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Found 103 results

  1. For several months now I have been unable to upload any type of video files to Photoshow. I am running Windows 7 and mostly work with .mov files, but have also tried uploading quicktime movies, .avi files, and would be willing to try other video formats. No matter what size the files or what format I use I am unable to upload videos. I have added videos in the past with no problems. My old photoshows have videos but no shows I have created in at least the last six months have allowed me to add video. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. This 'software' has now ventured into unusable territory. For the past couple of weeks when I export a video, it makes the video play at 1/2x speed while the audio is played normally, and "squeezes" the picture to 4:3 even though the file is 1280x720. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  3. Piet22

    How To Stop Auto Renaming

    I've just installed the last update of Toast 10. This update has a new feature I really don't like :s When loading and converting video files, it picks the date of the file as the new name by default. I really don't need this auto renaming of my files when converting. How do I switch this off (like the older versions of Toast 10)? Hoping someone here has a quick answer, cause I have to start working on a project now. Thanks a lot! Piet
  4. We are using Roxio 2012 to capture from Video Cassette Tape. If there are any gaps on the tape like a scene cut or just a few seconds on snow, Roxio will stop capturing. We need Roxio to capture the entire tape from start to end, even if there are gaps between the recordings on the tape. Is there a setting or tweak anywhere that will allow this? Thank you for your time.
  5. Hi there, I've got a really annoying problem that only started the other day. All my captured footage, old and new, will not let me put them into VideoWave to edit them. This is the error message i keep receiving: I have tried uninstalling Divx Codecs, re-installing them. Uninstalling and re-installing Roxio software multiple times, even without updating and still the same results. You will also notice that you cannot see preview images of the footage where you could before, and that the video does not play. This is what VideoWave says about the footage: As you can see in this picture, the footage does play on my pc, via divx player, and i can also run it with VLC and others. A few forum post said that with most issues, the latest patch will fix that..... problem is... It wont install.... I am baffled as to how it was all working fine before, and now this.... Any help is very much appreciated! I just want to get back to editing!!! I have alot of footage to go through! If you want to see proof that i have used this all before with no problems....
  6. Britsmith

    Conversion Only Does First 30 Seconds

    When I convert a video file in Toast 11.1 (Mac) it can only manage the first 30 seconds. It doesn't matter what the video is, or what format I try to convert it to; it pretends to complete to 100%, and gives me the assuring 'ping', but the resulting video is only 30 seconds long. The latest file I tried is only 5 minutes long, to convert from MP4 to WMV, so it shouldn't be a big deal. Why am I trying to convert this file? I want to import it into MS PowerPoint, and MP4s don't show up properly, whereas WMVs do. What's going on here?
  7. Z_rexdude

    No Signal Anymore

    Hi, I recently got Roxio game capture and I tried it yesterday and it worked fine. At first there was no signal but when I changed the TV settings to NTC_M it worked and I was able to capture game footage. However, today I have gone to capture some more footage as another tester but there is no signal whatsoever no matter what TV setting I put it to. The audio is not coming out as good either. I have searched all over the internet and cannot find an answer. Can anyone help me as I really want to start using this software. Thank you in advance for any advice given!
  8. Miedo 404

    New User

    I got a roxio game capture hd pro for Christmas and am quite satisfied with my product but when i go to use the video wave editing software that is included with it i get a horrable bug. My video is like a rgb color panels that don't overlap right so its like watching three bad quality videos on top of each other. The video file is not like this but the preview window shows it like this and it still looks like this once it is exported original video http://i1220.photobucket.com/albums/dd443/dudeman307777/originalclip_zpsf4aa933c.jpg messed up render http://i1220.photobucket.com/albums/dd443/dudeman307777/messeduprender_zps56358fe7.jpg messed up export http://i1220.photobucket.com/albums/dd443/dudeman307777/messedupexport_zps40841d97.jpg I love you hardware but so far the software sucks. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  9. If adjusting tracking doesn't help, what else can I try before just returning product? --- I have tried 2 different VCR players (both work fine hooked to 2 different TVS) ---- I have tried 3 different tapes - one is an almost new Disney tape The 2 VCRs only have S-Video connection from the DVD, not the VHS. Audio works fines, just "No Video Signal" for ROXIO Easy VHS to DVD3 Plus
  10. FunkeeTerminator

    Rendering Video Issue.

