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Found 286 results

  1. Dear Reader/Technician: I am confused. This is because i don't know how to do in game/say stuff whilst recording. i do not want to do a voice over because i might say something that might not happen. I need help with this or i will not fulfill my dream to become a you tuber. Thank you for taking your time to read and help me, Jess, 13 year old
  2. I recently got a new laptop, and it doesn't feature a cd/disk drive, but I need to put the Roxio Game Capture Software install disc in the tray to get the software. Do I load the file from the old laptop onto a USB and put it in the new laptop and hope for the best, Or try something else? Thank you so much if you can help!
  3. Hi, I have read through all of the forums, and no matter what I do, I get a notification saying that the certificate file is missing or corrupt, re-install it. I'm rather upset since I had purchased it online, and not only did I not get a receipt, I got a product that doesn't work. Now, if anyone knows how to fix this problem, please let me know. (I am on an HP Notebook with windows 8.1) Crimson Dalek
  4. Nytmare_Elite

    No Signal

    I use a HD PRO and I recently have been having some problems with it. It is giving me a green "No Signal" light when I go to record my game as if my cable isn't in. Now I do have all the updates that the software permits as well as making sure the cables are in properly. I can see the game on my TV screen just fine. But I cant see it or record it on laptop. I use a Windows 8 laptop which ive recorded and uploaded from before 90% of my recording has been on my ne laptop. It just started doing this maybe a month ago id estimate. I hope you can figure out a solution please help!
  5. Hello my name is Alex and i'm having trouble on my new computer.The trouble is that i am trying to record on my xbox 360 on my new pc but everyday i press capture/record i get a message saying "unexpected error occurred restarting pc" what do i do i have resinstalled it repaired it restarted pc and downloaded the update my pc specs are:Intel core i5-4670k cup 3.40ghz quad core 64bit and 16gb ram and windows 8.1
  6. DangerZone4Ever

    Windows Logo Error

    I am installing the disc for the Roxio game capture hd pro and i am getting a error saying the the product does not pass the windows logo test. i need help to fix this problem to be able to use my product.
  7. iantoja

    Lost My Component Cables

    I was going to use my HD Pro Roxio GameCap but I Realized That I lost all component cables. These Have the specifications That some are blue and green and there is no yellow cable. ¿Can I find an alternate way to record with component cables that are white, red and yellow and not the ones tha have blue and green?
  8. Its SliDe

    Not Support 480P

    Ok, so ive had my roxio for a couple of years now, so the problem could be that its just old. But i recently got the new patch and have been capturing my gameplay on an xbox one, but now i just tried to come back to the xbox 360 and its saying roxio doesnt support 480P. i really dont know what it means, ive tried changing the screen resolution on my xbox cause thats all i could think of. but i couldnt find anything in the program. Plz help ps. im not really an "expert" at this stuff
  9. Im_Hijinx

    Audio Recording Problem! Need Help Asap!

    I record my ps4 game play with my Roxio GameCap HD Pro. But oncei finished recording, I would notice that about 2 minutes into the gameplay, all audio would cut out. I am hooked up through HDMI. If anyone needs any more specifics feel free to ask. Help !
  10. Swiftie4Life

    Game Audio Echo

    Two issues. 1. I recorded some gameplay and when I viewed the video, I noticed that the audio from the game echoed. Like *gunshot* 2 seconds later, same gunshot just quieter. How can I fix this? 2. Why cant I record the audio from my pc when I have headphones plugged in? When I unplug them, audio records tho but I want headphones on while I record. Ugh! thought getting this would help me achieve my dream of being a video commenter. instead I keep having issues that are stopping that. Please help me fix these issues.
  11. Hello! I would really like some help on this subject. Problem 1: After editing my video on Videowave I go to the 'Export As' option. I have tons of options on the 'Video file quality' dropdown box, but when I try clicking on the recommended option for the type of videos I'm trying to make for YouTube, 'Windows Media Video 9, 1920x1080 VBR', the 'Create Video File' option athe bottom disappears. I went and downloaded WMV9 thinking maybe that was the problem, and it still didn't work for me. I'm really at a loss of why I can't export using WMV9. I don't know if another video quality option is just as good as WMV9, but in all the gamer guides I watch for creating videos on VW, they all recommend WMV9. Problem 2: When I try saving my edited video so I can continue troubleshooting, Videowave shuts down on me. Please help me find solutions if you can! Thanks!
  12. I bought the Roxio GameCap at the end of August while I was working away for the summer. I came home for a week and couldn't get it to work then so I figured I'd give it another crack when I was home for good. It's now November and I still can't get this device to work. I'm sure it's absolutely not the product and probably my own error but I would like to get it figured out and sort the problem out so I can actually use this wonderful device. Some of the errors I am receiving are the "Unknown Capture Error" and some kind of Script error which I haven't received in a while however I have screen capped this occurrence. All of my wires and cords are set up, but the Roxio program will always say no signal in all red, like it would if it were not plugged in. I have uninstalled and re-installed several times to no avail. I have also tried all of my usb ports and actually tried a different computer entirely in the beginning way back in August. If any one can help, anyone at all, I would appreciate any feedback and desperately need it at this point. I know it's stupid but when I get stressed and anxious all I want to do is cry and my brain just stops working. U-U; ANYWAY, please and thank you in advance to anyone that can help me with this problem/tries to help with this problem. ~az
  13. MonsterMatt095

    No Longer Working?!

