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Found 344 results

  1. Ok, so here's my problem when i launch the roxio program to record and stream the software works just fine but i turn my tv to the HDMI input where my xbox is but my tv says the Roxio device is "Not supported". I have tried to unplug the roxio and from the tv and xbox and do a normal setup and it works, but I want to use my roxio to record gameplay. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN What TV I Use: 32" Vizo HdTV I also use the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO
  2. I got this software a few months ago and it was working perfect, i could edit and capture no problem. Last week when i went to edit previous clips I got this " VideoWave has stopped working, A problem caused the program to stop working correctly, Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available" . I can still capture footage but cant edit, Help me!! Dell Inspiron 1720, 32bit, WSP2
  3. My roxio game capture won't just open on windows 8.1 and i went thru my norton and i pressed allow for gamecap anybody have advice or help?
  4. I just want to know is there a way to record in anything other then m2ts because i make yotube videos m2ts isnt really that good so i have to convert it to mp4 for example and then rendr it out is there a way to record in a different format?
  5. Everytime I open the software and press the capture button that opens the capture software I get a blue screen. Not immediately but many times it says no signal in green and sometimes in red. Which frustrates me too, the majority of the time I cant even record. But eventually I always get the blue screen even when i do have an option to record (yes the roxio is actually working...) which is rare, I will still many times get the blue screen. This alarms me because it is a threat to my computer. I have uninstalled, re-installed and repaired, nothing seems to work. I have also scanned and cleaned my computer, but still I am getting the blue screen all the time. Sometimes I get it when the software says no signal so I mess with the roxio cable and many times when I insert it back into the roxio device again I get the blue screen. Also, the software will sometimes says "the capture device has been lost". So the roxio doesnt seem to work very well or often and I am always getting the blue screen. This is very frustrating because I can never use it, I have re-installed it countless times, and the blue screen worries me that this software is potentially harming my computer. If anyone knows what is causing this please help, or if anyone else is having the same problem feel free to add.
  6. Hello, I am having a bit of an issue with the ability to use my Roxio Game Cap HD PRO due to the Software I had installed allowing me to record and edit captured Gameplay (VideoWave I believe it is called) being removed after updating to windows 8.1 and I wanted to know if I could get A link to download the same software that's on the disc that came with the Device so I may Re-Install it. Additional notes that may or may not assisst my case are as follows: I can provide photographic proof of ownership of the Roxio Game Cap HD Pro Device and can also provide the Serial Number for the device as well in order to prove I have ownership. I do not have a receipt or order info because my Aunt got it for me on my Birthday last Year on August 7th, Please help me Roxio Support, Sincerely, Angel Zupan (Username:ShadowArchAngel)
  7. When i first used the game capture HD Pro, it worked pretty well and I didn't experience many problems. Now is a completely different story. Half the time it barely works and many times I receive the blue screen, which worries me a lot. This is the quality I am getting right now. It is completely horrible. Also half the time the software crashes or doesn't respond and the edit and share application is the same, it doesn't respond and is a struggle to do anything with. I am honestly fed up with this software and disappointed. it seems to be harmful to my computer and does not work correctly. If anyone has any possible solutions please share. And yes i have uninstalled and re-installed multiple times.
  8. DoubleEyepatch

    Capture Crashes On Start Up

    Well the title says it all to be honest, every time I click capture to start capturing footage I'm greeted with 'Roxio Media capture has stopped working' before it closes down, I've tried re-installing the software and running as admin and I'm just completely unsure as to what the problem is. I was using it fine for a while then I stopped using it for a bit and now this has happened, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong thread.
  9. Jacques Rene

    Video Uploading

    Hi! I have been a photoshow user for about 10 years and I have currently 108 photoshows online. I use to be able to upload small video clips to my photoshows but I am unable to do so now. My video clips meet the posted requirements of size and format and I am very frustrated that I cannot do things that I was able to do previously. Could you explain to me what to do to be able to upload video clips with my photoshows. I have in the past few days been charged $40 for my premium subscriptions.and I expect the site to work! Your cooperation in this matter will be much appreciated, Jacques Rene
  10. TheInvisiblePotato

    Roxio - No Signal + Black Screen On Xbox One

    So I wanted to record Xbox one gameplay, and once I got my roxio game capture hd pro, I plugged in the hdmi from the xbox one to the roxio, plugged in the usb power cable, and also the hdmi out to my tv but it does not show up. I tried using different hdmi cables and it still wont work. When i just use one hdmi from the xbox one to the tv it works fine, but when i plug it back to the roxio, it won't show up again. I don't really understand this tech stuff so please reply in easy english for me to understand
  11. MuzammilMohsin

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Recording File Size ?

