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Found 344 results

  1. Hi, I bought a Roxio Game Capture Pro about a year ago. I activated is, signed up the works. A few days ago I got a new computer and I wanted to re-install the software so I could use it. I started looking for the box (where I left the CD) I (literally searched my entire house and couldn't find it. Asked my mum if she knew where it was and she said she threw the box out... Is there a way were I can download the installer or do I have to spend another $150 on a new Roxio? Thanks Drew
  2. Why is it that when I burn straight to a disk via Roxio I can store one hour of video (4.7GB) but when I want to capture segments of a whole VHS tape straight to the computer about 5 minutes worth of video is close to 1GB? The format it saves to on my PC is AVI Even when I tried to compress the videos on my computer, it would not compress? I am asking this because the media on the majority of my VHS tapes are spaced out i,e. a lot of different clips on the VHS and so every time I click 'Capture now' it just freezes(after two or three attempts of clicking 'capture now'. Sometimes the option to 'capture now' isn't even available to click on(option is there but is in grey). thanks In advance, Ramesh
  3. So i recently bought a laptop but noticed that it did not have a cd drive. I have my cd and code for the installation but i want to know if there is any way to download the software without it. It's been really bothering me and i want to get back into recording gameplay for my youtube channel.
  4. Hello guys. When I was recording some gameplay with my friend for a YouTube series, my Roxio recorded about 16 minutes then just stopped. When I looked at my P.C. screen it said it was still capturing, but the final video only came out at 16 minutes. I've only been having this problem since I started using the actual Roxio software to record instead of a third party program. Any help/advice would be awesome! Thanks.
  5. JSaTT

    Display Shrunk On Pc

    My Roxio works wonderfully for my Xbox 360 and One on the same monitor. I use my laptop to record sessions. When I plug in my tower PC through the HDMI the picture on my monitor is shrunk. I tried changing resolution through my tower which it doesn't work and tried screen size from my monitor which is already full and shows full screen when I don't have the Roxio plugged in. Any Suggestions?
  6. BryceStrike

    Can't Record Wii U

    I got The original Roxio Game Capture(NOT HD Pro) and Even though I have the cables connected to it, and everything is hooked up, I still get the "no signal message" while trying to record the Wii U. Can someone please help me?
  7. ok so i got a new computer it was supposed to be windows 7, but its not its XP and i installed everything from the software, but after that it said corrupted file, i then downloaded repair license 2011 and its fixed it but now everytime it starts up the tutorial vids wont load up and when i start to record theres no image of what i am recording just sound PLEASE HELP ME! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmxvaxFRmfY&feature=youtu.be THERE YOU GO GO WATCH IT!
  8. I ordered a Roxio game capture a while ago and when I opened up the box the software disk wasn't there I literally tore that box apart looking for it and it wasn't there just the Roxio Console to CPU connector and the USB cord. I dont know if this is a common problem for other people but I'm hopeing an official from Roxio or someone can help me figure out what I can do about this, is there a legitimate complaint line I can call or could someone give me an email I can contact Roxio with to see if I can get my problem resolved
  9. I've had trouble getting my Roxio Game Capture HD pro installation to work. I try installing it and it always says it's interrupted. I installed it on a different computer and it worked on that one (I don't have that computer anymore unfortunately.). I've tried just about everything I know about to fix it. Any help would be nice. Below are the log files: http://speedy.sh/jWCmE/GAMEHD-1X-Install.log (Install log http://speedy.sh/bwYfM/GAMEHD-1X-Uninstall.log (Uninstall log) http://speedy.sh/G4a7H/ROXIO-SETUP.LOG (Setup log) Again thanks for any help that can be given.
  10. I hooked up all the proper cord to my GameCap and my PS3. But I still can't figure out why I cannot get it to work. Please Help... Here's a screenshot
  11. Well of cause by the title you can tell what im asking im wondering if us youtube gamers can get a intro because elgato systems have one and its nice but I really want one for my youtube channel because I use my Roxio a lot anyway hope we can get one my youtube is ImMattsbro if you want to see my gameplay
  12. Im trying to upload straight to youtube but it always says my information is incorrect but it is. My Youtube username is PJ DUNN could that be the reason since theres a space? I tried my alternative name PJxDUNN but it doesnt work...help?
  13. marinesoldier

    I Have Video But No Audio With Game Cap Hd Pro.

    I have been using the roxio fine for a really long time but all the sudden it will not pick up the audio of what I am trying to record. Help please.
  14. BubbleberryVII

    Usb Device Is Not Recognized

    So, I recently had to reset my laptop to factory standards. Prior to resetting, I was able to capture gameplay no problem. Now, after reset, I installed Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, opened the app (the one that takes you to the 'Capture' and 'Edit and Share' buttons) and when I click on 'Capture' nothing happens. It doesn't open, and my laptop doesn't even go into the thinking process like when opening a program. But when I click 'Edit and Share' it works just fine. I can't find anything like this happening on Google, and browsed the forum a little bit, but to no avail. Please, help me out.
  15. Alright, so when I go to record anything whether it be WiiU, Wii, or Xbox360 there is a major problem: there is a major lag (about 4 seconds) between what's actually happening on the console and what's happening in the roxio capture window. For example, when playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies, when I hit "A" to jump, it doesn't register on the screen until about 4 seconds later. This problem is not restricted to the 360 however, it also happens when recording on Wii and WiiU. Any help would be appreciated. I'm going to leave a picture of my computer's system properties here in case anyone has any questions pertaining to them http://gyazo.com/63017f0faf052923a023c6b6838c6b71
  16. hey guys i am here to show a video of me recording a sega mega drive with the roxio gamecap hd pro hope you enjoy it, but now again you well hear static that is because there was only one white audio cable on my mega drive i am going to get that fixed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=FiWe_AW9ibw
  17. Bas van Duuren

