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Found 344 results

  1. I have this video in which I was making a collaborations of various moments of people getting hit in a game, quick flashing in between hits sometimes rapidly to the beat of The Blue Danube. When in the Videoware editing page, everything runs fine and stays on time, but when I convert the video (I have tried WMV and Divx), the spot with the Danube is suddenly off, and the music skips about failing to keep to the beat of the hits. The rest of the video including music inserted at a further part work fine and are all on time, just the one spot, and only when it is exported. If anyone knows how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey there I have the weirdest problem with my Roxio PC Game Capture! I start up Steam first, select my game and play it. When it launches I go back to the desktop whilst the game is still running and launch Roxio PC Game Capture. I then press CAPTURE and sign into WeGame. After that I go back on the game. The green square appears but when I press F6 to record the game closes. Now Steam says it is still running and when I try to close down Steam it says exit off the game. The game doesn't even appear in the Taskbar. It has done this with every game in my Steam library! Only closes down the game when Roxio PC Game Capture is running! Can someone please help me!!!
  3. So, i Bought Roxio Gamecap. I waited for about 1 week to get the component cable. When i finally got one, It didnt work. I cant change the output mode mode to component on my ps3. Therefore i wonder if i got the wrong cable. Instead of being: Green, Blue, Red, White, Red. It is: Green, blue, red, white, red, yellow. There is an exstra yellow cable on mine. IS it the wrong cable? Please help me?
  4. I bought my Roxio game capture and i love it loads. However, I am getting very fraustrated with it because when i am recording my xbox 360 gameplay footage it laggs in a way witch when i watch the replay of the footage i have just captured, it speeds up, i have checked every setting and it is on a 1.0X speed setting which i have been told is right, the reason it is speeding up is because my computer specs can't handle the roxio game capture and so it laggs while i am recording and so when i watch the replay back it tries to make up for the lagg by speeding up, so really i need to know how to get rid of lag, or unless this isn't my problem, i will note my computer specs below. MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile M500, 4.0GB RAM, AMD880G With Radeon HD 4200 I Really want to record my gameplay footage without lagg, i love the quality of the videos and i will be sad to not be able to record because of a silly reason of Lag Please help ASAP Thank you. PS: Very sorry for bad grammar and spelling, i have done this fast.
  5. I have a netbook., and I recently bought a roxio game capture to record xbox 360 gameplay. I have a problem though. My netbook doesn't have a disc tray to put the disc in so how can I record the software / installation? Is there a way I can download it off somewhere on a website?
  6. How long is the usb cord that you plug into your computer for the roxio game capture? because i need to know if i need to move my computer desk if i get it thanks.
  7. SnakeEyesRaw

