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Found 95 results

  1. Giorgio_B

    Creating A High Quality Dvd

    Hi, I'm new to Toast. I'm just trying to create a dvd-video suitable for any dvd player with high quality rendition. I realize that if I choose DVD-Video format in Toast 12 the only possible encoding is MPEG-2. If I would like to use MPEG-4 in order to get a higher quality compression, I have to set the format "High Definition DVD". But this format is made only for Blu-Ray players. is it right? So, my question is: how do i get the best possible quality (considering my needs, to watch my dvd on TV)? Any other software (even iDVD) allows MPEG-4 encoding to create a DVD. I'm really confused.

    5.1 Surround Sound Audio Cd

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I have to burn a 5.1 audio files in ac3 format in audio CD. Is it possible to do? I want only the audio and menu and no video. I use Toast 10.
  3. I am a photographer and I to know how to create a DVD that will display a single high resolution image when inserted into a DVD player. I photograph interiors and I want the logo of the company to display on the TV. Thanks, Rick
  4. Hi I just purchased toast 12 titanium last weekend and so far I have not been able to burn a playable dvd that will work on my personal dvd player at home. I can use the disc in my xbox, macbook, and PC, but I keep getting a "Disc Error Message" in my personal DVD player, can someone please help me solve this mystery, I am using the settings they informed us to use in the tutorials and I am still not able to produce the DVDs I had hoped for.
  5. sidney1994

    New User

    Just thought I'd throw a few questions out there and see what I get. First, probably a simple one, but if I have a DVD that says 120 minutes, and I'm trying to transfer a video off a tape that was also 120 minutes, why do I get a not enough space message? Next, I picked up a Sony camera at a garage sale the other day, so I can finally transfer my old tapes to DVD. The camera has a S-video connection, and A/V out connection for audio. Why is it that if I connect both the red and white connections to the video capture USB device, I get a loud buzzing from the red connection? I have to record with only the white connection, which works fine but I'm not getting stereo sound. And I guess one more question, somewhat related to the first - I noticed on my first tries that the Roxio app would stop recording at times when I thought I was leaving it to record the whole tape. It took me four "pieces" to record my first 120 minute tape. Thanks anyone!
  6. RWillPatBar

    Warning/information Screen

    I wish to create an information screen on a DVD, à la the warning screen on studio DVDs, that plays before the main menu. Will TT11 do this and, if so, how? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Hope I am in the right place. Had to guess. In 2004 I backed up all of my photos onto DVD using a Roxio product that I no longer have. The DVD.s contain Roxio Retrieve Version This was done on Windows XP SP3 (or 2). I hecently changed to Windows 7 and lost all of my photos in the process. These 2 DVD discs do contain all of the files. As far as I can tell there is no deterioratiion as they were well stored. The prblem is that Roxio split a lot of the pictures between the two discs so I cannot just copy the files. When I try to restore with this Roxio it loads and then tells me it is restoring 8000 files but always stops "Roxio retrieve has stopped working" about halfway through disc one. It is at a different number each time. I suspect that the problem has to do woth running in Win7 but the Win 7 troubleshooter has ' it asys" created a Win XP enviornment for it to run in and the same problem happens. 1-Is there a way to restore with some kind of update? 2-Failing that is there a way to recombine the thousands of photos in sixteen foldere that have been slpit? Can anyone help please? Back in '04 we never thought that the software wouldnt work when it came time to restore or that the rntire systen would be gone leaving no trace for upgrades. Thanks
  8. Hello, I'm trying to script a DVD burn, what i need is to burn an entire folder automatically. I also need to make some items invisible and other items should only be visible on PC. Right now i can only add all the files to the DVD, not hide or uncheck them. Is there a way to do this? This is the code: set folderSelected to (":Volumes:xxxx:xxxx" as alias) tell application "Finder" to set {folderName, sourceList} to {name of folderSelected, items of folderSelected} tell application "Toast Titanium" set myDisc to make new Data disc set name of disc 1 to "Toast Test" repeat with i in sourceList if {(i as string) contains ".DS_"} then else add to myDisc items (i as alias) end if end repeat activate end tell Thanks.
  9. I have created a DVD with menus & lots of videos on it,using Roxio Creator NXT 2, I go to burn it & it stops at 97%, so I click cancel & it plays fine. I have also created a DVD with menus & slide shows on it, I go to burn it & it again stops at 97%, so I click cancel, but it doesn't play this time, it just says it's a data disc . I create an ISO file of the project, burn it, same thing happens, data disk. Please, I need help with all of this, thanks loads in advance
  10. Frijole

