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Found 40 results

  1. For some reason it keeps giving me usb device not recognized i tried uninstalling and updating and i looked at other similar posts but i still can't figure it out so if anyone could help i would appreciate it thanks.
  2. Hello, While I'm recording my XBOX 360 gameplay the footage on my computer is flickering constant. Is there any solution to fix this?
  3. Here is what I am looking for, I got the capture card for my son. We tried it out and everything seems to work as needed but he noticed a bit of a lag when capturing. We were advised that he needs to have the capture running on a pc monitor and play as normal on his tv. Any ideas on how this can be done? I was thinking HDMI splitter, but to me it would seem that this would still display the same image on both screens. I need capture software (video) or whatever you call it running on the PC monitor, and the TV displaying as if the capture was not even running, so it appears as normal game play. I hope this all makes sense, I am trying to wrap my head around it all as I do not play games or do capture. Thanks for all the help in advance.
  4. When I try to record it shows rainbow lines across my screen on my computer it does not completely cover the screen but their way to big for me to use the footage. In addition it records in black and white which I found bizzare. Should I return it or am I the one doing somthing wrong setting it up. The audio works perfectly fine though. I just got a theory that maybe because im using a usb extention it has a bad signal? please reply.
  5. FormNinja

    Mac Software?

    Hello, I just recently bought the Roxio Game capture 1 and didn't count on all my PCs to break by the time it got here. So I have my Mac but it is not compatible. Is there any software for the Game Capture that is compatible with the mac? Thank you so much!
  6. nick yankey

    Need Help

    Ok i got a roxio hd pro try to get it to work with my xbox using hdmi. I hook up every thing right i can record and see it all on the pc. But i can see anything on the tv. The tv is a asus vh236h if any one could help i will appreciate it.
  7. I have a problem with my Game Capture HD PR and xbox 360 using HDMI cable connections. All connected are double checked and as per setup requirements. I have check all cable connections and they are all working I can see it on the feed on my PC but I only get two lines appearing on the left hand side of a black TV screen - so there is something getting through but nout the picture. I have tried using componant cables to connects from the Roxio to the TV, but I do not get a signal - justr a black screen on TV. I did discover if I tried to record / connect or unconnect cable I would sometimes get the xbox image flickering on the TV screen for a moment. When it is it is set up for my PS3 it works fine. Any suggestions.......
  8. Well. I may have been posting here for a while regarding many issues. I finally got my Roxio to capture video with DVI, the only problem I am having now is that I am getting no audio on the roxio software. I am not sure what the issue is, and when I go to device manager. I only see one option, I don't see the audio for it. This never worked before I got the video to work and I never really noticed it because I was trying to get the video to work. My setup is HDMI to DVI to the splitter from roxio, then HDMI cables from roxio to the splitter and the splitter is plugged into my Xbox 360 console. Then the usb from roxio to my laptop, I tried repairing... uninstalling and reinstalling on with my program. I tried checking to see if my audio was muted, but it's not even there! I have been posting many issues on here for almost a month now, and this is my only problem now. It won't record audio or playback audio. I can hear audio on my other monitor, but not on the roxio software. I tried everything, I even tried plugging in the red and white cables from my xbox to my roxio. Nothing worked! Please help, I would appreciate if anyone would have any ideas on what to do. I spent a lot of money on this and been trying to be patient :/ I'm all clueless on what to do now... thanks, any post replies would be appreciated ... btw, I spent hours on trying to get this to work. I've been wasting my time this whole week.
  9. I have a New Zealand Xbox so it has 60 pal or 50 pal and when I put it on 60 the video goes fuzzy and jumpy but when I put it on 50 pal it won't play most games
  10. Mattsutton99

    No Signal On Xbox 360

    hi, my capture software is working fine, but when i plug in the roxio it says no signal! can anyone help?? my xbox is set to 1080i already my cables are on hdtv, my xbox component cables are in the out section, my drivers say they are working fine!, i dont know what to do!
  11. xL96 Psycho

    Not The Right Colors

    Hello i am having some trouble with the First version of the Roxio Game Capture i have it hooked up to my standard definition tv but i cant get the right colors as it shows on the tv . Like the the faded yellow is a Really BRIGHT yellow PLEASE HELP
  12. I have spent some times on a few newer tutorials regarding the Roxio Game Capture and Xbox 360. I do not own a PS3 but my tutorials could possibly help users with PS3 setup. Useful Tips Xbox HD Component Cable Switch Refrence Image. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrfClpbGfYU Roxio Game Capture Default Quality Test (480i) [Non-Edited] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8MLqCTGkt0 Roxio Game Capture Default Quality Test (1080i) [Non-Edited]
  13. SnakeEyesRaw

    Too Many Problems

    I hate this thing. I have an Xbox 360 Slim and the capture card only captures in a fuzzy black and white. Also its a puzzle to figure out how to get it plugged in, because i don't have an hdmi cable or whatever it is they require. All i have is the standard red, white and yellow component cable and an older, non-HD TV. If anyone can help me with this, i would appreciate it. This cap card is god awful.
  14. Hi I might have the right settings but I just want to make sure that they are the right ones but can someone tell me their settings please for this page and for the 'Options...' page. Please bare in mind that I live in the England so the English settings would be nice as I know that America's settings are different than the English's settings. Cheers Sam
  15. Hi I recently just noticed that in the 'Getting Setup' Tutorial for Xbox 360 the man plugs the Xbox 360 Component AV Cable into the Roxio the AV Cables goes fully in the Roxio without showing any of the gold bits. (I took a print screen of the part of the 'Getting Setup' Xbox 360 tutorial where the AV Cables fully into the Roxio) (This is how my AV Cable looks in the Roxio and as you can see compared to the photo above they look different) I don't know if this is a major performance problem but I'm asking does your AV Cables go fully in or do they look like mine if they go fully in could you tell me how you made they go fully in or if yours is like mine then obviously that is the way it is supposed to look. Cheers Sam