i would call customer support but they want to charge me 20$ for calling them >.>
  22. Nismo4Life07

    Capture Hd Pro In-Game Com Capture?

    hey guys, so i just received the HD pro for christmas yesterday and i want to start using it asap. the biggest thing to me is capturing the in game coms along with the video. i play battlefield 3 religiously and am always on a squad with mics. i've seen youtube videos showing how to capture the coms but they arent very clear.... so my question is, what is the easiest, cheapest way to capture my voice, along with my squad chat with the gameplay on my ps3? im completely new to the game recording devices... Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  23. the-peoples-poet

    Synchronisation Help

    Hi all, Because I wasn't sure exactly where to put this question, I though I would put it here. I have a synchronisation issue with an AVI file. I only have one copy of this file and cannot get another copy from anywhere else. The audio is out of sync with the video by 700ms, I know this because someone recomended to me a piece of software called VirtualDub to fix this. It appeard to work, but when I uploaded the 'fixed' copy of the video file to Youtube, it was still out of sync, badly, and no matter how many times I tried to fix it, it still ended up out of sync on Youtube. Is there any process that would help me to fix this in Creator 2012? Seeing as Roxio is a lot more technical and professional than VirtualDub, I thought there would be a more permanent solution in there somewhere but not being an expert on these things, I am unsure of where to begin. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  24. So when I put the file into Sony Vegas, the file has no audio on it. Is there a fix for this? Cheers