    Standard Dvd Pixilation

    Hi, I just got Toast 12 and very disappointed in the DVD quality on standard disk burns. I've looked and looked at my settings to figure out what's wrong. I'm exporting a 30 minute video in H.264 and that file of 14 gb goes to 2.5 gb in Toast and burns a horrible quality disk. I've changed settings to progressive, best, and am now exporting an M2v straight from Premiere Pro. I don't know what else to do and the client is expecting quality. I'm almost sorry I went with Toast Anyone know how to help? -Peter
  11. Owlcroft

    Create Dvd With Handouts?

    Is there a way to add handout documents, to include a menu option for them, when creating a DVD? What I want to do create DVD of a demo given in my Woodturning club. I have the video and handouts. What I want to do is create a DVD using NXT3 that includes a menu option for viewing the video and a menu option for viewing and/or downloading a PDF file I created from the Demo handout. Is this possible?? Thanks
  12. A cousin of mine sent me a dvd of family photos and old time super 8 film transferred to dvd. I cannot play it. It seems to not be compatible to play on my PC or blueray dvd player. I there someway that can I play this dvd? Desperate and frustrated.
  13. OldLehrer

    Pal Vs. Ntsc - Disk Burning

    When burning a DVD with video clips originally formatted PAL, Toast seems to have no problem converting them to the NTSC standard. However if I have several clips which are mixed NTSC and PAL I get the following message: "You are about to create a disc with mixed PAL and NTSC content. Are you sure you want to do this? Discs with mixed content may not play on all players." This makes me assume that the PAL clips will not not be reformatted if there are already NTSC files in the group. Is this so? If yes, is there a workaround to get all clips onto a single DVD that will play NTSC? Thank you.
  14. tcagraphics

    Burned Dvd Is "flickery"

    So I have a large (12G) .mov file that I am trying to burn onto a DVD to be played in a PS3. I go through Toast and get it all set up, Toast burns the DVD, and when I play it, it's all "flickery" and seems to jump, like skipping frames or something. Any thoughts? I have tried playing the DVD on another player with the same problems so I know it's not the PS3.
  15. now that i have dvd's (unprotected personal not commercial), i want to upload one to dropbox and give the link to others to access and view the video. i copied the entire dvd's files - audio TS and video TS folders totalling 2.5 GB. so now i have a bunch of files in those 2 subfolders inside a new folder for this video on dropbox == and now my kindergarten question is: how do i play them as a viewable video? and how do i create a single link i can share with others to download and play it? thank you!
  16. Help! I have used Roxio for several years (even though I think it's slow and painful to use). In the past, I've been able to burn a DVD and have it play on my computer, as well as on my DVD player. I just upgraded to Creator NXT 2 and made a DVD. It will play on my DVD player, but not on my computer. I need it to play on my computer so I can use it to show a slide show for a wedding rehearsal dinner. Is there some different file format I need to save it in to play on the computer?
  17. I have Creator NXT ver.; and want to take some of the videos (mp4, wmv, avi, mov, etc.) that I have stored on my Windows 8.1 PC and transfer them to a DVD for playback on standard DVD players. I'd like to index them so that each can be selected at random via the player's remote. Can my NXT do this? I assumed so, but immediately found that I don't know how to "capture video" from my PC. Any beginning (or ending) help would be appreciated. Joe
  18. I converted a whole bunch of little stuff, TV clips and YouTube captures mostly, into DVD format and it took 12 hours and ended up way too big to fit on one DVD. My bad for not checking a compressing option, but I left what I thought was enough room. Now what? It's sitting there waiting for me to insert a DVD, that it will reject as not being big enough. I only have a cheap DVD burner and it does not do double sided disks. If I cancel the burn entirely, I assume it will not let me go back and check the compression option without losing everything and I'll have to convert them all again. Ugh. Is there something I can do at this point to either split up the files onto several disks without converting them again or tell it compress them without having to reconvert them? However, I have the Temporary Folder with the converted files. Presumably I can cancel the project in progress and add just some of the converted files in the Temporary folder to a new dvd project, splitting them up so they end up on several disks. But how? I assume I add both the .ac3 and the .m2v copy of the file onto the new DVD project. Will it somehow hook the audio up with the video automatically making it just one file again on the DVD or will it go through another conversion process to hook them together? Will that take just as long as the first conversion making this a singularly pointless thing to do? Or is it quick? And do I need to include the NVDxx_000.tmp file that presumably goes with it or just ignore the NVD files? If I do need to add them, I assume I'd just count to figure out which sequential number it is, since NVD01 as a name is not useful at all in deciding what clip it goes with if they aren't simply sequential with the named .ac2 and .m2v files? Or just use the NVD file? Or…? The help files are singularly unhelpful about this. So, help! Thanks
  19. I received a set of family movies copied to DVD. They do not play in my DVD player. My computer shows the DVD file structure as follows. Family Videos 1 (folder) desktop.ini Temporary Burn Folder (folder) VIDEO_TS (folder) desktop.ini VIDEO_TS contains 3 VLC video files, 3 BUP files and 7 VOB files. VIDEO_TS.BUP, VTS_01_0.BUP, VTS_02_0.BUP VIDEO_TS.IFO, VTS_01_0.IFO, VTS_02_0.IFO VIDEO_TS.VOB, VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, VTS_01_3.VOB, VTS_02_1.VOB, VTS_02_2.VOB, VTS_02_3.VOB I expect that this means that there are two chapters containing movies. I also suspect that the VIDEO_TS folder should be the root of the DVD. Is there a tutorial that explains this? Can I just copy these files onto a blank DVD? I am using Roxio Creator DE v9 on Windows Vista.
  20. ditto

