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Found 205 results

  1. ParanoiaGuy

    Roxio Software

    I have a registered Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, but unfortunately I have lost the disc that came with it. Therefore after restarting my laptop I can no longer get the software again. Is there any way I could download it off of the website?
  2. Just updated all my hardware, so bought Creator Pro3. System is running on Windows 8.1. The capture works great, but now I want to add the guitar lessons from U-Tube onto my iPad. The old Creator program on the old laptop did this no problem, this latest version not so well. Attached are 3 photos: 1. It shows the captured videos installed in the program 2. It shows that the "Preview" operation works well 3. Despite selecting Apple, then iPad, the conversion works but not to the iPad. Where it's sending it to is an unknown. Basically what am I or the software doing wrong. Regards, NorThox
  3. So i just got the regular Capture card for capturing from consoles to PC, i hooked eveything up and installed everything. then i tryed capturing footage, it got the audio but the video was a static (not moving) or just black screen on PC screen. Is it a problem with the cables i used? i already tried the patch and that did not help one bit. please help!
  4. Hi, I've been trying to get my RGCHD working for a few hours now, I have installed the software from the original CD and still doesn't work. When I hit capture from the roxio software the stopped working and no solution was found. I have put it into compatibility mode, Windows 8 and Windows 7 still nothing. I then un-installed the software. I've installed with firewall and Anti Virus turned off with the local Administrator account. Updated to 1.1 still doesnt work Updated to 1.3 (1.2 isn't available) still doesnt work Updated to 2.0 service pack still doesnt work Tried repairing the software, still didnt work. Tried installing older verison of DirectX just incase. I have installed a third party application and the capture device is there but when selected there is multi colour lines on it. unsure what to do next
  5. MisterSniffles33

    Serious Software Issue

    Im having this same problem. I also get the green No Signal thing. Did I do something wrong???
  6. I upgraded from NXT Pro to NXT Pro 3 recently. With Nxt Pro, I was able to use the UB315-E capture USB devices without any problems. When I upgraded to NXT Pro 3, the video capture works fine, but the audio is horribly distorted. I tried loading a new driver for the capture device, reloaded the software, nothing worked. I am running Windows 7 on a 64-bit machine. Roxio support tells me that I can't get help until I register and get a code, I register, no code. Very frustrating. Any ideas?
  7. Hello i really need some help here. I have a Roxio Game Capture that doesn't seem to be working. I have tried uninstalling it, then re-installing it. I have tried to repair the device, and i have even tried the update on the Roxio web page. Nothing seems to work. If you have any ideas or things i could try PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know, I'm desperate to get this thing working again. Thanks and BTW I have a window 7- 64 bit computer
  8. Ok, so I got my new laptop and I had Roxio on my old PC. MY PC is not used anymore and I need to download Roxio onto my laptop. I have the Installation DVD and my key. Somebody help please??
  9. I just installed my Roxio HD Pro to my computer abd have my input HDMI cable on my computer, and output HDMI cable on my T.V., the circle on the hardware lights up purple and the HDMI notch is also lit up purple. My desktop is showing up on my Tv screen but when I click on the PC Capture button on my software, nothing happens. All of the other buttons work such as Console Capture, and Edit & Share. I also notice that my TV isn't showing the whole screen, it cuts off the edges, and only records things i drag off the edge of the screen (To the right). If i could get someone like a Guru to answer those problem it would be great. Thanks
  10. Hey fellas! I need some help and I was hoping you guys had some insight on this particular issue. Any and all ideas are welcome, and I'm sorry for the length of the post; I'm trying to be as specific as possible. I'm attempting to record 1 VHS-c home video tape that contains multiple clips totaling 1hr10m. and I'm able to properly view the entire length of the video through the video output while Recording in the EVD3plus software. The problem is that for some reason AFTER the tape finishes (stops on the VHS/DVD recorder) and the software auto-stops recording, what is captured is NOT always the entire length of the video. On the 1st attempt, it only captured 58m56s of 1hr10min. (The captured portion is missing approx. the first 10min of the tape) On the 2nd attempt, it only captured 16m16s of 1hr10min. (The captured portion is only the LAST 16min of the tape) (I selected the option on the software to stop recording after 1hr10m, thinking this might solve the issue) My workaround for now is capturing what is missing and editing it together. This is a MAJOR concern! I have already transferred 18 other VHS-c tapes of varies lengths without issues, but I'm starting to believe that maybe I might have missed some stuff on the other tapes as well. I will verify later on. Note: I'm transferring & converting VHS to MP4 files onto my computer using the built in converter options. (Not that I think this makes any difference because the MPEGs are the same incorrect length BEFORE its converted into MP4). Setup: Magnavox VHS/DVD recorder to EVD3plus to Win7pro x64 Other issues noticed: I cannot properly close the program without it saying the program has crashed. I set the preferences to save the captured location to another HDD and it works fine, but after a few more recordings (regardless if I restart the program and verifying the settings were saved) it defaults the location back to C:\ drive under preferences. A minor inconvenience because I only have about 6GB left on my SSD C:\drive.
  11. WowMuchGameplay

