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Found 46 results

  1. ebyron

    Flac 24

    i have some flac 24 bit files i want to burn regular cd's of them can toast 11 do this? how? thanks eliot
  2. I have Pro Tools and bounced my personal music in 16 bit 44.1 kh files in aiff, mp3, wav files. I have tried to create a CD-R using Sony 700 MB CD-R Supremas discs. These play fine in a car CD player but I had purchased a portable GPX PC800 CD/MP3 Player and every disc will not play on it. I tried the Mac/Pc, the Audio from Toast 11 Titanium but nothing works. Any help would be appreciated. Also this is the second portable player I purchased and it did not play on the first one either which was a different brand. Thanks for any help.
  3. Hi there can anyone help me out with a copy of roxio hd capture software?? Or know where I can get a new copy? I've lost my cd when moving house ;( Oh I know my key code so it's just the capture programme.. Any help would be amazing
  4. jbro

    Maikng Cd And Mp4

    How do I make these into MPs or CDs no download option.http://www.photoshow.com/members/jbrown41/all
  5. Tellus

    Can't Burn Cd's But I Can Burn Dvd's

    Hi there, I thought it was my burner but then I bought a new one. I try to make a simple CD using iTunes and Toast11 and I can never burn a CD. It starts out good and does burn 1 track but then it stops and says it's a disk error. Sometimes it never sees the CD-R's I put in. Funny thing is that they both will record DVD's. I have a new Mac Mini. The picture is from using iTunes but it is the same with Toast11. Thanks for any help. This should be simple! lol
  6. I recently upgraded to a new computer, and after several hours of searching I have yet to find it. A download key would be very helpful.
  7. I had Purchased a Roxio Game Capture Pro HD in December for my son for Christmas. He has had Hard Drive problems on his computer since then and had not been able to use the product. Now that he has had his computer fix he would like to use the product but unfortunately he has lost he install CD. The product was never registered due to the inability to use it. I can provide the order number,order date, and S/N on the back of the product, i am just unaware of who to talk to and how to reach them in order to get help. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi guys,, Pretty new to forums, so excuse me if wrong placement, Anyways, I had my Roxio up and running for about 2 months , perfectly fine. My bro uninstalled my Roxio program (HD Pro) and then after that, the CD wont work in my PC now. Like, Im testing as we speak if my PC runs other discs, but it all of a suddenly stopped working. It shows that something is in my PC, but my CD isnt working on it. So, Ive tried working on it for about 2 weeks straight, and I've made the du,best decision ever. . I decided to format the CD. The answers I want is can i buy another CD itself withouth having to pay for another gameCAp (still have my serial code) and What was the initial Problem. ALso, I deleted my CD drivers and re installed so IDT thats the problem, but as i said, testing them now. Here's my test gameplay link so you can see it was working (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoQeJ-VA-Fo). I know some of my specs I think so I can write those out: Sorry for extra info, Dxdiag text. Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.130318-1533) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: Dell Inc. System Model: Studio One 1909 BIOS: Default System BIOS Processor: PentiumĀ® Dual-Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.7GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Available OS Memory: 3840MB RAM Page File: 1985MB used, 5690MB available DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Graphics Card : Nvidia GE Force 9400 Also, I have screenshots of other necesssary things if need be.
  9. Hi i have lost the product key for my roxio game capture it was installed on my computer using the key but then reset my computer thinking i still had the code
  10. Duhigg

    Lost Cd

    Hey, I have the program installed on my outdated computer and I want to install it on my new one. Problem is that I can't seem to copy the files onto a disk or a flash drive, and I lost my Instillation CD. I have proof of ownership, is there anyway I can get another CD sent out?
  11. MissMelissa3

    Cd Does Not Burn, No Error Msg?

