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Found 12 results

  1. The main reason I have Toast is to use the TiVo Transfer app to move shows from my TiVo to my Mac. I now have two TiVo's plugged into the same router on the same subnet on the same network, but one doesn't show in the devices section of the TiVo Transfer app. I have had several chats with TiVo support, and following their instructions I have power cycled and forced connections to the TiVo service to be sure that all the TiVo's have loaded their configurations properly. Since the older TiVo HD is visible I am reasonably sure all the ports and protocols that should be allowed on the network are in fact allowed and working. Has anyone else experienced this symptom either with a new TiVo or specifically with the Roamio Pro yet? Doug
  2. Hi Guys: I'm troubleshooting a needle in a haystack... First, I have Toast 9.0.7 and Tivo Transfer 2.0. I use Tivo Transfer a LOT.... & so far have only had this problem on one show, but have now had it twice. It's an hour long show. It's all on Tivo & I can view it just fine from the Tivo on my tv set. I can see it as a 1.2Gb file on the Tivo Transfer screen under "Tivos/Dvrs." However... when I transfer it... the transfer just stops (no error messages) at like 347mb. There are four episodes of this show that I've tried to grab and transfer... all on the same channel... same day/time of the week. Two of the four have worked flawlessly and now two have done this. I have never experienced this problem before, and other transfers are working just fine. I know, I know, sounds like a needle in a haystack. I've shutdown & restarted the Tivo.... but given that it's not happening anywhere else with anything else, I'm unsure where to look to resolve this issue. Any ideas?? Thanks! TM
  3. Hi, I'm running a Mac Book Pro on Mavericks 10.9.3. I use Toast Titanium mostly for its TiVo Transfer application to grab shows from my TiVo for archiving. This has been working fine for years. Recently, upon running Toast to burn a CD, Toast informed me that Toast version 10.0.9 was available. I downloaded the new version as a .dmg file, mounted it, and dragged the Toast Titanium folder from the disk image to my Appications folder. I replaced the existing folder. Upon running the new Toast for the first time, I recall it asked me a few questions including whether I wanted to install some TiVo-related stuff. I declined (I think this was the start of my problems). It didn't ask me to re-enter my product key/serial number info, and when I do About Toast Titanium 10, I see the program is registered to me with my serial number. I went to use TiVo Transfer and discovered it missing. Now, for the life of me, I cannot seem to reinstall Toast and get it to ask me about installing TiVo-related programs. I've used the Finder's search feature, including system files, to remove every preference and application-support item I can find by searching for "toast", "tivo", and "roxio". Since the registeration is sticking around, that's being stored somewhere I'm not getting to, and I'm hoping that if I can find and delete that, it will think it's a fresh install. Oddly, it seemed to think it was fresh since it asked about installing TiVo-related items even though it never asked for my serial number. Ideas? -Eric
  4. Just posting this here in case anyone else happens to hit the same problem, esoteric though it may be. Although TiVo Transfer has a setting in Preferences to let you switch where the folder is, it still seems to want the original folder location to remain in place as well. Or at the very least, you can't put a symbolic link (I.e., a Unix shortcut/alias type of thing) with the same name as the folder in your Documents. My TiVo Transfer kept crashing on me, but once I placed a "TiVo Recordings" folder back in my Documents folder, it began working again.
  5. I upgraded to Mavericks on release by Apple and now find that my TiVo tranfer is almost completly stuffed. At the very least an already cumbersome process is twice as slow as previously and sometimes just falls in a heap/hangs and does not complete the transfer. The TiVo transfer capability was my main reason for buying this software which worked under previous versions of the Mac OS but now needs an upgrade. The problems happen on a 2013 macbook pro retina and on an iMac. Would love some help. Contacted TiVo whose suggestions to get around the problem did not work - they acknowledge that their suggested solution does not always work. Any thoughts?
  6. I have been able to transfer all my TiVo shows except one. I can view that one show on TiVo, but when I try to transfer it, it never gets beyond "0 K of 2.6 GB - waiting". I tried rebooting my MacBook Pro (OS 10.8.5), but that made no difference. I always remove my previous attempt at a transfer before trying another. Any other thoughts? Is it possible it thinks that show is already transferred and therefore won't do it again? If so, is there a workaround? Or could the problem be on the TiVo end? If so, can I reboot TiVo without losing all my recordings?
  7. stillmatic

    Tivo Transfer Not Working….why?

    I have updated the Toast 11 Titanium software with the hope that TiVo transfer would work. I use Lion as my operating system and it doesn't work. I had a macbook(all white) and TiVo transfer worked but now that I have one of the latest Macbook air and Lion as my OS and not it doesn't work. My shows show up, but I click the transfer show button but nothing happens. Please help…. Really want to free up my TiVo storage.
  8. OK, downloaded Toast 11 Titanium this afternoon for the Tivo Transfer feature. Running on a Macbook Pro under OSX 10.8.3. I have two TiVO's on the home network; Series 3 HD and a Premier XL both on the same Media Code. The Premier shows all of the contents on the right view but nothing will transfer. Simply no action at all. The Series 3 HD allows the show to be selected and claims that it is being downloaded (Blue Light Icon), but further query shows that 0 bytes have transfered and is waiting. Action ends after 20 - 30 seconds. No shows transferred. What a way to start a software relationship. Growl is turned off and video downloads and transfers are enabled on the devices from My Tivo DVR Preferences. Both devices as well as the MAC have been rebooted. What am I missing? Is this bad TEC or Suck Product?
  9. I've used Tivo Transfer to move half a season of a show onto my Mac. I multi-select the shows in Tivo Transfer, then pick "Toast It", which populates the video files box with 8 episodes. I click Convert, go with the default AppleTV format, it gives a time estimate that makes sense for 8 hours of TV. It converts successfully through the first episode, then stops with this error: "Couldn't complete the last command because (ID=-1407)." I've tried this with multiple combinations of files, from both TiVo Transfer and other sources, and every time I have more than one file in the Video Files window, it dies after only converting one file with a similar error after the first one. Frustrating. Any thoughts on what is causing this?
  10. I have a question about Tivo Transfer in regards to Ver. 2.1. Can I install just the Tivo Transfer? I have the update already, can I choose to update just the Transfer or do I replace all in the programs? I'm currently using OSX Ver. 10.6.8 and Toast 11 Ver. 11.0.6. The Tivo Transfer is Ver. 2.0. Sometimes when I start Tivo Transfer my DVR does not show up. If I restart my Mac it will show it long enough to start a transfer, but not show any titles after a while. It does however complete the transfer and show at the bottom how many files and how much space they take up. The network seems to work fine, I can go to the internet at anytime from my Tivo. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I understand the copy protection on programs and inability to transfer them. But that should be across the board and not some shows of a series. I've successfully transferred, for instance Barrett-Jackson, that are now not. They have the circle with the diagonal line. Other shows in a series (same shows) have some Xd out and some not. I read all about the copy protection, but is there something new recently that has been implemented? Thanks, Tom
  12. dc127

    Toast 11.1 Crashes On Tivo Folder

    Toast 11.1 keeps crashing every time I go to the Tivo section under the media window. This started before I upgraded to 11.1, sometime during the last release. I have cleared out my Library Preferences and no change. Any ideas? Is this release just buggy?