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Found 205 results

  1. Hi guys, so i got the roxio capture hd pro for the WII U after seeing reviews and such, and well... im in a bit of bother, i installed the drivers and cd stuff, and can get passed the capture and edit part, but when i try to actually capture my wii u, it says, (not responding) and it will stay like that unless i take the lead out or force reset my computer. i read a little on this site but cant find any thing, i tried re installing the disc, searching for repairs ect.. 1 last thing to note, it says when i install that the servers are not responding, is that usually a problem? or is roxio having a down time? any help would be great thanx in advanced p.p.s i have a high end computer that's the only reason i decided to get this cap card.
  2. GreenGoblinTheoWiiU

    "unknown Capture Error"

    I got my Standard Roxio Game Capture last night, and I know it's hooked up well because it worked perfectly last night and it still shows the game. However, when I end a capture now and also sometimes in the middle of a capture, it says "Unknown Capture Error" and the video can't play back and has a "?" on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Soooooo water accidently entered my roxio game capture hd from a leaked aircon above it. Wasn't too much so i shook away the water and plugged in everything.It was fine for a while and then it just stopped working. No purple lights came on after i plugged it into the usb port.. Help?):
  4. GreenGoblinTheoWiiU

    Wii U Capture With No Tv

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if my roxio game cap would record from my Wii U even if I don't hook up the roxio to my tv. There's no reason it shouldn't, but, does the roxio record record to the pc even if it's not hooked up to a tv.
  5. I got the roxio all setup (ps3) but when i go onto the roxio program it will not let me switch to componment or do anything? Thanks in advance!
  6. supersloan35

    I Get A Red No-Signal.

    I'm so confused... First of all, it is 9:37 pm where I am, I started working on this at 1:30 p.m. I have uninstalled reinstalled, re hooked the cords up and all that crap 7000 times!!! Please help me, it has a red no signal sign!! Also I noticed that I don't have a second Roxio GAMECAP in my device manager. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  7. Hello. I've had my roxio game capture HD pro for a few months and only occured slight problems. I've been using the device on the same computer, same tv, and same everything for the past month, and it's been working. However I encountered a problem. A couple days ago I went along my same business but when Ion the xbox turned plugged in Roxio's USB, the capture device lit up, but there was no input.... I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software, and reparing, but to no avail. The USB also didn't appear in the device manager. Any help would be GREAT. Thanks, Apache
  8. elliotnugvf

    Signal Protected On Xbox 360?

    So i bought my hd pro and set it up and it worked perfectly fine for about 2 hours, then the visual input went and i only got sound, so i restarted everything and i got the signal protected message, with no input at all to the tv, and some fuzzy lines on the preview screen. I have tried changing lots of settings and reinstalling etc. i also tested it on different computers. There seems to be no fix for signal protected on an xbox???? I am starting to think that my hardware is broken... Any help will be greatly appreciated as i am thinking of getting a refund after a week or 2 of trying to fix the problem.
  9. I have purchaced my roxio hd pro about a week ago and ive been trying to figure out why i the capture software will not even open and the editing software will open but then it will stop working as soon as i hit "ok". below i have attached my logs for installing and all of that. i have met the requirements in my computer specs by far so that is absolutely not the problem in this case, i would like to just be able to use this recording device without buying a whole new laptop.. 13-01-31 13-20.zip
  10. CarrEternal

    No Signal?

    whenever i set up my roxio to record it always says "Unknown Capture Problem". after that the no signal text turns red! i have everything plugged in correctly. what is the problem and how do i fix it? my laptop specs: intel i5 dual core 2.5 GHz 6 Gb Ram windows 7, obviously
  11. Blake8447

    Capturing Problem!

    I have had my new Roxio Game Capture HD Pro for a day now and it has not been letting me capture my game play. I go to press "start capture" and it record like 1 or 2 seconds of it... Please help me out! Thanks!
  12. I've tried everything and it's actually starting to *^$$ me off. Support is awful. Disliking this product more and more.
  13. Hi there, I've got a really annoying problem that only started the other day. All my captured footage, old and new, will not let me put them into VideoWave to edit them. This is the error message i keep receiving: I have tried uninstalling Divx Codecs, re-installing them. Uninstalling and re-installing Roxio software multiple times, even without updating and still the same results. You will also notice that you cannot see preview images of the footage where you could before, and that the video does not play. This is what VideoWave says about the footage: As you can see in this picture, the footage does play on my pc, via divx player, and i can also run it with VLC and others. A few forum post said that with most issues, the latest patch will fix that..... problem is... It wont install.... I am baffled as to how it was all working fine before, and now this.... Any help is very much appreciated! I just want to get back to editing!!! I have alot of footage to go through! If you want to see proof that i have used this all before with no problems....
  14. SuperCrumbler

