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Found 103 results

  1. Flores_Javier

    Audio/video Sync Problems After Burning

    I've been burning DVDs with this program and it was working perfectly until one day it started burning the DVDs with the audio out of Sync with the video. Does anyone know what can be causing this problem?
  2. Jason-tc

    Live Video Capture

    I purchased Toast 12 Titanium, the specs sheet shows that it has Live Video Capture. I thought it should be under the Extras menu. Where is this feature?
  3. I was editing my video with subtitels and videowave keeps crashing. After the last crash it doesnt play my video anymore and i dont ubderstand why. I was almost finished dont wanna start over.
  4. Recently, I've had trouble with rendering videos on NXT 2. After saving the video and beginning the rendering process, it freezes/stops at a certain point. The input is a wmv and the output is an mpeg4. Any solutions to this? Thanks, Erik
  5. I am trying to use Creator 2012 to convert TiVo video to DVD. I have multiple files from multiple channels: CBS, TCM, PBS, Showtime, etc. In every case, I receive the message "This folder contains files protected with Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. DRM protected files cannot be added to a project, so they will not be displayed." I e-mailed Roxio support, which responded: "I wish I can be of help but unfortunately, you can't convert it. If Tivo added DRM to the file it can't be copied. You'd have to bring it up with them. The DRM kicks in when you try to convert it. You can watch it on the computer, yes. But you are NOT allowed to copy it. Thank you for understanding. Should you require further assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions." I decided to try a little test. I renamed a WMV file to "TEST.WMV" and put it in its own folder. I opened Creator and pointed the "copy and convert" function at this folder. Creator accepted this file; it was displayed in the folder. I then exited completely from Creator. I renamed the file TEST.TiVo. I then re-opened Creator and pointed the "copy and convert" function at the folder containing the file. This time, I was given the message about DRM even though, clearly, no file in the folder contained DRM. THis tells me that Creator is using the file's extension to determine that it is a TiVo file, even when it's not really a TiVo file. Further, this means that Creator WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY TIVO FILE, even though both Roxio and Tivo recommend the purchase of Roxio Creator to convert Tivo video to DVD. I called TiVO, who had me check my CableCard settings, and they said all was as it should be. I suggested to them that they cease recommending Roxio Creator to convert TiVo files. It clearly will not work. I will now attempt to return the software. Wish me luck.
  6. I thought I fixed it the first time but I pulled the "solved" button a little too soon. Anyway, I'm running into the same problem again, every time I go to re-install the drivers, the video driver fails, and the audio driver installs no problem. Again, I'm using a AMD based Windows 7 64-bit build. This is the issue I'm still running into. ​
  7. Hey guys. Since it seems there is no direct link to support, Ill just talk to you guys. So whenever I try to trim a video to make it shorter, ill drag it and it wont go to where I want it to start and freeze for 5minutes. Everything freezes that has to do with the roxio. I see in Tutorials and stuff when they are showing the trim feature its working flawlessly! , But Mine is the exact opposite.The trim feature is always freezing.I drag it alittle bit and it freezes EVERYTIME. if anyone had this issue and knows of a solution, please respond back .
  8. billbuns

    Video Signal Gone

    Hi all, I'm not very technologically inclined so excuse my ignorance while writing this post. I have been using the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus to transfer old home videos to my laptop. Up until today everything has been working fine. I've been able to transfer 20 + VHS tapes to my computer. However, when I went to start working on them again today, I have no Video signal anymore. Literally nothing has been touched on my laptop since last night when it was working fine. Cords are still plugged in right where I left them, everything should be in order. The weirdest part of this is that whenever I fast forward or rewind the tape, Roxio picks up a video signal and starts showing me whats on the tape. However, when I press play on my VHS...no video signal! What is this sorcery?!?!? Can anybody help?
  9. Found my roxio hd pro again and it still looks like this, dont know whats wrong with it. can anyone help??
  10. OldLehrer

