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Found 58 results

  1. When ever i record a video on my capture card from my xbox, after i am done recording and want to play it back it plays in fast forward!...... pleeeese help
  2. I was under the impression there was some way to make this work. Is it possible, or was I mistaken? Right now, I play my PS3 on my PC monitor through HDMI (Samsung 2494HM monitor). I switch between my PC and PS3 display by switching from HDMI display to Digital (DVI). My monitor also has an analogue input which I have never used, appears to be RGB. I don't care about 1080p, but I would like to be able to capture screenshots and video. I do of course still have my PS3 analog-component cable. Here's an MS Paint drawing of my situation. It's not drawn here, but I get audio through earbuds coming out of the 'Audio Out' port from my monitor. So, what are my options, if any? My main question: Can I use a component video (YPbPr) to HDMI converter like this one: http://www.amazon.co... hdmi converter on my PS3? Or is there some HDCP-compliance issue that will prevent that from working? Basically, would this setup work?: Any help would be appreciated. Especially any PS3 users who have used a component video-to-HDMI converter, if the HDCP compliance or whatever messes it up or not (I hear it's different for PS3 than X360, so please only those with experience using one with PS3 respond).
  3. That old Kid


    So basically, i have misplaced my roxio game cap intallation cd. I still have the serial code and have the roxio game cap registered on my account. Just yesterday, i got a new laptop that has the system requirements to handle my game cap for xbox. Can i get a software download off the internet? I mean, i do have the serial # and its registered to my account... One more thing, I have the software on my desktop computer but it runs windows xp so I tried to put it on a usb and put it on my laptop which is windows 7. Still doesnt work. Help Please?
  4. I was having problems with my roxio when every recorded game. I contacted tech and they told me to uninstall and reinstall it, after i did that the app would not launch. Please help me! PS: I did update it with service pack 1 and it worked before.
  5. Hi. I recently bought a Roxio and Im having issues seeing it on my television. I watched this video and followed every step. I used the exact same cables as shown. I also watched this video and used the exact same cables I actually watched this one first and since it didnt work I watched the second and bought the xbox cables to see if that would work. I had the same issue with both. It works perfectly fine on the computer. I can hear it on the tv but the screen stays black. My computer meets alll the system requirements so Im thinking it might be with my tv. I know the yellow output on the tv isnt messed up because as soon as I plug in my xbox like you normally would the screen goes back to normal. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Hi I might have the right settings but I just want to make sure that they are the right ones but can someone tell me their settings please for this page and for the 'Options...' page. Please bare in mind that I live in the England so the English settings would be nice as I know that America's settings are different than the English's settings. Cheers Sam
  7. Every time i try to upload a video it gets to 99% completion and then tells me that i have a error and it gives me a code with a bunch of random numbers, if anyone knows why this happening please reply ASAP thanks
  8. I just used RGC a couple of weeks ago and now it won't recognize the device, and yes the device shows up in my device manager, and yes I've tried repairing and re-installing the program. Any help would awesome.