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Found 205 results

  1. Hi, I just get my roxio game capture HD yesturday and after setting it all up I hit capture to find a pop up box saying "Select video device failed" but still having the capture card show up as if it was finding the card. The status of the device read "Capture device removed" which is odd because it was hooked up the whole time AFTER I downloaded the software. And yes I tried reparinng it and that made the program crash every time i opened it. I just now got it back to the problem above.
  2. Chanster

    No Input With Capture Hd Pro

    Hi, saw other threads but I need to specify my hardware here. I have tried with two notebooks but cannot see the device in the Sound, video and game controllers. The Device does power up through the USB cord. 1) Current version of PS3, 2) Using Component inputs, 3) Can see the game on the TV using the Device as a pass through, 4) Both PCs are running Win 7 Pro SP1, 5) The Game Capture software was installed on both computer (Device not registered yet), 6) One is a Lenovo W520 (1 year old so hardware S/B no problem), 7) Other is a Dell Inspiron 1120, AMD Athlon II Neo K325 Dual-Core, 4 GB Ram Got the Device for Christmas for my son but cannot get it to work. Any help is appreciated. Happy New Year.
  3. TheChucklebeary

    Video Output Capture Problems (Xbox 360)

    I can not change the video output on my roxio capture hd from M2TS which means I can't use it in the editing software, can anyone help?
  4. I find that sometimes (I'm not sure if it's something I do that causes this to happen or what) when I start the capture software, it will be set to record in 480p instead of the HD 720p I set it at. This gets rather frustrating when I don't remember to check to make sure every time I start the program that it's set to HD 720p and find out later all the files are in 480p. Any idea what causes this? Thanks.
  5. I just bought a 145 euro game capture hd pro and everything was going fine until i came across a error. i started installing it but then it started rolling back the installation of directX 9 runtime. i did some research and i installed it separately, but every time it says that there is another program using directX and that i need to close them. i already have directX 11 so I'm not sure. a reply of your ideas would be very helpful since it took a long time for me to get the money and buy it(im 14 )
  6. DanCraft12

    Hdmi Out Of Range?!

    So i managed to get the preview working on my PC which took ages due to me having to order a new component cable for my ps3, but now when i change my monitor to show the screen from the roxio game capture hd pro box, there is a notice in the middle of the screen saying "HDMI out of range 15.6khx/50hz" I imagine this to be a problem between my monitor and the output power of the game capture device, my moniter is an LG flattron w2261vp (i think thats right xD) so i dont understand how a device which is supposed to give out full 1080p images, is not compatible with a 1080p moniter. I could be way off but i really need help, searched so many forum posts that google is now bored of me, here is some other info that might help! Ps3--->Component--->RGC--->HDMI--->LG Monitor Also i would like to point out the horrible leaflet that comes with the rgc, offers no help whatsoever and seems to assume that it is easy to get the device working!
  7. existence

    No Signal

    I was able to record with my game capture HD Pro yesterday however, today I am recieving a no signal message when I try to record/capture gameplays. Also, when I attempted to reinstall the software I received a message saying that the USB device that was recently used malfunctioned. Also, the video and sound display on my television just fine. Please help if you can! Thanks
  8. Nismo4Life07

    Capture Hd Pro In-Game Com Capture?

    hey guys, so i just received the HD pro for christmas yesterday and i want to start using it asap. the biggest thing to me is capturing the in game coms along with the video. i play battlefield 3 religiously and am always on a squad with mics. i've seen youtube videos showing how to capture the coms but they arent very clear.... so my question is, what is the easiest, cheapest way to capture my voice, along with my squad chat with the gameplay on my ps3? im completely new to the game recording devices... Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  9. I just got the Game Capture for christmas and have spent the last two hours trying to get it to work. As far as i can tell my computer meets the requirements and my directx, windows media player, internet explorer, etc. are up to date. I have uninstalled my AVG pc tuneup because i have read that registry cleaners mess up the installation and causes errors. I also turned off all of my startup content for the same reason. Yet 12 computer restarts and four installation attempts later i still cannot get the capture screen to work. I was able to open up the Edit and Share tab just fine, yet every time i attempt to open the Capture window it freezes with the words "select media type then device" in the top left corner and becomes unresponsive and will not exit until i restart my computer again. Windows task manager is aso unable to shut down the process and logging out of my account and signing back in makes the tab go away yet attempting to reopen the window states that only one instance may be open at a time. I am not sure if maybe i am unclear about my computer requirements and maybe am missing something important but this problem is already a headache. Any advice, tips, or solutions will be most appreciated.
  10. okay guys, when i click the roxio shortcut it opens a window with to option edit and share(works fine) and capture, everytime i have tried to open capture it had just said not reponding and all that i can see in the window is "choose the media type" and something else at the top left corner. my computer has all required specs and is running on windows 7, im rather annoyed as i bought this for £60 new!
  11. Hello. I want it for my X-mas present, and already got it. Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. I already spent my own money to a Component cable.. But. The Game Capture is not recording HD??!! Why? Please answer. It would be great for me. :s
  12. MatthewTamea

    Web Video Not Capturing - Another One

    Hi there Apologies if this goes over old ground that other may have posted but I'm just getting confused as to whether people are having the same issue as me or not. Basically Toast will no longer capture any web video (the main reason I bought it). I have captured LOADS of videos in the past but today I just get the panel where the videos normally appear in the media browser but no videos. I have run an update but not sure if that's the cause - current version is 11.1 Have also seen people talking about the version of Flash - I have v11.5.502.136 Can anyone help? Many thanks Matt
  13. anigmha

    Can't Capture Audio Of Pc.

