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Found 64 results

  1. So today i went out to buy a RCA male to Minijack Female, i got home and plugged the Red/White cables into my roxio sound output, and my headphones into the minijack, but there was no sound! I then plugged back my old red/white into the roxio and the other end into my speakers, sound worked fine, then i plugged the new converter into the output on my speakers and then there was sound on my headphones, but also on my speakers. I just want to be able to use headphones/earphones or a headset!... I can't see why roxio just didn't add a Minijack into the Roxio device itself :/ HELP PLEASE!
  2. switch2knife

    Need Help

    So I just got the Roxio HD pro about 3 days ago. I setup everything properly, with the ps3. Now the problem is that there is a green " no signal " sign. Also the drop box for the source is not showing up. Its just a black box. Please someone reply
  3. Hi, a few months ago I had bought a Roxio Game Capture and in the beggining it worked well but a few weeks ago I started recording again and my tv simple goes black when I plugged in the Roxio Device to my computer....My TV just stays black while I am recording and my computer records it but in a strange way (You see the imagem but in lines).... Is it possible to post here video so you can see what happens? If so tell me how... Thanks.
  4. Gamer34792609

    Lagging In Game

    Greetings all: A few months ago, I bought myself a Roxio HD Pro Capture Card-it costs me quite a chunk of change. However, it does come with a nice editing program and is fairly easy to setup and use. No complaints there. I hooked it up to my PS3 and discovered that I get an "Blocked Signal" when I launch the capture application. "Hmm"-I thought. After some research I discovered that Sony has done this, due to copyright issues and that you need AV component cables and can't record directly through an HDMI. Fair enough, I can deal with that. I haven't yet gotten the cables I need to record the ps3-all in due time; I am a patient person. This however, seems stupid to me and sony's copyright issue, kind of defeats the purpose of having a game capture device. But anyway, the issue I have encountered over and over again has to do with audio and video lagging, I DO have the correct cables for my psp; which I have hooked up and tested and the animation and sound is delayed-I know this is a common problem; I have tried the suggested fixes on youtube and I am still encountering the same problem. There is a time delay that effects the game and the recording. Even when the capture button is not pressed: there is a delay between the sound and video from the console to the pc Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to correct this issue? As I have said: the youtube solutions do not work for me. and the profile for my psp is 480i. I actually like having the psp game on the big screen, as it doesn't hurt my neck; but the lagging makes it irritating. I have even looked at a few FAQ's and it says that the time delay is normal for the device-that doesn't seem right. My initial PC setup was a custom built xp machine with a 2.4ghz processor, GeForce graphics card ATI/Intel Chipset and some other stuff I can't remember, but it was low end. Luckily, shortly after I got the capture card: my motherboard went belly up. So, now I'm running windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit AMD 3.6 gig processor DDR3 RAM a new powerful video card: the guts got an overhaul and I now have 11 usb ports as opposed to the 8 I had before. My fans and all that were also cleaned right out What is causing this common lag problem?
  5. UltimateCrafterSean

    Av Cable Converters?

    Hi there I currently need some help. My TV doesn't have the 3 av cables slots, so I can't put them in! (red, blue, green wires). I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a converter I could use? On my TV there is a slot of the squared type plug (used to use it for red, yellow and white wires, before I had roxio). Just wondering if there was a converter I could put my roxio av cable in to put into the tv, and if it would work. Thanks in advance, Sean
  6. Hi, I have been having issues lately with the HD Pro software on my laptop when I set it up for recording. I have had about 2 weeks where it was working perfectly but recently it has not been working at all. I set everything up exactly like it mentions in the tutorial. I set up the equipment and plug the USB in to the laptop and open up the capture program. I then open up the Capture section of the program and set he input method to Component as that is what the tutorial said to do and that is also what I had been using when recording previously. Once that has loaded up fully I then turn on the console which is a PS3. Now, previously that was fine at it would go from "no Signal" to "ready" and that was me ready to record but not anymore for some reason. Now once I turn the console on the program does something that looks like it is refreshing, like when you refresh a page on the internet. Every time it does this it goes from what I had set "component" to "HDMI". When I change it back it does this refresh looking thing and goes back to the HDMI setting. It is very strange and frustrating and I am not sure why it does it. Is anyone able to help at all? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I just myself the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO and having some issues with using the software. 1. On the preview screen on capture the color is all green and distorted; however, it doesn't show up when I review the video. 2. When recording I notice lag during the game play from my screen to my game capture. My labtops specs: -intel core i7-2630QM 2Ghz -Ram 16GB -NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M -I am pretty sure I updated everything Please someone help me resolve these issues.
  8. Hi, I am thinking about getting a roxio game capture pro hd. I googled the specs which my laptop has, will roxio be able to work with the computer? Processor: AMD E1-1200 1.4 GHz ( Dual-Core ) Memory: 4.0 GB / 8.0 GB (max) Hard Drive: 320.0 GB - Serial ATA-300 - 5400.0 rpm OS: Windows 7 Display Type: 15.6 in Max Resolution: 1366 x 768 (HD) Graphics Processor: AMD Radeon HD 7310 Optical Drive: DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM Please Respond ASAP Many Thanks Mavro
  9. Rawrgodzilla