    Xbox One Screen Black But Roxio Preview Is Fine

    So I've had my Roxio and used it on my 360. Now I want to record gameplay on my One. But when I set everything up (totally correctly) I can only see the image on my Roxio capture software, my tv remains black. Please someone help
  12. Jabberwockxeno

    Recording In Mp4 Causes The File To Dissapear

    If I go to capture gameplay as an mp4, the file vanishes once I hit stop recording and the "wait" bar finishes. I checked to see if the disk space was still used up, but nope, once that bar fills up, the file is just gone, and the space it used up is freed. I tried running the program as an administrator to see if maybe it had to do with user permissions but it acted the same way.
  13. I've been trying to record my Xbox 360, however I am unaware of how I can switch from PC Output to HDMI Output. Sadly, I think it's because I am using a Lenovo All-in-One PC. Any Suggestions. Their is a 3 second lag between the Input of the Xbox and the output.
  14. Thank you in advance for any assistance, I tried the online tech support ROXIO offers and the system times out after 30minutes of waiting I get a message "waiting for agent..." Any way when I got to capture video from YouTube, I tap Web Video then a message box pops up saying "LAUNCH YOUR BROWSER TO START VIEWING VIDEO..." So I launch. Browser and I still getting the same message: "Launch your browser..." What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Josh
  15. Youtube_Raahat56

    Ps3 Capture With Hdmi

    Can i record my PS3 using HDMI cable instead of component?
  16. ben ashton

    Unable To Load Capture Software

    i am unable to load up my capture software anyone know why ?
  17. Hi, Am just using Web Video copy for the first time on a Win 7 pro 64 bit system with an NVidia GT610 video card. Unfortunately creator does not detect a video in the browser when it starts and waits with the 'please launch browser...' message in the capture window. This happens with ether IE11 (default) and Chrome browsers and different video sources: YouTube etc. There is a Roxio knowledgebase article for Nxt2 ad YouTube which recommends pausing video, changing resolution and restarting video, but this makes no difference in either IE or Chrome as Web video window just sits there saying 'please launch your browser to start viewing...' I'd be very grateful for any pointers to get this going Many hanks in advance
  18. FroudeyBrand

    Open Broadcast Software - No Roxio Support

    I find the capture software from Roxio is flawed as heck, and before i used OBS with a cheap easycap and it seems somethings that easycap and obs threw out some better stuff then the Roxio default and only capture software...
  19. officialredcore

    Halp! Halp!