    Hi People, So Ive had my Roxio Gamecap HD Pro for about a year now, and had absolutely no problems what so ever!.. Until recently, Upon plugging my Roxio HD into my laptop, one of two things happen; 1) My laptop blue screens, and crashes.. or 2) I boot the Recording software perfectly fine, and load the Roxio, to where I get audio but just a blue screen. Note- Im using an Xbox 360 with the Component out. I have tried using the "Virtual Dub" as an alternative software, but to no avail. Any ideas/ help? Thanks, Matt.
  14. Here are some things that need to be fixed with the roxio hd pro. First off I use a roxio hd pro and have grown very fond of it, its just that this capture card software needs alot of work. Here are my reason that the roxio hd pro gives me a headache: Reason 1: No mic recording feature while using the capture feature, This is usually available in all high grade capture card softwares like the elgato. THIS IS THE REASON MOST PEOPLE DONT LIKE THIS CAPTURE CARD. Reason 2: The software can be very glitchy while stopping a recording, staring a recording, and also starting and stopping livestreams. Reason 3: No option to record livestreams. Reason 5: No option to use a camera in livestreams and while recording. These features need to be added because they give me and probably most people a headache and make us want to switch to a different capture card so PLEASE FIX THESE!!!
  15. I have set up my game capture correctly, and I'm trying to record my 360 footage. When I record, the fps drops drastically, and there is a few seconds delay from when it happens on the xbox to on the computer. when I play it back, the visuals go at 20 times speed, but the audio plays only t about 1.5. Help?
  16. ok so I hqve proof attached I bought it last year and it was on my computer my computer broke now I have a new one I need a new key proof has been attached thanks for your time
  17. DarkMonkey1992

    Which Settings Best Fit My Computer

    I need help with using my Roxio, my friend who had this before gave me his computer and his Roxio and his setting on it were perfect but I can not find the right setting for my Roxio so I can get at least 720p videos up on my YoutTube channel. This is the computer I use Gateway SX Series SX2110G-UW23 (DT.GEPAA.002) Desktop PC AMD Dual-Core Processor E1-1500 (1.48GHz) 6GB DDR3 500GB HDD Windows 8 64-Bit Please help!
  18. kingdom004

    I Lost My Installation Cd

    I do not have my CD any more I have recently moved and in that process I lost my CD. Is there anyway i can download the software online? I have my Product key from your website to prove that I am the owner of the device software I need. Its a Roxio Game Capture.
  19. I just received my Roxio Game Cap HD Pro from ebay with no disk so i go on the website and download the program i open with run as administrate and my mouse does the loading circle and nothing happens also my roxio wont show up when i go to the computer tab if it would be easier to reach me instead of typing simply add me on skype and say if you are here to help me with this problem my skype is : JackG2100
  20. Hunter Haines

    Lost My Disc And My Authorization Code

    Hi, I Lost my disc and my authorization code so I can upload videos to my computer and I don't have it installed to my computer cause I recently had to erase my computer from viruses I once had. all I have is the serial number on the Roxio game cap hd pro.
  21. officialredcore

    Halp! Halp!

    Hello there. I am experiencing an issue with my Roxio GameCAP HD PRO. Let me describe my setup with cables and that: I have two monitors and two PC's. Yes, that's right, I am not going to stream gameplay from a console but from my gaming PC. I have a DVI Cable from my gaming monitor to my gaming PC the same thing between the streaming monitor and streaming/recording pc. The gamecapture is in the middle of the pc's, with the USB connected to the streaming PC, and two HDMI cables connected to my gaming pc and monitor. Input to Gaming PC and Output to Gaming monitor. The trouble I am having is that basically, half the stuff I do on the gaming PC actually shows on my Gaming monitor. The other half of the programs I have open is shown in the little preview box in my Roxio software in the streaming PC. When I push my mouse to the very right on my gaming monitor, I control the mouse in the preview box, nowhere else. To make it clear: If I have my webbrowser(Google Chrome) up on my Gaming PC, I cannot see this in the preview box at the game capture software in my streaming pc. And programs that I can see in the preview box, Spotify for example, is not shown on my Gaming monitor. It does not work to click it up or anything, its like the computer is split in half. So what is the problem here? I have no idea. Please guys help me out here! /Redcore
  22. officialredcore

    I Need Help!

    Hello. I recently bought a Roxio Game Capture HD PRO. I have two PC's and two monitors. The problem I am having is on my Roxio Game Capture software. In the ''preview screen'' I can see my other computers desktop. But only the desktop. Whatever else I am doing on my gaming-pc does not show. The screen is live, I can see when a game starts at the taskbar, so the only problem is that I cannot see anything else than my desktop. Please help, any info or tips is appreciated! /Redcore
  23. I got the Roxio capture card not but a week ago. me and my frends worked with it not but a day ago and now when I was working with it today it showed no signal for the longest time and then it just went all crazy picture and static...please help
  24. Found my roxio hd pro again and it still looks like this, dont know whats wrong with it. can anyone help??
  25. okay So I have got my Game cap pro hooked up to my LG tv and Xbox 360 using HDMI cables, I have the software installed on my laptop and the game cap pro plugged in correctly, the issue I'm having is I am getting no picture on my TV and on the Computer software I'm getting a flickering preview screen with horizontal blue lines and red oblongs, For some reason the PRT SCREEN I took isn't showing the full problem... has anybody had this issue before and know of a fix? thank you Lee