    Hi there, I'm having a slight problem when it comes to rendering footage.. When I record some gameplay, the video that is saved looks pretty decent. The quality is pretty much the same as what I see on the TV. When I add the video to VideoWave to edit, it looks the same. Pretty good so far.. Once I'm done editing and render the footage, the video that is saved is really dark. This is my problem. I've tried different things to see if I can fix it, but I can't seem to figure it out. All I know is that it happens after I have rendered the footage. I've used the default settings, such as keeping the video file quality as "Same as original", and I've even changed that to HD to see if that helped. But nothing seems to work. This is a screenshot from VideoWave. And this is a screenshot of the video on YouTube, after it's been rendered. As you can see, everything has been plummeted into darkness! Does anyone know why this might be happening, or if there's something I can do to stop it? It's probably something simple, or a setting I need to adjust somewhere. I'm pretty new to all of this, as I only got my Roxio recently. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hi, I just get my roxio game capture HD yesturday and after setting it all up I hit capture to find a pop up box saying "Select video device failed" but still having the capture card show up as if it was finding the card. The status of the device read "Capture device removed" which is odd because it was hooked up the whole time AFTER I downloaded the software. And yes I tried reparinng it and that made the program crash every time i opened it. I just now got it back to the problem above.
  12. Jabberwockxeno

    Bitrate For Maximum Quality.

    I'll admit, I don't understand bitrate as a concept that well. In my head, if you have to display 1000 frames of video at 30 frames per second, then you should be loading whatever data is needed per frame with enough time to spare for a smooth transition. Any faster is uneeded, any lower is deterimental. And it should be deterimined not by a file, but by the processing power of the device playing it. That's the end result when it comes to FPS anyways, right? Anyways, what bitrate is good for the max quality possible, for both/either 720p, 1080i and p? Would any other settings change the answer? Thanks!
  13. TheChucklebeary

    Video Output Capture Problems (Xbox 360)

    I can not change the video output on my roxio capture hd from M2TS which means I can't use it in the editing software, can anyone help?
  14. MatthewTamea

    Web Video Not Capturing - Another One

    Hi there Apologies if this goes over old ground that other may have posted but I'm just getting confused as to whether people are having the same issue as me or not. Basically Toast will no longer capture any web video (the main reason I bought it). I have captured LOADS of videos in the past but today I just get the panel where the videos normally appear in the media browser but no videos. I have run an update but not sure if that's the cause - current version is 11.1 Have also seen people talking about the version of Flash - I have v11.5.502.136 Can anyone help? Many thanks Matt
  15. Hey Everyone, First off i'm using the Roxio HD Pro connected with HDMI cords, with a blue snowball microphone for voice overs. The problem that i am having is that in stream my voice over isn't syncing with when i say it in response to the video and audio... what's weird is that i am just now having this problem because for about 3 and a half weeks this thing has worked fine and the my mic had been in sync with the capture and stream, but now there is a delay between i say something and when it was said on stream... i didn't mess with any of the settings and now it randomly changed on me... sometimes its in sync, but if i have to restart the stream it won't be in sync. does anyone know how to fix this or can help me with the settings... i would call customer support but they want to charge me 20$ for calling them >.>
  16. This is one thing I haven't figured out, is there a way to split a large video file that I recorded and then split it up into smaller video files so i can render those and upload them to YouTube without having to trim it?
  17. the-peoples-poet