    New To The Roxio Hd Pro

    I have a component cable switch box for my wii , ps2, ps3 do you think i should be able to hook the switcher box to the Roxio and then the roxio to my tv ? I also own a wii u
  10. I was just wandering if we will be able to record our gameplay on PS4 and or on XBO(xbox one)? THX
  11. Demonic_Burley

    Need Help Setting Up.

    Hi, I'm trying to set up my Roxio to my ps3, but my TV doesn't have the 5 component cables at the back, is there a way around this, I've set up my Roxio and sound is actually working, but no visual, i'm guessing there is no visual as I don't have the component cables plugged in the back of the TV (which I don't have) Thanks.
  12. Sometimes, when recording, the Roxio Game Capture program just freezes. Any attempt to click stop recording and the program fully crashes to the desktop. This appears to happen completely randomly. I found I seem to crash easier if I record for longer than about 20 minutes, my computer is hot, or if I'm using game audio as my line in (instead of my mic) My question is, how do I fix this? Here are my specs: Windows 7 Home Premium (Activated and Genuine) 3 GB's of RAM Intel Core 2 Duo (T8100 @ 2.10 GHz) Intel GMA 965 Made by Dell Is it my specs that are causing the problem? Or is it something else?
  13. Ok well when i launch the softwearit works for about 1 min then a small bluescreen pops up and says that they shut down windows and for me to check for a BIOS update and i did then there were no updates avalible. then it just restarts . i have a 4gb ram and still crashes
  14. gingerninger1066

    No Audio

    Here is my problem i have configured every thing correctly i used the ps3 guide in the printed manual and now i cannot record audio, video works fine, if i plug it straight into my tv it works normally (i have also noticed that i should have a device called Line in my recording devices menu even when i view disabled and unplugged devices).
  15. Hi guys, I've been scrolling forever to find a fix to help me but i can't find any (i might missed it) but i've had the capture card for a year now. maybe lesser . but i didn't have any problems until i had to stop rec for a couple of months. now i'm back but when i capture the videos, it is as tho it is cut at the bottom and top part of the video . it looks fine during the recording screen but after i playback the video. it had the cut. please help thanks in advance HERE ARE MY LAPTOP SPECS: Processor : Intel® Core i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50 HGz Installed memory (RAM) : 8.00 GB System Type: 64-bit Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 Thanks in advance There's a picture attached btw
  16. beckymegan

    Roxio Game Cap - No Color On Ps3

    Hey everyone. So my issue is that my roxio game cap when hooked through my PS3 to my tv displays as black and white (no color) on my TV. I have color on the pc though (the feed coming in from my TV). I have had this problem before but generally switching wires around fixes it, but not this time. Any suggestions/fixes?
  17. i have jst seen the standard version of the roxio game capture and want to get it but i have a few questions . the monitor i will be using only has hdmi and vga as inputs can i still use the stadard version of the roxio game capture ? i am getting it to stream more than anything else . can someone tell me besides the roxio game capture device what else i would need ? many thanks dan
  18. MacXGaming