    Pal Vs. Ntsc - Disk Burning

    When burning a DVD with video clips originally formatted PAL, Toast seems to have no problem converting them to the NTSC standard. However if I have several clips which are mixed NTSC and PAL I get the following message: "You are about to create a disc with mixed PAL and NTSC content. Are you sure you want to do this? Discs with mixed content may not play on all players." This makes me assume that the PAL clips will not not be reformatted if there are already NTSC files in the group. Is this so? If yes, is there a workaround to get all clips onto a single DVD that will play NTSC? Thank you.
  11. now that i have dvd's (unprotected personal not commercial), i want to upload one to dropbox and give the link to others to access and view the video. i copied the entire dvd's files - audio TS and video TS folders totalling 2.5 GB. so now i have a bunch of files in those 2 subfolders inside a new folder for this video on dropbox == and now my kindergarten question is: how do i play them as a viewable video? and how do i create a single link i can share with others to download and play it? thank you!
  12. FrustratedWindowsUser

    What Is The Best Vhs Video Capture Device?

    I have both the Roxio Video Capture USB (UB315-E Ver3) and the Pinnacle Systems GmbH (710-USB Rev:1.0). Does anyone have any inputs on which one provides the higher quality VHS tape to digital conversion? I’m running Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2 in the Windows 8.1 environment for software. Also, rather than using either of these capture devices, are there any recommendations for the highest quality VHS video capture device? Thanks!
  13. Sully57

    Posting To Facebook

    Hello. Using Roxio s/w for many years, mostly to burn music CDs. But have also created many (home) movie productions. Am now using Roxio NXT. And with the popularity of FB, I would like to post a few of these for my family's (& their friends) enjoyment. But for the life of me, I haven't figured out how. When a new production is created and burned to DVD, the s/w creates 2 folders, named - ROXIOPLASMA & VIDEO_TS . So, how do I get whatever I need from this, to upload to FB? Also, might I run into file size problems (with FB) in doing this? I don't know if they cut you off after a certain #MB. The typical production I create normally consists of several snaps, maybe an occasional & short video clip, and always an audio (MP3) track. Additionally, the finished production always has that obligatory 'intro menu' with accompanying audio (either Roxio's suggested song, or one of my own). And in MyDVD, this intro song, as you know, always gets cropped. And never at a 'convenient' spot! So, can I do this? And if yes, how? Thank you so much!
  14. Jacques Rene

    Video Uploading

    Hi! I have been a photoshow user for about 10 years and I have currently 108 photoshows online. I use to be able to upload small video clips to my photoshows but I am unable to do so now. My video clips meet the posted requirements of size and format and I am very frustrated that I cannot do things that I was able to do previously. Could you explain to me what to do to be able to upload video clips with my photoshows. I have in the past few days been charged $40 for my premium subscriptions.and I expect the site to work! Your cooperation in this matter will be much appreciated, Jacques Rene
  15. dachshunddog

    Missing Some Minutes In My Converted Video

    good afternoon everyone, i'm a newbie who just started using toast 11 frequently. recently, i converted a wedding VCD (with a .DAT extension) that is 1 hour long using toast 11. i converted it to .MOV to make it easier when i work with the file. but when it finished converting, the converted file missed its last 15 minutes. it just stopped in the middle, making my video became only 45 minutes. did anyone previously have the same problem like me? what should i do? thank you for the support.
  16. RoyRetreat

    Video Conversion, Mov To Mp4

    Why when I try to convert a computer based .mov file to an mp4 file, there is no way to select the computer as a "device", Am I missing somthing... I don't want to convert the mov to a cell phone tablet, dvd, etc, just convert the mov file to an mp4 Cheers
  17. inFamousAMG