    Laser Disc To Dvd

    I am trying to transfer all my "Laserdiscs" to newer DVD media. Has anyone else tried this before? Can "Toast" create "chapters" in order to record? All help would be grately appreciated. Thank you so much in advace for your help and interes. Ditto
  21. My burned DVDs will play on my computer but not in any of my DVD players. I get various messages depending on the player, such as file type not supported, Not NTSC, etc. Can't find anything in the software to set format from PAL to NTSC and my Windows DVD maker program is set to NTSC. Don't know where else to look. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  22. I have used this Easy VHS to DVD software for about 3 years, with great success. But, at the end of burning almost every disk, I get this message: "There was a problem writing to the disk". When I try to play the disk in my DVD player or computer, it plays, no problem. All disks seem to work in most DVD players. I am currently using Verbatim DVD+R DL, and recording approximately 1hour to 1hour and 15 minutes of old home videos onto each DVD. My burner is TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L633C. Computer is Dell Inspiron, Windows 7, about 4 years old. Why do I get this "problem" message, and should I worry about it?
  23. easybullet3

    Quality Loss When Burning Xvid To Dvd !

    I have an XVID Movie which I play (through my laptop) on to my LARGE Plasma TV and the picture is great !!! as soon as I burn that xvid to DVD (using Toast 11.2) the quality of the Movie drops by about 30% !!! ALSO: the size of the movie file INCREASES about three-times the size !!! how is this even possible ?? The file size increases three-fold, and the quality drops by about 30% !!! - Please don't tell me about xvid being a low quality codec because I already have said that I play the movie from my computer onto my LARGE SCREEN PLASMA TV.. and the quality is just fine. but its a hassle to bring my laptop to the TV every time. the quality drops from Toasts bad quality conversion process, I guess. I want to know how I can improve the quality of Toast DVD burning. or, is there better software out there ? Thanks
  24. usci

    Avchd To Sd Dvd

    Hi, Someone has given me AVCHD video recorded on an SD card and wants to know if I can burn it to a SD DVD. I currently have Toast 10 and I can burn the AVCHD files on DVDs as HD files viewable on a Blu-ray player, but I need to burn discs that are viewable on regular DVD players. Is this something that Toast 11 can do automatically? I'm trying to avoid capturing the AVCHD video onto my computer, converting the clips to SD files, then burning to a SD DVD. Thanks for your help.
  25. Hello, I am new to Toast. I need to know how to change the titles in the menu options for my DVD. Meaning I can change the title of the DVD but the sub menus are set to "my movie" and I need to change those to the appropriate movie that is place in the DVD. I have two productions that will be on this DVD so from the home page/menu I need to change the 'my movie' sub menu buttons to the titles of my two productions. Please help. I am on a deadline. I'm liking how Toast is working thus far though. Gone are my days with Compressor and DVD Studio Pro.