    Synchronisation Help

    Hi all, Because I wasn't sure exactly where to put this question, I though I would put it here. I have a synchronisation issue with an AVI file. I only have one copy of this file and cannot get another copy from anywhere else. The audio is out of sync with the video by 700ms, I know this because someone recomended to me a piece of software called VirtualDub to fix this. It appeard to work, but when I uploaded the 'fixed' copy of the video file to Youtube, it was still out of sync, badly, and no matter how many times I tried to fix it, it still ended up out of sync on Youtube. Is there any process that would help me to fix this in Creator 2012? Seeing as Roxio is a lot more technical and professional than VirtualDub, I thought there would be a more permanent solution in there somewhere but not being an expert on these things, I am unsure of where to begin. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  18. It seems once you start recording, the preview and final video tears, pixilates, and lags severely during intense action. This gradually lessens the longer the recording goes on, and seems to lessen the more you record in that session, even if you stop and start a different recording. I haven't been able to get it to not do it all for a single recording yet, though. Anyway around this? Maybe if I have it record a few seconds of nothing before the action starts to prep it so it will be gone by the time the thing I want to record starts? Then I run into the problem of having to crop out that part of the video, which will reduce the quality, unless there is a way to render it as uncompressed?
  19. Hello, I am posting because of a problem I tend to receive when attempting to edit my game captures. More specifically, whenever I try to add background audio (Just by clicking the button), the window closes, and occasionally it says: VideoWave has stopped working, click to diagnose the problem. Diagnostics cannot find the problem. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, EverythingXbox http://www.youtube.com/user/EverythingXbox121/feed?filter=2
  20. Reflexz

    Laggy Video

    I had just bought a new Roxio HD PVR. I thought the quality would look nice with 720p when I recorded. When I actually edited the video in Videowave, it was laggy and choppy. It would hang every 5 seconds and you can occasionally see rainbow lines sometimes. I'm not a techy geek or someone that doesn't know where the escape key is, but I want to know how to fix this problem. My PC Specs aren't that great but it would be above the minimum requirements. PC SPECS: Procesor: AmD Turon 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 2.00 Ghz Ram: 3.00 GB PC Name: Satellite L305D OP: 32 bit. P.S. Maybe this will help or not but the bitrate in the settings is 15000
  21. madmonkeyrtu

    No Divx Hd In Export As Video

    Hi all, Sorry if this is a really stupid and simple question but i have no option to export my video as a Divx HD, as it seems to be one of the most popular ones. The options that i do have are AVC, AVCHD, bluray, windows media and some other odd ones. If you could inform me as to whether i need to download something extra, that would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  22. Enfinity

    No Video Or Audio

    Hello, I just installed the vhs2dvd3. I am getting an error until the splash screen comes up. When i try to record, the record button is not highlighted and I get the error with vcgproxyfilemanagervhs. this is also displayed; R6025 pure virtual function call ........i do see the devices(drivers) in my control panel and in working order. I am running windows 7, 4gb ram amd athlon II x4 630 processor 2.80ghz w/ version 301B37A VH3 ..can someone help me? I am also getting an error when I try to open the audio editor.
  23. the-peoples-poet

    Removing 'hiss' From A Video File

    Hello everyone. I am wondering if I can get some help with a query. I have the Creator 2012 Pro suite and I was wondering if it was possible to remove background hiss from the sound on a video file. I transferred an old vhs tape to DVD, then ripped the DVD into a high quality .avi file. There is hiss in the audio and it's quite loud and distracting in some parts and I was wondering if this can be removed without destroying or harming the audio on the video file completely. If someone can help me by giving step-by-step instructions, I would be ever so greatful. I have tried looking in the help folders in the software itself, but I couldn't see anything that was making any sense to me. Thank you for your time.
  24. bk841492

    Video_Ts Compilation Crash?

    Any suggestions, fixes or workarounds for abrupt VIDEO-TS compilation-related crashes? As long as I've been using Toast Titanium (various Toast Titanium iterations/versions) on my intel-based Macintosh CPUs, I've never been able to utilize the VIDEO-TS compilation feature to combine multiple VIDEO-TS files/folders into one DVD without Toast Titanium (now, version 11.1) abruptly crashing. Prior to the advent of Mac OS X, such abrupt application crashes could be easily remedied by simply allocating more memory to the problematic application. However, with the introduction of Mac OS X (now, 10.8.2), I'm unsure how to resolve this recurrent problem with Toast Titanium. Any insights or suggested fixes in this regard would be greatly appreciated.
  25. DonnieShallow

    Video Into Silhouette

    I am having a problem trying to make my video into a black FG and white BG silhouette style. I used a green screen to film what i want. I'm editing it in "roxio video lab HD" i clicked "Chroma Key" and that worked to turn the background white but i have no idea how to turn the (person) FG into a black silhouette as well. If anyone has any idea or tips for me i will appreciate it highly. (This video is an example of what i am trying to do, same concept, different color background)