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Found 35 results

  1. I recently just bought the Roxio (first one) and noticed the video can only record in 30 fps but when i render in 60 fps DiVx it only puts in duplicate frames.I also have USB 3.0 on the back of my computer and have the Roxio Game Capture's USB running down to my pc.I edit gameplays with Sony Vegas 12 And After Effects CS5.5 so i used effects like Slow motion E.T.C.
  2. ProFreeAgent

    Removing Music Track

    Okay, so i added in a songs as a music track and now i cant find out how to edit it or delete it. It's really annoying and it need to fix it ASAP. Please and thanks.
  3. Hi all, I enjoy making videos with my roxio and have posted several videos, it would be much appreciated if you would check my channel out and maybe let me know what you think of my editing and videos in general any tips to get more views, more entertaining etc. Thanks, Thorno. Heres the link to my channel: www.youtube.com/clanpnr
  4. theeditor

    Roxio Version 6 Editing

    I just bought and downloaded Roxio version 6 but do not see edit functionality. I used to have version 5 of the software and was able to edit pictures. Can anyone tell me why this functionality is missing in version 6?
  5. Whenever I try to split my video more than once, VideoWave tells me that one of the resulting clips will be too small, even if the new split is longer than the previous. I don't know what to do.. I need help, friends.. Please tell me there's a way to get past this..
  6. Hello, I am posting because of a problem I tend to receive when attempting to edit my game captures. More specifically, whenever I try to add background audio (Just by clicking the button), the window closes, and occasionally it says: VideoWave has stopped working, click to diagnose the problem. Diagnostics cannot find the problem. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, EverythingXbox http://www.youtube.com/user/EverythingXbox121/feed?filter=2
  7. DonnieShallow

    Video Into Silhouette

    I am having a problem trying to make my video into a black FG and white BG silhouette style. I used a green screen to film what i want. I'm editing it in "roxio video lab HD" i clicked "Chroma Key" and that worked to turn the background white but i have no idea how to turn the (person) FG into a black silhouette as well. If anyone has any idea or tips for me i will appreciate it highly. (This video is an example of what i am trying to do, same concept, different color background)
  8. jerry7171

    Unable To Edit Tivo Hd Files?

    I just fired up my new TiVo and am overjoyed that I can pull recordings off it into my Mac Mini (mid-2011). However, when I try to edit the TiVo HD files to get rid of the commercials and prepare them to turn them into H.264 files, Toast 11.1 hangs and I have to force quit it. I've only had luck with standard definition files so far. HD files all seem to freeze and hang. Is there anything I should do besides restarting my Mac? Everything else seems to work like a charm. I even checked and updated the software as directed a few hours ago. Still no happiness. Thanks! Jerry
  9. Hi - please excuse any break in protocol, I've not used this forum before. I'm trying to do some cutaway sequences - which I understand can be tricky in Roxio. The problem I'm having is when I edit the video clip I want to use, then extract the audio and then re-add that audio as a separate clip (on the SFX or music channel) it doesn't keep the edit, it's back to the original audio of the clip. This means I can't just lay that audio under the main bit of footage, cut away to some other video footage while continuing the audio track and then cut back to the original with the audio still in sync. Hope I've explained that clearly enough!
  10. papadadjo

    Tivo Hd Recording Output

    I used Toast 11 to edit a TiVo HD recording and had no problem doing this although it could use a better editing method. However, when I try to output the edited 1080 file type to an HD format I get a popup window in Toast 11 that says TiVo restricts output formats to 480. TiVo support says this is a Roxio restriction. Who's right? Anyone else try this?