    Hi there, I'm new to the forums. I was thinking of buying a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro to record PS3 gameplay for my youtube channel. I currently have a laptop with these specs : Intel Core i5 Dual Core 4 GB Ram Nvidia geforce gt 525 I've tried fraps for pc gaming and recording but the file size was huge I know want to know if roxio game capture hd pro has the same file sizes if I record my ps3 gameplay ? I think fraps produces large file sizes because it records raw files If i record my ps3 gameplay in these resolutions what would be the size ? 480p 720p 1080p Thanks, I hope someone answers my question.
  12. Hello everyone, I recently got the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO. Now, I've installed the roxio software, setup all the cables for the Capture device and now when I go to start capturing, the status says "Capture Device Removed". What does this mean? The cables work and on the TV screen the XBOX 360 works fine. So why does it not work for the software? The help videos don't actually show the installation so I don't know if I did anything wrong there.
  13. Nerion

    Lag And Colours? O.o

    So, I'm trying to connect my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro to my TV, but it won't work. My TV shows a blue screen, and the same does the program on my laptop. Neither can I seem to access the inputs, as the "list" is completely empty. Please help!
  14. Hey, So I play ps3 and I've had my roxio game capture hd pro and been using hdmi as an output and component as an input but on a tv but lately I decided to buy a Asus VN247HP which is 23" and I was wondering can I still use hdmi as an output if I plug hdmi directly into the monitor from my roxio game capture hd pro? Please reply asap as I wanna get a monitor this weekend at a computer market
  15. Hi, I bought a Roxio Game Capture Pro about a year ago. I activated is, signed up the works. A few days ago I got a new computer and I wanted to re-install the software so I could use it. I started looking for the box (where I left the CD) I (literally searched my entire house and couldn't find it. Asked my mum if she knew where it was and she said she threw the box out... Is there a way were I can download the installer or do I have to spend another $150 on a new Roxio? Thanks Drew
  16. Why is it that when I burn straight to a disk via Roxio I can store one hour of video (4.7GB) but when I want to capture segments of a whole VHS tape straight to the computer about 5 minutes worth of video is close to 1GB? The format it saves to on my PC is AVI Even when I tried to compress the videos on my computer, it would not compress? I am asking this because the media on the majority of my VHS tapes are spaced out i,e. a lot of different clips on the VHS and so every time I click 'Capture now' it just freezes(after two or three attempts of clicking 'capture now'. Sometimes the option to 'capture now' isn't even available to click on(option is there but is in grey). thanks In advance, Ramesh
  17. So i recently bought a laptop but noticed that it did not have a cd drive. I have my cd and code for the installation but i want to know if there is any way to download the software without it. It's been really bothering me and i want to get back into recording gameplay for my youtube channel.
  18. Ive had my Roxio Capture card HD PRO for a while now and when i first used it on my windows 8 pc it worked fine but recently videowave has stopped working, i click on videowave on the lanuchpad, the orange loading box appears and then 5 seconds later just says "videowave has stopped working". I can still capture gameplay but it just wont load videowave. Ive tried unistalling it and reinstalling, just loading videowave from the file location and not going though the lanuchpad, ive tried running it with and without updates, im pretty sure this problem started when i changed my graphics card, it work when i has a Radeon HD 5450 and then i change to a Geforce GT 610 silent and it stopped working now i have a GTX 760 twin frozr. i tired running it on my 5450 but didnt work, so im guessing its a software problem what do i do to fix it?
  19. Hello guys. When I was recording some gameplay with my friend for a YouTube series, my Roxio recorded about 16 minutes then just stopped. When I looked at my P.C. screen it said it was still capturing, but the final video only came out at 16 minutes. I've only been having this problem since I started using the actual Roxio software to record instead of a third party program. Any help/advice would be awesome! Thanks.
  20. JSaTT

    Display Shrunk On Pc

    My Roxio works wonderfully for my Xbox 360 and One on the same monitor. I use my laptop to record sessions. When I plug in my tower PC through the HDMI the picture on my monitor is shrunk. I tried changing resolution through my tower which it doesn't work and tried screen size from my monitor which is already full and shows full screen when I don't have the Roxio plugged in. Any Suggestions?
  21. Great to have Roxio (Corel) Toast DVD but Toast Blu-ray it is what i am waiting on the Apple Apps Store.
  22. I recently completely restored my computer, i lost all my files and such in the process. I need to get the capture software that comes with the CD. I tried to download off this website, but it says that it couldn't locate it on my system. Do I need a new CD? Am I downloading the wrong file? Please help! The Picture is what I get from the 1.1 service pack.
  23. ok so i got a new computer it was supposed to be windows 7, but its not its XP and i installed everything from the software, but after that it said corrupted file, i then downloaded repair license 2011 and its fixed it but now everytime it starts up the tutorial vids wont load up and when i start to record theres no image of what i am recording just sound PLEASE HELP ME! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmxvaxFRmfY&feature=youtu.be THERE YOU GO GO WATCH IT!
  24. I ordered a Roxio game capture a while ago and when I opened up the box the software disk wasn't there I literally tore that box apart looking for it and it wasn't there just the Roxio Console to CPU connector and the USB cord. I dont know if this is a common problem for other people but I'm hopeing an official from Roxio or someone can help me figure out what I can do about this, is there a legitimate complaint line I can call or could someone give me an email I can contact Roxio with to see if I can get my problem resolved
  25. I've had trouble getting my Roxio Game Capture HD pro installation to work. I try installing it and it always says it's interrupted. I installed it on a different computer and it worked on that one (I don't have that computer anymore unfortunately.). I've tried just about everything I know about to fix it. Any help would be nice. Below are the log files: http://speedy.sh/jWCmE/GAMEHD-1X-Install.log (Install log http://speedy.sh/bwYfM/GAMEHD-1X-Uninstall.log (Uninstall log) http://speedy.sh/G4a7H/ROXIO-SETUP.LOG (Setup log) Again thanks for any help that can be given.