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Found 205 results

  1. Whenever I try to record game play, this shows up in the preview screen and in the recording. I think it might be my graphics card.Please reply if anybody knows a fix! Laptop Specs: Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 64-bit Operating System Intel® Core2 Duo CPU P7350 @ 2.00GHz 6GB Of Ram Graphics Card-Generic PnP Moniter on Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family
  2. Hi there When I capture from my VHS machine (VCR) - with my settings on PAL - B (or any PAL mode), the picture being captured "jumps" and gets "stuck" a bit every few seconds, like a delay of sorts. At first I thought it may be the video machine, however if I change the settings to NTSC, the picture no longer jumps, and is extremely clear. The problem with using NTSC though, is that it then makes the picture black and white? PAL then returns it to color, but then i have the "jumping" problem. What could cause this? How can I stop my picture / video from jumping? thank you
  3. So I recently got my roxio working again than it broke it wont work anymore and I think I found out why when ever I go to device manager it shows this! Before it showed TWO! DRIVERS! This is for the regular roxio not hd I have reinstalled it and done everything I need help!
  4. For older nintendo consoles, or playstation 2, can anyone recommend me a good converter, perhaps one that would work universally? Thanks!
  5. I've recently bought the roxio game capture hd pro for live streaming to twitch, however I know theres a limit to the input it supports, can anyone recommend me a setup that will allow me to stream n64 games, or perhaps games from earlier? I still need to find a good converter for this too, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. hey everyone. i have recently purchased the roxio game capture. i have set it up how it is meant to be set up. i think the device works itself as my PlayStation is connected to my TV through the roxio game capture and that works fine. what doesn't work is that when i plug the roxio game capture into my laptop, it says 'usb device not recognized'. i have installed the roxio game capture form the cd it came with but my laptop doesnt recognize it. help please.
  7. Twistedno360

    Roxio Media Capture.

    Hey, I Recently Went To Start Up Roxio And When I Hit The Blue Capture It Says That The Roxio Media Capture Stopped Working. Any Help?
  8. Kaynite

    Recording In-Game Voice

    Ok, so lately I have been researching and how the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro doesn't come with the option to produce live commentaries. Although i can see this is somewhat true, there seems to be another way. You see, KYR SP33DY (YouTuber) has a Roxio HD Pro, yet seems to produce videos including him talking *IN GAME* making a conversation with his other friends. So not only does this record his friends voice, but his own *without using a voice-over*. I also saw him with a Sno-Ball microphone and was wondering: "If i were to use a USB microphone, like Sno-Ball, is there a possibility i can record my voice, but also have it so my friends can hear me and make conversation, all recorded?" A famous YouTuber has done it with only one more thing than me: the USB mic Sno-Ball, and that might be my only necessity. Anyone can give me some info on how either he did it, i can do it, or any other ways for it to be done, it will be much appreciated. (( KYR SP33DY'S setup video: ))
  9. TropicHazards

    Captures Then Stops

    Okay, so heres my problem. Ill start recording and then after like one second, the preview screen will flash a purpleish color then go black. After It will return to normal, but it has stopped recording. By stopped recording I mean It will let me press the "stop recording" button, but the time elapsed stays at 0 and the file size stays at 0. Now if the capture is continuing then how can this be? If I am able to press "stop recording" then how does the file size and time elapsed stay at 0? Also note that after the preview screen flashes the purpleish color then goes to black, there is a file that pops up at the bottom of the screen where a file would normally be after recording. But.... It is only like 1 sec long. The exact time it takes from once I start recording, to the time the preview screen flashes. Also note that this problem just started happening. Please HELP MEEEEE
  10. criley0007

    720P Turns Into 480P While Capturing

    Long time problem that I've always wanted to ask is why when I'm recording in 720p the recording will suddenly turn into 480p mid capture and from there on that recoding will be in 480p. I can tell when this happens sometimes because the capture device will lose signal with the recording software and my tv screen will go black for a couple seconds before regaining signal. Other times I am unsure why it switched to 480p, although I've noticed it usually occurs when I have been recording for a long time. Any tip or advice? Thanks
  11. Kasaru

    Black Screen Overlay

    So, for some reason, I always seem to get this giant black overlay across my whole screen, leaving about an inch or so uncovered at the top. I suspect it has something to do with aero themes, for it seems to only do it when they're disabled. I've had this problem in the past, and I don't know how to fix it. I can't take any screen captures of it, because one: I can't navigate to any capture software, and two: I'm thinking its not actually outputting it to the monitor as such, as in its something that's caused post transmission. Also, as an unrelated note, my game capture sometimes has color distortions, but only when there's a lot of movement on the screen its capturing. For example, I can't play fast paced online FPS's without this issue, namely Battlefield. For others, it doesn't seem to be as prevalent, but it can show up. Its even shown up in Skyrim. It just so happens that when it happens on the preview screen, its there in the footage. Oddly enough, when the preview screen framerate drops, the footage's doesn't. So I don't know if there's any kind of simple fix for that that's been conceived, but I haven't been able to fix it. It didn't use to do it, and I use the same average laptop I have for years. Thanks in advance.
  12. Squidly

    Roxio Capture Screen Delay! Need Help!