    I am able to capture the video of my PC and playback just fine, however there is no audio. If you need additional info to help me diagnose this problem, please let me know.
  14. bigwoodswinger

    A Small Audio Problem

    I just uploaded my first video to youtube and I noticed that the audio is only playing from the left side (wearing gaming headset). Is this a known problem and what can i do to fix it? I promise this isnt a cheap way to get views by the way!
  15. We are using Roxio 2012 to capture from Video Cassette Tape. If there are any gaps on the tape like a scene cut or just a few seconds on snow, Roxio will stop capturing. We need Roxio to capture the entire tape from start to end, even if there are gaps between the recordings on the tape. Is there a setting or tweak anywhere that will allow this? Thank you for your time.
  16. Well, I've been looking for this information all around and didn't find anything! That's why I'm openning a new topic... Well, I'm really interested on buying this new Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, though my goal isn't capture games. Actually I have so many vhs tapes that I've been recording since forever and I want to transform them on dvd, it would be nice if I could do that with this product. Also, I have this cable tv, like Tivo system, I can record shows and stuff but they keep locked inside the decoder, it means, I can't transfer them to my computer and make blu-ray discs. So, that's my biggest concern, I know the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro was developed for gamers, though it could be really usefull to my situation! I want an opinion... Did someone already try capture from the cable decoder, from a vcr, or even a dvd? If someone already did such thing and worked fine, definetly I'll be buying this product asap! I know there is a different product to convert VHS to DVD, but I wish I could have just one product that will make everything I need, capturing 720 or 1080! Oh, also, I want to know if it works fine on Macs! Thanks, everyone!
  17. I recently purchased Roxio easy vhs to dvd for mac. I have loaded the software. Connected all component. Tried without and with the extension USB. When I go to open software it give me an error, "Please connect the Roxio Video Capture hardware to any USB 2.0 port." This is done. I have restarted the computer. I have run all updates. I have run disk utility. Still get the message. I believe, this brand new (purchased yesterday) $80 piece of equipment is faulty or in truth is just not good equipment. Everything I have ever used by Roxio was good but this is just not happening for me. Please advise. I did sent a request to Roxio Support about 14 hours ago but I have not heard back. Of course, it is a weekend.
  18. I know that this has many other threads, but none have seemed to help. I have had to find my own way through numerous issues already, and now, just as I thought my money and hard work would finally be worth it, I get the error message. I have Windows 7 64-Bit on my Dell Inspiron laptop I5 Intel Core 4 GB of RAM I really don't see how I can keep getting hit with one issue after another. I mean, it has been weeks of trying to solve issues with this. So long that I can't even return it anymore. That is how much work I have put into getting it functioning. So any help would be appreciated. The simpler, the better.
  19. Tanky53

    Problem With The "capture" Function

    Okay, maybe somebody can help me here! I've uninstalled, disabled, re installed, repaired and a bunch of other things to the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software, but when I click on capture, the loading box comes up for a split second and disappears!! I've check the forums and did what was posted on there to no avail! This is my 5th hour messing with this thing and I'm getting pretty frustrated, any help?
  20. Is there a way to capture live commentary from headset or microphone during regular capture recording? I see the option for streaming but not for regular recording. I also see the narration that can be added later but I can't seem to find a live commentary option. Thank you
  21. I had SNAPPY Video Snapshot to capture still images from my camcorder to my old computer. But, it uses the parallel port to input data, and my new Win7 machine lacks this port. Plus it was very slow. What do I need to use my camcorder, to view the live images on the monitor, and then be able to capture a JPG still image? Seems like a simple thing, but I can't figure out what product will do this. Any suggestions? Thanks! Rich
  22. dimiara

    Avi Issues

    I installed properly and i have even got it to capture with audio but if i preview a clip or even worse edit it says my file doesn't exist. it shows it like it works but im still not getting it to work. is it filter or some other issue the computer might be questionable.
  23. roxioxio

    Pc Recording

    Hello I was wondering if Roxio game capture hd pro came with Roxio game capture for pc? Because i want to capture on pc and ps3(not at the same time).
  24. I am having trouble with getting a signal on my roxio hardware. I keep getting a message saying "Select video device failed" and then the status goes from a No signal to Capture device. At first I thought it was my console so I unplugged the HDMI cables and then tried again with just the USB connected to the computer. Same messages. Please help me.
  25. LegendGamerPJ

    Need Help Fast! :(

    hi, i received my roxio game capture device, the setup was easy peasy but then i tried to download the software on my pc but the installation cancelled and i have no idea what to do now, i really want this to work, also when i look into the log files i get 3 files everytime, DIRECTX_FEB10_Uninstall and DIRECTX_FEB10_Install and also SONIC_SETUP when i try to download microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 it also gives me an error that says that i have to go to configurationscreen and install or configure Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1