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Found 37 results

  1. I have a problem where the roxio doesnt pick up game sound. Did i connect it wrong or something like that? Can anyone help? Pics show how its setup Hopefully you can help
  2. My son is trying to Capturing Gameplay On Pc (he has a laptop, we've added a seperate monitor)....We have a Dell Laptop, we have hooked up an hdmi cable from Roxio Pro unit to laptop...and an hdmi cable from Roxio pro unit to a free standing monitor - we are still getting "No Signal". Have tried numerous combination - everything comes up "No Signal"...HELP!
  3. Taurenonasnowboard

    Audio Looping

    I'm recording on my PC, and all is going well, UNTIL I look at the recording. The moment ANY audio comes up, it loops to almost no end, with each loop getting quieter and quieter. I have no Idea what I'm doing wrong. In case the problem is the setup, here it is. I'm using one laptop, with the HDMI coming from that into the input port, as well as the USB connected to the same laptop.
  4. SET UP - I am using the capture card for a slightly different purpose. I am trying to capture and record a security camera and stream the results. I have a separate monitor to view said security channels, and another that feeds into my computer. I have an HDMI cable coming from my security system feeding into the HDMI input on the capture card. I have the PC output going into the usb on my computer. Then I have a VGA output from the computer to the computer monitor. Then I have the HDMI output heading into my second monitor so I can monitor just the cameras on that screen. PROBLEM - I have moved the inputs and outputs to every logical reconfiguration and I have never been able to get the separate monitor to show anything. The most success I have had is getting the channels to show up on the computer capture software, but the channels are being displayed in no numerical order. Channel 1, 7, 17, 4 are coming through, but only 1, 2, 3, 4 have cameras running. So my conclusion is that for some reason the card is losing input data and displaying random output on the computer monitor. Again nothing I have done has been able to show the security channels on the separate monitor. I have set this up and have used the same setup with gaming and I have had no problems with the split screen nor capturing my gameplay. I am using the exact same cables and connections, but nothing seems to work. I have tried everything I can possibly think of. Has anyone ever tried using the roxio to capture and stream security systems before? Does the channel output confuse the inputs even tho I am using HDMI on both input and output? Can someone give me a hug? My brain hurts
  5. LoveShaSha

    Help With Roxio Pc

    Hey! I need help. I have the USB/power cord in my computer. I have my HDMI going from the Roxio to the computer. I have a "Ready, green" status. When I click on "start capture" it starts but it only records my desktop not the game with no sound. What am I is missing? What should I do different? How do I get the sound? Help me please!
  6. Here is what I am looking for, I got the capture card for my son. We tried it out and everything seems to work as needed but he noticed a bit of a lag when capturing. We were advised that he needs to have the capture running on a pc monitor and play as normal on his tv. Any ideas on how this can be done? I was thinking HDMI splitter, but to me it would seem that this would still display the same image on both screens. I need capture software (video) or whatever you call it running on the PC monitor, and the TV displaying as if the capture was not even running, so it appears as normal game play. I hope this all makes sense, I am trying to wrap my head around it all as I do not play games or do capture. Thanks for all the help in advance.
  7. Sorry, I had to re-post this as I accidentaly clicked 'problem solved' when I posted it before. I've just bought a 'Roxio Game Capture HD Pro' to capture footage from my Wii U. The Wii U uses HDMI cables or the old Wii's AV cables and is NOT HDCP protected. I have seen videos on YouTube of people who are capturing from the Wii U using this device. They plug one end of the Wii U's HDMI cable into the output slot of the Wii U and the other end into the input slot of the game capture device. Another HDMI cable is used to go from the output of the capture device to the TV. Also, the capture device has a USB cord going from the output of the device to the PC. SO, I have downloaded the software that came with the device and launched it in capture mode, plugged in all of the cords I mentioned above, the capture device lit up meaning that it was being powered and the software refreshed itself or loaded a bit to show that it had detected the device, I turned on my TV, switched to the HDMI input mode, turned on my Wii U, AND....nothing. There was nothing displayed in the capture software and nothing displayed on the TV. It also said: "No Signal" in the software like it did before I turned the Wii U on. As I said before, I know this device works with Wii U, as I've seen YouTube videos of people who have done it. I did exactly what they did and it didn't work. I followed the same instructions as what it is said to do to capture from an Xbox 360, as it works the same way, still didn't work. As I mentioned, the Wii U isn't HDCP protected. I know it's not a problem with the software, because the Wii U isn't showing up on my TV either. I know that both of my HDMI cables are working as when I try plugging each one from the Wii U to the TV normally without the capture device, it works perfectly. So the only thing I can think of is that the 'Roxio Game capture HD Pro' that I've got is broken, but I don't know for sure. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  8. Best Roxio, I was wondering how to record PC gameplay with the Capture HD pro, I know how to record on the xbox and the ps3, but how can you record your PC gameplay?, What is the setup of it?, Kind greets Aygul.
  9. malcolm freeman

    Roxio Records For A Couple Of Seconds

    I have a roxio game capture HD pro to use for my pc and for the first couple of day it worked great but then all of a sudden it stops working properly it would work when i didnt start up a game but once i did the program would stop working or it would be really laggy and on top of that it would only record 3 minutes of a 15min video. Please help!
  10. Hey guys, I have recentley purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and I saw that you could also record your PC if you have HDMI cables. Ok so what I did was I put the input from the computer and the output to the monitor. I also hook up the usb to my laptop and I can see the screen of the monitor on my laptop. The only problem is that I have a sharp tv as my monitor and it comes up as an error of "Not compatible with this signal". I think it is because the Roxio is trying to output in 1080p and the monitor can only be in 1080i. Could anyone help?
  11. roxioxio

    Pc Recording

    Hello I was wondering if Roxio game capture hd pro came with Roxio game capture for pc? Because i want to capture on pc and ps3(not at the same time).
  12. anthony7

    Windows 7 32Bit? Auto Run Cd? Help

    Hi guys, I have searched a long while but have only found old threads and I suspect I am just unfamiliar with windows to know exactly what to do or what to research. I have prepared a simple html site, that needs to autorun on a cd. I am burning it using Toast Titanium 11. However, each time I try to follow the instructions I get some error on the Windows 7 home edition pc, saying it cannot be run, something about 64bits, 32bits, and all that. Outside of the folder where the site is I have two files. My inif autorun file says this: CODE [autorun] open=ShellExe.exe folder1\index.html icon=Microsoft-WindowsStart.ico I have an .exe file in there as as well that says this: [autorun] open=folder1\index.html When I am in Toast, and I have prepared all the stuff I click on MORE, then Choose the .exe file from the Windows Only drop down menu. This CD has to run on both PC and Macs, and cannot be tied to just one Windows platform... What Can I do?? I will deeply appreciate any help! Thanks in advance! ps/ I also had a mac alias there in the folder but it was converted to an index file and is not going to the right directories. Anthony There is this old thread, but nothing mentioned regarding Windows 7. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/44083-hybrid-cd-w-autorun-pc-background-image-mac/