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Found 205 results

  1. YoutubesPackMan

    Help With My Roxio Gamecap

    Quite some ago (just into the New Year) I purchased a Roxio game capturer/recorder from a local electronics store. When I got home (being very excited) I immediately unboxed it, then being the stupid person I am, threw all the packaging away. We quite quickly moved house and the game capture was packed away. We are now settled and my PC is set up - but Im now told the packaging apparently displayed a "key code" which I have since learnt it required to install the Roxio game capture program on to my computer. I have approached the above mentioned store who have advised me to ask a online forum for any help. I have no proof of purchase as I bought with cash and I am unable to find the receipt since my move. Any advise on other programs that the Roxio GameCapture will run off, or how to find out the "key code" to install the program to my computer would me hugely appreciated. Thank You.
  2. I know that you can set time limits to the capturing but after the time set ends it doesn't make anymore videos, is there a way to do this without having to get up and hit capture again so it will record, hit the limit, stop, then start again? Is that possible?
  3. mehmehmeh

    Questions About Capturing Video

    Hello, I was looking at purchasing the Roxio Game Capture HD device recently and I was wondering if I could get some assistance. I have already checked my computers specs and I am positive that it can run all of the software included in the purchase. However, I couldn't help but notice that in the "Requirements" section for the Game Capture device, it clearly states that an internet connection is required. My internet is terrible and I'm not seeing why one would need the internet connection, because the plugs and recording software seem like they don't need an internet connection. I suppose that I am confused. Is the connection simply for online gaming, or is it for the Live Streaming feature? Or, is it perhaps what I fear most, and that it is needed or the recorder will not work? Basically, I need to know if I could use this product without the internet, because I don't play online and I don't care to stream video in a live feed anyway. Feedback is desperately needed. Thank you for your time.
  4. When I try to render a clip in the roxio videowave editing software if the file goes over about 200mb it will stop rendering and a message will pop up saying "out of memory." I have 95gb of free space so why is it doing this?
  5. When I first got my roxio game capture hd pro everything was working fine. Perfect quality, and preformed just as expected, but, just recently when capturing on the preview screen there are these weird fuzzy lines that appear from time to time. I have no idea what is causing this as it has just recently started happening. I would assume that my laptop can handle the graphics as it was working exceptionally before. With my laptop having an intel core 2Duo P8600 running at 2.4GHz, Vista 32bit SP2, 8gb of ram, plenty of hard drive space, and a mobile Intel 4series express chipset graphics card, I have no idea what caused these abnormalities to appear. I would appreciate any help at all whatsoever as the tech support is what I perceive to be nonexistent. Thanks, confused helpless customer
  6. When i load a clip to edit it is in black and white and lines all through it. film is also off center in the editor as well. more focused to the left. using hdmi cables.
  7. I find that sometimes (I'm not sure if it's something I do that causes this to happen or what) when I start the capture software, it will be set to record in 480p instead of the HD 720p I set it at. This gets rather frustrating when I don't remember to check to make sure every time I start the program that it's set to HD 720p and find out later all the files are in 480p. Any idea what causes this? Thanks.
  8. QuantumTyme

    Blue Preview Screen While Using Component

    So on my Roxio Game cap HD Pro screen to capture as component, the preview is blue. I can hear game sound but can't see the game. Any help?
  9. criley0007

    Large Recording Files

    I usually like to record for long periods of time with my roxio game capture hd pro, but sometimes I only want a little clip out of that recording, and when I edit the clip out that I want, I have to keep the large file of the whole recording or else I lose my clip. Is there is a way where I can keep my small clip but I don't have to keep the giant recording file? Should I render out my small clip and then delete the large recording file? Any suggestions are appreciated!
  10. criley0007

    Rendering Question

    What are the best render settings for rendering out a video in 720p? I have been rendering my videos as AVCHD1280x720, but are there better render settings? I record in 720p hd so should I just render the video 'same as original'?
  11. Ross Duclos

