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Found 29 results

  1. I bought the Roxio Game Capture and when I went to install the software, the disc wouldn't install the software. It would load up, ask me if I wanted to check for an update, and no-matter what I select, (yes or no) it will close. No error message, no "The program has stopped responding", nothing. Just randomly close. I think it may be my computer, because when I tried it on my brothers computer, the install worked fine, but we have the same specs, so I don't see why mine isn't working. Specs of my computer: OS: Windows 7 (32 bit) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.10 GHz GPU: Intel GMA 965 BIOS: Ver 1.0 Ram: 3 GB'S of ram (but .03 GB's are unusable) Direct X: 11 Please help me. PS: I have my CD and CD code.
  2. Peritoe

    I Need Capturing Help!

    I am having some issues. My audio goes straight to my computer and comes out its speakers, I need it to go through the TV. Same with the video, straight to the computer and it has a delay on it so I can't play it from there. Any help?
  3. Oh, hello there. I am new to your wonderful community, but am having some frustrating problems recently. I have made 5-10 capture videos with Roxio and was very impressed with it. However, I recently tried to start it up again to fulfill my creativity yet again, when I get this error, seen in the picture. It will stop working for now reason. Odd, I thought to myself. After a few seconds, the black screen surrounds the error message as if it's still trying to go to the "Capture or edit" menu. After trying it again and again to no avail, I inserted the roxio disk and tried the "Reair" option, humming along to myself "Can we fix it! Probably not, but here goes anyway." I restarted my computer accordingly and I got the same error message. Strange. After trying that a few times, I simply uninstalled hte program and reinstalled it, and I'm STILL having the same problem. However, when I plug the USB in, it doesn't seem to recognize that Roxio is there. However, I should have still been able to go to the video editing software without a problem, right? I'm not exactly sure what's going on with it, I've read a few forums, but nothign seems to describe quite what I'm dealing with. I haven't called Tech support yet, since my warranty is well past done and there may be a simpler solution from the gurus here, full of love, tolerance, and acceptance of noobs like me, right? *edit* I've also tried nearly everything I could find, such as installing some windows driver from a pinned forum. I uninstalled the software, installed it back to the T, applied the update, restarted my computer multiple times, my computer recognizes that Roxio is plugged in, however, I still get the "stopped working" message and it's pissing me off. I've made 10 videos or so with it and it was a great product for what I wanted to use it for. However, I'm really upset that it decided to crap out after this, when it was kept in good condition, and not abused.
  4. Hello my name is Austin and I just bought you Roxio game capture HD PRO and when I go to download the software it says that I don't meet the requirements, I have vista and it is listed in the list of requirements so what is wrong. Please help