    I have tried several times over the last few weeks to burn a CD. it goes through all the motions, and says it completed but when I check the CD has not burnt. I can burn DVDS using another program and it works fine.
  12. I am thinking about buying the new Roxio Creator NXT, but I have some questions first (if someone can help me please). (1) I have a very old version of Easy CD Creator; I have a new computer and it is time for new software. Does NXT have option to create audio and/or data cd's similar to the Classic Creator option? In other words, if I have 10 audio cd's, can I add several songs from each cd and then arrange them in the order that I want? After they are in the order I want, I can burn a cd with all of those songs. They usually have about 2 seconds of space between each song. Also, the similar thing with data files if I want to archive them to a cd. (2) Can I add the song titles to each track and name the cd before I burn it? Will these titles appear on my car radio display and other computers (similar to cd's I buy at the store)? (3) If yes for #2, could you please briefly explain how what I will need to do to accomplish this? I couldn't find a detailed user manual online. Thanks for your help and time.
  13. To: Any Mod/Guru that can help. Hello, I purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro this past December. and I recently got a new computer, but I cannot find the CD to install the software on it. I have the serial number and the actual capture card but that is all I still have. Is there a way to get a download of the software using the serial number? Any response would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
  14. Hey I bought my Roxio Game Capture over a year ago and I am looking to sell it on eBay. The problem is I don't have my CD, and I don't know how I could give the next person my activation code without releasing information about my Roxio account which has some details on it. Any suggestions?
  15. I have been trying to install the Roxio software onto my new PC, but my the computer won't read the disc. I don't even think it spins the disc either. I have tried other discs and they work perfectly fine. I had the software installed on my old laptop and used the disc to uninstall it from my old laptop. Someone please help me.
  16. DBL

    No Software Cd?

    I recently purchased the Roxio game capture device from Fry's and when I got home to hook it up noticed there was no CD. At first I figured it might have been just a plug and use (couldn't think of any other reason the software would be missing as the packaged didn't appear to be opened previously) but that wasn't the case, so what gives? Does the software you need to use the game capture device not come with the product or is mine one of the rare few factory errors, and if so any hints on how to fix it without just outright returning to the store and trying to exchange it (long drive).
  17. I have a problem with my Roxio Easy CD and DVD creation software. It says my drives are disabled (whhich they aren't) and I can't burn anything until the problem is resolved. Here is my system info: Windows 7: Home Premium I also have a Samsung Portable CD/DVD drive. I do not know what other info you need. Everything regarding to my problem on the Roxio site here I have tried and nothing works to resolve my problem. Please help me. Thanks.
  18. That old Kid


    So basically, i have misplaced my roxio game cap intallation cd. I still have the serial code and have the roxio game cap registered on my account. Just yesterday, i got a new laptop that has the system requirements to handle my game cap for xbox. Can i get a software download off the internet? I mean, i do have the serial # and its registered to my account... One more thing, I have the software on my desktop computer but it runs windows xp so I tried to put it on a usb and put it on my laptop which is windows 7. Still doesnt work. Help Please?
  19. I got my Roxio game capture a few days a go, I never hooked it up because I knew I needed regular HDMI cords instead of the one I had. So I opened it up and hooked it up and everything, but it wouldn't install because I needed the Software disc. I never got one with my order :/ Is there anything I could do about it?
  20. I'm trying to get this done in Toast 11 Pro : I have a GPS-navigation system in my car, that works on CDroms. But since it's a DVD-drive that the navigation-CDroms have to go in, I thought I might be able to burn a DVDrom with 7 separate partitions each containing the contents of one navigation-CDrom (so I don't have to switch CDroms whenever I go on an international trip). How can I do this in Toast 11 ? I have not found a way to make the partitions from within Toast 11, so I've used Disk Utility to make an image-file that has the 7 partitions on it. But when I try to burn that image to a DVDrom, it doesn't burn them as separate partitions that will show up as multiple CDroms in the Finder. Both image-burning and disk-copy don't seem to work for this... Anyone any suggestions ? Thanks !
  21. I am running Roxio Creator Starter 2012 on a relatively new Dell PC, under Windows 7 64-bit. I am having a few difficulties copying an Audio CD: 1) When I first insert the Audio CD and launch Roxio Creator Starter 2012, the program first shows a screen where I can drag the audio tracks to rip them. I would rather the program begin on Creator's "Home" page, or show all the various actions available for an Audio CD, rather than assuming I want to rip tracks. Is there any way I can prevent Creator from guessing that I want to rip tracks? 2) Is there a command line parameter for launching Roxio Creator Starter 2012, that would initiate an audio CD copy process? If not, is there another way to initiate an audio CD copying process, e.g. perhaps a right-click context menu option somewhere within Creator or in Windows Explorer? Thanks very much, - Michael