    Problem With Roxio Hd

    ​Hello i recently bought the roxio hd pro, and i installed it and plugged it in, and it shows on HDMI on my screen but it has no signal in red on the media capture. BTW i'm using the same monitor for both
  15. ehSnax

    Constant Freezing, Will Not Quit

    Ever since I got this thing a month ago I've had nothing but issues with the software, both the capture and editing software. The capture software *usually* works but every now and then it just doesn't work for the day and I get nothing but freezing. For the editing software it's just generally very very sluggish and freezes a lot. 30 minutes ago the capture software decided to freeze shortly after opening, and I pressed End Task.. and IT STILL HASN'T QUIT. Here are my system specs in case they are relevant: Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz 4GB RAM GTX 560 Windows 8-64 bit
  16. tazbat

    My Vhs To Dvd Problem

    Whether I am in the video capture program or the plug and burn program, after activating the capture now function it aborts after 29 seconds. 5 seconds into recording the message, "capture stopping", is displayed and it takes another 15 seconds for it to complete. At this point the vhs tape I am trying to capture is continuing on but the capture has ended. The capture now button is greyed out so I can't restart. If I try going back it won't recognize the dvd disk in the drive and I have to replace it with new before it does. If I stay in the capture window I can only reactivate the capture now button by stopping the tape first. I have removed the whole program and reinstalled it but that made no difference.
  17. Hi everyone, So i got a Roxio Game Capture 1 yesterday and ive just set it up today, i followed all the tutorials to set it up... All the leads are in the right places, the software is installed and up to date, I run the program.. it loads up fine... i just pressed the edit button to start with.... that came up on the computer fine, so i exit out of that and press CAPTURE! Now it begins to load.... it starts to open all the interface then my computer screen goes black saying "NO VIDEO SIGNAL" - I restart the computer its fine.... i try again "CAPTURE" no video signal..... If anyone can help me with this issue i would really appreciate it ALSO i have my Xbox AND my PC running through my TV, i'm not sure if that makes a difference or not.... I've tried switching resolutions on my Xbox and PC.... nothing helped, ive watched countless youtube videos on how to set it up..... nothing helped (Yes its on 1080i and about the capture settings, i cant get onto the capture page to change them as it blacks out...) If anyone out there can help me please
  18. Well I have recently bought the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and when I go to install I click it and it says sorry and that the wizard is interrupted? Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help! I will put a picture of what it is saying below this.PLEASE HELP! And also it gives me "installation Log Files". LogFile 13-01-23 14-36.zip LogFile 13-01-23 14-43.zip LogFile 13-01-23 15-01.zip LogFile 13-01-23 15-37.zip
  19. AdamWest


    Hello, i am sorry for my bad english but i have a problem: when i start roxio the i go to capture and this will not load i upload a picture can anyone help me?
  20. so i got the roxio game capture (normal version not hd) and put the disc into my laptop to install the software. and when i did it wouldn't open up the icon for some reason. I tried clicking on it like one million times but it still wouldn't open. I tried it on the pc i had hooked up in my living room and somehow it opened up on it. so i don't know why it wont open on my laptop. The only thing i'm thinking it would be, would be how old my laptop is. Its a compaq presario windows vista home basic. but if it isn't how old my laptop is then what is keeping it from not opening.
  21. Hello need some help with the Audio i am not receiving from my tv, and the ringing noise i am getting from my laptop in the preview of the capture and the recording when i am done, the only place i get good audio form are my tritons that are hooked up! someone please help me, thanks!
  22. BryceStrike

    Can't Record Wii U

    I got The original Roxio Game Capture(NOT HD Pro) and Even though I have the cables connected to it, and everything is hooked up, I still get the "no signal message" while trying to record the Wii U. Can someone please help me?
  23. luizzika

    2 Seconds Delay To Capture Image

    I want to capture good games and comment at the same time more on my plate has a glich q it takes 2 seconds to render the image Anyone know how to fix
  24. Apexx iPredator

    Black Lines

    When I first got the roxio game capture hd pro it worked great. But then I changed the HDMI cables one time because nothing was showing on the screen and after that there are black lines when I record/livestream. (Left,Right,Bottom). How do I fix that?
  25. mrmaxo3000

    Really Bad Quality When Capturing

    Hi there! A couple of days ago I bought a Roxio Game Capture HD PRO and after connecting it with 1080p HDMI cables to my computer and capturing, I always get a really poor quality capture, and sometimes getting the picture really bad for a sec as seen in the photo. Ohh and also I edit with Final Cut Pro X after transferring the video to my Mac (but the bad quality was apparent before transfer). I would really appreciate some help with getting the quality of the capture as it should be. Here are my laptop specs, roxio settings, and screenshots of capture...