    Ps4 Records Only 480P And Glitchy Video

    1-I bought Roxio GameCap HD Pro from Amazon. When I start capturing, it is "gliching" and i cant capture any video because of it. 2-When I plugged out the roxio, resolution was 720p, but when i plugged in the resolution decreases to 480p. I can't change the resolution because PS doesn't allow it. I tried a lot of solutions, repair the program, change TV, change PC but all without success. What can I do? PC: i7 4770K ASUS ROG ARES II (ARES2-6GD5)( x2 7970) ASUS P8Z77 Deluxe Corsair 400R Corsair CX750 8 GB Corsair XMS3 2x4 RAM Second PC: i7 870 HD 6790 6GB RAM Sorry for my bad, #$%\$ english
  18. I've been trying to capture a VHS tape to my computer but after it is done capturing, I play it back and notice that sometimes the sound changes to high pitch or low pitch. The display on some tapes is choppy and unsteady. The strange thing is that when I watch these tapes on a tv, there are no issues at all. I'm thinking the issue might be based on the video capture usb or maybe my computer itself. Any suggestions?
  19. RedXGaming

    Video Laggy In Roxio Vawe!

    Plz help me why is it that any xbox video i record i watch it on windows media player it plays with no lag or anything but when i go and try to render it in roxio wave editor or sony vegas it is super laggy and the video just turns to some laggy weird gameplay!plz helpp i tried a lot of stufff but it just doesnt work!!!!!!!
  20. juangustasonic

    Help, My Video Problem

    Help I have a problem with the recording of the game capture roxio (the normal one) First I am going to tell you the settings that I use and then the problem (Just in case I have the settings wrong). Origing :Roxio GAMECAP capture Options... Source:480P/560P/720P/1080I TvSource:Pal720P/1080I Aspect16:4 Tv source out conected (NOT marked) Configuration:MP4 Ajust Lenght(NOT marked) Entrance: 480P/560P/720P/1080I Status: Ready. SO thats all the configuration I use. Now Its records ok i guess and when i stop recording and I enter videowave and put the video so I can edit it the video goes like x4 times more fast and the audio goes x2 times fast and i dont know how to change that I would be very gratefull that u can solve me this problem as fast as you can and i hope I translated this text as well as posible to English because Im spanish
  21. I have had my Gamecap (standard, not HDPro) for a few months now & up untill this morning, it has been working fine. My setup hasnt changed but for sojme reason, whenever I plug the USB into my laptop now, the TV screen freezes, the TV keeps trying to switch resolutions (I think, not entirely sure on this point). On the laptop end, I get the picture up no prob, but now it has distorted sections no matter what settings I try. When it is not plugged into my laptop, the picture on the TV is fine. no freezing / distortion / sound corruption. I can play my games normally with no problems. I was having some TV issues recently (seperate from this) but they have now been resolved. So far, I have the following: turning EVERYTHING off & back on again. Unplugging ALL cables from every point and re-seating them & removing the USB extension (which I usually have no problems with). Using a 2 different Xbox component cables (1 official MS, 1 not). Connecting with Xbox turned off as to access settings in Roxio capture program. Using as many different input settings as are available. Unplugging everything AGAIN & setting up out from behind my TV. Using a different USB cable STILL TO TRY Hitting with a hammer!! I made my last recording on the 14th (2 days ago) & it's fine. A little sound distortion right at the start, but I've come to realise this is normal. I have attached a few desktop screenshots & I have video of what happens with my TV here ANY help with this issue would be GREATLY appreciated & needs to be solved before 16th April 2014. Thanks
  22. Nifty Goose

    No Signal To My Tv

    Hello, First off I want to say that I have everything hooked up correctly. The software works fine but I am getting no signal to my tv. I have tried all of the inputs but still nothing. I have tried using components instead of HDMI but my tv picture and software picture is in black and white. I have tried multiply HDMI cables and all work. Please help and thanks
  23. I just captured the VHS video for an 80's rock concert, and I'd like to create a menu of songs, and add breaks in the video to choose the exact song that you would like to view, but i don't see how you can insert markers into a video, and how to make a menu that corresponds to those breaks. Can someone please explain to me how to do this? Thanks?
  24. Sorry I am just now trying to use this buggy program. Simple question in videowave editing a video. How can I select a background color for the player? I found it once and now can't find it again. Thanks.
  25. marinesoldier

    I Have Video But No Audio With Game Cap Hd Pro.

    I have been using the roxio fine for a really long time but all the sudden it will not pick up the audio of what I am trying to record. Help please.