    Live Comentary

    hey I buyed yesterday a roxio gamecap hd pro and I want to do a live comentary and i tried to use audacity but then there is a delay... so does anyone have suggestions? and i am broke now because i have buyed the game cap so i dont have money to buy a purplebeach Please help me Thanks!
  18. Hi. I've owned a Roxio since August of 2013. I've surfed hundreds of Roxio forums looking for a single answer, but have been disappointed every time. I've finally come to a conclusion, and if you hear me out, you'll learn something. In mid-December, Twitch.Tv changed its stream settings, which threw both Happauge and Roxio's software out-of-whack. As you'd expect any company to do, Happauge promptly updated their software, while Roxio sat back and watched gamers everywhere become frustrated. A forum poster by the name of Jim_Hardin has attempted to provide support to many users, in fact, nearly 33,000 posts worth. I've read almost ALL of his posts. They're nothing more than snide comments against helpless users convincing them that it's a problem with their computer, their Roxio unit, or their internet. NEVER has he said it's a problem with Roxio. I'm starting to get fed up with this guy, in fact, I hope he sees this. I hope he knows how I see him. I assume he's collaborating with Roxio, if not working for them, to steer the company clear of any problems. I've sent several emails to their so-called "Award Winning Customer Service", only to be left out in the cold with no reply every time. Roxio simply dropped support for their capture devices and software, and choose to lie about it instead of take action and put their claims into action. If you're having problems livestreaming, don't worry, it's 100% NOT YOU. Roxio is at fault here. I don't care if this gets taken down, I'll keep posting this until it is seen. I hope Roxio sees this, I hope Jim_Hardin sees this, I hope everyone sees this. The truth needs to be told.
  19. tiace

    Capture Device Lost

    Hey, I've had my Roxio Game Capture HD PRO since Christmas its been screwing me around alot but now it wont even let me record.. all the cords are right and they all work but when i turn everything on and open the capture window it tells me that the capture device has been lost!, I've also tried repairing and uninstalling and re-installing.
  20. Very disappointed with Roxio's Decision to eliminate Cineplayer and replace it with Corel's WinDvd. Windvd just does not seem to work as well. Not only that, I had the registered version of Corel windvd and when I installed Roxio it downgraded my Pro version of Corel windvd to the new standard version. This really sucks, at least they could have included the pro version. Since Corel bought Roxio and all these other Companies the Tech support system seems to have gone downhill. I guess their plan is to make an inferior product and then make their money charging their customers to solve the problems they created. I remember when Roxio and Corel stood by their product and when you rarely had a problem you just called them up and they would help you solve it. Not charge you for it......
  21. Hello again! So after finally getting my Roxio GC HD Pro up and running, I ran into another issue... Although the capture function is commendable on the software, the live stream function seems to be out of sorts... When I press the "live stream" button, it shows the stream happening on the software, but when it auto-opens the twitch window, it says that I am offline (both on the dashboard and the channel), even though I logged into my account via the capture software... Anyone know what could be causing this? Thanks, SuperSGogeta25
  22. xKenjiix

    Xbox One - Tv No Signal

    I have everything plugged in as described. Receive a signal in the software. But my TV gets just a picture. I use the HDMI cable. I do not have the component cables. Please for immediate help, Thank you
  23. Hello, I was wondering if I could buy a hdmi to component video cable and use it to record ps4/xbox one gameplay with the roxio? Thanks in advance, Dan
  24. chikarkas36

    Recording Video And Sound Glitch

    Hi people i looking for a solution for this i try all but still having some glitches while recording here its my PC Specs: Manufacturer: System manufacturer Processor: Intel® Core i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~5.8GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM DDR3 Hard Drive: 1500 Gb Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 ti Monitor: 22" Samsung Flat Screnn Sound Card: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) Speakers/Headphones: Keyboard: G-15 Mouse: G-9 Mouse Surface: Razer Operating System: Windows 7 ultimate x64 Motherboard: Asus P8P67 PRO Computer Case: Termaltake
  25. Hazard93

    My New Youtube! :d

    My New Youtube!! Hey Everyone, i wanted to share with you guys my new youtube account where i will be recording xbox 360 gameplay with the Roxio HD Pro. Gameplay's will range from tutorials, tips and tricks, funny moments, walkthrough's and much more. Please join me in my quest and hit this link http://www.youtube.com/IronicGamingYT Also i need all the support i can get as this account is new so bare with me and maybe even give me feedback and ideas in what i should do in upcoming videos, it will be highly appreciated! Thanks again guys and i look forward to hearing from you all. - IronicGaming