    Lost Serial Key

    Hi, I have got the disk for my roxio game capture HD PRO and I want to reinstall it on my new computer but I have thrown away the disc case with serial key on it. Is there anyway of getting this key send to me again or not!? Thanks in advance
  12. I recently purchased Roxio easy vhs to dvd for mac. I have loaded the software. Connected all component. Tried without and with the extension USB. When I go to open software it give me an error, "Please connect the Roxio Video Capture hardware to any USB 2.0 port." This is done. I have restarted the computer. I have run all updates. I have run disk utility. Still get the message. I believe, this brand new (purchased yesterday) $80 piece of equipment is faulty or in truth is just not good equipment. Everything I have ever used by Roxio was good but this is just not happening for me. Please advise. I did sent a request to Roxio Support about 14 hours ago but I have not heard back. Of course, it is a weekend.
  13. I am looking into getting a roxio hd pro gamecapture and am curious if it will record in game voice for a console such as an xbox360. If not is there any way around this? PS sorry if my English is bad
  14. Hey everyone just got the Roxio Game Capture device for a friend of mine yesterday. We were on our way to record some sweet gameplay footage but the problem was after installation and clicking the "Capture" button, the program would freeze and/or not proceed further. We have all the necessary cables plugged in the right places and experimented that without the USB part inserted, the program runs fine and brought us to the capture screen. However, we know we cannot capture a blank screen without that USB part plugged into the receive the signal. This is where it gets weird as the program black screens itself and we are brought to wait while the blue pin wheel of death just swirls around loading. This happens upon start up when we click "Capture" with the USB plugged but without it it works fine until like I said its plugged. I want to know how we can solve this and if so what and where the problem was?
  15. Specs of my computer, copied from the systems property: Hewlett-Packard Company HP Compaq dc 7800p Small Form Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz 1.98GHz, 1.95GB of RAM (apparently it's over 2, but it doesn't say that) My problem is that when I plug in my Roxio Game Capture HD into to my computer it will work for about a minute and then my computer will crash and restart, it usually crashes when I start loading a game, but it can record the xbox home menu. Does anyone know why this is happening and can help me? Side Note: I also connect my roxio to my computer with a 49ft usb cable because my computer is far away from my xbox.
  16. Hi everybody, I´m thinking to buy this capture device (Roxio Game Capture HD) but I would like to now if it´s ok for me. The thing is that I need capture Video Source from a PC and I´m not really sure if this capture device is going to work. I want to take the VGA (RGB) Output of my PC, put it into a VGA to HDMI Video Converter, and use the capture with a laptop to capture that video source. The thing is that I have some doubts: - Color Space will be a problem? ...I mean, this capture can automatically capture any color space (YCbCr 4:4:4, YCbCr 4:2:2, RGB 4:4:4)? - Input resolution will be a problem? ...I have to select the input resolution in the capture software? - HDCP in HDMI Port? Thanks a lot! Best Regards.
  17. DomCobb1

    Best Capture Settings?

    Hey guys, so I recently got my Game Cap HD Pro, and it's amazing! The quality is superb and the videowave is a decent editor since I don't have any other one. However, the color is a bit off, and its a bit too bright. I don't know the best brightness, contrast, etc. settings. Can someone help me? Any and all help is appreciated. On a bit of a side note, it records 59fps. I thought it maxed out at 29.97?
  18. I've edited about 4 or 5 videos and I've always noticed that one or a few of my trimmed clips, the audio will be WAY off. So I just got Sony Vegas Pro 11 and I wanted to go on the Videowave editing software to just trim my clip that I wanted and export it as an MP4 in 720p. Well I tried exporting a few times and the audio would be off. The audio wasn't even close to what I had in my 7 second clip. What's wrong with it? Why is the audio so off? I'll take about a 10 minute clip and trim it in Videowave then it'll get the sound from about 5-10 seconds before the trimmed clip that's not even in my trimmed clip. My computer specs: Intel Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz 8 GB RAM Intel HD Graphics (Basic) 32 bit Windows 7 Ultimate
  19. General Garcia

    Crash On Clicking 'capture'