    Hello there. I am experiencing an issue with my Roxio GameCAP HD PRO. Let me describe my setup with cables and that: I have two monitors and two PC's. Yes, that's right, I am not going to stream gameplay from a console but from my gaming PC. I have a DVI Cable from my gaming monitor to my gaming PC the same thing between the streaming monitor and streaming/recording pc. The gamecapture is in the middle of the pc's, with the USB connected to the streaming PC, and two HDMI cables connected to my gaming pc and monitor. Input to Gaming PC and Output to Gaming monitor. The trouble I am having is that basically, half the stuff I do on the gaming PC actually shows on my Gaming monitor. The other half of the programs I have open is shown in the little preview box in my Roxio software in the streaming PC. When I push my mouse to the very right on my gaming monitor, I control the mouse in the preview box, nowhere else. To make it clear: If I have my webbrowser(Google Chrome) up on my Gaming PC, I cannot see this in the preview box at the game capture software in my streaming pc. And programs that I can see in the preview box, Spotify for example, is not shown on my Gaming monitor. It does not work to click it up or anything, its like the computer is split in half. So what is the problem here? I have no idea. Please guys help me out here! /Redcore
  20. So i was wondering will we ever be able to live commentate while were recording? I am just wodering! Just wanna ask do you need to change something in the hardware to do it or the software? because if you dont need to change anything in the hardware to make it work im sure you can make it easily so yeah i mean everything is fine the roxio is one of the best capture cards out there for its size quality and how easy it is for the prize its at basically you can compare it to the elgato which many people think its the best but honestly a live com feature would be amazing instead of using audacity or something else to record audio and then having to take ages to try and edit the audio perfectly so it is in sync! Hope u reply i mean im just wondering if there will never be a live com feature its not the end of the world but it would really make it better for gamers!
  21. I have installed my Roxio to my computer and i have no menu to select the capture device. look at print screen I have opened a call with Roxio just wondering if someone has a solution? Cheers
  22. I haven't used roxio game capture in a while but have recorded things flawlessly before, what can i do to fix this error message?
  23. KamaK

    Recording In 480P/i

    I'm wondering if this will work, seeing as some might have tried this. I want to record in 480p from my console(Xbox 360) as my old TV only supports that. I'm getting a new obviously for the time being I was wondering I can set my console to 480p on my system settings and my Roxio HD Pro would record that? I haven't received my capture card yet but I was just thinking ahead.
  24. Hey guys. Since it seems there is no direct link to support, Ill just talk to you guys. So whenever I try to trim a video to make it shorter, ill drag it and it wont go to where I want it to start and freeze for 5minutes. Everything freezes that has to do with the roxio. I see in Tutorials and stuff when they are showing the trim feature its working flawlessly! , But Mine is the exact opposite.The trim feature is always freezing.I drag it alittle bit and it freezes EVERYTIME. if anyone had this issue and knows of a solution, please respond back .
  25. So after the toshiba laptop topic i was trying to find better laptops becaue integrated hd graphics wasnt really good considering its something to do with graphics i want them to be good so i found 2 more laptops plz tell me which one would be better for recording with the roxio hd pro and also editing and rendering! Acer E5-511 Intel® Celeron® 4Gb RAM, 500Gb Hard Drive, Wi-Fi, 15.6 inch Laptop with Optional Microsoft Office 365 Personal - Black Specs : Intel® Celeron® N2830 Processor 4Gb Memory 500Gb storage Windows 8.1 with Bing 15.6 inch HD 1366 x 768 resolution, high-brightness Acer CineCrystal LED-backlit DVD Wi-Fi Bluetooth® 4.0 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN Webcam FineTip keyboard Ports- USB 2.0 port x2, Kensington lock slot, SD card reader 10 DC-in jack for AC adapter Headphone/speaker jack, USB 3.0 port, HDMI port with HDCP support Dimensions: H 24.15/27.15, W 381.6, D 258 mm Weight: 2.4kg Prize : £230 Asus Intel Core i3 Processor, 4Gb Memory, 500Gb Storage, Wifi, 15.6 inch, Laptop - Black Specs : Intel Core i3 3217 (U) Processor 4Gb memory 500Gb storage Windows 8 15.6 inch screen DVD WiFi H 28, W 75, D 40 cm These are all the specs very listed not much is there ? PRIZE : £350 PLZ Let me choose