    Too Many Problems

    I hate this thing. I have an Xbox 360 Slim and the capture card only captures in a fuzzy black and white. Also its a puzzle to figure out how to get it plugged in, because i don't have an hdmi cable or whatever it is they require. All i have is the standard red, white and yellow component cable and an older, non-HD TV. If anyone can help me with this, i would appreciate it. This cap card is god awful.
  8. Hey My Roxio game Cap isnt working i downloaded the software set it up on my Standerd definition tv but when i open up roxio to go to the capture part it wont let me go into options or click anything settings wise please help i dont no what to do and i am really confused please help me solve this Thanx
  9. Hello, I'm french so sorry for my english ^^' I've a big problem with my roxio game capture. I d'ont have sound with the video but I've connected everything! I don't know what I can do... When I start the software I've the video but not the sound. And when I go to "tools" and "audio input", I've nothing... Please Help me! Thanks a lot! Kevs,
  10. When I am in an xbox live party I can hear my friends talking while im recording. I want to record just the gameplay and game audio, not my friend's voices. How do I do this? thanks,
  11. *UPDATE* can any questions you have please be directed to my YouTube account (where the video is) please as i have my email set up to it and i can get very quick replies back.. i do not regularly check this forums post. Apologies to Bossmanbank21 for not stating this earlier. Hey guys, like many people who are on this forum or just people who use the roxio to put out youtube videos the issue of how to record live commentaries has always been a big one but through various videos and web surfing i have found a way to do this. it is all explained in the video which i have linked down below, i have tested this method myself on any gameplays and i am currently deciding which one to upload to my linked youtube channel to show as proof that this method does work... more information will be in the video description and in the video itself.. if you do have any questions or queries please can you post them on to the youtube video as i have the account linked to my phone and it will be much easier for me to answer them.. i hope this method works for you watch the video for the full explanation. Happy recording Heres my twitter: @GnG_Productions [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHpna4SexZ0[/media]
  12. I've tried all different formats, and the audio and video speed up and slow down at different parts of the recordings. Here is a small example on the Xbox 360 dashboard in WMV, about half way through the audio speeds up. This is bugging me like crazy, and I hope I can get it fixed. Specs: AMD A6-3400M APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.40GHz 4Gig RAM 64 bit Windows 7. RATING Processor - 6.5 Memory (RAM) - 5.9 Graphics - 5.3 Gaming Graphics - 6.1 Primary Hard Disk - 5.9
  13. I purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop with a version (Creator Starter) of Roxio software. After registering the product through the link provided to Roxio, I got an email from them offering a 50% discount to upgrade to Creator 2011. Well, the link doesn't take you to 2011, but 2012, and the discount isn't 50%. Okay, maybe this is an earlier build and maybe I can email Corel and get this resolved? Nay, nay! Corel has the most elaborate customer service firewall to prevent a customer from reaching them that I have ever encountered! I tried to set up an account, it said my email was registered. I tried to access the site using my new registration information and it said that no email address like mine was registered! Every attempt to get through the maze they have set up was foiled. Think I will bother to use, let alone upgrade to their product? Not in a million years. Biggest farce in customer service ever!
  14. Iv seen and read a couple posts in the forum on the same situation i am having but i still have no clue....if i could get some help it would be most appreciated.... I try running the setup DVD and it gets to the Roxio setup wizard.. iv tried skipping the updates and iv tried doing the updates when it asks you... going with or without the updates..i always get - Sonic Setup Application has stopped working...a problem caused the program to stop working correctly windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. iv attached a lil info about my computer i hope it helps..and please if i could get some help thanks
  15. i stopped recording gameplay for a while, came back to try to record some new gameplay which i can record still but when i got to edit the video i click the edit and share button and nothing happens, i double click the button and up pops a message saying "the task you are attempting to initiate requires VideoWave, but it is already running in another users account on this machine" i do not have any other users on this computer. I tried the Ctrl alt Delete method and when to processes and click show all users processes and cant seem to find videowave running anywhere. saw that someone else posted the same problem a while ago just wondering if theres any other solutions?
  16. I have my computer and consoles all set up to my television (So I use my television as my PC monitor). I originally thought that I could set RGC to record the console, switch channels on my television and then play the game. Unfortunately, when I tried this the recording ends. Is there any way to counter this or would using a second monitor work? Also, while I'm here, I can only record my PS3 in 576p. Is there anyway to be able to record in 1080p or i? Thanks, Kenny~
  17. maturebrotha

    My Disc Is Not Working

    I have recently purchased a new computer, and my installation disc is not working. It doesn't even populate on my computer. I spent a lot of money on this program. why won't it work!
  18. THIS IS SOLVED Hello. Whenever I Open LaunchPad It Works Fine. Then, I Press The Blue 'Capture' Button. After That It Just Stays Like This (When The USB Isn't Plugged In) : (When The USB Is Plugged In) : I've tried the new update, I've tried not using the new update, I've tried re-plugging in all of the cables, I've tried using a different USB port. I've Used Roxio And It's Worked Before, But It Just Randomly Started To Do This. PLEASE HELP!
  19. Hello everyone, I've had my Capture Cars for quite some time, and had no problems with it at all. I've created numerous with it, and had plenty of fun recording gameplay. However, I went to record something today, and hit a problem. It occurs everytime I get to this: I click on "Capture", and the load icon flashes quickly before disappearing and nothing happening. I've read that updating your PC helps, but my PC doesn't want to install all the latest updates it has either! So, I'm really not sure what's going on. Any help would be great. I not all to great with computers, so as simple as possible would be great. Thank you all in advance!