    Xbox 360 Vs. Ps3

    Hello Roxio Forum, I think a lot over, why are there so many people recording xbox? Why not PS3. Is it because there are faster DLC packs for xbox - or what is the reason that all / many record xbox?
  19. Hi there, Im useing the Roxio Game Capture, everything has been good up until to day when I started having some problems with the display, that it would produce fuzzy lines on my tv and would be in the capture display, when my laptop charger was plugged in. But when I unplugged it, the lines would go away and worked fine. So what i want to know is how can i fix this or stop this?? from happening? As for the Laptop we cant get new battery for it (as its on its last legs now) so the only way to keep the Laptop ruinning is to keep the charger cabile plugged into the laptop at all times.It cant be that hard to fix this can it?? The Laptop only stays on for a few mins without the cable in. (its my sons) The Roxio runs to the PS3, TV, then into my PC. The Laptop is not even hooked up the to Roxio in anyway shape way or form, so how can this cable being Plugged in do this? as soon as i pull the cable out the lines that were fuzzying all over the TV go away. Its really had not to have the Laptop not ruinning in the houes, and most of the time its on when i want to Game. There must be away round this. (only found out to day as the son had sch off as he was ill, so the laptop was on) So i went to Youtube and Google looking for help, and then i found someone had had the samething happen to them, but he, or they did not say about a fix tho.LInk here http://www.ugrgaming...pture/#comments I need your help, any info will help and a fix would be even better Thanks for your time, dalen6969
  20. I have done a total of five YouTube videos. Each one is recorded from my PS3 using the composite cables to the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. The quality toggle on the recording in turned up to the highest setting. When i view the game play on my computer it is amazing quality. So this is where I think the problem is... when you go to export the video you have a list of options. There must have been a gap between my videos and the current "youtube help" videos out. The supported export formats have changed. So what export will give me the best HD quality for a YouTube video?? If needed i can post some screen shots so you know what i have available. This is not a viewing error nor a bad connection... this is a what in the heck export setting do i use?! My first video was in 720 on youtube and i must have changed the export setting by accident. feel free to look at my first video and my latest. Please respond to this ASAP. -AceKING13 First video: Latest video:
  21. *UPDATE* can any questions you have please be directed to my YouTube account (where the video is) please as i have my email set up to it and i can get very quick replies back.. i do not regularly check this forums post. Apologies to Bossmanbank21 for not stating this earlier. Hey guys, like many people who are on this forum or just people who use the roxio to put out youtube videos the issue of how to record live commentaries has always been a big one but through various videos and web surfing i have found a way to do this. it is all explained in the video which i have linked down below, i have tested this method myself on any gameplays and i am currently deciding which one to upload to my linked youtube channel to show as proof that this method does work... more information will be in the video description and in the video itself.. if you do have any questions or queries please can you post them on to the youtube video as i have the account linked to my phone and it will be much easier for me to answer them.. i hope this method works for you watch the video for the full explanation. Happy recording Heres my twitter: @GnG_Productions [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHpna4SexZ0[/media]
  22. MacXGaming

    Record Ps3 Voice And Gameplay

    Hello there. Can i record my PS3 voice while i recording? Simple question. More information? Reply for it.
  23. MacXGaming

    Ps3 Audio !@#% Up

    Hello Roxio I have a Roxio Capture HD Pro to record my PS3, but the green "cable" in my component cable !@#% my sounds up. What can i do?
  24. Hey, i recently bought the original roxio game capture for my Playstation 3 and when i try to set up the video output settings it doesnt work, i click Component/ D terminal but it doesnt go to the next screen, it just goes black for 30 seconds then back to the previous screen. if i unplug my HDMI cable the screen goes black and i cannot see anything and if i switch to component on my TV, it doesnt even pick up the PS3 for some reason Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks Harry
  25. kapow

    Ghosting Problem

    Just want to say thank you for Roxio making an awesome product, yet so small but so practical Just a slight problem, i'm using my PS3 with component cables to Game Capture PRO, then Game Capture PRO to TV via HDMI, but there seems to be a bit of ghosting in the image (on the TV and display on the laptop) I tried adjusting the settings on the PS3, 720p to 1080i but I still get it. I would use HDMI cable but I can not record due to HDCP. Is there any solution around this? Thanks