    Hi everybody. After working fine for a little while, my Game Capture HD software now crashes every time I select the "Capture" option after launching, I cannot get it to start at all. Nothing changed on the PC, no patches etc, it just randomly stopped. This happens with the capture unit plugged in or not, it doesn't make a difference. I have tried running as a different (admin) user, removed the capture device from device manager, plugged it in to different USB ports, etc. Nothing works. Compounding this, I was unaware of Corel's absolutely archaic (and frankly more than a little shady) practice of not allowing customers to download software or drivers from their site, so - like a lot of other users - the CD has already been binned, leaving me with no method of re-installing to fix the issue. I'm going through their support at the moment to see if I can get anybody to let me download the software (which seems like the minimum amount of customer service for a £130+ product), but as they've not replied for days and I'm reading it's likely they'll just ask me to buy a new unit anyway, has anybody got any experience of fixing crash errors on selecting the capture option? I'm running Windows 8 64-bit if that helps at all. Thanks for any advice.
  20. SlowCapture

    Not Responding

    Ok guys I've seen countless threads about game captures not being able to respond, but it always ends wit people saying there specs do not meet, Well mine do and I still get the problem. Yes i have reinstalled like 2 times now. here are my specs: CPU: Intel core i7 -2760M 2.2GHZ Memory: 6 GB OS: Windows 7 premium Geforce 610m 2 GB So why is it not responding?
  21. BWDarkness

    2/3 Black Screen When Trying To Record

    I am having some issues while trying to start recording with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. When I click the record button, the window pops up and allows me to do things for about 2 seconds and then 2/3 of my computer screen goes black. I can't click anything in the black screen and I have spent hours trying to look for a solution. This has happened to me on 2 different computers. I tried updating my video driver but that didn't work so I'm not sure what the problem could be. My computer specs aren't terrible and they meet the minumum system requirments that the HD Pro has. I even checked online and on the side of the box it came in. I could really use some help before I start to throw my computer and Roxio Game Capture HD Pro around the room.
  22. I bought the video capture USB device, brought it home, installed the correct drivers, then I plugged the device in. I plugged up the VCR to the device and puled up VLC and configured it correctly and it worked. It continued working for several days, then stopped. Now when I do the above, I only get sound but I do not get video. I have tried everything from trying new USB ports to uninstalling the drivers and programs and doing a fresh install, but even that doesn't work. I still get no video but I get sound. I have tried the device on other computers and they all work correctly. By this time I had already searched every inch of the Roxio website knowledge base, my problem exists nowhere on the internet that I have seen. Similar problems exist but they all have solutions that don't matter to my device. Although I have tried them. I have tried for days to get ahold of someone in tech support from Roxio, but each time I can't. I was wondering if it was the USB device, but it's not since it works on other computers. I wondered if it's my computer, which I don't know Windows 7 well enough to figure that out yet but it seems fine. All this proves that anything in the knowledge base won't fix my problem. If someone could help me with this, I'll provide any information you like to help you understand this problem. Thank you anyone who replies.
  23. CrisR82

    Noes This Work With...

    Ok, so here's my question: can I record the gameplay output from my Android smartphone. My phone in question is: Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, outputting video using a MHL adapter with a HDMI cable. I saw a big warning on the Roxio GameCapture HD box saying "HDCP not supported" and seeing how this is a pretty pricy device, I want to know if I can actually use it for what I need to do before considering buying it. Has anyone tried recording the output from a phone/tablet? Or know if I can find out if my phone's output is HDCP or just regular HDMI?
  24. Hey I bought my Roxio Game Capture over a year ago and I am looking to sell it on eBay. The problem is I don't have my CD, and I don't know how I could give the next person my activation code without releasing information about my Roxio account which has some details on it. Any suggestions?
  25. Travisty359

    Installation Interrupted

    I've been trying to set up this software for six hours, to no avail. Have a picture of what it's doing right before crash. I also have all three logs but I don't know which one you need.. Thanks in advance, I really want this to work. All ready tried putting files into a folder and running setup from there. LogFile 13-03-23 19-28.zip