    So i finally started to recorded my gameplay, but it is delayed. when I record live commentary my commentary is ahead of my video and the editor is odd to use. I just want a fix so the gameplay matches my voice, or what is actually happening on screen. if I turn it takes up to 5 seconds on the capture preview screen to actually turn. and I've spent about 2 hours trying to match a commentary with no success. at this point im ready to return my gamecap hd pro, and possibly buy a hd pvr if I cant find a fix. someone please help me with this or send me somewhere that I can be helped.
  13. Hi, I just myself the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO and having some issues with using the software. 1. On the preview screen on capture the color is all green and distorted; however, it doesn't show up when I review the video. 2. When recording I notice lag during the game play from my screen to my game capture. My labtops specs: -intel core i7-2630QM 2Ghz -Ram 16GB -NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M -I am pretty sure I updated everything Please someone help me resolve these issues.
  14. So I haven't used the game capture in a while and so I set it up on the tv and when I went to open the actual application for it, it opened the selection screen of "Capture" or "Edit". I clicked on capture and it just flashed the little orange loading screen for about half a second and then went away. It never opened up, but the selection screen was still there. It worked when I used like 2-3 months ago, but it doesn't now and is incredibly frustrating. All I want is to use the product I paid for. Please help me.
  15. My Game Capture has been working really well but yesterday and today my game capture made the games volume go through at a super loud volume. Is there a solution?
  16. Piraja27

    Video Having Major Issues When Recording

    During capture I get these lines that are mix of purple and black and video is choppy and audio repeats itself. I have the specs to use HD Pro capture card ( HP Envy h8 1511eo , check pc specs for that, couldn't copy paste from my system, all in Finnish ) So deskopt, no trouble it getting overheated. Oh right, first trouble I noticed that on capture table, it takes the orders late. ( like when I press on menus on Xbox360 to go up or down it takes 2 seconds before it records the command on the capture screen ) The first capture card works on this pc perfectly but this one does not. I have tried updating all my drivers, installing the capture card twice and updating it aswel. No difference. Anything I can do to fix this?
  17. BubbleberryVII

    Usb Device Is Not Recognized

    So, I recently had to reset my laptop to factory standards. Prior to resetting, I was able to capture gameplay no problem. Now, after reset, I installed Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, opened the app (the one that takes you to the 'Capture' and 'Edit and Share' buttons) and when I click on 'Capture' nothing happens. It doesn't open, and my laptop doesn't even go into the thinking process like when opening a program. But when I click 'Edit and Share' it works just fine. I can't find anything like this happening on Google, and browsed the forum a little bit, but to no avail. Please, help me out.
  18. So I have had my Roxio Game Capture for a while by now when I try to open it , it pops up with a message saying RoxioGameCapture has stopped working, A problem caused the program to stop working correctly etc. Someone please help me because I would really like to fix this.
  19. Kasaru

    Signal Protected

    I have used my Roxio HD Pro for months now, without any major problems (there's no doubt the software could be better), until today. Even when I plugged in a second input via HDMI from my PC, it worked fine. That part still works. Just out of the blue a few hours later, my PS3 decided that it didn't want to record, "Signal Protected". I have it set to record component, everything is hooked up perfectly, I even swapped in my PSP for a test, and same thing. It records for a few seconds, then the screen flashes, says "SIgnal Protected", then resumes recording an entirely new file. I even tried uninstalling, reinstalling, repairing, all that, nothing. Any fix for this, cause its most definitely the software. The attached picture was taken within the second or so that it happened. This time, it happened multiple times in quick succession, the empty spaces filled in with a green "ready".
  20. YoutubesPackMan

    Help With My Roxio Gamecap

    Quite some ago (just into the New Year) I purchased a Roxio game capturer/recorder from a local electronics store. When I got home (being very excited) I immediately unboxed it, then being the stupid person I am, threw all the packaging away. We quite quickly moved house and the game capture was packed away. We are now settled and my PC is set up - but Im now told the packaging apparently displayed a "key code" which I have since learnt it required to install the Roxio game capture program on to my computer. I have approached the above mentioned store who have advised me to ask a online forum for any help. I have no proof of purchase as I bought with cash and I am unable to find the receipt since my move. Any advise on other programs that the Roxio GameCapture will run off, or how to find out the "key code" to install the program to my computer would me hugely appreciated. Thank You.
  21. I know that you can set time limits to the capturing but after the time set ends it doesn't make anymore videos, is there a way to do this without having to get up and hit capture again so it will record, hit the limit, stop, then start again? Is that possible?
  22. mehmehmeh

    Questions About Capturing Video

    Hello, I was looking at purchasing the Roxio Game Capture HD device recently and I was wondering if I could get some assistance. I have already checked my computers specs and I am positive that it can run all of the software included in the purchase. However, I couldn't help but notice that in the "Requirements" section for the Game Capture device, it clearly states that an internet connection is required. My internet is terrible and I'm not seeing why one would need the internet connection, because the plugs and recording software seem like they don't need an internet connection. I suppose that I am confused. Is the connection simply for online gaming, or is it for the Live Streaming feature? Or, is it perhaps what I fear most, and that it is needed or the recorder will not work? Basically, I need to know if I could use this product without the internet, because I don't play online and I don't care to stream video in a live feed anyway. Feedback is desperately needed. Thank you for your time.
  23. When I try to render a clip in the roxio videowave editing software if the file goes over about 200mb it will stop rendering and a message will pop up saying "out of memory." I have 95gb of free space so why is it doing this?
  24. When I first got my roxio game capture hd pro everything was working fine. Perfect quality, and preformed just as expected, but, just recently when capturing on the preview screen there are these weird fuzzy lines that appear from time to time. I have no idea what is causing this as it has just recently started happening. I would assume that my laptop can handle the graphics as it was working exceptionally before. With my laptop having an intel core 2Duo P8600 running at 2.4GHz, Vista 32bit SP2, 8gb of ram, plenty of hard drive space, and a mobile Intel 4series express chipset graphics card, I have no idea what caused these abnormalities to appear. I would appreciate any help at all whatsoever as the tech support is what I perceive to be nonexistent. Thanks, confused helpless customer
  25. When i load a clip to edit it is in black and white and lines all through it. film is also off center in the editor as well. more focused to the left. using hdmi cables.